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Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2010

Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2011

LaxPower MD1 Forum Poll #3
February 28, 2011

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.
1Syracuse (2-0)W Army 11-9386101
2Virginia (3-0)W Mount St. Mary's 22-6, W Stony Brook 11-1038482
3Maryland (2-0)W Georgetown 20-834124
4Notre Dame (2-0)W Penn State 6-23333
5Stony Brook (0-1)L Virginia 10-113055
6Hofstra (3-0)W Princeton 11-93008
7Cornell (1-0)W Hobart 14-92936
8Johns Hopkins (3-0)W Delaware 18-5, W Siena 16-624210
9Massachusetts (3-0)W Ohio St. 11-922713
10Princeton (0-1)L Hofstra 9-112117
11North Carolina (2-1)W Navy 10-819311
12Loyola (2-0)W Towson 3-214912
13tArmy (1-2)L Syracuse 9-1110916
13tDrexel (1-1)W Albany 14-710918
15tDuke (1-2)L Penn 3-71079
15tOhio State (3-1)L Massachusetts 9-1110715
17Penn (1-0)W Duke 7-395NR
18Denver (1-1)W Vermont 11-68017
19tYale (1-0)W St. John's 10-85119
19tBucknell (2-0)W Villanova 10-851NR
Others receiving votes: Brown (44), Georgetown (34), Rutgers (14), Bryant (11), Delaware (8), Villanova (6), Penn State (4), Navy (3), Jacksonville (2), Harvard (1)

Number of voters: 20 (Apache, Baldo, Coyote, hoyaboy, HU34, jhu7276, LAF, Lax Fidelis, maddog9718, OCanada, Paesan33, PSU, randyrad, Rasheed, sore+old, Strannywastheman, Tecumseh, VTD, whollymoly, woody)

Pollsters' Comments About Teams They Ranked

Syracuse: #2. Get a very small measure of revenge against Army, but they allow the Black Knights to come back from 7 down before securing the W. Probably not the second half they wanted to play before UVa hits town. (Apache) — Another fast one out of the gates to fading in the stretch. (Baldo) — #2) A win is a win, but letting Army back in the game could signal an issue with this team. (Coyote) — #4 Looked human vs. Army. Next week Hoos. (hoyaboy) — Aveneged last year's playoff loss against Army, but I'm sure the Orangemen would not want to draw them again. (HU34) — 2-0 ... hold on to number 1 with charging Black Knights falling short. (jhu7276) — Remain at #1. Hung on against a resilient Army squad. They next host the Wahoos. Strap 'em up. (Lax Fidelis) — #2. Looked great for a quarter then limped into the finish. Surely hoping not to face USMA again. (maddog9718) — #1 Handled Army, cruising to a big first half lead. (OCanada) — P33#1- Army gives them fits, going back to '07, no? Even in the Dome. But they win. Can't be complacent with a 7G lead. (Paesan33) — Until they lose. (PSU) — RR#2. Barely held off Army counteroffensive. (randyrad) — Moves down one to #2 - survives against Army in the Dome. (Rasheed) — #1 LW 1. Orange were not going to sleep on Cadets this year but then went to sleep at half. (Strannywastheman) — Another very close game with Black Knights. (Tecumseh) — #1. Not sure what to make of the Army game. The Orange fell asleep after a dominating first period and displayed some chinks in the armor. (VTD)

