3d Rising Player Evaluations: Prospects in Maryland

Chase Conley, 2014
Centennial, Maryland

Salisbury Commit
Position: Defense
Position within Positions: With Ball
Rating: Player

Chase Conley is a groundball machine. Creating turnovers is also a very big part of this senior's game. He always keeps his stick in the air to disrupt passes, taking advantage of opportunities when offensive players are lackadaisical. It is clear that Conley is the emotional leader of a very promising Eagles team. His athletic impact will be immediate when he joins the Sea Gulls next season.

Nick Forrest, 2014
Glenelg, Maryland

Air Force Commit
Position: Attack
Position within Positions: Finisher Feeder
Rating: Legit

Watching Nick Forrest play, the first thing that comes to mind is his remarkable toughness. He is always willing to take a check to pick up a ground ball or take the extra step around the goal to score. Forrest posted a very balanced junior season (54 goals, 34 assists, 88 points). ECAC opponents will have to make sure they know where Forrest is at all times next season. He will contribute right away for the Falcons.

Austin Mitchell, 2014
Reservoir, Maryland

Position: Attack
Position within Positions: Dodge and Feed
Rating: Watch List

Attackman Austin Mitchell enjoyed a breakout junior season that opened eyes in the area. Mitchell posted 50 points to lead his team. His size often gives him an advantage over opponents. It is clear that he is versatile and seems to feel comfortable dodging from both wings and X. He has a very high knowledge of the offense, understanding where to move the ball quickly when he is doubled. Mitchell also dodges with his head up, allowing him to see all areas of the field.

Peter Emery, 2014
Howard, Maryland

Tampa Commit
Position: Defense
Position within Positions: With Ball
Rating: Watch List

Peter Emery is the anchor of one of the best defensive units in Howard County. Emery has exemplary stick skills as well as very sound technique when he is on ball. He is very vocal and consistently active on the defensive end. Emery seems to always seize the opportunity when he can to push the ball from defense to offense.

Alex Hurdle, 2014
McDonogh, Maryland

Notre Dame Commit
Position: Defense
Position within Positions: On Ball
Rating: Legit

Notre Dame is getting a very bright and athletic long stick in Hurdle. He is extremely aggressive on ball. Matched with his superior footwork, this makes Hurdle a nightmare for opposing offenses. He seems to feel comfortable throwing any check, anywhere on the field. Hurdle will be able to push for playing time immediately in South Bend.

Mark Anstead, 2014
Gonzaga, Maryland

Detroit Commit
Position: Attack
Position within Positions: Wing Player
Rating: Legit

Mark Anstead's incredible vision is his best attribute. Anstead has great speed while remaining very shifty. After being named captain twice, it's clear that Anstead is a natural leader at Gonzaga. He also has a remarkable ability to put himself in a good position to score. Anstead knows his strengths well and always seems to play within them. The key to his power stems from how well he works within the team's offensive concept.

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