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Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2012

Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2013

LaxPower MD1 Forum Poll #1
February 4, 2013

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.
1Loyola (0-0)35314 
2Maryland (0-0)3392 
3Notre Dame (0-0)316 
4Duke (0-0)284 
5Johns Hopkins (0-0)2801 
6North Carolina (0-0)2591 
7tCornell (0-0)243 
7tVirginia (0-0)243 
9Denver (0-0)228 
10Lehigh (0-0)196 
11Colgate (0-0)175 
12Syracuse (0-0)168 
13Massachusetts (0-0)136 
14Princeton (0-0)125 
15Penn State (0-0)112 
16tFairfield (0-0)72 
16tYale (0-0)72 
18Bucknell (0-0)62 
19Hofstra (0-0)44 
20Ohio State (0-0)27 
Others receiving votes: Villanova (9), Navy (9), Albany (7), Bryant (6), Drexel (5), Harvard (4), Delaware (2), Army (1), Georgetown (1), Penn (1), Robert Morris (1)

Number of voters: 18 (Baldo, Cooter, dek, hoyaboy, HU34, Humb le, LAF, laxfan1313, Lax Fidelis, maddog9718, OCanada, PSU, randyrad, sore+old, Strannywastheman, Tecumseh, VTD, woody)

Pollsters' Comments About Teams They Ranked

Loyola: The Hounds may just have enough to possibly repeat. First showing against Team USA bodes well. (Baldo) — #1. Returns most of their NCAA championship team that went 18-1 last season. Needs to replace the scoring of Eric Lusby. In general, it seems tough for teams to retain the 'magic' from one season to the next, but Loyola still deserves to be ranked number 1. (Cooter) — #1. Respect to the champs; minimal losses from a very solid team plus addition of an exceptionally experienced asst. coach in Metzbower. (dek) — My #1. (hoyaboy) — #3. Repeating and recreating the chemistry of 2012 will be tough. The Greyhounds looked good against Team USA, but so did Denver last year. (Humb le) — #1. #1 until someone beats them. (laxfan1313) — 2. Very tempted to rank the Hounds #1 but didn't. Saw them against Team USA, and 'Hounds will be very tough again. No obvious holes except perhaps at FO. (Lax Fidelis) — #1. Legit top dog with key returning contributors all over the field. I was not a believer last season until I saw how well this team played defense in the tournament. Will have a target on their backs this year. (maddog9718) — 1 .Lusby is a huge loss, but they return so much talent and add Metz. It is hard to be #1 with a target on you. I have never returned the previous winner to #1, so it a first for me. (OCanada) — #1-Had the Hounds at #2, but that was before their impressive showing against Team USA. They are still loaded. Makes me think Hounds will go deep again. Lot of scoring options. Toomey is proving to be one of the best coaches in D1. (Strannywastheman) — National champs - got to start at #1. Coach T is the Man! (Tecumseh) — #2. (VTD)

Maryland: John Tillman has a rep for getting the most out of his roster - no exception in 2013. (Baldo) — #2. Return most of their NCAA final team from last season. Needs to replace Cummings and Snyder on the offense. The Terps have J. Carlson and fr. B. Lord, and rs Jake Bernhardt returns to fill in for them. Defense looks strong led by Jesse Bernhardt with Amato in goal. (Cooter) — #3. Look solid across the board, but lose top scorer at attack and two excellent offensive midfielders. The biggest question may be due to the loss of Warne to G'town. (dek) — My #2. (hoyaboy) — #1. The Terps have the returning talent to finally get that elusive Memorial Day Monday win. (Humb le) — #2. Look like the class of the ACC. (laxfan1313) — 1. Can't identify any problems with this squad. Is this finally the year for the Terps to break their 37-year NC$$ streak? (Lax Fidelis) — #3. Finished last year on a strong note; no real weaknesses/voids other than replacing Joe Cummings. Returns a top 3 midfield. Key for UMD in my view is Chanenchuk's production; if high, they will great; if not, they will be in the pack w/ the rest. (maddog9718) — 2. A few issues here with the departure of their D coach. But they return the D and more depth than anyone, but can they become more uptempo and break down defenses. (OCanada) — #2-This could/should be the year. Have been knocking; will they bust through? Tillman seems to be one of the best and will eventually get it done. Not sure leaving the ACC will help MLax going forward though. (Strannywastheman) — Is this the year of the Turtle? #2. Coach Tillman and his players are due to win it all. (Tecumseh) — #3. (VTD)

