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Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2011

LaxPower MD1 Forum Poll #4
March 7, 2011

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.
1Syracuse (3-0)W Virginia 12-10380191
2Virginia (4-1)W VMI 22-6, L Syracuse 10-123542
3Notre Dame (3-0)W Drexel 11-73414
4Hofstra (4-0)W Harvard 15-93126
5Stony Brook (1-1)W Marist 13-72635
6Maryland (2-1)L Duke 8-92523
7Massachusetts (4-0)W Brown 9-62519
8Princeton (1-1)W Johns Hopkins 8-325010
9Duke (2-2)W Maryland 9-820015t
10Army (2-2)W Cornell 11-919313t
11Penn (3-0)W Bucknell 8-6, W Lafayette 7-619117
12tCornell (2-1)W Binghamton 13-4, L Army 9-111867
12tNorth Carolina (3-1)W UMBC 13-918611
14Loyola (3-0)W Bellarmine 9-611912
15Ohio State (4-1)W Penn State 6-511615t
16Johns Hopkins (3-1)L Princeton 3-81138
17Denver (3-1)W Jacksonville 20-8, W Manhattan 17-68418
18Yale (3-0)W Presbyterian 22-6, W Mercer 22-14819t
19Drexel (1-3)L Villanova 13-14, L Notre Dame 7-113913t
20Georgetown (2-1)W St. John's 13-929NR
Others receiving votes: Bucknell (25), Rutgers (23), Villanova (16), Brown (16), Jacksonville (1), Lehigh (1), Colgate (1)

Number of voters: 19 (Apache, Baldo, Coyote, hoyaboy, HU34, jhu7276, LAF, Lax Fidelis, maddog9718, OCanada, Paesan33, PSU, randyrad, sore+old, Strannywastheman, Tecumseh, VTD, whollymoly, woody)

Pollsters' Comments About Teams They Ranked

Syracuse: #1. Impressive TEAM effort against UVa. They eliminated any questions about who is the #1 team at the moment. (Apache) — Only one #1 team for now. (Baldo) — #1) Looking forward to the game against Notre Dame. (Coyote) — #1 Move up on the Md loss. D may be better than ND. (hoyaboy) — Stay up with win over Cavs. (jhu7276) — Still Numero Uno. They go 0/8 on EMO chances and still beat UVa by two? And Galloway had a very ordinary 1st half. Clear choice for FF Monday spot. No holes, except perhaps in their heads: if they keep their focus, they are unbeatable IMO. (Lax Fidelis) — #1. Good looking defense in big W over the Hoos. (maddog9718) — #1. The win over VA puts them solidly in first place. (OCanada) — (P33#1) - Beat top-ranked team, get top ranking. Balanced scoring effort. (Paesan33) — Another Nice Win. (PSU) — RR#1. Did it on the field. (randyrad) — #1 LW 1-Showed Hoos whose #1. Speed, skill best in the game. (Strannywastheman) — Everyone must come thru the Dome now! A delight of a game to watch. (Tecumseh) — #1. Undefeated and beat UVa. Alone at the top of the mountain for now. (VTD) — #1. 2nd midfield still shaking out, but all other cylinders firing hot. Tim Desko continues to justify recruitment by Dad. Jeremy Thompson is ultra-smooth even when being crunched by two defenders. Matt Harris - the next Joel White? (whollymoly)

