3d Rising Player Evaluations: Prospects in New Jersey

3d Lacrosse specializes in training for individuals and teams and operates events and tournaments as well as select travel teams. The organization, founded by former Division I coach Jamie Munro, assists players and coaches using a compre­hen­sive system of lacrosse development that exposes young players to the tactics and strategies implemented at the NCAA level. 3d Lacrosse applies the "Box/Field Hybrid™ Development System," which Munro pioneered at the University of Denver.

LaxPower is carrying periodic player reports from 3d Lacrosse. Field staff attend high school games around the country and provide player evaluations and ratings. The ratings are either legit (likely a Division I scholarship player), player (likely a Division I recruit), and watch list (has the potential to be a Division I player; need to see more, needs to grow, mature, or develop to be sure-fire D1).

This is a report covering players on several teams in New Jersey.

By Joe Stanilaus. Joe is a New Jersey native now coaching college lacrosse in Maryland.

When spring rolled around, I had the opportunity to observe a few key lacrosse games in my home state of New Jersey. More than ever, it's clear that the Garden State is harvesting more than exceptional fruits and vegetables. It is also producing a variety of noteworthy lacrosse players.

While the Maryland lacrosse scene has had its fair share of exciting upsets and victories so far this season, our contemporaries to the North have been no less tumultuous. Perhaps it's the hustle and flow of the surrounding metropolis. Or maybe it's the quality of the cornucopias. Whatever the reason, it was electrifying to be a part of. If you have the opportunity to watch some of these players down the stretch please do. Enjoy!

Jackson Kinley, 2014
Glen Ridge, New Jersey
Michigan Commit
Position: LSM
Position within Positions: With Ball
Rating: Player

Kinley is a versatile player. He is constantly looking up field to start transition. He is very active in the offensive end as well, as he made the shift from a short stick middie. He will often draw the opponent's top midfielder. Jackson's footwork when defending dodges is textbook, and his ability to recover after a slide is seamless. Glen Ridge will certainly miss this well rounded player when he joins the Wolverines next season.

Max Mollihan, 2014
Ridgewood, New Jersey
Mount St. Mary's Commit
Position: Attack
Position within Positions: Wing Player
Rating: Player

The Mountaineers are getting a very strong player in Mollihan. His feet never stop when his team is on offense. Max's passes are crisp, and he gets the ball to his teammates ready to shoot. He keeps his head up when dodging, allowing him not to be doubled easily. Mollihan also has a keen understanding the importance of spacing in the offensive set. Look for him to contribute immediately next season.

J.J. McBride, 2014
Delbarton, New Jersey
Penn Commit
Position: Attack
Position within Positions: Finisher Feeder
Rating: Legit

J.J. McBride will bring a ton of championship caliber lacrosse with him next season. Playing in a tough contest almost every time out will help this senior attackman a great deal. He has remarkable vision to go along with great hands and a very high IQ for the game. McBride always seems to know the situation, rarely pushing the ball if it is not there. Ivy League opponents will have to plan on stopping him for years to come.

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