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Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2012

Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2013

LaxPower MD1 Forum Poll #11
April 22, 2013

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.
1Notre Dame (10-2)W Villanova 13-9365123
2North Carolina (10-3)W High Point 20-835232
3Maryland (9-2)W Yale 8-733734
4Cornell (11-2)W Brown 13-73136
5Denver (10-3)L Fairfield 9-1030711
6Duke (11-4)W Rutgers 16-72947
7tSyracuse (10-3)L Hobart 12-13, W Georgetown 9-82445
7tLoyola (10-3)W Hobart 19-112448
9Penn State (10-3)W Delaware 13-72379
10Albany (10-3)W UMBC 16-1020510
11Johns Hopkins (8-4)W Navy 15-416911
12Princeton (8-4)W Harvard 14-614913
13Ohio State (9-3)W Air Force 10-914812
14Lehigh (10-4)W Lafayette 14-513414
15tBucknell (11-3)W Colgate 13-812516
15tYale (8-4)W Stony Brook 11-10, L Maryland 7-812515
17Penn (7-4)W Dartmouth 11-28917
18Drexel (10-3)W Towson 14-118318
19St. John's (8-4)W Providence 16-132319
20Villanova (5-7)L Notre Dame 9-1313NR
Others receiving votes: Army (10), Fairfield (9), Hofstra (5), Virginia (5), Marist (3), Massachusetts (1), Brown (1)

Number of voters: 19 (Baldo, Cooter, dek, hoyaboy, HU34, Humb le, jhu7276, LAF, laxfan1313, Lax Fidelis, maddog9718, OCanada, PSU, randyrad, sore+old, Strannywastheman, Tecumseh, VTD, woody)

Pollsters' Comments About Teams They Ranked

Notre Dame: An adventure every week for the Domers. Big East tourney is no gimme. (Baldo) — #3. Best group of wins, but I am not high on the losses to Hofstra and St.John's. (Cooter) — #1. (dek) — Back up to my number 2. Gutsy squad that always plays with consistency. (jhu7276) — My #1. Defeated a tough Villanova team (#1 SOS) - Denver's loss bequeaths the #1 ranking to the Fighting Irish. (laxfan1313) — #1. Villanova stayed right with the home team Irish for 57 minutes, but a late 3-0 surge propelled the hosts to a 13-9 win. The Golden Domers will conclude their last Big East regular season against Syracuse at Met-Life Stadium in NJ. (Lax Fidelis) — #1. Takes over top spot. (maddog9718) — 4. They lost two games I expected them to win, Hofstra and St. John's. Been an interesting year. (OCanada) — RR#1. (randyrad) — #1-Beat Nova. Still the best resume. (Strannywastheman) — Very impressive at 10-2. (Tecumseh) — #1. (VTD)

North Carolina: Heels continue to improve their play every week and need to be sharp for the ACCs. (Baldo) — #2. Three losses, one to a team with a losing record, keep them from the top spot. On a 7-game winning streak, probably the hottest of the top 4 right now. (Cooter) — #3. (dek) — Had 'em number 1 last week and have 'em number this week ... 7-game win streak. If they sail through the ACC tourney, they will get a high NCAA seed. (jhu7276) — My #2. Scoring 20 goals on #60 High Point - no big deal. #3 SOS, #4 RPI - big deal. (laxfan1313) — #2, +1. High Point headed East on I-85 and was reminded just how far they still have to go. Host UNC tallied 20 goals on the Panthers in a 20-8 romp. ACC tourney host Tar Heels entertain arch-rival neighbor Duke in the late game on Friday evening. All three games on ESPNU. (Lax Fidelis) — #2. Upcoming ACC tourney will be a good measuring stick for the Heels. (maddog9718) — 2. Three losses but have been winning since their D found its way. (OCanada) — RR#3. (randyrad) — #2-Beat High Point. (Strannywastheman) — Destroyed High Point, building strength every day. (Tecumseh) — #2. (VTD)