Virginia: #3. Ghitelman's great play kept it from being a blowout. The play of the longsticks was scary bad - all they do is hack and whack rather than move their feet to get in good position. Embarrassing what happened at the end with the head-hunting and cheap slashes. I have flagged them one poll spot for that disgraceful display. (Apache) — Tough loss on the road to the Cruisers. Many question marks for Hoos at this point. (Baldo) — #2) I hope they don't take this loss out on the Big Red in Baltimore this weekend. (Coyote) — #2 because I think they would beat ND. (hoyaboy) — Still number 2. (jhu7276) — Down one to #3. Looks like discipline is still an issue for the Wahoos. That frosh d-man from Mtn. Lakes seems to think he's joined the NHL, where that crap is allowed. Stanwick sure didn't show up; he was "invisibilized". The Brattons, even in their senior year, still bring a mixed bag to the table. Midweek stomp of Vermont precedes game against Cornell at M&T. (Lax Fidelis) — #3. Down two spots after the loss; S. Bratton looked all-world; need to figure out attack rotation. (maddog9718) — #.2 Lost to Cuse away. Given the results of other games, it is hard to move them down. (OCanada) — (P33#2) - Lose one-goal game on road to top team, stay in ranking. (Paesan33) — Close loss to No. 1. (PSU) — RR#3. It's a long season. (randyrad) — #2 LW 2-Chippy play toward end unnecessary. Poor reflection on UVa. Lack of control by coaching staff is troubling. Free Conor English. (Strannywastheman) — The attack never showed up, but Bratton set the standard for being a midfielder! (Tecumseh) — #2. Close loss to Cuse. Hard to move anyone above them at this point. (VTD) — #2. Loss to 'Cuse was no shame. Fast, hard shooting team. It is Virginia, after all. Watching the style of a Cuse vs. UVa game does make one long for the return of that, instead of the soccer-score style of some games this year. Is lacrosse headed to nil-nil? (whollymoly)

Notre Dame: #2. Team Grind wears down Drexel just like they wore down Penn State and Duke. Huge test at Denver this week. (Apache) — Early trouble with Drexel before pulling away late. Nice win without Brennerman. (Baldo) — #3 move up on the Drexel win without Brenneman and the Duke win over Terps. (hoyaboy) — Unbeaten ... take down Drexel. (jhu7276) — Irish rise one spot to #2 after dismissing Drexel, while the Cavaliers lost their cool, and the game, at the Dome. Interesting game next Sunday - a revival of an GWLL match-up at Denver. (Lax Fidelis) — #2. Up a spot after beating Drexel. (maddog9718) — #3. Last year's finalist claims third. They are off to a strong early season, and the win over Duke now looks much stronger than it did previously. (OCanada) — (P33#3) - Duke win just got better. These guys can play defense. Not ready to have them jump UVa yet, despite UVa setback. (Paesan33) — They keep winning 3-0. (PSU) — RR#2. Just keep winning. (randyrad) — #3 LW 3-Started slow, but Irish O coming alive. Hopkins looks better each game. (Strannywastheman) — A big 4th quarter win over Drexel. (Tecumseh) — #3. Played close with Drexel before pulling away late. Move up a little. (VTD) — #3. Only surrendering 5.33 goals per game. The Irish always seem to cyber-crunch well; road game at Denver will be interesting. (whollymoly)

Hofstra: #5. This may be the highest I can rank the Pride from here on out due to the sad, weak schedule they have with no real challenges until UMass shows up toward the end of April. What happened to playing the likes of Hopkins, UNC, Brown, Army, Stony Brook ...? (Apache) — Dispatched the Cantabs from Cambridge easily. (Baldo) — #4) Nice win against Harvard - 2-0 against the Ivy League. (Coyote) — #7. (hoyaboy) — 4-0 and moving on up. (jhu7276) — Up three spots to #4. Beat The Lost Cause by 6, host AFA on Sunday. Should run the table until the UDel or UMass game. (Lax Fidelis) — #5. Won by 6 despite being out-shot by 18, which is kinda a head scratcher (if the box score is correct). (maddog9718) — #4. If their defense improves as the season progresses, they are going to be a very tough out. (OCanada) — (P33#5) - Only in front of MD because I think they have better wins. In front of Duke because of Duke's losses. (Paesan33) — Nice win over Princeton. 4-0 and from the look of their schedule, they could run the table. (PSU) — RR#4. Another good W. Princeton win looking bigger. (randyrad) — #5 LW 6-Hahvaad no prob. (Strannywastheman) — Crushed the boys from the banks of the Charles for three quarters then let up? Do they have the killer instinct for May? (Tecumseh) — #4. Smacked Harvard. (VTD) — #6. Stony Brook's twin as a Two-Gun Brother but with much better on-field resume so far. (whollymoly)

