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Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2012

Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2013

LaxPower MD3 Forum Poll #2
February 25, 2013

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.
1Cortland (1-0)W Albright 16-4349101
2Stevenson (2-0)W Nazareth 17-11, W Hampden-Sydney 11-534872
3Tufts (0-0)28914
4Cabrini (1-0)W Haverford 18-122865
5Dickinson (2-0)W Lycoming 15-6, W St. Mary's 19-52757
6Lynchburg (2-0)W Salisbury 13-12, W F&M 6-42669
7Stevens (2-0)W Merchant Marine 14-8, W Endicott 21-92598
8RIT (0-0)2576
9Washington & Lee (4-0)W Ferrum 23-4, W CNU 12-9, W Salisbury 7-6, W Denison 8-7186NR
10Salisbury (2-2)W Greensboro 17-3, L Lynchburg 12-13, L W&L 6-7, W Widener 7-51723
11Denison (1-1)W MSJ 19-2, L W&L 7-814710
12Gettysburg (1-0)W Messiah 11-414212
13Washington College (1-0)W Goucher 16-813614t
14Western New England (0-0)12013
15Union (0-0)11814t
16tBowdoin (0-0)8818
16tTrinity (0-0)8817
18Roanoke (1-1)L St. Mary's 12-13, W Kenyon 13-58411
19Springfield (1-1)W Gordon 22-7, L Nazareth 13-154316
20St. Lawrence (0-0)3919
Others receiving votes: Nazareth (23), Connecticut College (17), Ohio Wesleyan (13), St. Mary's (8), Amherst (6), Middlebury (6), Clarkson (4), Wesleyan (3), Franklin & Marshall (2), Montclair State (2), Whittier (2), Plattsburgh (1), Widener (1)

Number of voters: 18 (AO, Big Eyed Fish, corkscrew, D-III, Dehuntshigwa'es, goalielax10, idealtin, laxdood22, LaxForNow, longstick33, minkhoo, nevadajoe, Richard, thatsmell, The Reason, valaxfan, Xking, Youngred)

Pollsters' Comments About Teams They Ranked

Cortland: No reason not to have them at #1 for the moment. (AO) — #1. Made short work of Albright. Freshman Hopps had 3g, 2a on attack. (Big Eyed Fish) — #2. Albright is supposed to be the young, up-and-coming team, but Cortland scored 16 goals and had a grand total of two points scored by seniors. (D-III) — #3. Game against Albright wasn't as close as the score would indicate; one week to prepare for Union; Dutchmen should beware. (goalielax10) — #2. Nice of Beville to schedule Albright. Good match with the Dutchmen coming, a test of great D vs. good O. (idealtin) — #1. Idle. (laxdood22) — Union coming up for next poll. (LaxForNow) — #1. Nice opening win. Ten different players found the back of the net. (longstick33) — #2. Easy start for Dragons. Schedule ramps up quickly with a trip to Union. (minkhoo) — Solid opening game effort against a worthy opponent. Will need the same against Union this week. (nevadajoe) — #1. (Richard) — #1. (thatsmell) — For now! (The Reason) — #1. (valaxfan) — #1 - Easy first outing. (Youngred)

Stevenson: #2. Seemed to control their first two games with ease. This is the team to beat in the South now. (Big Eyed Fish) — Mustangs play a tough schedule and are taking people down early. (corkscrew) — #3. Quality road win at HSC. Host two northern teams who are the favorites in their conferences this week. (D-III) — #1. Stangs take care of business as they should the past two games: Tigers and Bears (no lions) this week, OH MY. (goalielax10) — #1. Lots of contributors. More tough games coming up. (idealtin) — #2. Solid win over Nazareth. Big three games on the way. (laxdood22) — RIT and WNEU for next poll. (LaxForNow) — #2. Wins over two quality opponents. They are looking like the team to beat in the South. (longstick33) — #1. Solid start for the Mustangs. RIT and WNE visit for great intersectional match-ups. (minkhoo) — Nice road win at H-S. Should keep it rolling at home this week. (nevadajoe) — #2. Winning but look beatable. RIT should be a good one. (Richard) — #2. Off to a good start. (thatsmell) — The real deal! (The Reason) — #2. (valaxfan) — #2 - Two solid wins and a huge game Wednesday with RIT that will reveal a lot about both teams. (Youngred)