Virginia: #1. Continue to be my #1 after barely surviving a trip to the Brook without the Brattons. Chance to play the roster against VMI Monday, then we get Friday Night Lights at Syracuse ... can't wait. (Apache) — Dodged a huge bullet with OT road win over Stony Brook without the Brattons. (Baldo) — #1) Tough win against a good Stony Brook team without the Brattons. (Coyote) — #3 Bratts exhale as Steele girders. Orange up next. (hoyaboy) — Cavaliers showed their depth by defeating a strong Stony Brook team despite missing the Brattons. First Ghitelman was suspended, now the Brattons. Seems to be a lack of focus in Charlottesville. (HU34) — 3-0 ... Bratton-less Cavs win in OT. (jhu7276) — Remain at #2. Dodged a bullet at Stony Brook again, barely. Was the Brattons' absence good or bad? And for which team? At Syracuse on Friday evening - as always, that should be a good game for the fan who likes scoring. It sure won't be a Towson at Loyola reprise. (Lax Fidelis) — #1. Barely escapes for a short-handed win. (maddog9718) — #2 Beat SB at their house w/o the Brattons. I like Stanwick a lot, and he played a great game when it was needed. (OCanada) — P33#2- Gets an early signature win. Let's see what it's worth by May. AG makes another late clutch save. (Paesan33) — Beat a very good Stony Brook team. (PSU) — RR#1. Escape from LI. (randyrad) — My new number 1 - takes out a tough Stony Brook at Stony Brook without a 1st and 2nd team AA - Kudos to Starsia for running a tight ship - hope the Brattons think long and hard about the concept of leadership. Why isn't Stanwick on the Tewey shortlist? (Rasheed) — #2 LW 2. Pulled it out against an excellent Seawolves team. Just may see them again. (Strannywastheman) — Great battle with Stony Brook! (Tecumseh) — #3. Three senior leaders benched for violating team rules in consecutive weeks makes one wonder if there isn't an issue of focus in C'ville. Got a tough Top 10 win on the road anyway. (VTD)

Maryland: #4. The true beginning to the Tillman era is a success with a complete smashing of G'town. (Apache) — Impressive dismantling of Hoyas at home. (Baldo) — #4) High powered dismantling of Georgetown was impressive. (Coyote) — #1 Move up 1 on the two wins over Hoyas. (hoyaboy) — Big, strong, athletic team. Terrapins have been playing the best lacrosse in the early part of the season so far. (HU34) — Testudo moves way up with pasting of G-town ... T for the Till(er)man! (jhu7276) — No change, still at #4. Two monster blowouts for the Terps thus far - they can't average 18 GS for the year, right? Next up at Duke, a team looking for a GK very badly and losers of their last two games. I like the Terps. (Lax Fidelis) — #4. Convincing win over GU. A top ~15 team played in the first half; a top ~5 team played in the second. (maddog9718) — #3 Crushed GT. The best I have seen MD look in quite some time. I can imagine them moving up before the season is over. (OCanada) — P33#3- G'town? No problem. The Tooners had an early lead but it matters not. (Paesan33) — Wow, not even close. They looked very good. (PSU) — RR#3. Impressive start. Did every midfielder score? (randyrad) — Number 3 - throttled GT - bu not really sure what that means ... but in person, they have a new found fire - best looking team I've seen in person this year. (Rasheed) — #5 LW 6. Impressive demolition of Hoyas. Catalino and Young are as good as Stanwick and Bocklet but don't get the pub. (Strannywastheman) — Undressed the Hoyas and looked like headed to #2 in all the polls. (Tecumseh) — #2. Looked like the best team in Division I this weekend, running Georgetown off the field. If Holmes can dominate faceoffs, this team will be very tough to beat. Not convinced by the Georgetown defense though, so we'll see. (VTD)

Notre Dame: #3. Penn took some of the luster off their win over Duke. The Irish don't look to be a style-points team anyway, as evidenced by the way they grinded out the Penn State win. A dangerous Drexel team awaits. (Apache) — Workmanlike win on the road against Penn State. (Baldo) — #5 Drop on the Duke loss to Penn and weak show vs. Lions. (hoyaboy) — Fighting Irish defense is outstanding. Kemp has filled in nicely for Rodgers. D might even be better than last year's finalist team. (HU34) — Hold PSU to 2 goals ... DEFENSE. (jhu7276) — Stays #3. Can't say their style excites me at all, but they are winning and that, ultimately, is the only thing that matters. No team makes the NC$$ field on style points alone. (Lax Fidelis) — #3. Solid defense in a win over PSU. (maddog9718) — #5 The win over Duke has lost its luster but they should be well over .500 in the regular season this year! (OCanada) — P33#4- Duke win losing steam. But don't deny it. ND is a top team. (Paesan33) — It was 3-2 game in the 4th. D is very good; O had too many low percentage outside shots ... easy saves. Duke win is no longer impressive. (PSU) — RR#4. Why score more than you need? (randyrad) — Notre Dame stays at #4. (Rasheed) — #3 LW 3. Had trouble scoring against Penn State; D may be the best in D1. (Strannywastheman) — Closer than I thought with Penn State but a W. (Tecumseh) — #4. Solid defensive victory over PSU. (VTD)