Maryland: Dodged a major bullet at Byrd against Yale. Going to have to clean things up for the tournaments - both ACC and NCAAs. (Baldo) — #1. Terps are not playing very hot at the moment. Their two losses are to teams I feel are good, and a nice group of wins. (Cooter) — #4. (dek) — Survive scare vs. Yale which had Testudo sweating ... that's what I was referring to Doug ... ;) (jhu7276) — My #5. Barely escaped Yale - no longer the Memorial Day favorite. ACC tourney coming up. (laxfan1313) — #3, +1. Yale visited Maryland and gave the hosts all the Elis had in the tank, losing to an EMO goal by Chanenchuk with 0:13 remaining. Niko Amato (24 saves) still had to make a stop at the horn to preserve the win. Terps will play UVa in the opening game of the ACC playoffs in Chapel Hill on Friday. (Lax Fidelis) — #6. Squeaked by Yale. The pack seems to have caught up w/ the Terps. (maddog9718) — 1. Edged Yale with the help of a big penalty. Only has two losses. (OCanada) — RR#2. (randyrad) — #3-Got lucky and snuck by Yale with some home cooking officiating. D, Amato solid; offense still not right. (Strannywastheman) — Dodged a bullet with a very good Yale team and very bad officials. IMHO, Yale got "homed". (Tecumseh) — #3. (VTD)

Cornell: In the Ivy driver's seat and will likely host the league tournament again ... of course, winning it is another story. (Baldo) — #4. Have good wins, but no top 10 wins at the moment. (Cooter) — #2. (dek) — Beat Brown ... lost to Cuse. (jhu7276) — My #6. Dispatched the Brown Bears to claim 27th Ivy Title. Rob Pannell now the all-time Ivy points leader. Next: Princeton at MetLife. (laxfan1313) — #4, +2. Big Red was at Brown and won comfortably 13-8. Rob Pannell set the all-time Ivy scoring record, breaking the record held by Brown's Darren Lowe. That win sewed up the Ivy playoff site: Ithaca. Cornell plays Princeton to finish regular season, neutral site game at Met-Life. (Lax Fidelis) — #5. No problem with the Bears. (maddog9718) — 3. Recovered after the loss to Cuse. A two-loss team. (OCanada) — RR#7. (randyrad) — #5-Brown no problem. (Strannywastheman) — Roll past a frustrated Brown team to win Ivy championship outright. (Tecumseh) — #7. (VTD)

Denver: THUD of the week - losing to unranked Fairfield AT HOME. Not good. (Baldo) — #7. Dropped the ball against Fairfield. (Cooter) — #6. (dek) — F-105 THUD of the week ... those close games finally bit them in the butt. Pioneers' "Old Betsy" misfires, and they got gored by the Stag. (jhu7276) — My #4. Thud of the week, losing to #30 Fairfield. #1 RPI prevents a fall to a lower ranking. (laxfan1313) — #5, -3. For the 2nd year in a row, the Stags knocked off Denver in OT. This time the game was in Denver and with a touch of "Snow", Fairfield won 10-9. Denver gets to recover by hosting Michigan to wrap up league play before the ECAC tournament begins. (Lax Fidelis) — #4. Deja vu all over again. Tripped up by Fairfield. (maddog9718) — 5. Lost to Fairfield. Three losses now. This is a game they probably should have won. (OCanada) — RR#5. (randyrad) — #4-Bad loss vs. Fairfield. (Strannywastheman) — Tough loss to a very well coached Fairfield team. (Tecumseh) — #4. (VTD)

Duke: In typical Duke fashion, they have risen from the dead and will be a force both in ACCs and NCAAs. (Baldo) — #8. On a 9-game winning streak but have a lot of early season losses to make up for. (Cooter) — #5. (dek) — Nine-game win streak ... although they have 4 losses early, now on a tear ... peaking too soon? We will find out. (jhu7276) — My #8. Defeated #41 Rutgers last weekend. (laxfan1313) — #6, +1. Blue Devils on a 9-game winning streak right now, winning 16-7 at Rutgers, which not only now has a 2-12 record but a suspended head coach as well. Duke takes a short road trip to Chapel Hill to play in ACC tournament against the host Tar Heels. (Lax Fidelis) — #3. No problem with Rutgers; rematch with Heels on deck. (maddog9718) — 6. Four losses early in the season. With other teams dropping games, those do not look quite as bad anymore. (OCanada) — RR#4. (randyrad) — #6-Easily put away Rutgers. (Strannywastheman) — Bounced Rutgers and look like a Final Four team. (Tecumseh) — #5. (VTD)