Tufts: #3. Yet to play. (Big Eyed Fish) — What effect will player suspensions have on early season? (corkscrew) — #1. (D-III) — #2. Idle. (goalielax10) — #5. Waiting with baited breath. (idealtin) — #3. Idle. Going to be interesting for the first two games missing 27 players. (laxdood22) — #10. Idle. (longstick33) — #4. Jumbos still under the big top for a while. (minkhoo) — Their preparation for the first two games must be very interesting. Or are they looking past that? (nevadajoe) — #3. (Richard) — #9. (thatsmell) — When the ineligibles can play with the eligibles, look out!! (The Reason) — #3. (valaxfan) — #9. (Youngred)

Cabrini: #7. Solid win over Haverford, and huge game against Dickinson on tap for this week. (Big Eyed Fish) — Won but gave up 12 goals to Haverford. (corkscrew) — #4. Piled up the goals on Saturday but not sure what to think of Haverford anymore. Things get real this week. If the Cavs are as good as I think and a top-4 team, they'll prove it this week. (D-III) — Great performance against the squirrels. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #5. Huge 2nd quarter helped the Cavs out. Can't play as even as they did for the other three quarters and expect to pull out two wins this week. (goalielax10) — #6. Nice start to season. Big tilt vs. Dickinson. (idealtin) — #5. Pending how Haverford's season pans out, this could work out to be a strong win for the Cavs. (laxdood22) — Dickinson and Lynchburg for next poll will help figure out where Cabrini will be. (LaxForNow) — #4. Thorpe, Elmer, and Shallow make up one of the more dangerous attacks in the country. They will be tough to beat this year. (longstick33) — #8. Solid start for the Cavaliers with good win in a tough "neighborhood" game. (minkhoo) — Good start against a rebuilding and always tough Haverford team. Face a tougher challenge against Dickinson. this week. (nevadajoe) — #4. (Richard) — #5. (thatsmell) — They won. This week will tell! (The Reason) — #5. (valaxfan) — #3 - Found their stride vs. a better than expected Haverford team. These guys are legit offensively. Defense is a bit slow and could be exploited. We'll see against Dickinson. Like this team a lot. (Youngred)

Dickinson: #5. This team has been really impressive thus far after pummeling St. Mary's. Big game on 2/27 against Cabrini. (Big Eyed Fish) — Dismantled St. Mary's in impressive shooting display. (corkscrew) — #6. If this squad had any history of postseason success, I would say this might be their year - talent everywhere. (D-III) — Dark horse to win it all. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #8. Knew they would win and start out 2-0 but not with this ease. (goalielax10) — #3. Team appears to have all the pieces this early in the season. Good one coming up vs. Cabrini. (idealtin) — #9. 2-0 heading into a top 10 match up with Cabrini. (laxdood22) — Cabrini coming up, really beat up on St. Mary's. (LaxForNow) — #9. Off to a nice start. (longstick33) — #6. Red Devils stunned a pretty good St. Mary's team. (minkhoo) — Two solid wins to start the season. (nevadajoe) — #7. Looked good demolishing St. Mary's. This team makes you believe when you see their team speed and crisp stick work. I won't get sucked in though until they show they can do it consistently. Cabrini next. (Richard) — #3. Crushed St. Mary's. Don't overlook the Devils. They return a ton of talent from last year and have something to prove this year. (thatsmell) — They scored 36 goals in two games!! (The Reason) — #4 - This team is loaded and needs to put up and shut up. If they do, this a year where they could be in the hunt for the NC -- no question. Biggest game of the year in D3 so far Wednesday vs. Cabrini. (Youngred)