Stony Brook: #8. A tough one-goal home OT loss to Bratton-less UVa. The Seawolves confirmed they are a good team, but they missed their chance to make a statement. (Apache) — Heartbreaking OT loss to Hoos. Wolves need to regroup and push on. (Baldo) — #7) Stony Brook needed a victory against a Bratton-less UVa team. (Coyote) — #3 So close ... again. Establish their cred as a FF team in progress. (hoyaboy) — Seawolves proved they are on the cusp of elite team status but can't make the important breakthrough. Their regular season schedule doesn't provide many other opportuinties to prove themselves. (HU34) — One-goal loss to UVa no biggie ... dangerous team. (jhu7276) — Drop one slot with home-field loss to UVa, now #6. On a day that honored Artful Dodger, the Seawolves come up just short again against the Cavaliers. They will both be dancing late in May. (Lax Fidelis) — #5. Tough loss after making a late-game run; out-shot, gb'ed, and FO'd UVa. (maddog9718) — #6 When you have the #2 team playing at your house without two AAs, you need to beat them, not take them to OT. They miss their goalie and LSM from 2010, and the D looks suspect to me. (OCanada) — P33#6- Falls a spot for loss to #1. They hit one of those shots in OT, they achieve new all-time bests. SB transfers pay off bigtime. (Paesan33) — Tough loss; game could have gone either way. (PSU) — RR#5. Valiant effort. (randyrad) — Down to 10 - couldn't close the deal at home against UVa without the Brattons. (Rasheed) — #4 LW 5. Another heartbreaker. Terrific comeback. Appear to be the real deal. Sorry, Terps; can't drop the Seawolves. (Strannywastheman) — A major moral victory and still at my #3. (Tecumseh) — #6. Second heartbreaking defeat in a row to the Cavs No movement for this team; can hardly drop them for playing UVa to a tie. (VTD)

Hofstra: #5. After two so-so wins (Colgate, Sacred Heart), the Pride make a statement against Princeton that gets them a nice ranking. My concern is that they appear to play to the level of their opponent. (Apache) — Tough home win over quality Princeton squad. (Baldo) — #7 At-large bid may have been secured in a solid win vs. Tigers. As the weather warms up, so will the Dutch. (hoyaboy) — Dutchmen looked very good against Princeton. Defense has been outstanding. Numerous players on offense can contribute. A new player each week takes control, which make the Dutchmen very dangerous. (HU34) — 3-0 with big win over Princeton. (jhu7276) — Dutchmen jump two spots from #9 last week. They didn't let the Princeton Tigers sneak out of Uniondale with a win this time around. Don't be surprised if this team remains undefeated for a long time this season. Go look at their schedule and pick where they will lose: Drexel in late March or UMass in late April - neither of them are true road games. (Lax Fidelis) — #7. Nice win over a rusty Princeton team - goalie play is still a question mark. (maddog9718) — #4 Beat a well regarded Princeton team. As the season progresses, the various pieces should mesh even better. (OCanada) — P33#5- Defeats a top 10 Princeton team. Moves up a couple of spots. (Paesan33) — Passed first real test. (PSU) — RR#6. Who's #1 on LI? (randyrad) — Hofstra stays at #5. (Rasheed) — #6 LW 9. Princeton win was clutch. Is this the year for the Flying Dutchmen? Tierney one of the best young coaches anywhere. (Strannywastheman) — Solid win over Princeton. (Tecumseh) — #5. Important early season win against a likely tournament team. (VTD)

Cornell: #6. A balanced offensive effort by the Big Red earned them a solid win over Hobart. (Apache) — Easy opener in classic series with Hobart. (Baldo) — #6) Half way through third period this was an impressive outing against traditional rival Hobart then the wheels seemed to come off again! (Coyote) — #6 Remain here on the W vs. Bart. Still don't know much about this Red team yet. (hoyaboy) — Big Red start the season with a nice win over upstate rival Hobart. Pannell is the early favorite for the Tewaaraton. (HU34) — Easy over the Statesmen in opener of 2011 season. (jhu7276) — Rise to #5 from #6 due to SBU loss. Big Red jumped Hobart early and rode the big lead to a 5-goal win in their opener. (Lax Fidelis) — #7 Put away Hobart. Pannell picked up where he left off. I did not expect 'Bart to score quite as many as they did. (OCanada) — P33#7- TCB. The 'nell is legitimate again. Only behind SB because they were literally inches away from defeating UVa; this will be settled in March. (Paesan33) — Did what they had to do. (PSU) — RR#7. Good start. (randyrad) — Cornell steady at #6. (Rasheed) — #7 LW 6. Seemed like a routine thump of Bart. Pannell in top form early. (Strannywastheman) — Wins the Upstate rivalry over Hobart. (Tecumseh) — #7. Beat Hobart but not that convincingly. (VTD)

