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Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2010

Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2011

LaxPower MD3 Forum Poll #2
February 28, 2011

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.
1Tufts (0-0)348121
2Cortland (1-0)W Widener 13-033422
3Stevenson (3-0)W Haverford 11-4, W Mary Wash. 19-3, W Kean 19-533133
4Salisbury (3-0)W Greensboro 25-2, W Lynchburg 13-5, W W&L 7-431814
5Roanoke (2-0)W St. Mary's 20-7, W F&M 19-132768
6Middlebury (0-0)2696
7Haverford (1-1)L Stevenson 4-11, W Cabrini 6-52275
8RIT (0-0)2229
9Connecticut College (0-0)20610
10Geneseo (0-0)15412
11Gettysburg (1-1)W Messiah 16-3, L Hampden-Sydney 6-71467
12Rensselaer (0-0)13313
13Hampden-Sydney (2-0)W Mary Wash. 13-10, W Gettysburg 7-6130NR
14Lynchburg (1-1)L Salisbury 5-13, W Ohio Wesleyan 10-312811
15Denison (2-0)W Mount St. Joseph 14-7, W W&L 10-612014
16Dickinson (2-0)W Lycoming 13-6, W St. Mary's 15-710417
17Bowdoin (0-0)6618
18Cabrini (0-1)L Haverford 5-66216
19Springfield (2-0)W Gordon 12-6, W Nazareth 11-852NR
20Stevens (1-0)W Endicott 15-94220t
Others receiving votes: Western New England (36), Ithaca (19), Nazareth (14), St. John Fisher (13), Wesleyan (9), Williams (6), Montclair State (5), Union (4), Wittenberg (3), Colorado College (2), Ursinus (1)

Number of voters: 18 (AO, beachbum, Cloverdale, corkscrew, D-III, DellMan22, goalielax10, idealtin, LaxUnlimited, laxweforget, MasonDixonLine29, minkhoo, Richard, Swank_Lax, thatsmell, valaxfan, wheniwasakid..., Youngred)

Pollsters' Comments About Teams They Ranked

Tufts: #1. (Cloverdale) — Just getting started. (corkscrew) — #1. (D-III) — Nothing has changed here. First game on March 12 but still #1 until proven otherwise. (DellMan22) — #1. March 12th can't get here fast enough. (goalielax10) — #1. DNP (Did not play). (idealtin) — #4. DNP, no change to ranking. (laxweforget) — #1. No reason not to be ranked here. (MasonDixonLine29) — #2. Still warming up. (minkhoo) — #1. (Richard) — #1. Idle. (Swank_Lax) — Still idle. And still #3. (thatsmell) — 1. (valaxfan) — #1. Too early to tell where in the top 5 they'll fall in 2011 but still my top team. (wheniwasakid...) — #1. (Youngred)

Cortland: #2. Wow, a shutout against a pretty solid Widener squad is beyond impressive ... That D is flat-out scary. (Cloverdale) — Impressive any time you shut out a solid team. (corkscrew) — #2. Defense wins championships. (D-III) — Pitched a shutout against Widener. Not sure if this is a product of Cortland's talent or the decent of Widener's program. Either way, goose eggs don't happen often in the world of lax. This was and always should be a win for Cortland. Good test against Union this weekend. (DellMan22) — #2. Cortland's 13-0 shutout of Widener is not getting as much credit as it should around the lax nation ... Home against Union this week. (goalielax10) — #3. To produce a goose egg on an opponent in this sport is pretty sweet. (idealtin) — #1. Did nothing in its first game to change my opinion that this is the best defensive team in D3 and preseason #1. (laxweforget) — #2. Shutout to start. (MasonDixonLine29) — #3. Pitching a shutout against a very decent Widener is a great start. (minkhoo) — #2 - Shut down of Widener makes a strong statement. (Richard) — #2. Hard to find any faults with a dominant first game. (Swank_Lax) — Tough to pitch a shutout against anyone. Still #2. (thatsmell) — 3. Nice opening win. (valaxfan) — #2. Easy top 5 choice. D should be super this year. (wheniwasakid...) — #2 -- Widener got a glimpse of Cortland's "all-time greatest" defense. (Youngred)