Lynchburg: #6. Two pretty good wins, but the Salisbury victory is seeming less and less impressive. (Big Eyed Fish) — Good start to season with win over the Sea Gulls and over Franklin & Marshall. (corkscrew) — #8. Followed up Salisbury win with an equally impressive road win against F&M. Those are the games the Hornets have traditionally lost. (D-III) — #6. Hornet teams in the past would have still been riding high after the Salisbury win and lost that game to F&M; this team seems more focused and ready to take that next step. (goalielax10) — #8. Close game vs. F&M after beating the Gulls, they are undefeated and a top 10 rank. (idealtin) — #7. Solid program win over Salisbury. (laxdood22) — Might be a bit high, but I had them at #5. Would have liked to see them do better at F&M. Cabrini for the next poll. (LaxForNow) — #6. A huge upset over Salisbury and then squeaking by F&M. A bit of a let down after such a big win was to be expected. Cabrini up next. (longstick33) — #7. Two strong wins to open for the Hornets. (minkhoo) — Showed they can win the close ones with a gritty effort on defense. (nevadajoe) — #5. Take down Salisbury, and that earns them a place in the top 5 for now. (Richard) — #4. Look to be a contender in the ODAC. (thatsmell) — Played offense against Salisbury, defense against F&M. (The Reason) — #7 - The win vs. Salisbury is less impressive in my opinion now than it was last week. Squeaked by a decent F&M team -- parity. (Youngred)

Stevens: #4. After a bit of lame opener, the Ducks pumped Endicott, and the offense is flowing again in Hoboken. (Big Eyed Fish) — Manhandled a decent Endicott squad. (corkscrew) — #5. Can pile up the points with anyone, just like last year. Two interesting road trips this week. Should win both, but can't sleep through either. (D-III) — #4. Seems they could have put 30-plus up against Endicott if they wanted. Ducks should keep rolling this week. (goalielax10) — #4. Was a bit surprised with Merchant Marine score. Midfield is tops, and that's the way Peluso loves it. Dismantled the Gulls of Endicott. (idealtin) — #6. Strong offensive showing against Endicott yesterday. With the chance that Tufts could trip up early in the season, the Ducks could end up as the second best team in the North. (laxdood22) — Cortland and Tufts in the middle of March will help sort out Stevens. (LaxForNow) — #5. Nice to see the midfield picked up where they left off last year. Absolutely took it to Endicott. Things will get much tougher this week with trips to Dickinson and Lynchburg. (longstick33) — #5. Two impressive wins to open for the Ducks. (minkhoo) — Won two convincingly as they should have. (nevadajoe) — #6. (Richard) — #7. (thatsmell) — They scored a lot, but not against the best! (The Reason) — #5 - Taking care of business and looking strong. Thought Endicott would be tougher competition, but that may speak to how good Stevens really is. (Youngred)

RIT: #8. Opens on the road against Stevenson this week. (Big Eyed Fish) — Big game with Stevenson this week will show us if RIT has reloaded or not. (corkscrew) — #12. (D-III) — #9. Idle. (goalielax10) — #10. Starts this week, so let's wait and see. (idealtin) — #4. Idle. (laxdood22) — Stevenson for next poll. (LaxForNow) — #3. Idle. Open up Wednesday at Stevenson. That will be a great challenge for them. (longstick33) — #3. Tigers will start with a big game on the road. (minkhoo) — Let's see what they do in their tough opener vs. Stevenson. (nevadajoe) — #8. (Richard) — #6. (thatsmell) — They have not played! (The Reason) — #4. (valaxfan) — #6 - The RIT experts seem to think #6 is too high for these guys, but I don't know. We'll find out what they have vs. Stevenson. (Youngred)