Johns Hopkins: #10. So far, there appear to no goal issues, and the offense has clicked for 2.5 games. The first true test of whether Hopkins is on the right track is coming up this weekend against Princeton. (Apache) — Still no wins against quality opposition. (Baldo) — #9) Real schedule starts soon will they be able to hold this position? (Coyote) — After a year hiatus, it looks like the real Blue Jays are back. (HU34) — Guess who cracks into the top 10? The 3-0 Baby Jays! ... already showing much more than last year's squad ... big Princeton game this week. (jhu7276) — 13. I vowed I wouldn't move Hopkins up if they won their first three games just for doing so - the three opponents are approaching LSotP-land. But losses by other squads that I thought would be better have forced my hand. Now we get to see what the Blue Jays really have - a wounded Tiger team arrives, and they do not want to go home 0-2, only to then host UNC. (Lax Fidelis) — #8. Looked good against weak competition. (maddog9718) — #9 torn between Mass and JHU for #9. Ties go to the home team. The scoring is varied; team speed, gbs, and defense all improved for probably the youngest ranked team. (OCanada) — P33#13- Another substantial jump. Handles Siena by a more than acceptable score. (Paesan33) — 3-0 but still have not been tested. (PSU) — RR#9. Good 3-0 start. Getting the goals they gotta have from the two young midfielders. (randyrad) — Number 9 - Petro looks to have the kids playing with some fire. (Rasheed) — #8 LW 8. O doesn't seem to be the problem it was last year. Siena is not that bad - I think. (Strannywastheman) — Nothing "insightful" to say here! (Tecumseh) — #9. Playing with great poise and teamwork early in the season against middling competition. The first real test comes this week against a wounded bunch of Tigers. (VTD)

Massachusetts: #7. After taking down Ohio State, UMass has two early-season quality wins that get them a top 10 spot in my poll. (Apache) — Impressive win at home against Buckeyes. (Baldo) — #9 Move into my top 10 with the W over Bucks. (hoyaboy) — Off to a great start in 2011. Minutemen have a very balanced team. Getting contributions from all over. UMass has emerged as legitmate contender. (HU34) — Also 3-0 ... beating Army and OSU. (jhu7276) — +2 to #14. Minutemen remain undefeated, taking out tOSU by two. (Lax Fidelis) — #11. Took the wind out of tOSU's sail. (maddog9718) — #10 This team could be for real. They have certainly done well so far. (OCanada) — P33#8- I liked OSU this year, so UMass getting on the board with wins over Army and OSU gets a top 10 slot in my poll. (Paesan33) — Another nice win. (PSU) — RR#11. Another good win. (randyrad) — UMass Kickass - up to #7 - anyone remember that old shirt? Around the same time as those old 'Chicks Love our Sticks" shirts by Brine. (Rasheed) — #10 LW 11. Ohio State tested them more than I thought. A shaky member of the top 10. (Strannywastheman) — On a roll over the Buckeyes. In at #7. (Tecumseh) — #8. Two solid Top 20 wins. (VTD)

Princeton: #11. A disappointment on LI against Hofstra and little time to figure things out with Hopkins up next. (Apache) — Tough home loss to the Dutch, blowing a couple of leads. (Baldo) — 8) Loss to Hofstra not surprising, as Hofstra has a strong team. Princeton seems to have kept the high scoring Pride offense somewhat in check but was not able to get many shots on goal. (Coyote) — Tigers will be contentders despite the slow start. New players such as Tom Schreiber proved they can play. Forest Sonnenfeldt is going to be a matchup problem - 6'6", 250lbs with skills. (HU34) — Seem to have fits vs. Hofstra ... big game against JHU this week. (jhu7276) — -2 from #7 last week. Need to snap back from opening loss to play JHU and then the Tar Heels at home. (Lax Fidelis) — #10. Sounded a bit rusty in their season oppener against Hofstra, particularly in FO and GBs; strong effort from Fiorito kept this one close. (maddog9718) — #8 Lost by 2 to Hofstra at their place. A chance to make a statement. Right now they look to be a top 8 seed for the tourney, but the season is very young. (OCanada) — P33#10- Still a good team. Drops, but lost to a top 10 team. (Paesan33) — Got beat by a talented Hofstra Team. (PSU) — RR#12. Rough start. (randyrad) — Number 8. (Rasheed) — #9 LW 7. Hofstra not much of an upset. Still should be a top 10 team. (Strannywastheman) — Hofstra has the Tigers ##. (Tecumseh) — #10. Tough road stretch gets tougher as the Tigers travel to Charles Village. (VTD)