Notre Dame: This could be a BIG year in South Bend. Lots of talent and athleticism. (Baldo) — #4. Lost their top d-man Randell, but return most of the rest of last year's final four team. Kemp returns as one of the top goalies. The addition of Matt Kavanagh could help rev-up the offense. (Cooter) — #2. Minimal losses from last year; return top 5 scorers from an offense that picked up steam as the year went on, and they add some excellent talent at attack and midfield. Could be Notre Dame's year. (dek) — My #3. (hoyaboy) — #5. The Irish have to like the idea of stall clocks causing opponents to take lower percentage shots on Kemp. (Humb le) — #3. Defense, defense, defense. (laxfan1313) — 4. No problem stopping the other team - can they score enough consistently? New rules an issue for Corrigan? (Lax Fidelis) — #2. Great team defense is the staple of ND lacrosse. Incoming frosh Kavanaugh is the real deal and should help the offense immediately. Wouldn't be surprised if he leads the team in points and makes AA. (maddog9718) — 3. Kavanaugh and a few others will give them a potentially strong offense. They will stay in games, and an improved offense makes them a real threat. (OCanada) — #3-Corrigan has built a machine. Big, strong, athletic and deep. D always a wall. If they can score, they'll be playing on Memorial Day. (Strannywastheman) — Impressive in Orlando. Still a bridesmaid and need to win on the national stage. (Tecumseh) — #4. (VTD)

Duke: Will be in the mix in the ACC all season but expect yet another slow start. (Baldo) — #5. Lost quite a bit to graduation: Manley, Costabile, Rotanz, and Turri. Bring in the top attack recruit Case Matheis to go with three returning starters on attack with J. Wolf. Defense looks strong, despite losses. Offensive midfield a little bit of a question mark. (Cooter) — #7. Could be too high at #7, but Danowski always seems to get them peaking at the right time. Significant losses at the defensive end in Costabile and Manley, the two leaders on groundballs on last year's team, plus defensive and goalie coaches. Lose top two midfielders; lots of options on offense. (dek) — My #4. (hoyaboy) — #2. I expect Duke to have their usual 3-2 start since Danowski cares more about getting the Blue Devils ready to win in May than February. (Humb le) — #4. I overrated them in last year's preseason poll. This is a more realistic opening bid. (laxfan1313) — 3. FOGO play and finding some midfield offense appear to be their only question marks. Seeking 7th straight FF weekend. (Lax Fidelis) — #4. Strong all over the field. Complete attack; defense takes a nick w/ the unlucky loss of Carroll. Only question mark I see is replacing Costabile/Rotanz and inconsistent goalie play (sometimes great, some times average.). (maddog9718) — 7. Uneven goalie play and the lack of a stud middie or anyone at middie who can be counted on to break down the defense raises some questions. I might have them too low. (OCanada) — #6-Graduation hurt, but Coach D and young D will have these guys peaking at the right time. (Strannywastheman) — Coach Dino always finds a way! A real shame on Casey Carroll, a true American hero. We should all thank him for his service. (Tecumseh) — #11. (VTD)