Stevenson: #3. The attack has been dominant but Moffitt has been less then stellar. D seems to be pretty sound, but two of those wins have been gimmes. (Cloverdale) — Everyone is eligible for the season. Oldest starting in lineup in Division III needs to stay healthy. (corkscrew) — #4. Rolling along, but it was 8-4 in the 3rd against Kean, not exactly a rout. Cannot sleep on WNEC, absolutely a team that can hang with the 'Stangs. (D-III) — Solid win over Haverford. The next real test will be at home against Lynchburg. Impressive to see Dailey with 19 points (9 G, 10 A) after only three games. Goalie Bolland looks to be a solid replacement for Herbert. The Mustangs seem to be dominating at the X winning 51 of 68 (75%) so far this season. (DellMan22) — #3. Mustangs put up 49 goals in three games ... Ford is back on the field ... Nice end of the week showdown with WNEC. (goalielax10) — #2. Impressive start to season. (idealtin) — #2. No change to ranking. 3-0 including a quality win over Haverford and 16-goal margin over decent Mary Washington. (laxweforget) — #4. Off to a great start..3-0. (MasonDixonLine29) — #1. Mustangs jump out of gate quickly. (minkhoo) — #3 - Move up with win at Haverford. (Richard) — #4. Earned the bump for an impressive win over Haverford, but not ready to buy in 100%. WNEC game should be interesting but the next real test won't come until their Roanoke game. (Swank_Lax) — Holding serve. Good win over Haverford, a team they should have beaten. Still #4. (thatsmell) — 2. Looks very sharp so far. (valaxfan) — #3. Big early win over Haverford and two blowout wins. Standard. (wheniwasakid...) — #3. (Youngred)

Salisbury: A good week for the Gulls, but I'm wondering what happens if Bradman goes down to injury. (AO) — #4. Should have handled W&L last week. Heard they struggled with finishing 1-on-1 and catching passes. Curious to see them this weekend on TV against G'burg. (Cloverdale) — Looked vulnerable in ugly win over W&L but still powerful. (corkscrew) — #3. Having the same problems with turnovers and lack of teamwork on offense as last year? Appeared that way against W&L. Get a tuneup against a very weak McDaniel squad before facing an angry Gettysburg. (D-III) — Crushed Greensboro. Great win against Lynchburg (wow, Bradman, wow). Won against W&L, but the scoreline is a little concerning but is still a win. Kinks should be worked out before G'burg comes to town. (DellMan22) — #4. The Gulls are 2-0 against the ODAC so far this year and are looking to go 2-0 against the Centennial this week as well. (goalielax10) — #4. Getting it done but did not look great in win over W&L. February lacrosse. (idealtin) — #3. No change to ranking. 3-0 including an easy win over good Lynchburg. (laxweforget) — #3. Impressive start with nice win over Lynchburg. (MasonDixonLine29) — #4. Not really clicking offensively. (minkhoo) — #4 - Offensive production not up to par. (Richard) — #3. More worried than I was last year about the Gulls, especially against teams that can control tempo. Still, they should out-shoot fellow gunslingers like 'Noke and Stevenson. (Swank_Lax) — Lynchburg win was good, in a hostile environment. W&L win gave Coach Berkman something to improve upon. Still #1. (thatsmell) — 4. Beats the Boys from Lexington in closer than expected game. (valaxfan) — #4. Another top 5 team without any doubt. (wheniwasakid...) — #4. (Youngred)