North Carolina: #14. Get a much-needed win over a scrappy Navy squad. Completely unsure what to make of this team. (Apache) — Gutty comeback win at home against stubborn Navy. (Baldo) — #10 Win vs. unranked Navy, but this team is underperforming and headed in the wrong direction. (hoyaboy) — Tar Heels still a question mark. Loss to Ohio State combined with a couple of close wins against average teams doesn't deserve a high ranking. Still not a believer. (HU34) — Beats Navy but loses to OSU ... will the real Heels please stand up? (jhu7276) — Remain #8. Edging past a young and weak Navy squad doesn't restore any luster for the Heels in my book. (Lax Fidelis) — #9. Got their stuff together in the 2nd half against Navy but still a "work in progress." (maddog9718) — #15 I would have dropped them out of the top 20 if they lost to Navy. They can still drop out if they cannot beat a ranked team. (OCanada) — P33#12- Questioning the defense. Brutal road schedule looms. They can win at home; can they do it on the road? (Paesan33) — Squeaked past another non-ranked team. (PSU) — RR#8. Good bounceback vs. scrappy Navy. Young guys show promise. (randyrad) — Number 11. (Rasheed) — #11 LW 13. Navy is either better than I thought or ... (Strannywastheman) — Tough time with an unranked Navy team. (Tecumseh) — #14. Tough win over Navy. (VTD)

Loyola: #9. Still trying to wrap my mind around a 3-2 score ... it really scares me about the direction of college lacrosse. (Apache) — Ugly, but a win against Towson. (Baldo) — Greyhounds beat the Tigers 3-2 in 9 innings. Matt Langan had the game winning RBI for Loyola. (HU34) — Beat Towson by the baseball score of 3-2, but they did sink Navy and are 2-0. (jhu7276) — Remain #12. Greyhounds "race" to a stunning 3-2 victory over Tony's Tigers. From all reports, this game should be banned from anyone ever seeing a video replay. Two one-goal wins for the 'Hounds at Ridley. (Lax Fidelis) — #12. Victorious in a 3-2 barn-burner. (maddog9718) — #12 I did not see the game but assume TSU played hold the ball. LC was fortunate to score 2 in the 4Q to win the game. (OCanada) — P33#11- Beat Navy and Towson; UNC only beat Navy. So I have the hounds in front of UNC. (Paesan33) — 2-0 and finding a way to win against two big rivals. (PSU) — RR#10. Strange game, but a W's a W. (randyrad) — Number 12. (Rasheed) — #12 LW 12. Pitchers' duel against Towson. O needs to appear. (Strannywastheman) — Looks like a baseball score of the Charm City Rivals! (Tecumseh) — #18. Greyhounds and Tigers took turns chasing each other around in circles as cats and dogs are prone to do. (VTD)

Army: #20. Showed their heart against the Orange, as they almost pulled off the improbable again. Tough early season schedule continues with Cornell up next. (Apache) — Almost another huge upset in the dome. (Baldo) — #12) Nice comeback against Syracuse Cornell coming up. (Coyote) — After a slow start, the Black Knights gave Syracuse all it could handle. Difficult early season schedule for Army. (HU34) — Tough loss to Cuse and no relief with C-nell next. (jhu7276) — -2 from #15 last poll. The Knights are 1-2, maybe they don't belong here as of now. But they rallied at SU after falling behind big time. Need more data. (Lax Fidelis) — #15. Moving up on an impressive finish against SU. (maddog9718) — P33#15- This is one of those I'm gonna move you up a spot due to others falling and a close road loss to a great team. (Paesan33) — Showed some grit. Fought back but too little too late. (PSU) — RR#13. Stunning comeback vs. Syracuse D shows what this team is capable of. (randyrad) — Number 20. (Rasheed) — #20 LW 20. Impressive comeback for Cadets. Almost stole it from Cuse. (Strannywastheman) — Great effort in the Dome. They are for real! (Tecumseh) — #16. Valiant comeback against Cuse. I like their chances for an upset against Cornell next weekend. (VTD)

