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Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2012

Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2013

LaxPower MD1 Forum Poll #7
March 25, 2013

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.
1Maryland (6-1)L UNC 8-10366101
2Notre Dame (6-1)W Ohio St. 9-4, W Rutgers 7-636483
3Cornell (7-1)L Bucknell 8-9, W Penn 10-533612
4Denver (5-2)3274
5North Carolina (5-3)W Dartmouth 13-5, W Maryland 10-827411
6Bucknell (8-1)W Cornell 9-8, W Albany 18-1224915
7Loyola (7-2)W Georgetown 13-8, W Michigan 10-323210
8Princeton (5-2)W Yale 10-92299
9Syracuse (5-2)W Providence 18-9, L Villanova 10-112175
10Penn (5-2)L Cornell 5-102136
11Ohio State (6-2)L Notre Dame 4-9, W Bellarmine 9-72087
12Duke (7-4)W Marist 19-11, W Georgetown 19-719812
13Johns Hopkins (6-2)W Virginia 15-818714
14Drexel (6-2)W Hofstra 8-711817
15Hofstra (5-3)L St. John's 6-7, L Drexel 7-81048
16Virginia (5-4)L Johns Hopkins 8-157513
17Penn State (5-3)W Binghamton 11-7, W Saint Joseph's 9-27419
18Lehigh (6-4)L UMass 4-6, W Holy Cross 8-54416
19Yale (3-3)L Princeton 9-103918
20Colgate (7-2)W Navy 11-338NR
Others receiving votes: St. John's (37), Brown (30), Massachusetts (10), Marist (8), Albany (8), Fairfield (5)

Number of voters: 19 (Baldo, Cooter, dek, hoyaboy, HU34, Humb le, jhu7276, LAF, laxfan1313, Lax Fidelis, maddog9718, OCanada, PSU, randyrad, sore+old, Strannywastheman, Tecumseh, VTD, woody)

Pollsters' Comments About Teams They Ranked

Maryland: Losing at home to a lower-ranked team is NOT a way to remain #1. (Baldo) — #1. (Cooter) — ACC gets more interesting, as the Terps drop a home game to the Heels. Still look like the best team in D1 on most any given day. However, the squeaker over Nova and loss to the Heels may serve as a wake-up call. (dek) — #3. Amato said it best - the Terps lost their edge the past two weekends after a torrid start. (Humb le) — Drop to number 2 with upset by UNC. (jhu7276) — My #2. Couldn't defend its home field against UNC. Still the NC favorite in my book. (laxfan1313) — #1. What the heck happened? The Terps entertained Carolina and apparently forgot what time the game began, trailing 8-2 early in Q3. They rallied but lost 10-8. Off to play Virginia, which has its own issues. Still believe this is the one-loss team to beat and left them at #1. (Lax Fidelis) — #1. Lost to the Heels in Byrd but still on top based on resume so far. (maddog9718) — 1. Lost to UNC. Surprised me they lost at home. I cannot think of a reason to drop them out of #1. (OCanada) — RR#1. (randyrad) — #1-Heels had Terps' number the whole day. Still the best team, but not by much. (Strannywastheman) — A loss is a loss is a loss. Tied in 1st. (Tecumseh) — #3. (VTD)

Notre Dame: #1 by default (as in who lost longest ago) especially after dodging yet another rather large bullet is Piscataway Sunday. (Baldo) — #3. (Cooter) — Notre Dame is 6-1 and has played the toughest schedule of any team. Their lone blemish was a close loss to Hofstra, another very tough defensive team. (dek) — #1. No other team grinds out high-quality wins (Duke, Denver, UNC, Penn State and Ohio State so far this year) as consistently as the Irish. They are 12-4 in one-goal games since 2011. (Humb le) — Well, they won by one goal, but a win is a win ... my number 1 this week. (jhu7276) — My #1. After barely defeating #42 Rutgers, the Fighting Irish have a tenuous hold on #1. (laxfan1313) — #2, +1. The Irish had little trouble dismissing visiting Ohio State, 9-4. Sunday found UND at a struggling Rutgers who played valiantly but which lost 7-6. Rising St. John's visits South Bend. Loss at home to Hofstra, which just lost two in a row, keeps the Irish one rung from the top. (Lax Fidelis) — #2. Beat a good tOSU team, then squeaked by Rutgers. (maddog9718) — 2. Beat Denver in Denver in OT. A difficult place to play. (OCanada) — RR#3. (randyrad) — #2-Owned Ohio State. Not as close as the 9-4 score. Irish D is the best in the sport. Then they just slip by Rutgers with a shaky win. (Strannywastheman) — Tied in first with the Turtles. (Tecumseh) — #1. (VTD)

