Additions to USL High School Girls' AA and AAA Lists for 2015

US Lacrosse annually names girls' lacrosse players as US Lacrosse High School All-Americans or All-Academic team members. Over 3,300 players in these groups have been recognized so far for their efforts on and off the field this year.

The lists for 2015 and those from earlier years can be reached from the High School All-Americans and High School Academic All-Americans pages (links to which appear on both the Boys and Girls main navigation menus). They can also be accessed directly here: 2015 Girls' All-Americans and 2015 Girls' Academic All-Americans. See the paragraph and links at the top of the listing for more information about submitting corrections and updates.

Over 350 players were just added to our listings. Here are the regions involved:

Eastern Massachusetts
Upstate New York

New Jersey-North
North Coast Ohio
Upstate New York

A US Lacrosse All-American is a player who exhibits superior skills and techniques and possesses exceptional game sense and knowledge. A US Lacrosse All-American is one of the best players in the United States, while also embodying excellent sportsmanship.

A US Lacrosse All-Academic honoree is a player who exhibits exemplary lacrosse skills, good sportsmanship on the field, and represents high standards of academic achievement in the classroom. This player also should have left her mark beyond the lacrosse field and the classroom by making significant contributions of service to the school and/or community.

To learn more about the US Lacrosse High School All-America program, please visit

Questions concerning who is or is not included on the list should be addressed to US Lacrosse, the organization that bestows these awards, and NOT to LaxPower.

We will be supplementing the AA and AAA lists where this information is available to us with players' hometowns and the colleges they will be attending for 2015-2016 if they are seniors (otherwise class is listed).

Please note that the lists remain incomplete as of 6/18. As best we can tell, 4 regions had not reported AAs and 6 had not reported AAAs. If you notice that US Lacrosse has added a missing region or updated one that already appears, let us know. Details, including a link to what USL has posted, would be appreciated.


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