Syracuse: Must seem like a arcade shooting gallery in the Dome locker room - dodging bullets everywhere. (Baldo) — #9. Hobart? (Cooter) — #8. (dek) — Lose to Bart but beat Hoyas. (jhu7276) — My #7. Beat Cornell two weeks ago but lost to #40 Hobart and one-goal squeaker over the Hoyas drop the Orange below the Big Red. (laxfan1313) — #8, -3. In one of the more stunning upsets of 2013, Hobart, down 3 in Q4, scored the last 4 to beat the Orange in the Dome, 13-12. SU had to hang on at Georgetown, surviving a late Hoya rally to win 9-8. Notre Dame at Met-Life will conclude their Big East regular season play, forever. (Lax Fidelis) — #11. Seemingly plays up for big games and down for lesser (on paper) opponents. Lost to Bart, squeaked by GU. (maddog9718) — 8. Three losses also. Hobart is a better team than people realize but still Cuse should have won this. (OCanada) — RR#6. (randyrad) — #8-Are you kidding me? Hobart pulls another midweek miracle with knocking off Cuse. Just got by an improving Georgetown. (Strannywastheman) — A very well coached Georgetown team almost beat them. ND game looms large. (Tecumseh) — #10. (VTD)

Loyola: Peaking at the right time, perhaps? Hopkins game this week will be HUGE and not just for Baltimorons. (Baldo) — #11. (Cooter) — #7. (dek) — Lose to Denver but beat Bart ... Charles St. championship on the line this weekend. Greyhounds can pluck the Jays' feathers in preparation for a pre-NCAA playoff basting and roasting of JHU with a victory. (jhu7276) — My #3. Look good right now. Can the Greyhounds insert the proverbial wooden stake into the Blue Jays' heart this week? (laxfan1313) — #7, +1. 'Hounds ran all over the host Hobart Statesmen, who may still have been reveling from their win over Syracuse earlier in the week. A 19-11 win which doused any Hobart playoff hopes sets up Loyola to make the 2nd shortest road trip in D1 lacrosse against Hopkins. (Lax Fidelis) — #7. No problems dismissing Hobart; big game against the Jays up next. (maddog9718) — 10. Recovered to beat Hobart. A three-loss team with no top wins yet. (OCanada) — RR#8. (randyrad) — #7-Crushed Hobart. (Strannywastheman) — Handle Hobart with easy. On to play the Blue Jays. (Tecumseh) — #8. (VTD)

Penn State: Streaking Nittanies could be #1 seed in Colonial tournament. (Baldo) — #5. On an 8-game winning streak and beat Denver early in the season. (Cooter) — #9. (dek) — Eight straight for the men just south of Bellefonte ... having the best year ever. It's their "Favorite Year" (with apologies to Mark-Linn Baker and Peter O'Toole). (jhu7276) — My #10. 10 wins for the Nittany Lions. (laxfan1313) — #9. The 10 and 3 Lions coasted past Delaware in Newark, winning comfortably 13-7. They finish CA regular season play at sinking Hofstra. (Lax Fidelis) — #8. Quietly putting together a really nice season. (maddog9718) — 7. They lost three is a row but have been solid ever since and are another three-loss team. (OCanada) — RR#9. (randyrad) — #9-Beat Blue Hens easily. (Strannywastheman) — Eight straight wins and Coach T has them playing great. What a difference good coaching makes. (Tecumseh) — #6. (VTD)