Cornell: THUD against Bucknell followed by good efforts against Yale and Penn. (Baldo) — #2. (Cooter) — Cornell took a hit, losing to a very good Bucknell team at home by 1 midweek (w/o Mock), but rebounded to thump Penn this weekend with Mock back in the lineup. (dek) — #5. For Coach DeLuca, a couple rules to live by: Never buy a gift for someone important at a kiosk, and never schedule Bucknell for a midweek game. (Humb le) — Polished off Penn ... class of the Ivy this year. (jhu7276) — My #3. Home loss against Bucknell followed by home victory over Penn. Last two home games this week. Congrats to RP on the Cornell scoring record. (laxfan1313) — #3, -1. Cornell's early working margin of 5-0 in a snow-interrupted game didn't survive as Bucknell scored 9 of the last 12 to edge Big Red, 9-8. Cornell doubled up on visiting Penn, 10-5. Siena and Dartmouth visit Ithaca this week. (Lax Fidelis) — #4. Lost to a scrappy Bucknell team but rebounded with nice win over strong Penn. (maddog9718) — After losing to Bucknell, they beat Penn this week. (OCanada) — RR#2. (randyrad) — #6-Lost to the Bison in the snow. Underscores that even the best teams, if not focused (and without Steve Mock), can be beaten by a lesser team. Have to drop. Up on Penn all afternoon; thought it would be closer. (Strannywastheman) — Pannell and company dismantle Penn, but Bucknell rising on a bullet! (Tecumseh) — #4. (VTD)

Denver: Did not play this week because of a snowstorm in Denver. (Baldo) — #5. (Cooter) — No action this week. (dek) — #2. Quality wins over Duke, Penn, Ohio State earn Denver my #2 vote. (Humb le) — No game this weekend. (jhu7276) — My #4. Didn't play this week so, unlike 6 other top 10 teams, didn't lose. (laxfan1313) — #4. No game last weekend due to major snowstorm in Denver. Pioneers host Air Force and then travel to Hobart this week. (Lax Fidelis) — Lost to ND at home in OT. Need to win home games in OT. (OCanada) — RR#4. (randyrad) — #4-DNP. (Strannywastheman) — Just keep winning with the great coach "T". (Tecumseh) — #2. (VTD)

North Carolina: Up week for the Heels, dispatching Dartmouth and then Terps at Byrd. (Baldo) — #6. (Cooter) — Like Bucknell, rose several spots on very impressive road win. Big wins over Terps and Tigers, but consistency may be an issue. (dek) — #8. Shaky end after dominating the Terps for almost three quarters. My vote for most entertaining attack unit to watch. (Humb le) — Big win over Testudo puts them back in top 10 ... JHU visits for a big one this week ... "hela" attack is "killa". (jhu7276) — My #6. Seem to be gelling now with impressive take-down of the Terps. (laxfan1313) — #6, +6. Tar Heels hosted Dartmouth and ran past them in the 2nd half en route to a 13-5 win. Big Green goalie kept his team in it but his "D" wore out. Tar Heels stunned UMd with a 5-goal Q1 and coasted home 10-8. Blue Jays invade Chapel Hill after Brown visits midweek. (Lax Fidelis) — #7. Big resume win taking down Terps in Byrd. (maddog9718) — Beat MD at MD. Not an easy accomplishment as the pollsters again have to adjust. (OCanada) — RR#5. (randyrad) — #3-Ran past Dartmouth, then held off the Terps for a huge win. Watch these schizo Heels struggle with Brown this week. (Strannywastheman) — Topped the Turtles. (Tecumseh) — #9. (VTD)