Roanoke: Fast start in the first half against F&M; however, 3Q defensive slip made game a little closer than should've been for the #8 team (?). (AO) — #5. The St. Mary's win isn't as impressive anymore, and 'Noke underperformed against F&M. Still a pretty solid team, but the defense needs work, of course. (Cloverdale) — Lots of holes to fill going into season yet offensively still putting up big numbers against solid competition on the road. (corkscrew) — #6. 2011 results essentially mimicking 2010 results. That is a good thing for the Maroons. That said, still haven't faced a high quality opponent. (D-III) — Got wins where they were supposed to and have been scoring goals by the bucket full. Five players with 8+ points, 39 total goals with 29 of those goals assisted. (DellMan22) — #6. Seems the Maroons will not be tested for another two plus weeks. (goalielax10) — #5. This team has some offensive mojo. Gave up quite a few vs. F&M. (idealtin) — #6. Moved up from #10, in largest part because Lynchburg and Haverford move down. (laxweforget) — #5. Solid start ... no surprises. (MasonDixonLine29) — #5. Solid start. (minkhoo) — #7 - Off to a good start. Defense still needs to get better. (Richard) — #6. I'm concerned about their defense, and they struggled to put away Franklin & Marshall, trading goals for most of the game and never really putting the nail in the coffin. Still, losses by teams above them bump them upward. (Swank_Lax) — Two wins to start the season over F&M and St. Mary's. Still #5. (thatsmell) — 5. Noke train has started. (valaxfan) — #7. Questions still surround the Noke D, but for now their O will continue to carry them. (wheniwasakid...) — #7 -- Taking care of business. (Youngred)

Middlebury: #6. (Cloverdale) — #5. (D-III) — Still waiting on season to start on March 12. (DellMan22) — #8. Opener against Bates in just under two weeks. (goalielax10) — #6. DNP. (idealtin) — #5. DNP, no change to ranking. (laxweforget) — #6. Moves up due Haverford and GBurg losses. (MasonDixonLine29) — #7. (minkhoo) — #6. (Richard) — #5. Idle. (Swank_Lax) — Idle. Still #6. (thatsmell) — #5. A slightly different looking Midd team in 2011 will see similar results. (wheniwasakid...) — #6. (Youngred)

Haverford: While they played three good quarters against Stevenson, overall they look to be having early season trouble putting the ball in the net against ranked teams (at least for the moment). (AO) — #9. I think they'll be fine in the long run, but the Squirrels don't seem to be playing to their potential. (Cloverdale) — Barely squeaked by Cabrini after being out-shot and possibly outplayed. Better not wait for conference playoffs this year to play well. (corkscrew) — #12. 10 goals in two games? Have to drop, let's see if they can get going. (D-III) — Couldn't stand up to Stevenson's firepower but redeemed themselves a little with a great comeback win over Cabrini. Haverford needs to figure out their F/O problems, as winning only 10 of 31 (32.3%) this season is going to cause problems further down the road. With the Cabrini win, Banno made the difference making 19 saves on 24 shots on target. When your goalie plays like that, it's very hard to lose. (DellMan22) — #7. Took it on the chin against Stevenson, barely escaped against Cabrini ... It doesn't get any easier this week ... Still feel they are a top 10 team. (goalielax10) — #8. Loss to Stevenson at this point nothing to be ashamed. Nice win over Cabrini. (idealtin) — #9. Moved down from #6. Expected a little closer game vs. Stevenson. Quality win over Cabrini on the road. (laxweforget) — #9. Tough loss to Stevenson; not sure what 6-5 win over Cabrini tells me this early. (MasonDixonLine29) — #6. Two toughies to start, good come back against Cabrini. (minkhoo) — #8 - Not the start of a season a top five team needs to remain there. (Richard) — #11. Ugly, ugly loss to Stevenson but not a function of talent differential. The 'Fords don't appear focused or motivated, and it has hurt them so far. Let's see if they can rally sooner than last year. (Swank_Lax) — Still Centennial favorite. But the conference looks down as a whole. Weaknesses exposed against Stevenson. Won a tight one against Cabrini. Stay at #7. But not as confident in the Squirrels as I was before. (thatsmell) — Wins closer than expected. (valaxfan) — #8. I'm keeping Haverford pretty high for now. But it is because I think Hampden-Sydney is better than people thought. (wheniwasakid...) — #5 -- As I said, realistically 1-1 is where they should be right now. (Youngred)