Washington & Lee: #14. This team is sitting pretty at 4-0 and breaks into the top 20. These guys are getting a lot of big game experience as well. (Big Eyed Fish) — Great start to the season with two nail-biters over Salisbury and Denison, both on the road. (corkscrew) — #9. The boys from Lexington have the early inside track on the #1 seed in the South. Yes, you read that right. (D-III) — Surprise team of 2013 to some. They showed signs of this last season against Roanoke. Strong D and goal play will take you far. The offense is just warming up. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #10. Welcome to my poll and top 10, Generals; 4-0 with two impressive 1-goal wins on the road. (goalielax10) — #7. I am saluting the Generals. Watched the game vs. Gulls, and frankly they looked much better than Salisbury. (idealtin) — #15. Early season rankings are tough with so many idle teams. But when you start 4-0 with wins over Salisbury and Denison, got to give credit where credit is due. (laxdood22) — Shooting up the poll. Need to do it against Washington College to stay in top 10. (LaxForNow) — #7. 4-0 with wins over Salisbury and Denison. Look out for the Generals. (longstick33) — #11. Two road wins against ranked teams put Generals on the map. (minkhoo) — What an awesome start to the season! Hung tough on the road to get the win at Denison. (nevadajoe) — #9. Salisbury win moves the Generals up. Win vs. Denison does too. Top 10 seems a bit much, but who else can brag over two wins like that? (Richard) — #11. Nice wins over Denison and Salisbury. Appear to be a solid team this year and will be a factor in the ODAC. (thatsmell) — Beat Salisbury and Denison. (The Reason) — #13 - Great win vs. the Gulls but watching the game, albeit online, it seems to me that they are no juggernaut. I, for one, need to see some more games in order to form a better opinion. (Youngred)

Salisbury: Dropping for now, but I think they will regroup and emerge back into the T-10 at some point this season. (AO) — #15. It's now apparent that replacing last year's team is not going to be as easy as many thought it would. Now sitting at 2-2, Gettysburg is a MUST WIN this weekend. (Big Eyed Fish) — Who would have thought that the Gulls would have lost two games before March 1! Unimpressive in 2-goal victory over Widener. (corkscrew) — #10. So the Seagulls DO rebuild occasionally? (D-III) — Berkman will right the ship. I wouldn't want to play them as the season moves forward. Two losses by a goal each. Gull fans have faith this is a bump in the road for this program. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #14. It's one thing to be 2-2 in Gull land. The sky isn't falling, but scoring 13 goals total in back to back games is a little concerning IMO. (goalielax10) — #9. Two losses and a close one vs. Widener. Gulls have work to do, but I would not want to face them. (idealtin) — #8. Decent fall in my poll. I think the loss of offensive production is going to hurt them earlier than most people may think. Have not lost two in row since 2002. (laxdood22) — Wow. Need to show up and get going against Gettysburg. (LaxForNow) — #8. Two tough losses by a combined 2 goals. The Sea Gulls have a lot of work to do to get back to the top of D3. (longstick33) — #13. Not a start expected of the Gulls, but I'll bet nobody will want to play them later in the season. (minkhoo) — Gulls surprisingly anemic on offense in their first two games. Is this an omen for the entire season, or will they get on track this week? (nevadajoe) — #10. Based on performance so far, #10 is a real stretch. Benefit of the doubt keeps them here. But believe me, that is all. (Richard) — #12. Ooof. Blood in the water. Even Widener almost got in on kicking Salisbury while they are down. Lots of youth and inexperience. I see some unproven talent on the roster. But for the first time in years, Berkman doesn't have the luxury of letting them develop on the bench for two years. (thatsmell) — Will the real team standup?! (The Reason) — #15 - Speechless over the Gulls so far. It's difficult to gauge things early in the season but the Widener win speaks louder than the two losses. Saw Widener, and they are average at best. Watching the W&L game online, they clearly lack their usual firepower on offense. They better find some. (Youngred)