Albany: The Danes are fun to watch ... on offense that is. (Baldo) — #6. On a 6 game-winning streak with a win over Hopkins; beat Syracuse early in the season. (Cooter) — #10. (dek) — Will defense be their ultimate downfall? Scoobies' offense scoring like a hungry Great Dane eating Snausages! (jhu7276) — My #13. 13 points for the Thompsons last weekend. (laxfan1313) — #10 +1. UMBC was in town and the Thompson family rang them up like a cash register for 21 points in a 16-10 win. The Danes finish the EA regular season at Stony Brook. (Lax Fidelis) — 9. They will score goals, and if their defense plays well, they are trouble. Three losses. (OCanada) — RR#10. (randyrad) — #14-Beat UMBC. (Strannywastheman) — Amazing offense and are peaking at the right time. (Tecumseh) — #9. (VTD)

Johns Hopkins: Bubblemania - methinks the Jays have to beat Loyola at Homewood to get to the dance. (Baldo) — #10. (Cooter) — #13. (dek) — Although Navy's goalie was almost as tall as David Robinson ("the Admiral") and not as bulky as Ian Dingman ("the Battleship"), Jays sunk the Mids ... now the Hounds are unleashed, and this weekend's winner takes a big step toward the playoffs. (jhu7276) — My #9. Took down the Squids 14-5 tuning up for this week's do or die match-up with Loyola in the game of the week. (laxfan1313) — #13. Navy tied the game at 4 very early in Q3 and that was their high point. Hopkins scored the last 11 goals as their attack dominated. Monster game against top 10 Loyola squad is next for still-desperate Blue Jays. (Lax Fidelis) — #12. Season on the line against Loyola this week? (maddog9718) — 11. They were not going to lose to a Navy team that is the worst I have ever seen. The offense was moving the ball well. (OCanada) — RR#13. (randyrad) — #11-Too much for Navy. Hounds loom large. (Strannywastheman) — On to a great match-up with Loyola. (Tecumseh) — #11. (VTD)

Princeton: A change in the cage did wonders for the Tigers this week. (Baldo) — #12. (Cooter) — #12. (dek) — Bad loss to Big Green ... bounce back vs. the hapless "Cause". (jhu7276) — My #11. Dominated Harvard 14-6 in preparation for this week's grudge match at MetLife. (laxfan1313) — #12. Harvard arrived before the world went crazy back home, but their game didn't travel with them. Tigers romped, 14-6, as the Crimson had more toes than shots on goal, definitely not a winning formula. Next: Cornell at Met-Life Stadium. 1st place in Ivy regular season is decided. #2 to 4 seeds?? (Lax Fidelis) — 13. Four losses. How they lost to Dartmouth is a mystery to me. (OCanada) — RR#15. (randyrad) — #10-Smoked Harvard. (Strannywastheman) — Ran Harvard off the field. On to Cornell in the Meadowlands. (Tecumseh) — #16. (VTD)

Ohio State: Bucks may have to win the ECAC tournament to dance. (Baldo) — #16. (Cooter) — #11. (dek) — Slide by Air Force Falcons. (jhu7276) — My #17. Squeaked by #28 Air Force. (laxfan1313) — #15. Buckeyes win yet another 1-goal game, this time 10-9 at Air Force. Fairfield will be in Columbus to finish the regular season for both schools. (Lax Fidelis) — 12. Three losses also. Fairfield should be an interesting game next week. (OCanada) — RR#14. (randyrad) — #17-Barely got by Air Force. (Strannywastheman) — Splashed the Zoomies! On the bubble. (Tecumseh) — #12. (VTD)

Lehigh: Looks like #1 seed in Patriot tournament is all but locked up. (Baldo) — #17. (Cooter) — #14. (dek) — Beat their proverbial rivals, the Leopards. (jhu7276) — My #14. Defeated #55 Lafayette 14-5 last weekend. (laxfan1313) — #11, -1. Mountain Hawks had no trouble with the visiting neighbors from Lafayette. Quick dispatch of the Leopards in a 14-5 victory, Lehigh will host the Patriot League playoffs and play Colgate in 2nd semifinal. (Lax Fidelis) — 16. Have run off five straight since their loss to UMass. (OCanada) — RR#11. (randyrad) — #15-Easily handled Lafayette. (Strannywastheman) — 10-4 has them in a great place going into the PL championships. Will be tough with Colgate on Friday night. (Tecumseh) — #14. (VTD)

