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Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2012

Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2013

LaxPower MD3 Forum Poll #4
March 11, 2013

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.
1Cortland (3-0)W Scranton 8-332991
2Stevenson (5-0)W Goucher 17-732752
3Dickinson (5-0)W Roanoke 15-530223
4Stevens (5-0)W Muhlenberg 11-102826
5RIT (2-1)W Brockport 9-4, W Keuka 25-52557
6Washington College (4-0)W St. Mary's 13-12, W Wesley 14-52318
7Tufts (0-1)L Hamilton 9-1021014
8Salisbury (5-2)W Ohio Wesleyan 4-32079
9Lynchburg (4-1)W Marywood 15-4, L Gettysburg 11-121995
10tWashington & Lee (5-1)W F&M 11-919010
10tGettysburg (3-1)W Lynchburg 12-1119013
12Denison (3-1)W Haverford 10-914812
13Cabrini (2-2)W Swarthmore 15-714611
14Western New England (1-1)W Salve Regina 21-412014
15Trinity (1-0)W Skidmore 11-107317
16Union (2-1)W Oneonta 15-7, W Babson 10-67019
17Connecticut College (1-0)W Bowdoin 13-1269NR
18St. Lawrence (2-1)W Adrian 10-7, L Nazareth 9-123618
19Nazareth (3-2)W Clarkson 10-7, W St. Lawrence 12-935NR
20Roanoke (1-2)L Dickinson 5-153016
Others receiving votes: Bowdoin (26), Wesleyan (26), Middlebury (16), Hampden-Sydney (8), Springfield (7), Geneseo (6), York (6), Plattsburgh (5), Mary Washington (4), Ithaca (4), Colby (3), Eastern (3), Ursinus (3), Ohio Wesleyan (2), Franklin & Marshall (1), Clarkson (1)

Number of voters: 17 (AO, Big Eyed Fish, corkscrew, D-III, Dehuntshigwa'es, Doxology, goalielax10, idealtin, laxdood22, longstick33, minkhoo, nevadajoe, Richard, thatsmell, The Reason, valaxfan, Youngred)

Pollsters' Comments About Teams They Ranked

Cortland: #1. Team had a bit of a lackluster effort against Scranton mid-week, but it seems like it was a bit of a trend, so I'll give them the benefit of the doubt. (Big Eyed Fish) — Big game vs. Stevens this week will tell if Cortland defense is for real. (corkscrew) — #1. We'll know if the Red Dragons deserve this ranking by the end of the week. (D-III) — #2. (goalielax10) — #2. Defense is solid, will get tested by Stevens this week. (idealtin) — #1. Big North region game on 3/13 with Stevens. (laxdood22) — #1. Not an impressive win against Scranton, but a win is a win. A huge match-up on Wednesday against Stevens. (longstick33) — #2. Dragons keep winning. Call them 1B. (minkhoo) — Weak effort against Scranton. Looking ahead to Stevens? (nevadajoe) — #1. (Richard) — #3. Expected more against Scranton. Looking forward to seeing this team against tougher competition. (thatsmell) — Beat Scranton by only 5 goals. (The Reason) — #1 Great to see the Red Dragons in Virginia for a game - nice touch. (valaxfan) — #1. (Youngred)

Stevenson: #2. Continues to keep rolling. (Big Eyed Fish) — Still rolling along. (corkscrew) — #2. Have piled up some impressive wins; now it's Tufts week. (D-III) — Stevenson is 5-0 and on cruise control. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #1. (goalielax10) — #1. Another notch in their belt, do the Mustangs play any away games? (idealtin) — #2. Beat up on Goucher. Things continue to look good in Maryland. (laxdood22) — #2. The Mustangs continue to roll. (longstick33) — #1. Mustangs keep winning. Call them 1A. (minkhoo) — After a slow start, dominated Goucher at home. Should stay undefeated this week. (nevadajoe) — #2. (Richard) — #1. Business as usual, beating up on Goucher. (thatsmell) — Best in the South. (The Reason) — #2. Still winning. (valaxfan) — #2. (Youngred)

Dickinson: #3. Pounds Roanoke This team is officially the real deal this year. I also think these guys have a great shot at going undefeated during the regular season. (Big Eyed Fish) — Impressive defense keeps opponents from scoring. (corkscrew) — #4. Have to be feeling good about themselves, and from what I have seen, there is a lot to like. Still, need to see them get through the week of April 10 before I am ready to believe this team is capable of reaching Philly. (D-III) — Hanley and company giving up only about 6 goals a game while the offense is putting up double digits. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #4. (goalielax10) — #3. Not only winning, but winning impressively. (idealtin) — #7. Never a ball game with Noke. Dickinson can reel off a bunch of wins in March. Offense and Cannon playing really well. (laxdood22) — #5. They dominated Roanoke. I'm not sure if that says more about Dickinson or Roanoke. (longstick33) — #3. Red Devils are winning very impressively. Scary team right now. (minkhoo) — Rolled over a really good Roanoke team. (nevadajoe) — #3. (Richard) — #2. Walloped Roanoke. (thatsmell) — 5-0 not bad! (The Reason) — #3 Shows WHY they are a top 5 team against a young Noke team. (valaxfan) — #3 - Don't know how far Roanoke has fallen, but that beat-down was impressive. (Youngred)