Bucknell: BIG win in Ithaca and then survived a shootout with Albany. (Baldo) — #4. (Cooter) — The herd picked up a huge win over Cornell this week. Bucknell is 8-1 and has beaten every ranked team they've faced this year. (dek) — #4. The scariest team in the country right not. Early loss to the Mount is forgiven, as the young talent has gelled the past few weeks to produce huge results against UMass, Drexel, Albany and, of course, Cornell. (Humb le) — Only one loss and play PSU in battle of central PA this week ... looking like kings of the League of Extraordinary (Gentlemen) Patriots. (jhu7276) — My #7. Impressive victories over Cornell and Albany have propelled the Bison into the top 10. (laxfan1313) — #11, +3. The 8-1 Bison rallied after being down 3-0 in 1st 2 minutes, 5-0 after 23 min. at Cornell; Bucknell scored 9 of the last 12 to win 9-8. In a high-scoring affair, BU won 18-12 at Albany. Penn State and Holy Cross visit this week. (Lax Fidelis) — #9. White-hot Bucknell team continues to roll w/ big wins over Cornell and Albany. (maddog9718) — Beat Albany and Cornell. (OCanada) — RR#6. (randyrad) — #12-Beat Cornell in Ithaca during a snowstorm. Not bad. Look to be class of the Patriot. Down against Albany then turned it on. (Strannywastheman) — Seven straight wins, and I have them at #3. (Tecumseh) — #6. (VTD)

Loyola: Two wins this week puts them in fine shape in ECAC. (Baldo) — #12. (Cooter) — Record is impressive at 7-2, but the Hounds lack quality wins, and need to make hay in league play. OSU will be a big target this coming week. (dek) — #14. Best win is ... Bellarmine. To get a chance to defend their title, the Greyhounds might need the ECAC AQ. (Humb le) — Huge game vs. OSU coming up. (jhu7276) — My #5. Steadily rising back into the NC picture. (laxfan1313) — #5, +1. Solid win at Georgetown for the 'Hounds; they led 8-1 early in Q3 and coasted from there to a 13-8 victory. Workmanlike 10-3 win at Michigan. Travel to Columbus to meet the Buckeyes. (Lax Fidelis) — #5. Breezed through Gtown/UM. Will this team elevate with Hawkins' return? (maddog9718) — Beat GT and Michigan. Still, they do have two losses but get a key player back. (OCanada) — RR#14. (randyrad) — #5-Handled Georgetown, a team in disarray. Hounds much better with Hawkins back. Michigan no problem. (Strannywastheman) — The offense is coming back alive; stay tuned. (Tecumseh) — #10. (VTD)

Princeton: Survived against Yale at home. (Baldo) — #7. (Cooter) — Well positioned with solid wins over JHU and HOF. Big Ivy game vs. Brown coming up next. (dek) — #9. Huge Ivy win over Yale in what might be a three-bid league. (Humb le) — Slide by the Bulldogs. (jhu7276) — My #8. Defeated a tough Yale team this week. (laxfan1313) — #10, +3. Friday evening ESPNU special saw the Tigers edge visiting Yale, 10-9. Terrific effort by Justin Murphy in winning 13 of 22 FOs against Dylan Levings really helped the Tigers' cause. Bruno visits Old Nassau next. (Lax Fidelis) — #12. Defeated Yale in ultra-competitive Ivy match-up. (maddog9718) — Lost at Penn. Penn's loss to Cornell gives some context. (OCanada) — RR#10. (randyrad) — #8-Tigers balance too much for Yale. Murphy at X and McDonald the difference. Philly in late May? (Strannywastheman) — Close win over a very good Yale team. (Tecumseh) — #5. (VTD)

