Nine Championship Games Set for Lake Placid Lacrosse Classic

LAKE PLACID, N.Y. The matchups are set for the nine championship games to be played Sunday at the 25th annual Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse Classic.

A number of high profile games will be held at the North Elba Athletic Fields on championship Sunday, headlined by the Motive Pure and Graph-Tex squads facing off for the Men's Masters 1 division championship at 1:10 p.m. ET. Motive Pure is a team comprised of alumni from Princeton and other storied Division I college programs, while Graph-Tex is made up of many former standout college players from the Central New York region and beyond.

In the Men's Open 1 division, Team Power-Tek and Select Sector SPDRs will also meet at 1:10 p.m. Power-Tek is the reigning two-time champion of the Men's Open 1 division, made up largely of Colgate alumni. Select Sector SPDRs is also a team boasting a list of former and current college standouts.

The Men's Grand Masters 1 finale will see Atlantic Sportswear take on Sailin' Shoe, the 2013 division champions and one of several teams of distinction honored Saturday night at the Lake Placid Summit Lacrosse Classic Legends ceremony.

Below is a rundown of the tournament standings as of Saturday night at the Summit Classic, as well as the championship games and times for each division.

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Men's Grand Masters 1
Championship: Atlantic Sportswear vs. Sailin Shoe - 12 p.m. ET
Atlantic Sportswear 3-0
Sailin' Shoe 3-0
Ancient Ivy 2-1
Checkmate 2-1
Team Cleveland Cement 1-2
Cloud Splitters 1-2
Creakier Gates 0-3
Patriot Lacrosse 0-3

Men's Grand Masters 2
Championship: Creaky Crimson vs. Denison 10:50 a.m. ET
Creaky Crimson 3-0
Denison 3-0
Team Tarzan 2-1
Tri-City 2-1
CVLC 2-1
Old Army 2-1
Canistigione Crabmen 2-2
Guiness Stouts 2-2
Griffins Lacrosse 2-2
Old Dogs/Xode 2-2
High Peaks 1-3
Olde WU Legends 1-3
Red and Black 1-3
Grey'd Danes 0-4

Men's Masters 1
Championship: Graph-Tex/Sailin Shoe vs. Motive Pure - 1:10 p.m.
Graph-Tex/Sailin Shoe 3-0
Motive Pure 3-0
Black and Blue Jays 2-1
Grey'd Danes 2-1
Stu Funk 2-1
UMassters Old Men 2-1
Big Red Steelheads 2-2
Burnt Orange 1-2
Team Jesse 1-2
Captain Lawrence Brewery 1-3
Le Moyne Dolphins 0-3
North Country Dirty Birds 0-3

Men's Masters 2
Championship: Burnt Too vs. Olden Flyers 10:50 a.m. ET
Burnt Too 3-0
Olden Flyers 3-0
Ye Olde Quakers 3-1
Harpoon 2-1
CroART Nation 2-1
Cloud Splitters 2-2
CNY Power 2-2
Eco-Rental Solutions 2-2
Northmen 1-3
Atlantic Patriots 1-3
Charlotte LC 1-3
Machine 0-4

Men's Masters 3
Championship: Team Pure Performance vs. TROG - 10:50 a.m.
Team Pure Performance 3-0
TROG 3-0
Brown State 2-1
Force Five/Autism Speaks 2-1
Canistigione Crabmen 2-1
Labatt/Wiseguys 2-1
Creaky Crimson 2-1
Port Jeff Sports 2-1
Buffalo Soldiers 2-2
Creaky Gates 1-2
Landshark LC 1-2
Mr. Boh 1-2
Tri City 1-2
Achy Bones 1-3
Gargoyle Athletics 1-3
Philadelphia 0-4

Men's Open 1
Championship: Select Sector SPDRs vs. Team Power-Tek - 1:10 p.m.
Select Sector SPDRS 3-0
Team Power-Tek 3-0
1 Lacrosse 2-1
Team Breakaway 2-1
Burning Orange 2-1
Smokey Joe's Quakers 2-1
Big Red Steelheads 1-2
Crease Monkeys 2-1
Graph-Tex 2-1
Team Steak 1-2
CNY Road Hawks 1-2
Olden Domers 1-2
Team IAS 1-2
The Pepper Boys 1-2
Garber's Gorillas 0-3
Mesa Fresh 0-3

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