Johns Hopkins: Maybe this year. Then again maybe not. Offense needs to show up, and goalie play needs to be more consistent. (Baldo) — #3. Led by a top-rated recruiting class as seniors. Needs Stanwick to take over quarterbacking the offense. Talented offensive midfield and defense. Solid goalie in Bassett. Will their seniors get them to the final four? (Cooter) — #6. Returns a very complete team; should be very challenging defense to face. Need to stay healthy on the midfield and step up production from that position. (dek) — My #5. (hoyaboy) — #9. No more 5 for the goalie should be called the Pierce Bassett rule. I've wondered about Hopkins athleticism the past few years, so the new rules may not be favorable to them. (Humb le) — #6. Great potential, but will they play to its level? Lost scrimmage to Penn State, outclassed by Cornell in fall ball. I expect them to be no lower than this at the end, but how much higher? PSU scrimmage occurred after major polls released. (laxfan1313) — 9. The defensive end of the field should be very solid, but can the Jays find enough consistent offense to contend for the crown? My bet is no, but I am ready to be convinced otherwise. The shot clock should make a big difference in the Jays' recent pace of play. (Lax Fidelis) — #8. JHU returns a lot of depth/talent at all positions. Looked brilliant at times (at UVa) in '12 and lost at others (at USNA). Advancing to the FF hinges on improved midfield shooting and Stanwick's (or whoever plays attack QB's) ability to distribute. (maddog9718) — 4. A lot of seniors with experience. The attack has to create or the middies will be back to the same old, same old. I have liked Durkin since his senior year. I will be sorry to see him leave. (OCanada) — #8-If Hop underachieves this year, will the drum start beating for a change? Will Ranagan live up to the billing? (Strannywastheman) — Can the band learn a new song this year, Nope ;-)) Could be the year of the Blue Jay! (Tecumseh) — #1. Don't do this every year ... Might be the Superbowl hangover, but I'm feelin' lucky. We've been told to predict the champ with preseason #1. (VTD)

North Carolina: On paper look like a contender. Need to see it on the field. (Baldo) — #7. One of the top attack groups in the land with Holman, Sankey, and Bitter. Needs to fill out the midfield around Tutton. Defense that allowed 9.9 gpg and loses two starters looks questionable. Keenan returns on FOs. (Cooter) — #5. Once again, arguably the most talented team in D1. Biggest question looks like coaching on the defensive end. (dek) — My #6. (hoyaboy) — #8. On paper they should be higher, but the Tar Heels are never as good on the field as they are on paper. (Humb le) — #7. As always, great talent. Like JHU, high potential - will they play to its level? (laxfan1313) — 5. Hopkins is starting to give the talented Tar Heels a serious run for the most disappointing end of the season conclusion. All that highly-ranked and recruited talent at UNC with so little NC$$ results. Holman, Sankey and Bitter are fun to watch if they are not playing against your team. (Lax Fidelis) — #7. Could be either overrated or underrated at #7, depending on what defense shows up. I don't expect UNC to have the offensive growing pains experienced last season, now that their attack rotation seems set. (maddog9718) — 8. They have so much offensive talent. Maybe too much, but the defense will determine their fate and that is an open question. (OCanada) — #7-Underachievers again? Probably. As much talent on this roster as anywhere. If Coach B can't figure out how to advance in the NCAAs, clock may be on the field. (Strannywastheman) — It's yet another year to start fresh! Spring hopes eternal. (Tecumseh) — #8. (VTD)

Cornell: Having Pannell back for another year makes the Big Red instant contenders in the Ivies. (Baldo) — #6. Pannell is back to lead a strong attack unit, but Cornell needs to put together a new midfield unit. (Cooter) — #4. Pannell makes the attack a handful, which should open things up for the midfield, where there are questions. Cornell graduates a lot of talent this year, so if it's not now, it may be a long time for the Big Red. (dek) — My #8. (hoyaboy) — #10. It will be interesting to see how Pannell comes back. If Cornell doesn't get better play in the goal, it won't matter how Pannell plays. (Humb le) — #5. With Pannell, Donovan and Mock at attack, the nets will be scorched. Who will be the goalie? How will Buczek and English play together at middie? Noble and Bronzino are formidable on defense. (laxfan1313) — 6. Another topflight team with a very lengthy NC$$ championship losing streak. Will Pannell's choice to drop out of school at the very end of 2012 to allow himself one more shot at the brass ring be worth it? (Lax Fidelis) — #5. Returning arguably the top player in D1. CU seemingly dominated their fall opponents (albeit not the best predictor of spring success). Like many teams, midfield production will determine how far this team can go, in my opinion. (maddog9718) — 5. They get Pannell back and the attack will be potent. They have depth at middie, but does anyone separate themselves? Is West ok? (OCanada) — #5-Pannell brings a lot of mojo to the mix. Red has a lot of talent but finished the year getting housed by Yale in the Ivy. That is not likely to happen this year. (Strannywastheman) — Rob P. is the best player in the game when healthy. (Tecumseh) — #5. (VTD)