Stony Brook: #8. A less-than-impressive performance against Marist has me wondering if the team is more hype than substance. Given the Boise State nature of their schedule from here on out, the Seawolves need to win with "style points" if they want to stay in the top 10. (Apache) — Easy time with Marist. (Baldo) — #5) The move up has more to do with the losses for the competition. (Coyote) — #10. (hoyaboy) — Bounce back after loss to UVa ... beat Marist. (jhu7276) — +1 from #6. A minor struggle with Marist early in the game turns into a 6-goal romp for the Seawolves. UDel is next visitor to LaValle. (Lax Fidelis) — #4. Broke open a close game with Marist. (maddog9718) — #6. The blemish is their failure to put VA away when they had a great opportunity. Nonetheless this is a top team and so far look like they will get to at least the QFs. (OCanada) — (P33#10) - Uninspiring against Marist. Drops due to other teams winning. (Paesan33) — A little too close for comfort but they won. (PSU) — RR#7. Hard to judge, yet. (randyrad) — #4 LW 4-Marist win a long way from UVa last week. (Strannywastheman) — Workman like win over Marist. (Tecumseh) — #10. They will have to do better than that vs. the Marists of the world to be considered Top 5 material. (VTD) — #7. Jury is out for the Wolves. But then, it really is for everybody. (whollymoly)

Maryland: #11. Very tough loss after showing tons of heart coming back from 3 down in the 4th. Terps have to be happy about the play of Amato in the cage. (Apache) — Lost OT weekend in Durham. (Baldo) — #7) It looked like Maryland and the coach were about to throw off the bad rep with the nice comeback - but no. Same old team, same result for the coach. This remains a team not to bet on. (Coyote) — #5 Lose a tough one to mysterious Devils. (hoyaboy) — Upset by Duke in OT ... Testudo sweats this week. (jhu7276) — -1 to #6. Oops. Good chance to rub Dook's nose in it and hand them their 3rd straight loss, but the Terps can't pull it out in OT after rallying late to send it into extra time. Every time I think they're really good, they throw me a curveball. Imagine if I were a fan of the Terps. (Lax Fidelis) — #7. Lost to Duke; ACC is wide open. (maddog9718) — #5. Lost at Duke, where strange things can happen, so it is not a total surprise. I expected them to win. A disappointing loss for the Terps. (OCanada) — (P33#7) - Behind Duke for losing to them. I have a feeling these guys will bounce back easily. (Paesan33) — What happened? (PSU) — RR#5. Ouch. Tough loss. (randyrad) — #9 LW 5-Terps not there yet. D couldn't hold it. (Strannywastheman) — What is the story here, OT loss to Duke after the crushing defeat of G-Town? Are the Turtles too cocky to quick? (Tecumseh) — #9. Perhaps got a little overconfident after beating a Georgetown team that maybe just isn't very good. They are likely better than #9, but there are too many undefeated teams with better wins to rank them higher. (VTD) — #5. I thought the Terps would win this one, but it was vs. Duke at Duke, and they took it to OT. It'll be five weeks before we get a more clarity on Maryland. (whollymoly)

Massachusetts: #4. A solid win over Brown continues the strong start for the Minutemen. Scheduling good teams early and winning (Army, Ohio State) should be rewarded, hence their ranking from me. (Apache) — Gutty win against Bears. (Baldo) — #9) Steadily making a believer out of me. (Coyote) — #8. (hoyaboy) — Holy Smoke ... Minutes are 4-0. (jhu7276) — +2 to #12. Remain undefeated and climbing. (Lax Fidelis) — #8. Beat Brown and continue to look like the real deal. (OCanada) — (P33#4) - Yep- way up here. Wins getting stronger. (Paesan33) — 4-0 with good wins over Army, Ohio State and Brown. We could have two undefeated teams playing April 23rd at Hofstra. (PSU) — RR#5. Another good win, beating good teams. (randyrad) — #8 LW 10-Beat Brown by 3. Still not convinced, but they keep winning. (Strannywastheman) — Beat a highly regarded Brown team with balanced scoring and FO wins. (Tecumseh) — #7. 4-0 with a couple good Top 20 wins. (VTD) — #14. (whollymoly)

