3d Rising Player Evaluations: Lone Star Prospects I

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Michael Cox 2015
Position: Midfield
Sub Position: Wing/Redodge/Cutter
Rating: Legit

Michael plays the game with a mean streak all tough competitors share. That mentality is bred out of an intense love of the game and desire to excel. Cox's accurate overhand shot is an absolute hammer and, when combined with a quick release, makes life difficult for goalies. Michael's physical dodging allows him to get to good shooting spots or pop out and redodge. His lacrosse IQ is evident off ball with well-timed cuts and creeps into shooting spots. While his one-on-one defense is solid, Michael needs to improve his off-ball awareness. His up-tempo style is sure to turn some heads.

Video: vimeo.com/80684062

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Bryce Wasserman 2014
Monmouth Commit
Position: Attack
Sub Position: Wing Finisher Feeder
Rating: Legit

Wasserman is an experienced, tenacious attackman with a nose for the goal. He is an avid student of the game, which has elevated his lacrosse IQ. The owner of several highlight reel goals, Bryce can put the ball in the back of the net a variety of ways. He has played the X spot for Southlake but flourishes above GLE on the wings. Bryce has an opportunity to showcase his skills at the NCAA Division I level when he attends Monmouth next year.

Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VH8sL0wHaLY

St. John's (Houston)

Carl Bernicker 2014
Position: Midfielder
Sub Position: Two-Way/Athlete
Rating: Watch-List

Bernicker is a solid senior looking to play at the next level and is more than capable of doing so. Carl, a three-sport athlete for the St. John's Mavericks (football, wrestling, and lacrosse), displays a team-first mentality and determination that coaches wish every player had. The mental and physical benefits one attains competing in football and wrestling are evident in Bernicker's play. He rarely comes of the field, making plays on both ends. If his team needs a ground ball, goal, or defensive stop, Carl is going to step up.

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William Trieschman 2014
Mercer Commit
Position: Goalie
Sub Position: Big in the Net
Rating: Watch-List

At 6'4" and 195 lbs., Trieschman takes up a big portion of the 6x6. Having less net to shoot at, the shooter is put at an automatic disadvantage. William also played basketball, invaluable cross training for any lacrosse player, for St. John's. He's comfortable playing outside of the net, picking off passes and getting involved in the clearing game. As long as Trieschman doesn't get small by coiling up, he's in good position to make a save. William still has room to develop, which is outstanding news for the Division I Mercer Bears.

Video: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rD0Idl46LgY


Oliver Dina 2017
Position: LSM
Sub Position: With Ball
Rating: Player

Dina is a skilled freshman for the Westlake Chaparrals out of Austin. The high school home of Drew Brees also has some quality lacrosse talent. Dina, a two-sport athlete (football) is quickly turning heads. This past January, 3d national evaluators at 3d Blue Chip took note of his playmaking abilities and poise with the ball. Oliver's ability to pick up loose balls and gain possession is a key component to the Chaps' success. It will be interesting tracking Oliver's development over the course of the next three seasons.

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