3d Rising Player Evaluations: Lone Star Prospects I

Episcopal School of Dallas, Texas

Nakeie Montgomery 2017
Position: Midfield
Sub Position: Two-Way/Split & Go
Rating: Legit

Nakeie (pronounced Na-kai) Montgomery is quickly establishing himself in the Texas high school lacrosse scene. A RB/WR on the ESD varsity football team, Montgomery is a skilled lacrosse player and dynamic athlete. He's capable of burying goals in an assortment of ways ... he pulled this off in a middle school game. His explosiveness and creativity draw the crowd's attention; however, Nakeie excels at the intangibles: defense and loose balls. His ankle-breaking split dodge will give any short-stick defender fits, and his ability to find a seam off ball disrupts help defenders. Undaunted by the opponent, Nakeie has put his stamp on big games, scoring 3 goals in the first half in ESD's 10-8 victory over Houston powerhouse The Woodlands. Only a freshman, Nakeie's on-field IQ and awareness are only going to get better ... scary thought for opposing players and coaches.

* * * *

Matthew Senter 2016
Position: LSM
Sub Position: With Ball
Rating: Watch-List

A fast and rangy pole, Senter can create problems in between the boxes. He has the ability to put the ball in the back of the net. His frame and athleticism allow Matthew to take some risks by pressuring the ball and creating offense off a turnover. Still developing consistency in his game, Matthew has a high ceiling.

* * * *

Charlie Sikes 2016
Position: Goalie
Rating: Watch-List

Sikes had an outstanding freshman campaign, capping it off with 19 saves in the state championship game. Charlie's fundamental angle play puts him in good position to make saves and his range/stride allows him to extend to the corners. Given these attributes, Sikes has the foundational tools of a solid stopper. His soft hands allow him to control rebounds, which limit scoring opportunities for the opposition as well as operating as a force multiplier for his team. Charlie will need to polish his stick skills and fine-tune his clearing game. These areas develop over time, which is on Sikes's side.

Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0JXxnxCL0A

* * * *

Will Stroud 2016
Position: Attack/Midfield
Sub Position: Well-Rounded/Fundamental
Rating: Watch-List

Will Stroud is a versatile player who is comfortable in multiple roles on the field. Will has no issue attacking from X, either wing, the alley or up top. A natural lefty, he uses fakes, rockers, and hesitations to get to good shooting spots and angles. Will changes planes well, which makes his mid-rangers tough for any goalie. He dodges with his head up, allowing for slide recognition and intelligent ball movement. Understanding the advantage box lacrosse skills give a field player, Will has benefitted from Coach Pat Kennedy's implementation of box principles. Stroud's ability to be utilized in many ways make him tough to plan for and suitable for any offensive system.

Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2-anqhAP_g

* * * *

Gab Goncalves 2015
Position: Defense
Sub Position: Cover-Guy
Rating: Player

Striking an imposing on-field presence, Goncalves turned heads by making the Philly Showcase all-star game this past November. Gab plays angles intelligently, and his fundamental positioning makes it tough for opposing attackmen to draw a slide, get topside or attack the five and five. One of Gab's best attributes is his communication skill, which bolsters team play and makes life easier for defensive coordinators. Not only does Gab look the part of a Division I defenseman, he also has the intangibles to make him successful at the next level.

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