Lax Coach Mike: Do Your 1v1 Drills Match Your Offense?

The second step was to modify an effective lacrosse drill that allowed us to coach the nuances of positioning, dodging, and shooting to presumably improve their shot percentage.

So we modified our 1v1's to match our offense and the strengths of the specific players in a more realistic way. In a simple form, we will pass down to a post-up attack man from up top on the top wing with a middie and a pass, thus creating more touches for more players in every drill.

The post-up shooter is catching the pass approaching from just behind GLE and within three steps is in a comfortable dodging/shooting position. As soon as the pass is thrown from topside, a defender comes from five yards away, and we play 1v1 to a shot.

Simultaneously, we then immediately toggle to the other side, where we have a middie prepared to shoot from a "pass back" or "redirect one more pass" look in our motion offense. This is a little higher inside the box, perhaps 12 yards from the cage. And we have a D middie or LSM approaching them quickly from five yards away, and we again go 1v1. Then a whistle, and we go quickly back to the attack side and so on. This really keeps the pace of the drill where we want it to be, and we can get 30-35 touches and shots in an eight-minute time frame.

After that, reverse the sides on the field so that the attack is shooting left and the middies are shooting right-handed. It is a ton of touches and shots, and it is fun if we keep the pace very fast on the whistles.

The players loved the changes, and there has definitely been improvement. The drill directly emulates a 1v1 to a shot from where they want to be and where our offensive scheme wants them to be.

Last week I even added it to our pre-game shooting in a skeleton look, and I think really helped get them game ready. Love to hear your ideas and thoughts. is a unique site for lacrosse coaches, offering drills and ideas from the greatest coaches in the country. E-mail your comments to

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