3d Rising Player Evaluations: AJO4Lax Fest in Georgia

#22 Austin Prescott, 2014
Centennial High School, Roswell, GA
Position: Midfield
Sub-Position: Feeder, finisher
Rating: Player

Prescott moved from attack to midfield this year, which has paid off in spades for the Knights. He had 4 goals in the game and demonstrated great dodging skill. His shot is powerful, and he can place the ball wherever he wants in the net. Favors high to high shots. I am amazed this kid has not been picked up yet!

#25 Raines Shamburger, 2016
Westminster, Atlanta, GA
Position: Defense
Rating: Legit

Shamburger moved from LSM to close defense this year. Clearly he has the confidence of the coaches, as he draws every team's top attacker. A very sound fundamental defensemen, Shamburger has great feet and plays very smart. He is also extremely athletic and has fantastic GB skills. Fast in transition, he moves comfortably between the restraining lines. Solomon gave Shamburger all he had, and the sophomore was unfazed. Can't wait to watch these two go at it again next year.

#25 Read Ziegler, 2014
Westminster, Atlanta, GA
Position: Midfield
College Commitment: Franklin & Marshall
Rating: Legit

Ziegler had 4 goals to bring home the win for Westminster. He was awarded MVP. A big, right-handed middie, Ziegler can outrun most opponents and shoot comfortably on the run. He is also a key part of the team's EMO unit and can rip a shot if given free hands. Ziegler is very strong on defense as well. He plays conservatively and is never out of position. As one of Westminster's captains, the team looks to him for leadership, and he delivers.

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