RIT: #7. (Cloverdale) — #9. Get a tune-up before huge Pool C game against RPI. Seeking revenge after last year's loss. (D-III) — No games as of yet, but the season starts this weekend. Good match up against RPI should set the tone for the year. (DellMan22) — #5. Finally hit the field running this week against RPI at home on Saturday. (goalielax10) — #10. DNP. (idealtin) — #7. DNP, no change to ranking. Needs to beat RPI at home Saturday to stay here. (laxweforget) — #8. Still possibly over-ranked here ... good showing against D1 JaxU. Have Fla. Southern Wednesday and huge match against RPI Sat (3/5). (MasonDixonLine29) — #8. (minkhoo) — #10. (Richard) — #8. Looking good in preseason action. (Swank_Lax) — #11. By April 1st, we will know a LOT more about RIT. Win 2 out of 3 of their games against Cortland, Geneseo and RPI, and they'll be a top 10 team. (wheniwasakid...) — #8. (Youngred)

Connecticut College: #10. (Cloverdale) — #17. (D-III) — As with most of the Northern teams, no games as of yet. Season opener on March 12. (DellMan22) — #9. Countdown to Trinity. (goalielax10) — #12. DNP. (idealtin) — #8. DNP, no change to ranking. (laxweforget) — #7. Moves up due Haverford and GBurg losses. (MasonDixonLine29) — #9. (minkhoo) — #5. (Richard) — #7. Idle. (Swank_Lax) — Up from #14 to #12 because of other teams losing. (thatsmell) — #10. A team that could be pushing into the Top 5 by the middle of the season. Or be outside the top 20, depending on one thing: Wins and losses in the NESCAC vs. Amh, Midd and Bowdoin. (wheniwasakid...) — #9. (Youngred)

Geneseo: #11. (Cloverdale) — #7. Enormous Pool C implications in their opener, when they face a desperate Nazareth squad on Saturday. (D-III) — Season starts this week. Should be a win against Lycoming, but that's why we play the games. Early match-up against Nazareth could shape the season. (DellMan22) — #11. Open up against Lycoming and Nazareth this week. (goalielax10) — #13. DNP. Two games this week, always a good one vs. Nazareth. (idealtin) — #10. DNP, moved up from #11 due to Lynchburg moving down. (laxweforget) — #14. Start with Lycoming Saturday. (MasonDixonLine29) — #11. (minkhoo) — #13. (Richard) — #10. Not the greatest reports from their scrimmages, but fortunately that's why they are scrimmages. A ton of potential on paper. (Swank_Lax) — Remains at #11. (thatsmell) — #13. If Genny keeps winning, they'll move up as others lose. Not a great SOS so I expect them to keep racking up the wins. If they lose, they could drop quickly. (wheniwasakid...) — #11. (Youngred)