Virginia: Despite lacking proven people at some positions, still loaded with talent. Chemistry will be key. (Baldo) — #8. Lots of graduating seniors including S. Stanwick. This team has lots of talent but needs a lot untested players to step up. Hard to know if there is a real go-to guy on the offense either. Goalie is a bit of a question mark, although top recruit Dan Marino is on the mend. (Cooter) — #9. Questions at many positions. Good talent on the roster, and the team may be a bit deeper than last year. Virginia may gel as the season goes on. (dek) — My #7. (hoyaboy) — #6. No Stanwick, but the cupboard is never bare at UVa. (Humb le) — #9. Rebuilding or reloading? Usually the latter with Virginia. (laxfan1313) — 10. Looks like a rebuilding year for the 'Hoos, but Starsia will probably figure out how to make it work. (Lax Fidelis) — #11. Lost their three most potent offensive weapons, as well as three significant def. contributors in Lovejoy, Clements, and Fortunato. They have "green" talent everywhere (and I could envision them being closer to a top 5 team at the end of the season); need to see the offensive leader first. (maddog9718) — 9. They lost Bocklett and Stanwick and other really talented players. It is hard to imagine the offense being as efficient and hard to imagine an improvement on last year given the losses, but they have talent stacked so maybe. (OCanada) — #4-Hoos are overdue. No Steele will hurt. (Strannywastheman) — Several key starters to replace but always loaded and dangerous. (Tecumseh) — #7. (VTD)

Denver: Pioneers have talent. They need to show up for EVERY game, not just the big ones. (Baldo) — #12. 9-7 last year, although three of those losses were to champion Loyola. Lose their top attackman, Mark Mathews, but return a lot otherwise and should have another competitive season. (Cooter) — #8. Solid at defense and midfield. Main question is on offense, especially at attack. (dek) — My #9. (hoyaboy) — #4. I wonder if the renewed emphasis on sideline behavior is a result of a certain quarterfinal game last year. With an athletic, talented team, Tierney shouldn't have to yell too much since the new rules favor the Pioneers. (Humb le) — #8. Tierney always manages to intimidate his players into raising their games. (laxfan1313) — 8. 4th year for Coach Tierney. He has plenty of talent, but they open their season at Duke and visit Loyola in mid April. Notre Dame and Lehigh games will also test them. (Lax Fidelis) — #6. Must fill two huge losses w/ Demo and Matthews, but return arguably the top midfield in Noble, Carraro, Flint, Berg, et al. Nice depth in goal. (maddog9718) — 6. I may very well be ranking them too low. They return the entire defense and great middies. Early season will tell. Tierney has almost always found a way to replace a great talent. Losing Matthews is news, but they have alternatives. (OCanada) — #10-Mark Mathews is impossible to replace, but Tierney has Denver able to play with all. (Strannywastheman) — Coach T always in the Top 10. (Tecumseh) — #10. (VTD)

Lehigh: Along with Tillman, Cassese is one of the best coach/motivators out there. (Baldo) — #13. Last year's surprise team, but they do lose some key pieces of the puzzle like the Lao-Gosney brothers. Should be a quality team again this spring. (Cooter) — #11. Their game with Maryland was tipping point for the stall clock. With returning starters all over the place, Lehigh should compete with Colgate for the top of the Patriot League. (Humb le) — #10. (laxfan1313) — 7. Despite the loss of the Lao-Gosney twins, the Hawks look very strong again. (Lax Fidelis) — #10. Proved themselves as an elite team last year. Lao-Gosney's will be tough to replace, but they return key contributors in Dimaria, Fantoni, and Poillion. Lehigh will not be taken for granted this year. (maddog9718) — 11. Maybe. They have talent, but with the new rules will their middies have enough depth and talent to carry them? (OCanada) — #11-Kevin Casesse has made the Mountain Hawks into a program that can compete with any team. (Strannywastheman) — Best young coach in the country has some key replacements to fill. Can they have back to back dream seasons? (Tecumseh) — #6. (VTD)