Drexel: #16. Ripped apart Albany. Chance to make a huge statement given their big week ahead - Villanova midweek followed by a trip to Notre Dame. (Apache) — Strong performance against Albany. (Baldo) — Dragons will be in the mix for the CAA title. CAA is looking like a strong league this year. (HU34) — +1 to #13. Dragons pummel poor Scott Marr's Great Danes, who have been far, far away from "great" since the mid-2000s. (Lax Fidelis) — #13 Handled Albany. Showing more solid play than some previously higher ranked teams. (OCanada) — P33#16- Solid against UVa; doubles up UalbanY. (Paesan33) — Doubled up on Albany after hanging with UVa last week. (PSU) — RR#17. Good win. (randyrad) — Number 18. (Rasheed) — #19 LW 18. Solid win over Danes. (Strannywastheman) — On a roll with win over Albany. (Tecumseh) — #11. After #10, its a big mess. This feels right. Excellent goaltending will keep them in games against anyone, and they always find a way to grit out enough offense in big games. (VTD)

Duke: #15. Life after Crotty and Quinzani on offense is not going so well. (Apache) — THUD of the week. No offense means no wins. (Baldo) — Blue Devils are in a little more trouble than originally thought. Coach Danowski has his hands full getting this team turned around. (HU34) — As Boy George once sang, "I'll tumble for ya ... " and so do the Devils falling victims to Penn and ND with Testudo up next. (jhu7276) — Uh-oh. Is this the coach who did so little with the Hofstra program for ~25 years but stumbled into a gold mine of overly-experienced players at DBA last season? At #15, they may be too high, down another 5 spots. (Lax Fidelis) — #13. To quote another poster, Duke gets this week's "thud of the week." I do expect this team to find its footing and work its way back in the top 8. (maddog9718) — #16 It took ND a half to get in gear against Duke. It took Penn less time, and they held on for a solid win. I did not expect Duke to score only 3. They need to start winning. We knew they would miss their 2010 class, but this is a bad start for a talented team. (OCanada) — P33#14- I'm never surprised anymore when these early upsets happen. Everyone knew Penn was bringing in great classes. (Paesan33) — Three goals? Is Penn's D that good? Better regroup, as the Terps are up next. (PSU) — RR#14. Rebuilding year or usual slow start? Still too soon to know. (randyrad) — Number 19. (Rasheed) — #13 LW 4. Shocker. Penn is much better. Still, this should not happen. Another slow start or off year? (Strannywastheman) — Are they done in Durham? (Tecumseh) — #17. THUD #1. (VTD)

Ohio State: #13. Brought to earth by UMass. The win against UNC still garners a nice ranking for the Buckeyes from me. Big 10 lax coming up against Penn State. (Apache) — #19) Losing to UMass after beating UNC is not the mark of a disciplined team. (Coyote) — Garber Field is a tough place to play. Buckeyes had the opportunity to follow up the UNC win with a quality road win to establish themselves as a top tier team but couldn't get it done. (HU34) — 3-1 ... couldn't beat UMass. (jhu7276) — #16. Lost its mojo this week. (maddog9718) — #11 Lost to Mass, which is not as severe a loss as many might think. (OCanada) — P33#9- UNC victory losing steam. Must find a way to win on the road. Have you seen where they will travel to? (Paesan33) — Can't get passed UMass. (PSU) — RR#19. UNC win still matters. (randyrad) — Number 14. (Rasheed) — #17 LW 24. Quality loss to UMass, but not sure on the Bucks. Heels win still big, I think. (Strannywastheman) — Another very strong effort! (Tecumseh) — #13. Loss to UMass nothing to worry about, but it proves they're not ready for the Top 10 yet. (VTD)