Gettysburg: #14. Only 15 shots on goal on Saturday? That's a problem. I see 'Bury pushing them aside with ease this weekend. (Cloverdale) — I guess the ODAC is not so weak this year? Gettysburg slides big time down the polls. (corkscrew) — #14. Looks like graduation losses have finally caught up to the Bullets. Could be a rebuilding year. This is as big an early week as Gettysburg has had in a long time. Goucher is no slouch and Salisbury up after that. (D-III) — Bad loss to HSC. Need to fix the shooting kinks; hitting the cage 15 times on 39 shots is not something you want to see from a team that should be a top-10 mainstay. Could be a tough week if these problems aren't fixed. (DellMan22) — #13. Bullets lose a home opener for the first time in??? Need to regroup and fast or could be in the top 20 based solely on their name. (goalielax10) — #11. Surprising loss to HSC. (idealtin) — #15. Moved down from #13 after loss to HSC. Goucher is no walkover Wednesday either. (laxweforget) — #10. Fall as they lay an egg on H/S, or is H/S that good? (MasonDixonLine29) — #10. Bullets misfire at home. (minkhoo) — #11 - Reputation does not keep you in the top 10 these days. (Richard) — #14. The Hampden-Sydney loss might not look as bad by year's end. That's the only silver lining for the Bullets. (Swank_Lax) — Love Hank. But not sure if the Bullets will be ranked much longer. May be surviving off the fumes of previous seasons. Fall from #9 to #17 for me. (thatsmell) — #9. H-SC is better than people think. A one-goal loss early isn't ideal, but the Bullets can rebound. (wheniwasakid...) — #15 -- Opposite of HSC, the 'Burg must drop like a stone after HSC loss at home. (Youngred)

Rensselaer: #13. (Cloverdale) — #8. RIT game should be another barn burner like last year. (D-III) — Season kicks off on Wednesday against Manhattanville. Again, another great match-up come Saturday at RIT. (DellMan22) — #12. Should handle Manhattanville before rolling into Rochester this upcoming weekend. (goalielax10) — #17. DNP, moves down from #14 because some others had significant wins and moved up while scrimmage results intensify concerns about how much this team is going to be able to score. (laxweforget) — #11. Big Saturday match vs. RIT. (MasonDixonLine29) — #13. (minkhoo) — #9. (Richard) — #12. Idle. (Swank_Lax) — #15. RPI has some good chances to win some good games early. If they can capitalize, they'll be an upstate favorite. (wheniwasakid...) — #16. (Youngred)

Hampden-Sydney: #8. Monumental win for that program. Very impressive despite getting outshot 39-20 by G'burg. (Cloverdale) — Great win on the road vs. possibly overrated Gettysburg squad. The Tigers are back in the top 20. (corkscrew) — #13. Statement win. In a great position in Pool C if they keep winning. Nice to have the Tigers back in the mix. (D-III) — Great way to start the season with wins against Mary Washington and Gettysburg. Could this be a return to form after the drop off the past few seasons? (DellMan22) — #9. Big win vs. the Bullets. (idealtin) — #14. Biggest mover in my poll up from #23. One good win, one great win (even if this is not a vintage Gettysburg team) both on the road. (laxweforget) — #20. Great win for the program; are they worthy to be in Top 20? (MasonDixonLine29) — #12. Statement win out of the gate for the Tigers. (minkhoo) — #17 - Great start to the season. (Richard) — #9. They earned this spot with a win over Gettysburg. Will they stay? I'm not convinced, but every year a team seems to surprise us. Maybe this is their year. So far, they've got me eating my words from my preseason poll. (Swank_Lax) — Nice to see the Tigers getting back in the mix, albeit against a weaker than usual G-burg. ODAC sleeper and #20 in my poll. (thatsmell) — Tigers win a big win on the road. (valaxfan) — #5. Get the nod over Midd for their win over G'burg. (wheniwasakid...) — #14 -- Meteoric rise after beating the Bullets. (Youngred)