Colgate: Cat is out of the bag. No sneaking up on any opponents this year. And they had better have something other than Peter Baum on offense. (Baldo) — #9. Lead by Peter Baum (97pts) and Ryan Walsh (60pts), this team should have a live offense again this spring. The question is whether they can do a better job stopping their opponents at the other end (10.22 gpg allowed). (Cooter) — #10. The Patriot League should be tough this year, and Colgate, Lehigh, Army and Bucknell all may be very good. The rules changes probably favor Colgate's wide open, up-tempo style of play more than the other PL teams. (dek) — #7. The Raiders have the best player in the country and like to play fast, so they are my Patriot League favorite. I would not be surprised to see them in Philly at the end of May. (Humb le) — #11. Baum keeps Colgate in the mix. (laxfan1313) — 12. How many times should I repeat Peter Baum? What a 2012 season for the Oregonian. Met Mike Murphy a few years ago in Ann Arbor; glad to see his early success as a HC. (Lax Fidelis) — #9. Baum/Walsh are perhaps the top attack tandem in D1. Finished '12 on a downer. If they get solid goalie play, they may deserve to be ranked higher. (maddog9718) — 12. Iffy on defense and if the opponent can contain or keep the ball away from Baum, this might be too high. (OCanada) — #14-Baum may be better than Pannell. Yeah, I said it. (Strannywastheman) — Coach Murphy is amazing with the power of Peter Baum and his supporting cast. Will go long and deep into the playoffs. (Tecumseh)

Syracuse: If they can improve FOs and scoring from the midfield, they could be in the mix. Loss of both Daniello and Galasso from attack for the year hurts. (Baldo) — #10. The loss of Galasso, along with Daniello, really hurts this team's chances of getting back to the final four. Solid defense, and Wardwell showed nice signs in goal last spring. Can they find the offense players to go with Maltz and Marasco? (Cooter) — My #10. (hoyaboy) — #13. Are the Orange still an elite team? We will find out in 2013. (Humb le) — #13. (laxfan1313) — 15. Hard to type in this ranking, but unless things turn around, #15 seems about right. Two touted transfers, Nick Galasso and Mike Daniello, are both out for the season according to recent reports. (Lax Fidelis) — #14. Unlucky injuries have already taken a toll; losing Galasso and Daniello moves them down a few places from where I had them earlier. Much to prove, but never counted out. (maddog9718) — 10. My surprise team for 2013. I think they will finish in the top 10 and beat expectations. Year after they should be a real title threat. (OCanada) — #9-Cuse has been quiet for too long. Loss of Galasso hurts. Desko will figure it out. (Strannywastheman) — Many questions and a key injury who is out for the season! (Tecumseh) — #13. (VTD)

Massachusetts: After last year's post-season disappointment, much to prove in Amherst this season. (Baldo) — #11. Finished the regular season undefeated last year and ranked #1 but had a first round loss to Colgate. Return their top scorer Will Manny and look ready for another good season. (Cooter) — #16. Manny returns, but much was lost to graduation from last year's squad. (Humb le) — #12. (laxfan1313) — 11. A great 2012 regular season of 15-0 came crashing to a halt against the Colgate Raiders in the NC$$ opening round. The Gorillas return a lot of talent led by Will Manny on attack. (Lax Fidelis) — #12. Lost a lot to graduation, yet returns three players drafted in the MLL, which tells me there will be significant talent on the field. (maddog9718) — 13. They lost so much talent off last year's team it is hard to pick them to repeat their run of last year. They have a few keys veterans, but too much depends on unproven players to rank them higher. (OCanada) — #13-Regular season wonders. Can they keep it going? (Strannywastheman) — Early exit last season, OUCH! Need a big win early and often. (Tecumseh) — #12. (VTD)

