Three New Practice Trends to Improve Game Performance

For example, five minutes into your rides and clears, have two 30-second man-up reps or five minutes into a 6v6 or 10 minutes into your full field, run a one-minute man-up. And remember, you can do the same for an end-line play as well as trap to get the ball, or a quick game-like scrimmage for freezing the ball and then return to the practice plan. I do understand this might take a little more work in the planning phase, but I can assure you that these techniques are being practiced by the best lacrosse teams working to become even more prepared and play/react better in games.

I am not going to number this additional example, but it speaks directly to the trends we've been discussing. As an example of this shift in practice planning, we even talk to coaches who are now actually practicing their time-out calls.

In the middle of a drill or scrimmage or 4V4, call a time-out, talk to just the players in the drill, and throw in a wrinkle for example, a pass and pick or switch to zone defense and see how players react. It will also help us as coaches keep the time-out message to two or three points at the most and help players focus on the changes and the next minute of the drill.

I find these changes fascinating and hope you give this some thought, as we try to better prepare players to be in position to be as successful as they can. is a unique site for lacrosse coaches, offering drills and ideas from the greatest coaches in the country. E-mail your comments to

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