Princeton: #7. Without Jack McBride, their top offensive guy, the Tigers throw a defensive beat-down on Hopkins. Schreiber showed he is the real deal. This team has no real breathers on the schedule, with UNC up next. (Apache) — Easy win at Homewood without Jack McBride. (Baldo) — #6) Looked good against JHU - hard to tell if that is meaningful, because JHU did not look good at all. (Coyote) — Bounce back after Hofstra loss with convincing win over the Jays. (jhu7276) — +1 from #9. Thorough evisceration of the Blue Jays - reminds me of that picture of a roadkill Avian Pest that trav likes to post. Tigers rebound from Hofstra loss to bend, fold and mutilate Petro's hapless squad. Tigers host Carolina next on Friday evening. (Lax Fidelis) — #6. Completely shut down Hopkins offense. Looked much more polished than last week. (maddog9718) — #7. Their D gave Hopkins nothing, or it did and Hopkins could not capitalize on it. (OCanada) — (P33#12) - Clings to a hard to measure win over JHU; no shame in losing at Hofstra. (Paesan33) — Bounced back with win over Hopkins. (PSU) — RR#9. Impressive at Homewood. (randyrad) — #6 LW 9-Rolled into Homewood and embarrassed Hop. Petro will remember this one. (Strannywastheman) — Delight watching the goalie and his D. No McBride either. Very impressive. (Tecumseh) — #5. Dominated Hopkins. Defense was smothering in a must-win game before going to UNC. (VTD) — #11. Strong win against a much improved (IMHO) Hopkins team. Tigers could be a top six or so team, in fact. We'll see. (whollymoly)

Duke: #15. Three seconds from dropping out of the poll when the attack stepped up with goals from Howell and Wolf to send Maryland home stunned. That said, this team still has numerous question marks, especially on offense, where prolonged scoring droughts have been the norm this year. (Apache) — Back from the dead perhaps? (Baldo) — #11) Looked to be in control against Maryland - blew it and then pulled out a character-building victory. (Coyote) — #6 What the ... ? (hoyaboy) — Win over MD is big. (jhu7276) — +2 to #13. Good win for the Blue Devils, who needed a win, badly. Fortune smiled on us all on Saturday night when the DBA lost the ACC's regular season final 1st place game. Host Loyola on Friday night, Mercer on Sunday. (Lax Fidelis) — #8. And ... we're back. Huge win over MD. (maddog9718) — #11. I did not see the game, but Duke's win over Maryland may have rescued their season. (OCanada) — (P33#6) - Right back up here. Turns out they lost to top teams. Behind Hofstra because of losses. (Paesan33) — Will not be counted out. Nice win over the Terps. (PSU) — RR#12. Significant bounce-back win. (randyrad) — #7 LW 13-Big win over Terps. Should quiet the haters, but won't. Howell clutch once more. (Strannywastheman) — Back from the dead with some goaltending and an OT win. (Tecumseh) — #8. Way to bounce back against Maryland. I was legitimately surprised. (VTD) — #13. (whollymoly)

Army: #13. After tough, early losses to UMass and Syracuse, the Black Knights get a quality win against Cornell. Kudos to Army for playing a challenging non-conference schedule. (Apache) — Cadets do it the old fashioned way; they EARN it! (Baldo) — #10) Two good losses and now a strong showing against Cornell. (Coyote) — #9 on the W over Cornell and for scaring Orange. (hoyaboy) — Big win over Cornell. (jhu7276) — +2 from #17. Army is back at .500 - losses to undefeated UMass and SU, but the win over Cornell leaves the Black Knights in good fighting form for Patriot League play. (Lax Fidelis) — #11. Big win over Cornell; goalie play sounded stellar. (maddog9718) — #15. A strong win over Cornell brought them back into my top 20. (OCanada) — (P33#8) - Back up here for defeating Cornell. Losses to great teams. But I do have reservations. (Paesan33) — Nice win over Cornell. (PSU) — RR#13. Not an upset. This time, a strong showing yields a big win. (randyrad) — #10 LW 20-Big win over Big Red. (Strannywastheman) — Big win over Cornell, The pride of the P/L league right now. (Tecumseh) — #12. Close losses to Cuse and UMass and win over Cornell puts them about here. (VTD) — #9. Very tough team, very good coach. Possibly much better than 9th. But I've thought that in previous years and thus become a direct quantum-causation factor in unexpected losses for having said so. GOOD goalie. (whollymoly)