Syracuse: THUD of the week losing on the road to unranked Villanova. (Baldo) — #8. (Cooter) — Drops on loss to Nova, but not below the Jays, who they knocked off last week. (dek) — #11. Second dumbfounding result of the year for the Orange. (Humb le) — Win streak stopped by Nova ... minor THUD (see UVa for the major) of the week. (jhu7276) — My #10. Thud of the week after losing to #24 Villanova. (laxfan1313) — #12, -3. Orange ran over host Providence, winning 18-9. Long, tough bus week for SU: next at Villanova, and it may well have cost them in 11-10 loss, lost 22 of 24 FOs to a Wildcats team that had beaten only Delaware before this game. Euphoria over Hopkins win rapidly vanished. SU will host Canisius. (Lax Fidelis) — #6. Orange's march up through the polls on pause with loss to Villanova. (maddog9718) — Lost to Villanova. It is hard to play three games in a week. (OCanada) — RR#8. (randyrad) — #10-Providence no problem. Then Nova beats them in a thriller. Surprising. (Strannywastheman) — ECAC loss to 'Nova stings. (Tecumseh) — #11. (VTD)

Penn: Disappointing effort in Ithaca against Cornell. (Baldo) — #10. (Cooter) — Penn's wins over Duke and Princeton are looking better and better. Big Ivy test when Yale comes to town this week. (dek) — #6. Wins against Princeton and Duke get the Quakers the #6 slot in front of those teams. (Humb le) — Second tier in the Ivy right now as whipped by the Red. (jhu7276) — My #13. Better team than its 10-5 loss to Cornell would seem to indicate. (laxfan1313) — #9, -1. Quakers were at Cornell and their Ivy hopes received a quick dose of reality with a 10-5 loss. Yale heads to Franklin Field needing an Ivy win very badly; Penn does too, not quite as desperately. (Lax Fidelis) — #11. Taken down by Cornell. (maddog9718) — Lost to Cornell was by a wider margin than I thought possible in this game. (OCanada) — RR#9. (randyrad) — #7-Cornell too much for the Quakes. Yale next in what should be a close one. (Strannywastheman) — Tough loss in Ithaca but will be back. Coach Murphy is a COY candidate. (Tecumseh) — #8. (VTD)

Ohio State: Bucks lost to Notre Dame on the road and had a tough time with Bellarmine. (Baldo) — #13. (Cooter) — Thumped by UND, then beat a good Bellarmine team. Loss to a very strong UND team was not unexpected. Hold their position from last week. (dek) — #10. Humbled by the Irish midweek, the Buckeyes gutted out a win over under-rated Bellarmine. (Humb le) — Slim win over Bellarmine not impressive, skywalker. (jhu7276) — My #12. Tough loss to Notre Dame and a 9-7 victory over Bellarmine, which has superb goalie Dillon Ward with his 70+% saves. (laxfan1313) — #8, -1. The Buckeyes were run over 9-4 at Notre Dame. Buckeyes returned to the field on Saturday to play Bellarmine; the guests lost, 9-7. Loyola visits on Saturday. (Lax Fidelis) — Lost to ND and W over Bellarmine. Two losses. (OCanada) — RR#7. (randyrad) — #13-Were dominated by Irish, not competitive until the 4th quarter. Does not help at-large bid hopes. Beat Bellarmine by 2 in a lackluster game. (Strannywastheman) — Another league win. I like this Buckeye team. (Tecumseh) — #7. (VTD)

Duke: Still coming back from the dead, scoring 19 each against both Marist and Georgetown this week. (Baldo) — #11. (Cooter) — Duke is on their regular trajectory. With few tough games left (ACC tourney and possibly UVa), they should finish strongly. (dek) — #7. Is anyone really surprised? Duke is just doing what Duke usually does. (Humb le) — Smoked G-town and Marist ... best 7-4 team in the country. (jhu7276) — My #9. Victories over Marist and G-Town keep Duke in the Top 10. (laxfan1313) — #7, +3. The 5-0 Marist Red Foxes were in Durham and the Blue Devils let them hang around for awhile but then buried them, 19-11. Erratic Georgetown visited Durham and got steamrolled as well, 19-7. Duke should have little trouble winning at Harvard. (Lax Fidelis) — #8. Duke on their mid-season roll per the usual. (maddog9718) — Beat Towson, Marist, and GT. (OCanada) — RR#12. (randyrad) — #9-All over Marist and beat Georgetown even worse. Duke has figured out how to score at just the right time. (Strannywastheman) — Beat a rebuilding Hoyas team, Ho-hum. (Tecumseh) — #13. (VTD)

