3d Rising Player Evaluations: New York and New England

3d Lacrosse specializes in training for individuals and teams and operates events and tournaments as well as select travel teams. The organization, founded by former Division I coach Jamie Munro, assists players and coaches using a compre≠hen≠sive system of lacrosse development that exposes young players to the tactics and strategies implemented at the NCAA level. 3d Lacrosse applies the "Box/Field Hybridô Development System," which Munro pioneered at the University of Denver.

LaxPower is carrying periodic player reports from 3d Lacrosse. Field staff attend high school games around the country and provide player evaluations and ratings. The ratings are either legit (likely a Division I scholarship player), player (likely a Division I recruit), and watch list (has the potential to be a Division I player; need to see more, needs to grow, mature, or develop to be sure-fire D1).

This is a report covering players on several teams in New York and New England.

By Corey Winkoff

New England Clam Chowda vs. New York Clam Chowder

The historic rivalries between New England and the Manhattan/New York region dates bake to the early 1930s, when New Yorkers started reinventing the recipe for clam chowder. New Englanders took it personally when New Yorkers began adding tomatoes to their clam soup, making it light, not creamy. A bill would ensue making it illegal to put tomatoes in your clam chowder.

Today, rivalries between the NE and NY regions stretch beyond clam chowder. Instead, sports teams go head to head to prove who's the best of the best. In lacrosse, Medfield High School is arguably the best public high school lacrosse program in Massachusetts. Medfield does more than just play the game; they play the game with an edge.

On a cold night in mid-April, I witnessed a group of extremely talented players execute a game plan with consistency, fluidity, and simplicity. Wearing their light, creamy blue-colored jerseys, Medfield came out of gates full steam ahead in game with Cold Spring Harbor (New York). Let's kick off this 3d Rising report with one of the more impressive 2016s I have witnessed this spring.

#5 John MacLean, 2016
Medfield High School
Position: Midfield
Sub-position: Alley dodge shoot
College Commitment: Boston University
Rating: Player

With a game that is only getting faster, today's great shooters must have a quick release. Johnny MacLean has just that. Not only can MacLean get the ball in and out of his stick quickly, he is ridiculously accurate too. This sophomore middie, attracted Cold Spring's pole the entire game. He had a short stick for one offensive possession. Not only did #5 recognize the match-up, every one of his line mates recognized the match-up. In the flow of the offense, Medfield attackers worked the ball up to the middies, the middies worked the ball across to MacLean, and then it was one quick move, roll back to the middle, goal! Four of MacLean's five goals were left-handed. However, it wasn't before long I recognized that he has more than a lefty cannon. John's second goal came in the first half when he split the LSM left to right, sniped a shot on the run, and took a big hit from the crease slide. Not only did MacLean pop right up, he showed everyone on Cold Spring he was for real. Coach Polley and co. have a good one coming to campus in 2016! Very impressed.

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