Penn: #6. May have them too high, but I cannot place any of the teams below above a squad that is undefeated with wins over two top 20-caliber squads (Duke, Bucknell). To be considered a true top 10 team from here on out, they need a good outing against UNC. (Apache) — Dodged a bullet with late Lafayette comeback. (Baldo) — #4 Move up on the Duke over Md. (hoyaboy) — Big game this week vs. UNC ... 3-0. (jhu7276) — #16. The Quakers may not be pretty or winning by much but they are 3-0. (Lax Fidelis) — #16. A good win over Duke and no trap loss against Lafayette. (OCanada) — (P33#9) - Has a big win, and undefeated. (Paesan33) — 3-0 finding ways to win. At UNC on Tuesday. (PSU) — RR#11. This year's sleeper/dark horse (so far) with several more potential upset victims ahead. (randyrad) — #12 LW 16-Quality win over Bucknell, but Lafayette much closer than expected. (Strannywastheman) — The Quakers just keep winning. Big night coming on Tuesday. (Tecumseh) — #6. Duke wins looks really impressive all of a sudden, a one-goal win over Lafayette not so much. (VTD) — #18. (whollymoly)

Cornell: #14. When you play a quality opponent and their goalie has 17 saves and yours has 4, you tend to lose. (Apache) — THUD! of the week. (Baldo) — #12) Much work to do with this team - but isn't that always the case early with the Big Red? (Coyote) — Move down a bit after Army loss. (jhu7276) — -2 to #7. Tough loss to an Army team that had several tough games under their belt thus far. Big Red gets a breather when Canisius pays a Wednesday visit, but Saturday is against the Wahoos at M&T. (Lax Fidelis) — #12. Lost to Army- only 4 saves on the day. Will need more than that to compete. (maddog9718) — #9. Lost to Army. Cornell needs some of its new starters to develop as the season goes along. I wonder whether they are big enough to hold up throughout the season. (OCanada) — (P33#15) - Drops, but Army loss isnt devastating. (Paesan33) — Fall to a tough Army team. (PSU) — RR#14. Not an upset. Tough loss to good Army team. (randyrad) — #14 LW 7-Cadets beat them in a surprise. Not as good as we thought? (Strannywastheman) — Tough loss to a very good Army team. (Tecumseh) — #13. Lost to Army. (VTD) — #4. It's no disgrace to lose to Army, especially on the road. We'll have a better idea of the Cornell vector after they visit UVa on 3/12, but for now I have a good feeling about them. (whollymoly)

North Carolina: #12. Their three wins are against teams with a combined record of 3-8. Huge week ahead against Penn and Princeton should provide insight into just how good the Tar Heels may be. (Apache) — Workmanlike win over UMBC. (Baldo) — #8) At least Maryland lost to an ACC foe. (Coyote) — Wins over UMBC and Navy have Heels on the right track. (jhu7276) — -2 to #10. Tar Heels beat UMBC by 4 - interesting Friday night game against Princeton is their next dance. (Lax Fidelis) — #9. Beat UMBC; Keenan is becoming a force. (maddog9718) — #13. Beat UMBC by 3. Will the midfields develop before the clock runs out? (OCanada) — (P33#13) - Only behind OSU for losing to them. I think UNC will bounce back and climb the polls. (Paesan33) — 3-1. Have played only one top 20 team, and they got beat by 6. Must beat Penn this week. (PSU) — RR#8. Bouncing back. Penn will be a tell. (randyrad) — #11 LW 11-UMBC no prob. (Strannywastheman) — Back on the right track. We will see on Tuesday night with Penn? (Tecumseh) — #15. Like Hopkins, they are 3-1 but have no Top 25 wins. OSU loss is worse than the Princeton loss, so they lose the battle for #14. (VTD) — #8. Was the Ohio State game a fluke? No, but three stick-to-the-ribs games in a row coming up could relegate it to the archives pretty well. (whollymoly)