Lynchburg: #19. Blown out by Salisbury then throttle OWU 10-3. Don't know what to think of the Hornets yet. Nice test at Cabrini this weekend. (Cloverdale) — Nice bounce-back win vs. OWU but reality check vs. Salisbury still stings. (corkscrew) — #20. Very disappointing against Salisbury. When will the Hornets win a big game? (D-III) — Bad loss against Sam Bradman ... er, Salisbury to open the season but regained their footing with a nice win against OWU. Would have liked to see them fair better against SU. (DellMan22) — #10. Rebounded well against OWU ... Need to maintain momentum and knock off the top two dogs in the CSAC, which is easier said than done. (goalielax10) — #7. Loss to Sals, beat OWU barely. (idealtin) — #12. Moved down from #9. Did not play Salisbury as close as I would have hoped. Win by 7 over a down OWU is not the quality win it would have been in recent years. (laxweforget) — #18. Rebounded nicely against OWU. (MasonDixonLine29) — #14. Solid second half against OWU. (minkhoo) — #14 - Nice bounceback vs. OWU. Still need improvement. (Richard) — NR - Win over OWU isn't as impressive as it would have been in years past and really weren't competitive against SU. (Swank_Lax) — A nice, well-rounded team. Loss to SU stings, but seems to be the top challenger to Noke for the ODAC crown. Stay at #8. (thatsmell) — Nice win for the Hornets against OWU. (valaxfan) — #12. Solid win over OWU but not on the same level as the top teams as their game with Salisbury shows. (wheniwasakid...) — #10 -- Cabrini is a big game this week for the Hornets. (Youngred)

Denison: #15. The Big Red have been alright this weekend, nothing great. Week off to prepare for Haverford could be big. (Cloverdale) — Solid win over sliding W&L squad. (corkscrew) — #19. Impressive against W&L. They are not dynamic, but solid all around, and have a couple of horses out of the midfield. (D-III) — Great start sitting at 2-0, but wins come from teams with a combined record of 1-4. Solid start but have a tough match up with Haverford on the 12th. (DellMan22) — #14. Big Red go 2-0 to open up the season and have two weeks to prepare for Haverford ... What more could you have asked for out of the Denison camp? (goalielax10) — #17. Beat the Generals by a bigger score than Sals. We shall see where it takes them. (idealtin) — #16. No change to ranking. Won two games it was expected to win. (laxweforget) — #15. Nice 2-0 start. (MasonDixonLine29) — #17. Solid start. (minkhoo) — #12. Good win vs. W&L. (Richard) — #20. A solid win over a surprisingly competitive Washington & Lee program makes them a potential Top 20 squad. (Swank_Lax) — Performance against MSJ was less than impressive. But still jump up a little because everyone else is losing. #14. (thatsmell) — Beats the Generals for nice win. (valaxfan) — #16. Probably the top team in NCAC. Win over W&L by 4 is good, but they'll need to do more to impress the pollsters. (wheniwasakid...) — #12. (Youngred)

Dickinson: #12. Neither win is very impressive. (Cloverdale) — Dismantled a falling apart St. Mary's squad. Young guys stepping up. (corkscrew) — #10. Underrated? Two solid wins, well-coached team. (D-III) — Great 2-0 start. Had complete control by half time in both games. Freshman Cannon seems to be a great rising star for the Red Devils with 10 (7G, 3A) points in two games. (DellMan22) — #18. Didn't expect Dickinson to be 2-0 at this point in the season ... Head to New Jersey for a nice showdown with Montclair this week. (goalielax10) — #18. Moves up from #24. Beat St. Mary's and takes its place in my rankings. (laxweforget) — #13. Another impressive start. (MasonDixonLine29) — #16. Dominant against SMCM. (minkhoo) — #24. (Richard) — #13. Better than expected against St. Mary's has me thinking they might be able to hang in the top 20 this year. Defense is a big plus. (Swank_Lax) — Slow start against Lycoming but hit the accelerator against St. Mary's. Centennial sleeper. Jumps from #20 to #19. (thatsmell) — #22. Plenty of chances to play their way in to higher regard. (wheniwasakid...) — #13 -- So far so good. (Youngred)