Johns Hopkins: Huge win over Hoos at M&T to snap out of recent funk. (Baldo) — #9. (Cooter) — Big win over the Hoos gets the Jays their first big win of the year. (dek) — #12. Most years, beating UVa makes your season ... but not this year. (Humb le) — Gotta put them back up in top 10 with stomping of UVa ... overheard in locker room, "Hoos your daddy?" Question now is CONSISTENCY ... has this team turned a corner or not? (jhu7276) — My #11. Impressive take-down of the 'hoos at M&T Bank. Next up the tough Tar Heels. (laxfan1313) — #13, +6. "Who are those guys?" Which Hopkins squad will show up? Virginia arrived at Homewood Field and saw a JHU offense that last beat UVa in a similar fashion back in 1995. A 15-8 win for the Jays, it was 11-1 midway through Q3. At attack-led UNC next, JHU "D" needs remain razor-sharp. (Lax Fidelis) — #13. Had their way w/ UVa. (maddog9718) — Changed player roles and with success. Ryan Brown's goal from RGLE was great. He is ambidextrous. A dangerous player as is Cattoni. A much different look now. (OCanada) — RR#11. (randyrad) — #11-Had Cavs number all day, but Petro was running hot as UVa put up a couple late. (Strannywastheman) — Beat a very down Virginia team. (Tecumseh) — #12. (VTD)

Drexel: Cardiac kids of West Philly won in 3OT on Long Island. (Baldo) — #14. (Cooter) — League play is likely to make or break the Dragons, who picked up a huge CAA win over HOF this weekend. Defense, which has been a liability before this weekend, may be improving. (dek) — #16. An improbable win over Hofstra after being down 2 with under 2 to go. (Humb le) — 6-2 and back on the track. (jhu7276) — My #14. Beat last week's flavor of the week Hofstra in 3OTs. (laxfan1313) — #15, +1. 8-7 triple OT win at Hofstra has the Dragons smiling. St. Joe's and Delaware visit West Philly this week, that should be two more wins. (Lax Fidelis) — Big win over Hofstra. (OCanada) — RR#13. (randyrad) — #14-Big W against Hofstra in 3OT. Drexel playing strong. (Strannywastheman) — Tops Hofstra in OT. (Tecumseh) — #18. (VTD)

Hofstra: Lost another lead late at home against Drexel. Ouch! (Baldo) — #15. (Cooter) — Hofstra's defense is one of the toughest in D-1 this year. They have some losses but have been in every game they've played this year. If their offense can improve, they should have a good shot to take the CAA. (dek) — #17. Besides being confused about their inability to close out two games this week, how does Hofstra with all those quality LI HS programs end up with a goalie from Florida? (Humb le) — Two recent bad losses. (jhu7276) — My #15. This is what two losses in a week will do to one's former top 10 ranking. (laxfan1313) — #14, -9. St. John's stunned visiting Hofstra 7-6 midweek. The Dutchmen then played Drexel at home and lost yet another heart-breaker, 8-7 in triple OT. How many 1-goal losses for Seth's troops? 6 in 2012, 2 in 2013 so far. Play Dartmouth at home, then a road trip to Towson. (Lax Fidelis) — Lost to the Johnnies and lost to Drexel in 3OTs. Not a good week. (OCanada) — RR#15. (randyrad) — #17-Upset by the St. John's Redmen. Dutchmen may have taken the Utopia Parkway crew a little lightly. Then lost to a better Drex in 3OT. (Strannywastheman) — Tough OT loss to Drexel. (Tecumseh) — #16. (VTD)