Loyola: #9. Tough to gage how good their 3-0 record is. One-goal wins over 1-3 Navy and 1-2 Towson followed by a tight, tough game against Bellarmine. Upcoming game against Duke should provide some clarity about how good the Greyhounds may or may not be. (Apache) — Surprisingly tough time with unranked Bellarmine. (Baldo) — #15) Duke and Denver coming up as tests to see if this team is for real. (Coyote) — Hounds are also 3-0 and rollin'. (jhu7276) — +1 to #11. Winning but nothing very exciting. (Lax Fidelis) — #19. A win over Bellarmine but not a convincing one. (OCanada) — (P33#16) - Wins arent very strong, but they are there. (Paesan33) — 3-0. First test this week with Duke. (PSU) — RR#10. Still undefeated, with Duke test next. (randyrad) — #13 LW 12-Duke next. Will have a better idea where the Dons are then. (Strannywastheman) — #17. Ran away from Bellarmine late. They are undefeated but not playing very well so far. (VTD) — #16. (whollymoly)

Ohio State: #10. Escape Happy Valley with a hard-fought 3OT win and now have to face an improved, dangerous Lehigh squad in a classic mid-week trap game. (Apache) — Triple OT barn-burner with Nittany Lions. (Baldo) — #19) The U Mass loss is not looking so bad - but the OT game against PSU??? (Coyote) — Wasn't pretty but they beat PSU in triple OT. (jhu7276) — #12. Held on to win in 3OTs over PSU. I thought they would have an easier game. (OCanada) — (P33#11) - Nice wins; close loss to a top team. (Paesan33) — Nice 3O" come-from-behind win over Penn State. (PSU) — RR15#. Good close win. UNC win holding up. (randyrad) — #17 LW 17-PSU may have been a more important win than UNC. Look like a legit top 20 team this year. Unexpected. (Strannywastheman) — Another quality win. Moving on up! (Tecumseh) — #11. (VTD)

Johns Hopkins: #17. When you see 8-3, you might think it was close. If you watched the game, then you would know it wasn't. The Blue Jay offense got it handed to them by the Princeton D. Games against Manhattan and UMBC this week should help their egos after what occurred. (Apache) — Back to earth for the Jays. (Baldo) — #18) Finally played a good team - look at the results. (Coyote) — Baby Jays played a bad game ... no more, no less ... drop out of top 10, but this team still should be better than last year's ... the haters are startin' to hate ... "cupcake" (not my term, thank gotoguy1 for that) Manhattan up this week. (jhu7276) — Down eight (7) slots to #18. Too much of a drop? Based on my watching the Princeton game, they wouldn't beat any of the teams I now have ranked in front of them. They were, quite simply, dreadful. Lowest goals scored at home since 1966 (FYI, another losing record at 5-6 that year). Any "overconfidence" the Jays may have had based on beating up the the LSotP should be effectively eradicated by now. I could write a book, but I won't bore you all. (Lax Fidelis) — #16. To quote Lee Corso: "not so fast, my friend." Back to the drawing board. (maddog9718) — #1.0 Lost to Princeton and did not look good on offense. In the first three games, it looked like the issuse of last year were done, but bad passing, poor gb play and poor decisions returned. (OCanada) — (P33#14) - Solid outing so far; but schedule gets harder. Will have plenty of chances to knock off a top team for a signature win. (Paesan33) — Couldn't generate any O vs. the Tigers. (PSU) — RR#16. Jury's still out, but plenty of chances remain. (randyrad) — #15 LW 8-Hop scores 3 goals at Homewood. Petro steaming. Spin this one, Doc. (Strannywastheman) — What happened at Homewood? (Tecumseh) — #14. Delaware win is getting devalued by the week, so far only proved they can beat the bad teams. They should be 5-1 going into the Syracuse game but with no Top 25 wins, if they're not then problems are bigger than expected. (VTD) — #12. Looks like the Jays were really experimenting with opening up and diversifying the offense a bit - BLESS them for it, and it is a great idea - but there were clearly some growing pains with that against Princeton. No maydays needed. Strong team. (whollymoly)