Princeton: Need to find a steady replacement keeper. Schreiber and Frocarro will lead the offense again, and although Castelo is back on defense, losing Wiedemeier and Cunningham is big. (Baldo) — #15. Much of the offense lead by Tom Schreiber returns, but much of the defense graduated, including Fiorito and Wiedmaier. If Bates can rebuild the defense, they could be top 10. (Cooter) — #14. The Tigers are grinder,s and I'm not sure how that will translate with the new rules. (Humb le) — #15. Three best defenders graduated. Best middie in the Ivies, maybe the country (Schreiber) will lead the Tigers. (laxfan1313) — 13. Major graduation losses on the defensive end make this an interesting year for Coach Bates. Schneider is terrific, but he can't play nine other positions. Right? (Lax Fidelis) — #16. Princeton has a lot of returning talent and is certainly capable of a top 10 ranking w/ players like Schreiber and Frocarro; will be interesting to see how they come together after four yrs of Fiorito in cage. Cunningham/Wiedmaier are two big holes to fill. (maddog9718) — 14. It is all on the defense. Before Schreiber arrived, I thought he would be the best middie, and he may now be the best player. The have offensive weapons, so it will fall on the D. (OCanada) — #12-Should challenge Cornell for Ivy. Due for a bounce-back. (Strannywastheman) — Coach Bates needs to deliver with the talent he has. (Tecumseh) — #17. (VTD)

Penn State: This could be a breakout year for the Lions. (Baldo) — #14. Their goal is making the NCAA tournament this spring. I think they have a good shot, despite losing leading scorer Mackrides, but their #2 scorer J. Forster received another year of eligibility, VanThof returns from injury, and Austin Kaut returns in goal. (Cooter) — #12. Kaut is a game changer in goal, and the offense is maturing, especially in the midfield. (Humb le) — #14. Nice scrimmage against JHU. Coach T will have the Nittany Lions ready to move up. Top 10 potential this year with great goaltending. (laxfan1313) — 14. Is this the year when Tambroni returns the Nitts to the NC$$ field. Superior GK in Kaut. (Lax Fidelis) — #13. Tough for me to project where this PSU team should be. Kaut anchors a pretty good defense, and having Forster back for another year is a big plus. How well this team fills the Mackride void will determine how far they go. (maddog9718) — 16. Iffy defense and questions on whether they can put the ball in the back of the net enough. (OCanada) — #18-Tough D led by Kaut in goal, and Kessler Brown should be strong. (Strannywastheman) — Coach T needs to make his presence felt. Impressive roster. (Tecumseh) — #9. (VTD)

Fairfield: High hopes but has to done on the field. (Baldo) — NR. Lose some key players, including goalie Cipriano, but could easily return to the top 20. (Cooter) — #15. This is a team no one wants to play. (Humb le) — #16. (laxfan1313) — 17. Best win of 2012 was a late season OT win over Denver. Loyola rolled the Stags in the league playoff final. GK assignment remained unresolved as of fall ball. (Lax Fidelis) — #17. Looked good last season in a tough conference. McLindon, Warden etc. will need to replace Snellman and others. Snow is a stud. (maddog9718) — 18. They won a lot of close games in 2012 and lost a very good keeper and need to fill in the defense. (OCanada) — #15-Seem to get more legit each year. Copelan a very solid leader. (Strannywastheman) — Impressive coaching staff and will go long into the post-season and the ECAC. (Tecumseh) — #14. (VTD)

Yale: No Gibson and Dempster on attack but return the defense, keeper, and FO man Levings. If they get some decent offense, they will challenge in the Ivies. (Baldo) — #17. A bit of a surprise last year getting hot and beating Cornell and Princeton in the Ivy league tournament. Yale does lose their star Matt Gibson but returns quite a bit. (Cooter) — #18. Can they repeat their success from 2012 without Gibson? (Humb le) — #17. (laxfan1313) — 16. Surprise winner of the Ivy League tournament. Can the Bulldogs back it up in 2013? (Lax Fidelis) — #15. Had a very impressive finish to '12. Lost big-time player Matt Gibson but return some key contributors. (maddog9718) — 15. They lost Gibson and Dempster. Gibson was perhaps the most under-appreciated player in D-1 last year. They have been consistent as well. A lot to overcome, but they have talent. My personal bias, as my daughter played on there last NCAA tourney women's team. (OCanada) — #17-Lost the big gun in Gibson, and offense needs to come from mids. D looks very solid, as usual. Levings at X is one of the best in D1. (Strannywastheman) — Can they replace Gibson and keep the forward progress? (Tecumseh) — #22. (VTD)