Virginia: DOUBLE THUD of the week - Hoos never got off the bus in Baltimore against Hopkins - team in free-fall. (Baldo) — #16. (Cooter) — Hoos hung even with JHU on most measures other than SOG% and shot percent. Credit Bassett and Jays d. Hoos need some heavy lifting to have a shot. It looks like Hoos coaches may need to rework offensive lineup. Defense is struggling too. (dek) — #15. Best win is ... Drexel. Been a long time since UVa has struggled like this. (Humb le) — F-105 Thunderchief THUD of the week ... blown out by the Jays and better turn it around rapidly or risk further depredations :( (jhu7276) — My #16. Surprisingly convincing loss to JHU. Virginia's reload isn't going as expected so far. (laxfan1313) — #16, -5. Virginia visited Hopkins and got walloped, 15-8. It was 11-1 in Q3 before the Cavs rallied to make it respectable. Have to go back to 1995 to find a comparable loss to the Jays. Maryland visits and they are coming off their first loss, not good news for the Cavs. (Lax Fidelis) — #17. Wheels came off against JHU. (maddog9718) — Lost to JHU. More worrisome for them is they have not looked like they are on the same page yet. (OCanada) — RR#16. (randyrad) — #15-Hop too much all afternoon. Not this year Hoos. (Strannywastheman) — What does Dom have up his sleeve to fix things? (Tecumseh) — #17. (VTD)

Penn State: Two wins this week but both against unranked opponents. (Baldo) — #17. (Cooter) — Tough week ahead with in-state foes Bucknell midweek and Nova this coming weekend. (dek) — #18. Quietly on a three-game win streak after three heartbreaking losses. Quality win over Denver gets them this spot. (Humb le) — 5-3 with three wins in a row for Lions. (jhu7276) — My #17. I'm surprised Coach T hasn't steered the Nittany Lions to a higher ranking so far. Victories over Bingo and St. Joe's keep PSU above water. (laxfan1313) — #21, +2. Nittany Lions visited Binghamton and returned home with a well-earned 11-7 win. Sent St. Joe's back to Philly with a 9-2 loss. Is this "Let's Tour Pennsylvania Week?" The Lions travel to Bucknell and Villanova. (Lax Fidelis) — Three straight wins, and it looks like they have righted their ship. (OCanada) — RR#19. (randyrad) — #19-Handled Bingo and St. Joe's. Cupcake week. (Strannywastheman) — A so-so win over a not very good St. Joe's team. (Tecumseh) — #23. (VTD)

Lehigh: Two wins against unranked opponents this week. (Baldo) — My #18. Becoming a bubble team with a loss to Mass. (laxfan1313) — #18, -1. Weather-delayed game at Amherst saw Lehigh offense vanish in 6-4 loss to UMass that had lost four straight. Lehigh scored 2 goals in the last 57 minutes of the game. Return of Will Manny (3G) helped the Gorillas immensely. Bounce-back 8-5 win at Holy Cross. Staggering Navy visits this week. (Lax Fidelis) — Huge win over Hofstra. (OCanada) — RR#17. (randyrad) — #22-Lehigh started strong then fizzled - zero offense after the 1st quarter. UMass was better. Had enough to get by Holy Cross by a couple. Mountain Hawks are down this year. (Strannywastheman) — Will make a run for PL crown. Need to watch for this coming trap game with a very poorly coached Navy team. (Tecumseh) — #25. (VTD)

Yale: The Elis hang in against all comers but uncharacteristically got beat at the X at Old Nassau. (Baldo) — #20. (Cooter) — #20. Debated so many teams for my last spot (Bellarmine, Albany, Marist, UMass, Lehigh, Colgate) that I got dizzy chasing my tail. Then I took the easy way out and picked Yale, since LaxPower rated them the highest of the group. (Humb le) — 3-3. (jhu7276) — #22, -7. Another solid effort at Princeton, another Ivy loss for the defending tournament champs. Now 0-2, they can look at last year's 4-2 league record and remember how they finished the year. Playing at Penn doesn't make their task easy though. (Lax Fidelis) — Lost to Cornell and Princeton. I thought the disallowed goal in the Tiger game was a game changer. I thought it might be a good goal. (OCanada) — RR#18. (randyrad) — #20-Played even with Tigers, but not enough offense at the end. One-goal losses to Princeton and St. John's, two-goal loss to Cornell. Penn next week is large. (Strannywastheman) — A very good team that needs to get get the monkey off its back. (Tecumseh) — #14. (VTD)