Denison: #11. Loses a tough one to hot W&L squad. Still a good team though. (Big Eyed Fish) — Lost close battle with W&L. (corkscrew) — #19. And just like that, it's AQ or bust for the Big Red. Even if they win out, their schedule is way too weak to gain a Pool C bid. Essentially Denison's season is now April 24 and 27. (D-III) — #13. Tough loss this week. Will take a lot of frustration out on March 1st. (goalielax10) — #13. Tough loss to a good General team. Great D as usual. (idealtin) — #12. Lost the W&L game on a man-down goal. Seemed to do everything else to win it. (laxdood22) — W&L casualty without a bunch of tough games coming up to move back up. (LaxForNow) — #11. Lost a tough one at home to W&L. A young offense will get better. (longstick33) — #12. Big Red stumble at home but still best in NCAC. (minkhoo) — Tough home opener loss to a fired-up Washington & Lee squad. (nevadajoe) — #11. (Richard) — #20. (thatsmell) — Lost to W&L! (The Reason) — #14 - Tough loss to W&L but parity has arrived in D3. (Youngred)

Gettysburg: #10. Has a decent win of Messiah. At Salisbury on Saturday will be the one to watch here. (Big Eyed Fish) — #11. Took care of business against a weak opponent in the opener led by a freshman. Should handle Goucher, and they have a great shot at taking out Salisbury. Their attack should generate enough good looks, and Salisbury's offense is not ready to exploit the Bullets' weaker-than-usual defense yet. (D-III) — #11. One game into the season, one win. Will know more after this week's games against Goucher and Salisbury. (goalielax10) — #14. Jury still out on this team. (idealtin) — #11. Opening season win. Interested to see what type of game they get from Goucher. (laxdood22) — Goucher and Salisbury looked like tougher games a week ago. (LaxForNow) — #18. A convincing win over Messiah. (longstick33) — #10. Good win to start for Bullets. (minkhoo) — Nice tune-up win to start the season. (nevadajoe) — #18. (Richard) — #18. Still want to see something from the Bullets. (thatsmell) — Beat Messiah! (The Reason) — #16 - Some good looking underclassmen on offense, but I just don't believe they have the defense to compete with D'son and WAC or the upper echelon in D3. (Youngred)

Washington College: #9. Able to come in and stick to Goucher on the road. That's the way that this team wanted to start the season. (Big Eyed Fish) — #7. Underrated right now by most. New goalie looked solid in opener. If that continues, this is a team to watch. (D-III) — #12. Big first quarter; 50-plus shots; Trapp dominated the face-off X. Good start for the Shoremen. (goalielax10) — #11. WAC is back; good to see. (idealtin) — #10. Gets a win over a Goucher team that got them twice last year, including the one that counted the most in the NCAAs. I love seeing Washington College back; hope they can hang. (laxdood22) — Goucher win good. Have hot W&L coming up for next poll. (LaxForNow) — #13. A convincing win over Goucher. (longstick33) — #15. Shoremen get the Gopher off their backs in impressive win. (minkhoo) — Impressive rout of the team that spoiled their 2012 NCAA tournament. Their March 2 game with W&L should be an early indicator of how both teams will do in their very tough conferences. (nevadajoe) — #16. Strong win vs. Goucher. I'm not sure what that means, as Goucher is unknown right now. (Richard) — #13. Nice win over Goucher, a team that had the Sho'men's number last year. (thatsmell) — Always tough! (The Reason) — #8 - This is a real dark horse team in D3. The Shoremen are not all the way back, but they're close. (Youngred)

Western New England: #16. Opens 3/2 at Stevenson. (Big Eyed Fish) — Big game vs. Stevenson coming up. (corkscrew) — #15. (D-III) — #7. Idle. (goalielax10) — #16. Saw a bunch of the players at the Springfield/Nazareth game. They behaved much better than NESCAC players at sporting events. (idealtin) — #14. Idle. They will be there all year led by a strong defense. (laxdood22) — Stevenson coming up for next poll. (LaxForNow) — #15. Idle. (longstick33) — #14. Golden Bears open at Stevenson. (minkhoo) — #13. (Richard) — #14. (thatsmell) — Always find a way! (The Reason) — #11. (Youngred)