Bucknell: They will make some noise in the Patriot. (Baldo) — #16. Lost their leading scoring Eisenreich, but otherwise return a lot from a solid team last year. (Cooter) — #17. The Bison like tempo and like to play with a chip on their shoulder. With everyone talking about Colgate and Lehigh in the Patriot, don't sleep on the Bison. (Humb le) — #18. (laxfan1313) — 18. 2012 had to be a disappointment for Fedorjaka's crew, losing 4 of their last 5 en route to a 9-7 record. Return a good number of starters and two experienced attackmen. (Lax Fidelis) — 19. I am running on fumes here. I do not see a lot to differentiate the last four or five places. (OCanada) — #20. (Strannywastheman) — #15. (VTD)

Hofstra: Lots of new faces. Will need to see how they all come together. Might take a while to coalesce. (Baldo) — #19. (laxfan1313) — 19. The Pride are turning into a perennial disappointment IMO. Plenty of question marks for 2013 after a 2012 season that saw them lose 4 OT games to finish 6-8. (Lax Fidelis) — 17. They return most of their starters, including the defense and attack. They lost several close games last year as I recall. (OCanada) — #23. (Strannywastheman) — Coach T always has his teams ready. (Tecumseh) — #16. (VTD)

Ohio State: The Bucks have the athletes. Can they get over the hump this year? (Baldo) — #18. Led by attackman Logan Schuss and Greg Dutton in goal, OSU looks to improve on an 8-7 record. (Cooter) — #20. (laxfan1313) — #21. (Strannywastheman) — Lots of talent. (Tecumseh) — #18. (VTD)

Villanova: NR. Lose their top scorer Cunningham but could well be in the top 20 before the season is done. (Cooter) — #23. (VTD)

Navy: NR. Might be hard to replace Wickham in goal, but return Tucker Hull on the attack from a team that ended last year with an 8-2 win over Hopkins. (Cooter) — #19. (VTD)

Albany: #16-Another team due for a bounce back. Inconsistent last couple of years. (Strannywastheman) — #25. (VTD)

Bryant: NR. Coach Pressler has this team playing well, with a 14-4 record last year. (Cooter) — 18. 14-win season in 2012 included no wins over teams .500+ if I read my notes correctly. Starting GK a question mark? NCAA AQ slot awaits winner of the NEC for the first time. (Lax Fidelis) — #22. (Strannywastheman) — Pressler is set to return to the national stage with his program. (Tecumseh) — #20. (VTD)

Drexel: #19. The graduation of Manos in goal could slow them down, but they return their leading scorers, Church and Glynn. (Cooter) — 20. They have the talent to be a top 20 team. I just do not know if they can keep their place ahead of the Bryants and other equally talented teams. (OCanada) — #24. (VTD)

Harvard: #19. The talent is there, but results are needed. (Humb le)

Delaware: #19. (Strannywastheman)

Army: #25. (Strannywastheman) — Solid coaching year in and year out, and Mr. Thul who could be 1st team AA. Dangerous program will win some key games. (Tecumseh)

Georgetown: #20. Can Warne turn this team around? Return 6 of their top 7 scorers from last season. Have Chris Nourse on the defense. Needs to find a new goalie between Haley and fr Joyce. Could be a surprise team this spring. (Cooter) — Sleeper of the year IMHO. Best new coaching staff in the country. Need some quality goal tending. (Tecumseh)

Penn: #24. (Strannywastheman)

Robert Morris: #20. It seems one team comes out of nowhere every year. This could be the team in 2013, since the new rules seem to benefit their offense first mentality. (Humb le)

Other Teams Pollsters Considered (and comments, if any)

. St. John's: Coach Miller gets better every year and so do his teams. (Tecumseh)

. UMBC: NR. My favorite in the AE. Return a nice group on the offense: Jones, Lusgarten, Hopmann. They need to get tougher on the defensive end though. (Cooter)

. Brown:

. Towson: #21. (VTD)

. High Point: Obviously not ranking them in the Top 25 but just want to wish them well after watching their home opener on Groundhog Day. Organized, very young (only 2 juniors) - they will win several games if they play as well as they did yesterday. Having a left-handed Canadian attackman is always a good thing. (Lax Fidelis)

. Stony Brook:

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