We maintain thousands of links to other lacrosse sites and certainly appreciate it if you wish to provide a link to LaxPower on your web site.  Feel free to use any of the graphics below (simply place your mouse over the logo you want, right click, and select "Save Picture As" or "Save Image As" or whatever similar option your operating system provides).  Samples of HTML code are also shown.  Make sure that you modify the path to the correct location of the graphic on your hard drive or server.

<img src="LaxPowerLarge.gif" width="409" height="111">

(For all logos, you may wish to add border="1" or other HTML tags to the above depending upon your application.)

<img src="LaxPowerMedium.gif" width="273" height="74">

<img src="LaxPower_ftf_fts.gif" width="236" height="52">

<img src="LaxPowerLarge2.gif" width="290" height="76">

<img src="LaxPowerSmall2.gif" width="145" height="38">

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