3d Rising Player Evaluations: Lone Star Prospects II

Jack Fojtasek, 2015 - St. Mark's
Position: Attack
Sub Position: Catch & Shoot
Rating: Watch-List

Fojtasek is a confident player who can simply put the ball in the back of the net. Having a 15-yard+ shooting range, Jack plays a tremendous role in the Lion's patient half-field offense and on their EMO squad. Fojtasek has a deadly time and room shot and plays with a mean streak that nearly all competitors have. His is a name we will hear more of as St. Mark's makes its annual playoff run.

Video: http://lacrosserecruits.com/jack_fojtasek

Riley Graham, 2014 - St. Mark's
Position: Midfield
Sub Position: FOGO
Rating: Player

Graham is the most dominant FOGO in Texas. Many coaches have tried to unsettle Riley by locking off the wings and facing off with a pole. However, Graham has proven that he is able to withstand the pressure and find an open teammate. If teams don't go hip-to-hip on the wings, Riley is smart at using his wingmates. He's also very capable of winning the ball to himself and running a fast break. Lightning quick off the whistle and meticulous in technique, Riley is a big reason St. Mark's is in the running again for a conference and state championship.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhdNh6Zc1Rw

Casey Wasserman, 2017 - Southlake
Position: Attack
Sub Position: X/Off-Ball
Rating: Player

Casey's impact on the Southlake Dragons was felt immediately this season. Wasserman works primarily from behind the cage sneaking off ball, redirecting or feeding the wings. He's also proven a nice finisher's touch, showcasing leaners, fakes, between the legs, and no-look shots. Casey will attend Jake Reed's Nike Blue Chip this summer, where he will have a chance to impress many of the sport's top coaches.

Video: http://youtu.be/xCGh8YHXyjI

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