Bucknell: Very uneven play of late - think they are going to have to win the Patriot League tourney to get to the big dance. (Baldo) — #14. (Cooter) — #16. (dek) — Beat Gate but lost to Lehigh. (jhu7276) — My #15. Convincing victory over Colgate last weekend. (laxfan1313) — #16, +1. The Bison played at Colgate in weather that seemed more like mid-March. Bucknell drew away in second half for a reasonably comfortable win of 13-8. BU will play Army in the PL playoffs. (Lax Fidelis) — 17. Beat Colgate after the loss to Lehigh. (OCanada) — RR#12. (randyrad) — #16-Beat Gate. (Strannywastheman) — Handled a very good Colgate team. Now on to the Black Knights for what will be a thriller. (Tecumseh) — #15. (VTD)

Yale: Bulldogs cannot seem to find a way to win a close game. (Baldo) — #13. (Cooter) — #15. (dek) — Actually moving them up despite the 1-goal loss to MD ... play "the Lost Cause" next. (jhu7276) — My #12. The Bulldogs think it was a tie with the Terps. In any event, Yale took Maryland to the limit last weekend. (laxfan1313) — #19. Bulldogs barely survived a visit from the folks on the other side of LI Sound with an 11-10 OT win over Stony Brook. At Maryland, the Bulldogs lost on a last-minute EMO goal. Yale had one last-second shot, but it was saved by Amato. Game at Harvard for an Ivy playoff slot. (Lax Fidelis) — #15. Came up short against the Terps. (maddog9718) — 15. This is a very good team. But for a major penalty. (OCanada) — RR#16. (randyrad) — #12-Escaped with a win against a good SBU that is playing well. Gave Terps all they could handle and got jobbed on some bad calls at the end. Yale can play with anyone. (Strannywastheman) — Should have gone to OT with the Turtles. The officials did a dreadful job in this one. This is a very good team. (Tecumseh) — #13. (VTD)

Penn: Hoping for a few things to break the right way for the 4th seed in the Ivy tournament. (Baldo) — #15. (Cooter) — #17. (dek) — Beat the Green. (jhu7276) — My #18. The Quakers shut down the Big Green 11-2 last weekend. #2 SOS but #14 RPI means the Quakers will likely have to win an Ivy tourney game or two to make the dance. If Harvard beats Yale this week, Penn is out of the Ivy tourney and on the bubble. (laxfan1313) — #17, -1. With slim hopes of gaining the Ivy tournament, Penn had to beat Dartmouth in the Quakers' last Ivy game. A convincing 11-2 win makes it possible, but they need help from Yale. Regular season ends with a visit by Bellarmine. Game is off-campus due to Penn Relays. (Lax Fidelis) — 20. Inconsistent, but they can give any team fits. (OCanada) — RR#17. (randyrad) — #13-Smoked Dartmouth. (Strannywastheman) — A good Penn team that needs to keep scoring. (Tecumseh) — #17. (VTD)

Drexel: Dragons are going to have to figure out how to win the Colonial tournament to move to the next round. (Baldo) — #18. (Cooter) — #18. (dek) — Beat UMass and Towson. (jhu7276) — My #16. The Dragons achieved their 10th victory last weekend, beating tough Towson. (laxfan1313) — #14, +4. 10 and 3 Dragons hosted Towson and sent them home on the short end of a 14-11 score. Drexel hosts 1st-year varsity squad from High Point before CAA playoffs begin. (Lax Fidelis) — 14. Four losses. One bad margin loss to Bucknell. (OCanada) — RR#18. (randyrad) — #19-Beat Towson. (Strannywastheman) — Beat a tough Towson team and are improving. (Tecumseh) — #18. (VTD)