Denver: #16. No upset this year, as they put Jacksonville away behind an 11-goal 3rd quarter. Chance for a statement win this week when they host Notre Dame. (Apache) — Double-win weekend. (Baldo) — 3-1 after opening loss to Cuse. (jhu7276) — Easy win over Manhattan keeps them at #9.. (Lax Fidelis) — #17. Dispatched Manhattan. (OCanada) — 3-1 with a loss to Syracuse. We will see if they are legit next week when they play Notre Dame. (PSU) — RR#19. Good record. Hard to judge. (randyrad) — #20 LW 22-Took apart Jax. (Strannywastheman) — Crushed Jacksonville. (Tecumseh) — #16. Got some stat-padding wins over the weekend. (VTD) — #10. Coach T seems to be doing his thing, but against mostly lesser opposition. Notre Dame at home could be a game of the week candidate. (whollymoly)

Yale: Watch List (21-25) - Annoying to see Yale beat two lesser teams by a combined 44-7 score. Should find out if this is really a top 20-caliber team against Lehigh. (Apache) — Will have to see results against tougher opponents to be sure about the Elis. (Baldo) — B-dogs now 3-0. (jhu7276) — +1 to #17. Eli averages 22 goals scored for the week? I'll bet that never happened before. Lehigh's Mountain Hawks are next on the schedule. (Lax Fidelis) — #18. With no game, Yale maintains. (OCanada) — RR#18. Still unbeaten and untested. (randyrad) — #16 LW 14-Two cupcakes served in New Haven - Presb. and Mercer. At least 25 high schools in the country could beat them too. Lehigh a good test next week. (Strannywastheman) — What's up with running up the scores against two start-ups? (Tecumseh) — #24. Undefeated but played no one so far. (VTD) — #15. (whollymoly)

Drexel: Dropping like a rock. (Baldo) — -3 to #16. Losses to Penn and Notre Dame drop them. (Lax Fidelis) — #14. Lost to ND but hang in the middle of the second 10. (OCanada) — (P33#1) - Drops down here. Recorrection. Still showed some talent early on in the season though. (Paesan33) — #19 LW 19-Battled ND, like UVa, but couldn't pull it out. Manos, Bergman strong players. (Strannywastheman) — Three quarters doesn't win a game. Outscored 6-1 in the 4th Q with the Irish. Disappointing for all, I'm certain. (Tecumseh) — #20. Some tough losses to very good teams. I think they're better than 20 but can't justify ranking them higher, being 1-3 when you factor in the Nova loss. (VTD)

Georgetown: Watch List (21-25) - Beating St. John's is not enough to get the Hoyas into my poll. Huge week ahead against Harvard and Syracuse. (Apache) — Bis East win over the Johnnies. (Baldo) — 2-1 but I still can't figure them out. (jhu7276) — Big week, with Harvard on Tuesday and Syracuse on Saturday. (PSU) — #18 LW 18-Beat Johnnies by 4, about right. No longer a top 10 program, more like 15-20. (Strannywastheman) — Breathing again with a St. John's win. (Tecumseh) — #22. Beat SJU. (VTD) — #17. (whollymoly)