Union: #13. Opens by hosting Cortland on Saturday, and life without Aaron begins. (Big Eyed Fish) — #13. (D-III) — #17. Idle. (goalielax10) — #21. Game vs. Red Dragons will tell me more on this team. (idealtin) — #19. Idle. Coming off a great run in 2012, they're looking for that league title in 2013. (laxdood22) — Tough opener with Cortland coming up. (LaxForNow) — #16. Idle. (longstick33) — #9. Lucky Dutchmen open with Dragons. (minkhoo) — #15. (Richard) — #10. (thatsmell) — Young but can run! (The Reason) — #12. (Youngred)

Bowdoin: #18. No games until 3/9. (Big Eyed Fish) — #14. (D-III) — #19. Idle. (goalielax10) — #12. Snow should melt by the 4th of July. I am expecting a lot here. (idealtin) — #20. Idle. (laxdood22) — #12. Idle. (longstick33) — #18. Polar Bears still out on the ice floe. (minkhoo) — #12. (Richard) — #15. (thatsmell) — Talented! (The Reason) — #10. (Youngred)

Trinity: #12. No action for a while. (Big Eyed Fish) — #21. Idle. (goalielax10) — #15. Waiting to start. (idealtin) — #21. Idle. (laxdood22) — #17. Idle. (longstick33) — #16. Bantams waiting out winter for a bit. (minkhoo) — #8. (thatsmell) — Well coached! (The Reason) — #18. (Youngred)

Roanoke: #17. Boy, this team is not off to a great start, and the ODAC could beat them up this year. (Big Eyed Fish) — Good rebound win over Kenyon. Face-offs must improve but still scoring. Defense improved over last year. (corkscrew) — #17. Like St. Mary's, likely not a Top-20 team but will leave them here for now. What is going on in Salem? I have a bad feeling. (D-III) — #15. What in the world is going on at the face-off X in Maroon land? (goalielax10) — #16. 1-1 to start the year. Everyone I ranked below them in the top 20 was idle. (laxdood22) — #14. A loss to St. Mary's to start the season is not what the Maroons were looking for. Their schedule gets real tough from here, and it's time to sink or swim. (longstick33) — #17. Slow start with surprising loss for Maroons. Two very difficult road games are next. (minkhoo) — Bounced back from a tough loss with a nice win against Kenyon. (nevadajoe) — #19. Falling. (Richard) — #19. Is the ODAC really up? Or are Noke and Salisbury just down? Even with a young roster, I think Noke should still cloud the ODAC results. (thatsmell)

Springfield: #20. Tough loss to Nazareth. With Stevens up on Saturday, this is most likely a team on it's way out of the top 20. (Big Eyed Fish) — NR- From #8 to unranked. Disappointing loss to Nazareth. Have a chance to redeem themselves this week. (D-III) — #19. Young at certain positions. More game experience and all will come together. (idealtin) — #13. A lay-up vs. Gordon followed by a close one vs. Nazareth. (laxdood22) — Couldn't get by Nazareth. Stevens coming up for next poll. (LaxForNow) — #21. (longstick33) — #24. Pride stumbles a bit out of the gate. (minkhoo) — #20. Falling. (Richard) — #17. (thatsmell) — Lost to Naz! (The Reason) — #23. (Youngred)

St. Lawrence: #21. Yet to play. (Big Eyed Fish) — #20. (D-III) — #20. Idle. (goalielax10) — #18. Waiting to start. (idealtin) — #17. Idle. Sleeper this year. (laxdood22) — #23. (longstick33) — #19. Saints about to get started. (minkhoo) — #14. (Richard) — #16. (thatsmell) — Still not convinced. (The Reason) — #17. (Youngred)