Penn: #12. After letting the Dookies off the hook in 2010, this year's Quakers get it done with an eye-opening 7-3 win anchored by freshman Feeney in nets. Couple of trap games against Bucknell and Lafayette coming up. (Apache) — Cinderella, time to get fitted for your slippers. (Baldo) — #8 Surprise! When you double up any ACC team, you are a contender. (hoyaboy) — Quakers shut down the Blue Devil offense. Ivy League looking very strong so far. (HU34) — Hey, they beat the defending champs! 1-0 now. (jhu7276) — Unranked last week, debuts inside the Top 20 at #16. Quakers take down the defending titleholder, unbelievably holding Duke scoreless in the 1st half. What a win for Mike Murphy and his kids! IL had them at #32 in the pre-season magazine. Will they capitalize on this or fall apart as in previous years? (Lax Fidelis) — #19. Great effort in a victory over the Devils. (maddog9718) — P33#17- I need to see more before I put them in front of a reeling Duke squad. (Paesan33) — Open with a Win over Duke. (PSU) — RR#16. This year's surprise team? (randyrad) — Number 17. (Rasheed) — #16 LW NR. Thought they would be better but not this good, this quick. Impressive shutdown of Duke, who I think is a darn good team. (Strannywastheman) — In the Top 20 for crushing Duke! (Tecumseh) — #15. Program building win for the Quakers. (VTD)

Denver: #17. A solid win against an improving Vermont squad has Denver in the back part of my poll. (Apache) — Bounce back beating Vermont. (jhu7276) — Still #11. 1-1 record isn't very exciting but that's life in the second 10. (Lax Fidelis) — #18 Beat Vermont to get back in the W side of the ledger. (OCanada) — Bounced back with a win. (PSU) — Number 13. (Rasheed) — #22 LW 17. Dropped Vermont. (Strannywastheman) — Back in the win column. (Tecumseh) — #12. Got into the win column against Vermont, stays put. (VTD)

Yale: Watch List (21-25) - Almost gave away the game at St. John's, so I am not ready to put them in the top 20 yet. With what should be a couple softies next (Presbyterian, Mercer), they should be 3-0 before facing a real challenge. (Apache) — Almost let Johnnies back into things. (Baldo) — Beating the Redstorm on the road is a good start but still doesn't reveal much about the Bulldogs. Soft early season schedule. (HU34) — #1 to #18. Ivy co-winner from 2010 only edges SJU (NY version) by 2. Have the Redmen improved that much or was it simply game #1 jitters for the Bulldogs? (Lax Fidelis) — #14 Beat the Johnnies and moved up as the volatility of results continues. (OCanada) — RR#18. Finally playing, won, therefore in my Top 20. (randyrad) — Number 16. (Rasheed) — #14 LW 14. Started strong but almost handed it back to St. John's. If Gibson is out, offense slows. (Strannywastheman) — To close for my liking with St. John's but a W. (Tecumseh) — #24. Beat St. John's. (VTD)

Bucknell: #19. Enter my poll after a solid win over Villanova. Will have a chance to really make a statement mid-week against Penn. (Apache) — Close win over Villanova. (Baldo) — +1 to #19. Edged past a decent Villanova squad. (Lax Fidelis) — #19 Beat a Villanova team that had been rated in the top 20. (OCanada) — P33#20- Undefeated so far. (Paesan33) — 2-0 - We will see what happens with Penn on Tuesday. (PSU) — RR#15. Another good win over a good opponent. (randyrad) — Number 15. (Rasheed) — #25 LW NR. Clipped Nova. Penn game will be good. (Strannywastheman) — Very good win over 'Nova. (Tecumseh) — #20. Gets the last spot this week. 2-0. (VTD)

Brown: Dismantled Quinnipiac in opener. (Baldo) — Took care of buisness against Quinnipiac. Next week at UMass will tell the true story about the Bears. (HU34) — Starts out with a win over Q. (jhu7276) — Still #21. You don't get any props for mushing Q-pac into child-strength pablum. (Lax Fidelis) — #20 Beat Q. (OCanada) — P33#21- I'm not sure they'll last here. Not yet, at least. (Paesan33) — #15 LW 15. Quinnipiac not much of a test. (Strannywastheman) — Lots of scoring! (Tecumseh) — #23. Stomped Quinnipiac. (VTD)