St. John's: #20. (Cooter) — #19. (dek) — After two losses, defeat the Friars. (jhu7276) — My #20. Beat #43 Providence last weekend. (laxfan1313) — #18, -4. The Red Storm were in Providence and the Friars gave them quite a struggle. St. John's survived with a 16-13 win. They conclude the regular season by hosting Marquette. (Lax Fidelis) — 18. Rebounded from two losses to get the win. (OCanada) — RR#19. (randyrad) — #18-Beat Prov. (Strannywastheman) — #22. (VTD)

Villanova: These guys could very well win the Big East. (Baldo) — #19. (Cooter) — My #19. The best 5-7 team with #1 SOS. Need to beat Providence and win one Big East tourney game to be NCAA tourney eligible. (laxfan1313) — RR#22. (randyrad) — #21-Irish too much. (Strannywastheman) — They are 4-1 in the Big East! (Tecumseh) — #21. (VTD)

Army: #25. (laxfan1313) — #21, +3. The Black Knights earned a PL playoff berth by winning 14-5 at Holy Cross. The win earns them a rematch against Bucknell. All three games PL playoff games will be aired on CBS Sports. (Lax Fidelis) — 19. Beat Navy and Holy Cross. (OCanada) — RR#21. (randyrad) — #20-Easily beat Holy Cross. (Strannywastheman) — Army can win the whole PL championship with the talent that it has. (Tecumseh) — #20. (VTD)

Fairfield: Getting hot at the right time with two straight wins and triumph over Denver. (jhu7276) — #23. (laxfan1313) — #20, NR. Stags re-enter my Top 20 with yet another OT win over Denver. This time around, the 10-9 win was in Denver. Finish regular season play at Ohio State. (Lax Fidelis) — RR#20. (randyrad) — #22-Big win over Denver. Stags can surprise. (Strannywastheman) — #19. (VTD)

Hofstra: Not much Pride right now. Only one game over .500 ... schedule not easy, however. (jhu7276) — #21. (laxfan1313) — #24, -4. Previously winless in the CAA, UMass visited Hofstra and handed the 7 and 6 Pride their 4th one-goal loss in 2013 (that's 10 in two seasons for Seth Tierney). Penn State will be in Uniondale to conclude league play before playoffs begin. (Lax Fidelis) — RR#24. (randyrad) — #25. (VTD)

Virginia: At the bottom of this well, there is hope ... if they can win the ACC tournament they will likely make the big party. Otherwise, sayonara. (Baldo) — #20. (dek) — Finally win vs. Bellarmine. (jhu7276) — #22. Need to win the ACC tourney to be NCAA tourney eligible. (laxfan1313) — #25, NR. Wahoos regain a ranking only so I can comment on their situation after they beat visiting Bellarmine, 12-7. Only one way for Virginia to make the NCAAs: two wins in ACC tournament; they start with Maryland. Then they have to beat winner of Duke/UNC. Odds say no way. (Lax Fidelis)

Marist: Get by Siena in OT. (jhu7276) — #22, +1. Red Foxes barely survived against their Upstate rival Siena, winning 10-9 in OT. Marist finishes their regular season on the road against Manhattan. (Lax Fidelis) — RR#25. (randyrad) — #23. (VTD)

Massachusetts: #24-Some big wins, but erratic. (Strannywastheman)

Brown: #24. (laxfan1313) — #25-Smoked by Cornell. (Strannywastheman)

Other Teams Pollsters Considered (and comments, if any)

. Colgate: Meh ... "Don't call me Shirley" ... where is Gate's number 1 fan this year? (jhu7276) — RR#23. (randyrad)

. Villanova :

. Towson:

. Harvard: Cantabs without a Cause can end .500 should they knock off the Eli this week. (jhu7276)

. Bellarmine: #23, +2. The Knights had a chance to grab a statement win at UVa but lost 12-7 to the barely-breathing Cavaliers. Bellarmine finishes their regular season against Penn. (Lax Fidelis) — #24. (VTD)

. Hobart: #23-Knocked off Cuse. (Strannywastheman)

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