Bowdoin: #16. (Cloverdale) — #11. Bad news, as the hockey team extended their season at least one more week, meaning no Kit Smith. (D-III) — #16. Ohhh, that NESCAC scheduling. (goalielax10) — #20. DNP, moves up because others lost and moved down. (laxweforget) — #19. (minkhoo) — #19. (Richard) — #15. Idle. (Swank_Lax) — Bowdoin up from #11 to #10 due to other losses. (thatsmell) — #20. I'm not sold on Bowdoin or Amherst right now but either could be a top 20 team. This thought may stem from my NESCAC bias, but I do think one of them will be a top 20 team. This week I chose Bowdoin. (wheniwasakid...) — #17. (Youngred)

Cabrini: Tough loss to Haverford. (corkscrew) — Fell victim to a Haverford comeback but still played well. Need to pick their heads up for a tough one vs. Lynchburg coming up, because Cabrini can't afford to start the season at 0-2. (DellMan22) — #19. Loss to a good Haverford squad, always a grudge match. (idealtin) — #11. Moved up from #12 as result of hanging with #9 Haverford and Lynchburg moving down. (laxweforget) — #17. Lost tough to Haverford. (MasonDixonLine29) — #18. Could not quite close the deal against Haverford. (minkhoo) — #20. (Richard) — #19. Loss to Haverford tells me they are who I thought they were. (Swank_Lax) — One-goal loss to Haverford keeps them exactly where I had them before. #13. (thatsmell) — Plays Fords close. (valaxfan) — #19. Cabrini has a bunch of games coming up that will determine where they fall. Their SOS is good, so a couple of wins in the right places, will help them move higher. (wheniwasakid...) — #18 -- Losing to Haverford doesn't hurt them at this point in the year. (Youngred)

Springfield: #17. Unexpected win over Nazareth. Curious to see how these guys do going forward. (Cloverdale) — Good early win over Nazareth. (corkscrew) — #18. 2011 dark horse. Athletic midfield, solid D. This is a team to watch. (D-III) — 2-0. Springfield deserves to be top-20 with wins over Gordon and Nazareth. Could they be team that comes from nowhere (as D-III predicted)? Certainly making a strong case right now. (DellMan22) — #15. Nice first win ever vs. Nazareth and now 2-0. (idealtin) — #22. Debuts in my rankings after two wins over decent opponents. (laxweforget) — #21. Nice early win vs. Naz. (MasonDixonLine29) — #15. Jumping out strongly. (minkhoo) — #18 - Great start to the season. (Richard) — #16. Impressive win over Nazareth gets them a spot in the top 20 and a chance to be nationally relevant again for the first time in a while. (Swank_Lax) — One of my teams strongly considered in preseason poll. Beat Nazareth. Jumps into the poll. #15. (thatsmell) — Nice win over Purple and Gold. (valaxfan) — #14. Took down Naz and could be the surprise team out of New England this year. (wheniwasakid...) — #19 -- Jumps into the Top 20 at #19, probably should have been there all along, but who knew? (Youngred)

Stevens: #16. Put up 15 against Endicott. Need to fix F/O soon. (idealtin) — #13. Moved up from #15 after win over decent Endicott. (laxweforget) — #23. Nice win over Endicott. (MasonDixonLine29) — #20. Excellent win to start. (minkhoo) — #15 - Nice start vs. Endicott. (Richard) — From #10 to #9 due to other losses. Idle but still my favorite in the E8. (thatsmell)

Western New England: #16. Scrimmaged the same day as their season opener; I have never seen that before. Win or lose, Stevenson game will show us whether this team is back in the mix. (D-III) — Won where they supposed to and now have a great match-up with Stevenson. A strong showing there could make the case for a great season. (DellMan22) — #15. Yawner against Anna Maria ... Reality sets in this week against Stevenson as Knowleton and the defense will be tested early and often. (goalielax10) — #14. Lots of points in win against Anna Maria. Are they making a statement? (idealtin) — #21. Moves up from #22 more because others move down than any significance to their beat-down of Anna Maria. (laxweforget) — #16. Beat a cream puff; Stevenson will get their attention this weekend. (MasonDixonLine29) — #21. Big test coming up against Stevenson. (minkhoo) — #16 - Win an easy one. (Richard) — #17. Idle. (Swank_Lax) — #24. Could be the second fiddle to Springfield in New England (non-NESCAC). (wheniwasakid...)