Georgetown: Watch List (21-25) - Team Disappointment reached a new low with the beat-down they took from Maryland. There is talent on this team, but it never seems to be developed. (Apache) — Ouch ... put down by UMD badly ... what will Urick tell them this week? (jhu7276) — Down 4 spots to #22. Simply awful against Maryland; perhaps the worst second half by any team I've seen in 45+ years of watching collegiate lacrosse. This squad has some serious players - what are the Uricks doing down there? Has this turned into a rewind of Moran's final years at Cornell? (Lax Fidelis) — #20. Looked solid in the first half but sadly appeared to have given up in the 2nd. (maddog9718) — #17 Crushed by Maryland. Goalie play and defense did not look strong in the game. Worrisome because D needs to play well. To be fair they were under press sure the whole game. (OCanada) — Did not look good. Need to regroup fast, or it will happen again vs. Syracuse on 3/12. (PSU) — RR#21. Troubling 2nd half vs. MD, after promising start. Still, Top 20 talent's there. (randyrad) — #18 LW 16. Really could not have gone much worse for Hoyas. Steamrolled by Terps. Many questions, no answers. Again. (Strannywastheman) — #19. Where's the defense? (VTD)

Rutgers: Watch List (21-25) - Rutgers doing what they should against a weak early schedule (Wagner, Manhattan, a down UMBC). Unsure yet if they deserve a top 20 spot given the competition played. (Apache) — Scarlett Knights make their first appearence in my rankings in a long time. They might prove to be a mirage based on a soft schedule in the early season. (HU34) — Scarlet Knights now 3-0! (jhu7276) — P33#18- Anyone else notice? 3 and 0, and nobody came close. (Paesan33) — 3-0 but have not been tested. (PSU)

Bryant: #18. Grinded out a win against the Stags behind the solid goal play of Love. (Apache) — P33#24- Wins two games. (Paesan33) — #23 LW 23. Fairfield tested them. (Strannywastheman) — #21. 2-0, toss up for the last spot with Bucknell. (VTD)

Delaware: Wins in OT vs. Bell this week. (jhu7276) — P33#19- Everyone is ignoring the four wins and looking at the pasting they took from Hopkins. So am I; they fall. (Paesan33) — 4-1. (PSU) — #25. Talented, but don't play well together. Loved Delaware Stadium. (VTD)

Villanova: Watch List (21-25) - Loss to Bucknell has the Wildcats just on the outside of my poll. Tough midweek game awaits against Drexel. (Apache) — #20, down 3 from #17. In-state loss to the Bison drops the Wildcats on the same day their basketball team becomes another mark on the revolver handle of Steve Lavin, bringing the Johnnies back from the dead in NC$$ hoops. (Lax Fidelis) — P33#23- Almost every game on the schedule should be a tight one. (Paesan33)

Penn State: Still feeling out new coach, but improved over last year! (jhu7276) — Played ND tough, a one-goal game midway through 4th quarter. They need to shoot the ball! Played hard, face-off game was strong, D and goalie looked good, out-ground-balled ND. (PSU) — #24 LW 25. Played competitively with a really good ND. O needs to arrive. (Strannywastheman)

Navy: Watch List (21-25) - A telling game against an improving Lehigh squad coming up Tuesday following the tough losses to Loyola and UNC. (Apache) — Young but gutsy squad. (Baldo) — 1-2 ... cmon Mids. (jhu7276) — P33#22- Two close losses on the road to UNC and LC. Some credit due. (Paesan33) — Back-to-back tight games. They need to pull one out. (PSU) — RR#20. Another close L to a higher ranked team that just slipped away from this promising young team. Gotta win some FOs. (randyrad) — #21 LW 19. Played Heels very tough and should be in the mix for Patriot. (Strannywastheman) — On to Lehigh after another "Classic" in Chapel Hill. (Tecumseh) — #22. Tough loss in Chapel Hill. Would have liked to see the Mids steal that one. (VTD)


Harvard: "The Cause" is 1-0. (jhu7276)

Other Teams Pollsters Considered (and comments, if any)

. Towson: Could only score a safety vs. the Hounds in Johnny U. (jhu7276) — Must find a way to win. Tough road ahead with Maryland, Navy, Stony Brook, Delaware, Hofstra, UMBC, UMass, Penn State, Drexel. (PSU)


. Robert Morris: P33#25- Close losses; good talent; some credit. Could've put Towson here. Dropped out GT, no defense to speak of. Need to see more of Yale, Hartford. What's Denver's story? (Paesan33)

. Fairfield:

. Hartford:

. Bellarmine:

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