Nazareth: #19. I think this Nazareth team should be able to put up some points this year, but they've also given up 30 goals in two games. (Big Eyed Fish) — Good win over Springfield bouncing back from Stevenson loss. (corkscrew) — #23. Time will tell. (goalielax10) — #17. Beat a good Pride team, a step in the right direction. (idealtin) — #23. Will be knocking on the door all season as they are looking to get back into it. (laxdood22) — Nice win at Springfield. (LaxForNow) — #19. A 6-goal loss to Stevenson and an upset win over Springfield. The Golden Flyers could be a tough team again after a down year in 2012. (longstick33) — #20. Flyers split a pair of tough road games. (minkhoo) — WellcCoached! (The Reason) — #22. (Youngred)

Connecticut College: #23. Yet to play. (Big Eyed Fish) — #16. Idle. (goalielax10) — #25. Idle. (laxdood22) — #23. Camels await the desert sun. (minkhoo) — Could be in trouble!!! (The Reason)

Ohio Wesleyan: #24. Two very unimpressive wins thus far. Early March is the meat of their schedule, and it's gonna expose them. (Big Eyed Fish) — #18. Winning games closer than expected. Nice balance with Short and Helms on offense. Small sample size, but Gioseffi has been dominant at the X. (goalielax10) — #24. (longstick33) — Good start to the season as they work out the rotations. (nevadajoe)

St. Mary's: #16. Probably don't belong in the Top 20 but will keep them ranked until other teams start playing (and winning). (D-III) — #20. You can't win one game and then get embarrassed in the next one. (idealtin) — Beat Roanoke but got crushed by Dickinson. (LaxForNow) — #22. Which team shows for the Seahawks? Time will tell. (minkhoo) — NR. The SMC Post Upset Swoon continues. Good win over Noke and a terrible loss to Dicksinson. Tough schedule follows. Can this team ever stack some good wins together? (thatsmell) — #24 - Embarrassed by the Red Devils -- nothing more to say than that. (Youngred)

Amherst: #18. Idle. I expect them to rebound in 2013. (laxdood22) — #21. (Richard)

Middlebury: #18. (D-III) — #21. Panthers still pacing. (minkhoo) — #20. (Youngred)

Clarkson: #22. Plays Fisher on Thursday to kick of 2013. (Big Eyed Fish) — #24. Idle. Had a lot of 3 goal or less losses last year. Will that experience get them over the edge? (laxdood22) — #17. (Richard)

Wesleyan: Coming into radar range. (AO)

Franklin & Marshall: Great effort against Lynchburg. Can they do the same vs. Cabrini? (nevadajoe) — #19 - Tough loss to Lynchburg, but they have a solid team that's going to get better. (Youngred)

Montclair State: Good win over RPI. (corkscrew) — #22. Life after Meth has gone good so far; win this Saturday and the Red Hawks should be in everyone's top 20. (goalielax10)

Whittier: #24. Three games in and the loss column remains unblemished. (goalielax10) — #25. (longstick33) — Nice start to the season for the Poets. We'll see how good they are when they travel to the East Coast in March. (nevadajoe)

Plattsburgh: #20. Idle. (longstick33)

Widener: #25. Seemed to hang in there against Salisbury; just didn't have quite enough. (Big Eyed Fish) — Their defense has looked very impressive in the first two games. (nevadajoe)

Other Teams Pollsters Considered (and comments, if any)

. Eastern Connecticut: #24. (Richard)

. Babson: #25. Nice win at Skidmore. (goalielax10)

. Ithaca: #22. Waiting for season to start. (idealtin) — #22. Idle. (laxdood22) — #22. (Richard) — #21. (Youngred)

. Goucher: Have a shot to get back in with win against Gettysburg. (LaxForNow) — NR. Adjusting to life without Hannan. (thatsmell)

. McDaniel:

. Eastern: #22. (longstick33)

. Lebanon Valley: #25. Eye-opening score for the Dutchmen on the road. John Haus doing some good work in Central PA. (minkhoo)

. Adrian: #25. (Richard)

. Endicott: #23. (Richard)

. Haverford: #25 - If they can cut down on the turnovers, they could be a lot better than I thought. Played a very good Cabrini team tough except for the 2nd quarter. Three quarters will not get it done though, ever. (Youngred)

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