Ithaca: #15. (D-III) — #18. DNP. (idealtin) — #19. DNP, moves up because others lost and moved down. (laxweforget) — #22. (minkhoo) — #18. Missed this team in the preseason poll. Early season losses have them making their debut. (thatsmell) — #17. Haven't played yet, but the Bombers could ascend quickly. (wheniwasakid...)

Nazareth: Tough loss to Springfield but hope is not lost. Tough game coming up against Geneseo. (DellMan22) — #17. Springfield is a tough place to win but start out 0-2 and it maybe E8 AQ or bust for Nazareth. (goalielax10) — #20. Poor showing vs. Springfield. Early lacrosse ship has to get in right direction. Big game vs. SUNYAC foe this week. (idealtin) — #24. Moves down from #18. Picking up where it left off last season, unfortunately. Here primarily based on reputation. If it doesn't play Geneseo tough this week, it probably drops out altogether. (laxweforget) — #22. Hard loss to Springfield. (MasonDixonLine29) — #24. Tough start on the road. (minkhoo) — #25. (Richard) — Loss to Springfield drops them just a bit. From #13 to #16. (thatsmell) — #17. Early loss to Springfield really isn't that bad ... if you believe SC is good, which this pollster does. (wheniwasakid...) — #23 -- Takes a hit after getting handled by Springfield. (Youngred)

St. John Fisher: #18. (Cloverdale) — #25. (MasonDixonLine29) — #18. Idle. (Swank_Lax) — #22. (thatsmell) — #23. will move up and shouldn't even see a good game til March 21st. (wheniwasakid...) — #24. (Youngred)

Wesleyan: #12. Start Saturday. (MasonDixonLine29) — #25. Can Covington replace Simmons in goal right away? This pollster sure hopes so! Chance of a lifetime for GC. (wheniwasakid...)


Montclair State: #19. Emotional win for Montclair this past weekend. (goalielax10) — #25. Moves into Top 25 because Goucher and St. Mary's drop out. Needs to, at least, hang with Dickinson this week to stay here. (laxweforget) — #19. Good start over Muhlenberg. (MasonDixonLine29) — #23. Next two games will test the Red Hawks. (minkhoo) — #22. (Richard) — #23. (thatsmell)

Union: #20. (Cloverdale) — #23. DNP, moves up because others lost and moved down. (laxweforget) — #23. (Richard) — #21. (thatsmell) — #21. (Youngred)

Wittenberg: Great win for the program over W&L but not quite sure how big of a win it is. Next big challenge isn't until April.. (DellMan22) — #25 -- Reluctantly and by default. (Youngred)

Colorado College: #20. Game versus Goucher is almost here. (goalielax10)

Ursinus: #20. (Youngred)

Other Teams Pollsters Considered (and comments, if any)

. Colby: #22. (Youngred)

. Skidmore:

. St. Lawrence: Have some potential and could make a statement in their game against Haverford this weekend. (DellMan22) — #21. (Richard)

. Washington College: Not a 'great' win for WAC but a good win nonetheless. Maybe they aren't as dead as people would like to think. (DellMan22)

. Ohio Wesleyan: #24. (MasonDixonLine29)

. Randolph-Macon: #25. Jumping out quickly. (minkhoo)

. Amherst: NR - My 2011 dark horse. (Swank_Lax) — #21. Don't have a ton of depth, but some players switching positions couild result in more goals. Think Colby two years ago but with better players. A very dangerous team in 2011. (wheniwasakid...)

. Goucher: Unranked. Fell out with OT loss to WAC. (thatsmell)

. St. Mary's: Unranked. Two poor outings from the Hawks raise lots of questions about a talent-laiden team. (thatsmell)

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