Bucknell: #18. Tough midweek loss to Penn followed by the weekend off before Monday Night Lacrosse against a desperate Navy team. Earn this ranking based on their earlier win over Villanova. (Apache) — #19. 8-6 loss to Penn. Host Navy tonight in an important game for both squads. (Lax Fidelis) — (P33#18) - Lost to a good team. (Paesan33) — Tough loss to Penn. (PSU) — RR#17. Good start. PL battles ahead. (randyrad) — #21 LW 25-Played Penn very tough. (Strannywastheman) — Played Penn tough. "T" will be in the house for the Navy game. (Tecumseh) — #18. A bunch of local PA schools fighting it out for the last three spots. Bucknell holds a tie-breaking win over Nova. (VTD) — #20. (whollymoly)

Rutgers: Watch List (21-25) - 4-0 against teams with a combined record of 1-13. Will finally be able to tell if the Scarlet Knights are any good when they face Penn State this weekend. (Apache) — 4-0 and have PSU next. (jhu7276) — Previously unmentioned, let alone ranked. Undefeated, but not too much longer. Might be able to get past PSU and J'ville, then Army looms. (Lax Fidelis) — (P33#17) - Statement win. Undefeated. (Paesan33) — 4-0 and they had less trouble with UMBC than Carolina did. (PSU) — #19. (whollymoly)

Villanova: #19. Solid midweek win over Drexel coupled with the Lehigh win looking better gets Villanova a poll spot. Huge chance to impress in the coming week with games against Penn State and Penn. (Apache) — (P33#19) - Solid effort so far; finds a way to get through road stretch. I give credit for that. (Paesan33) — 3-1 gets them in my top 20 at #19. Must win at home against the Nittany Lions on Tuesday in order to stay there. (PSU) — RR#20. Good record against good opponents. (randyrad) — #23 LW NR-Drexel, Fairfield wins, Lehigh earlier. (Strannywastheman) — Nice win over Fairfield. (Tecumseh) — #19. Beat Drexel but lost to Bucknell. (VTD)

Brown: Gorilla-ed at Garber. (Baldo) — #20. Gave UMass a good game. (OCanada) — Lost to a good UMass team. (PSU) — #22 LW 15-Played UMass well. (Strannywastheman) — Big loss to the Gorillas! (Tecumseh) — #23. Close loss to a good UMass team. (VTD)


Lehigh: #20. I ranked the Mountain Hawks in the preseason and welcome them back to my poll following their first win over Navy in 98 years. They will have a chance to make me look good for that preseason ranking with games this week against Ohio State and Yale. (Apache) — (P33#25) - Keeping my eye on these guys- but need more data. Vermont, I am watching you. (Paesan33) — #24 LW NR-Cassese is building a program. Mountain Hawks are going to steal a couple. Navy win was big. (Strannywastheman) — Very impressive win over Navy. Coach Cassese has brought this program back. Good luck. (Tecumseh) — #21. Navy falls out of the Top 25, so they have the least impressive win of the four PA teams fighting for the last few spots. (VTD)


Other Teams Pollsters Considered (and comments, if any)

. Penn State: Watch List (21-25) - Second close, tough loss to a ranked team has gotten Penn State on my radar. Kaut has been outstanding in the goal. Two chances to impress this week against 3-1 Villanova and 4-0 Rutgers. (Apache) — 3OT loss to Ohio State ... If they can score some goals they should be OK. Must win at Nova on Tuesday. (PSU)

. Vermont: Watch List (21-25) - Beating Bryant to go 3-1 gets Vermont a spot on the Watch List. (Apache) — #25 LW NR-Catamounts putting some wins together. Ryan Curtis an up-and-coming coach. (Strannywastheman)

. Navy: No D at all, none! Pride time boys! Need a new look running the D end of the field. There, I said it! (Tecumseh)

. Delaware: (P33#23) - A step backwards. Needs to win close games because with the CAA games looming, there will be close ones. (Paesan33)

. Harvard:

. Towson: (P33#21) - Close losses to good teams get credit, I think. I guess Navy could go here then too. (Paesan33)

. Albany: (P33#21) - Gets a much needed home win over Delaware. Not terribly impressed yet though. (Paesan33) — #25. Beat Delaware for last Top 25 spot. (VTD)

. Bellarmine: (P33#24) - These guys may actually be pretty decent. Too early to tell. (Paesan33)

. Fairfield:

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