Colgate: #18. (Cooter) — With four straight wins and 2-0 in Patriot League play, Colgate is well positioned and has momentum, but they play a fairly soft schedule and haven't beaten any tougher teams yet. They'll need to win key league games to have a good chance at the NCAAs. (dek) — Brushed Navy back to Annapolis with ease ... only two loses. (jhu7276) — #17, +3. Raiders met Navy in the opener of a twin-bill at M&T Stadium and romped past the inept Midshipmen, 11-3. Army in Hamilton on Easter Sunday. (Lax Fidelis) — Beat Michigan and a Navy team that cannot throw and catch. (OCanada) — RR#21. (randyrad) — #25-Beat up on a very down Navy. (Strannywastheman) — Red Raiders stock rises on National TV against a very bad coach on his way out of Annapolis. (Tecumseh) — #21. (VTD)

St. John's: Johnnies quietly doing well. (Baldo) — #19. (Cooter) — Red Storm have put together a nice 6-2 record with wins over Hofstra and Yale. (dek) — #13. Averaging around 7 points a game, Kieran McArdle might be the best player most casual fans don't know about. A close 2nd as the best player you might not know is Red Storm keeper Jeff Lowman. (Humb le) — Like what they did to Bobby Mo ... only two losses so far. (jhu7276) — My #20. 21 SOS and 16 RPI mean they are capable of rising from here. (laxfan1313) — #19, +5. Big win for the Red Storm as the visitors from #8 Hofstra were sent back to Uniondale with a 7-6 loss. SJU kept it rolling with a 17-11 win at RoMo. Very tough game to keep it going: at Notre Dame. (Lax Fidelis) — #16-Beating Hofstra makes the Redmen the #1 team on Long Island. Huge win for a team that plays everyone tough. Took care of Bobby Mo. (Strannywastheman) — #20. (VTD)

Brown: Bears are riding a 5-1 record but haven't beaten any ranked teams yet. They have a big midweek test at Carolina this week. (dek) — #19. With UNC Wednesday on the U followed by a visit to Princeton, we will know in a week if Brown is legit or not. (Humb le) — My #19. Under the radar until now, but 5-1 record and 18 RPI rank mean the Bruins may rise higher. (laxfan1313) — #20. +2. Bruno dominated at High Point, winning 21-8, their highest scoring total since 1999. This week finds the Bruins at Carolina and Princeton. That's a serious Tobacco Road road-trip with an Old Nassau chaser on their way home. (Lax Fidelis) — RR#20. (randyrad) — #24-Lit up High Point. (Strannywastheman) — #15. (VTD)

Massachusetts: #23, NR. Return of Will Manny to UMass line-up brings the M-men back into my poll. 6-4 win (Manny 3G) over Lehigh breaks the four-game losing streak; 13-11 win at Hartford makes them 5-4. Next game: at St. Joe's. (Lax Fidelis) — RR#23. (randyrad) — #18-Will Manny the difference over Lehigh. Oliveri in goal and D looked great. Playing much better than earlier in year. Bright future in Amherst. (Strannywastheman) — #24. (VTD)

Marist: Beat Canisius (but so have most of the Griffs' opponents this year). (jhu7276) — #24, -6. Red Foxes' unbeaten record disappeared with a 19-11 loss at Duke. They got back on the winning track at Canisius with a 13-5 win. They shouldn't have any trouble with visiting VMI. (Lax Fidelis)

Albany: #25, -4. Bucknell rolled into town fresh off their win at Cornell and the Bison kept on rolling with an 18-12 win. Great Danes visit Harvard and Binghamton this week. (Lax Fidelis) — RR#22. (randyrad) — #23-Led Bison most of the way then crumbled. (Strannywastheman) — #19. (VTD)

Fairfield: On a three-game win streak and 6-3. (jhu7276)

Other Teams Pollsters Considered (and comments, if any)

. Villanova: Best 2-5 team in the country. (jhu7276) — #21-Knocking off Cuse may turn the season around. (Strannywastheman) — Top win over 'Cuse. (Tecumseh)

. Hobart: 4-4. (jhu7276)

. Bellarmine: RR#25. (randyrad) — #22. (VTD)

. Harvard:

. Saint John's: RR#24. (randyrad)

. Army: BLACK KNIGHTS RISING! (Tecumseh)

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