Stevens: #4. Big mid-week scare against a Muhlenberg team that is looking better after downing St. Mary's. Has a huge week, with Cortland and Tufts on the schedule. (Big Eyed Fish) — Big game vs. Cortland this week will tell if Stevens offense is for real. (corkscrew) — #5. Kudos to Peluso. There are a lot of coaches out there who should take a hard look at the Ducks' schedule. (D-III) — #3. (goalielax10) — #4. Close game with the Mules; however, the Ducks still came away with the W, and that's all that counts. (idealtin) — #3. Up big at the half vs. Muhlenberg then almost let it get away in the second half. Coach Peluso was not happy post-game with his tem's effort. Big one on the 13th with Cortland. (laxdood22) — #3. A little scare against Muhlenberg but stays unbeaten. Cortland on Wednesday will be a huge game. (longstick33) — #5. Ducks almost caught looking forward; that would have been a mule kick. (minkhoo) — Big test upcoming vs. Cortland. (nevadajoe) — #4. (Richard) — #5. Survived an OT scare from Muhlenberg. Not sure that this team is that good, but doubts about others have them jumping up a tad. (thatsmell) — Next Saturday will be real informing!!! (The Reason) — #4. Plays Big Red at Va. Beach Sportsplex. A win could mold their season nicely. (valaxfan) — #4. (Youngred)

RIT: #5. Another victim of mid-week sluggishness, they blasted a terrible Keuka, 25-5. (Big Eyed Fish) — #12. Still an unknown; the WNE game will tell us a lot. (D-III) — #6. (goalielax10) — #8. From what I've seen, the Tigers are pretty powerful. (idealtin) — #4. Rolled. (laxdood22) — #4. Wins over Keuka and Brockport aren't that exciting, but they are still unbeaten. (longstick33) — #4. Schedule starts to ramp up for the Tigers. (minkhoo) — Bounced back from the heartbreaking loss to Stevenson with two wins. (nevadajoe) — #5. (Richard) — #4. Need more results, but most of this ranking is based on a good performance against a known solid team of Stevenson. (thatsmell) — Played against no one this week! (The Reason) — #5. (valaxfan) — #5. (Youngred)

Washington College: #6. Moves up by default, but I'm not sold yet on this year's team. But it's definitely a program on the rise. (Big Eyed Fish) — Rolling along, with a good win over Washington & Lee. (corkscrew) — #6. Part of the three-horse race in the Centennial. (D-III) — Getting there the old fashioned way, they're earning it! (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #5. (goalielax10) — #5. The WAC is back; it's good to see. (idealtin) — #10. Good mid-week win vs. a Top 20 St. Mary's squad. (laxdood22) — #7. They are back. An overtime win against a tough St. Mary's team and a dominating win over Wesley. They are going to be tough to beat this year. (longstick33) — #7. Nearly a stumble on the western side of the Chesapeake for the Shoremen. (minkhoo) — On a nice roll before the tough conference schedule starts. (nevadajoe) — #6. (Richard) — #10. Undefeated, which is nice. (thatsmell) — 4-0 on their way!!! (The Reason) — WAC continues their winning ways. (valaxfan) — #6. (Youngred)

Tufts: One layer pulled off the onion - for now; still hopeful, but some doubts at the moment. (AO) — #7. Loses opener to Hamilton, for a really disappointing start to the season. Still has to face Conn. College short-handed. (Big Eyed Fish) — Loss to Hamilton drops the Jumbos no matter who was on or off the field. (corkscrew) — #3. To be critical of Tufts after these first two games is to ignore the Elephant in the room. No pun intended. (D-III) — #8. (goalielax10) — #9. This team will be there in the end. (idealtin) — #5. By the looks in the Forum and the box score, Tufts played without many starters but still lost by only one. (laxdood22) — #13. I'm not sure why 85% of the people who picked games here thought they would win against Hamilton. The suspensions are really going to put the Jumbos in a hole to start the season. (longstick33) — #6. How to look at the first two games with a very shorthanded team? I think the Jumbos will show they are an elite team after the suspensions. (minkhoo) — Valiant effort with a depleted team and a tougher test coming up this week against Conn. College. Could be an 0-2 start with a road trip to Stevens on the weekend. (nevadajoe) — #11. (Richard) — #14. Drop this week due to the loss to Hamilton. Should bounce back as the season progresses and personnel get back on the field. (thatsmell) — Scored 9 without their scorers. (The Reason) — Surprising loss drops Tufts out of Top 5. (valaxfan) — #7 - In spite of the loss to Hamilton, they'll stay here. Outside of the Top 6, there don't seem to be any real contenders right now. (Youngred)

Salisbury: Wanted to see a bigger win over OWU to validate my T-10 hopes. (AO) — #9. Only a 4-3 win over OWU, the team is really hurting from injuries and inexperience. (Big Eyed Fish) — Scoring is a problem. Who would have thought? (corkscrew) — #10. Ranked behind Lynchburg, Gettysburg and W&L because they have two losses. (D-III) — #11. (goalielax10) — #6. I'm thinking the ship is pointed in the right direction. Injuries might be the downfall; however, they are winning now. (idealtin) — #9. Learning how to grind. (laxdood22) — #6. Struggled in their game against OWU. The offense continues to struggle. Too many forced turnovers and low percentage shots. They need to find an identity. (longstick33) — #8. Gulls still struggling to score goals but getting it done with defense. (minkhoo) — Two really tough games ahead this week. They will need to find some offense to be successful. (nevadajoe) — #9. (Richard) — #13. I know Clark is out. But four goals against OWU? Concordia-Wisconsin scored 6 and Aurora scored 9 against the Bishops. (thatsmell) — Waiting for their offense to show up! (The Reason) — #10 - 4-3 vs. OWU? #8 - #13 could go in any order. (Youngred)

Lynchburg: #8. Surprised by a much improved Gettysburg. This is a good team, but they will find themselves in a good amount of close games this year. Question is, can they win all of them? (Big Eyed Fish) — Loss to Gettysburg drops the Hornets. (corkscrew) — #7. Lynchburg, W&L, Salisbury and Gettysburg are difficult to separate at this point. (D-III) — Sure to regroup, especially if Lisicky gets healthy. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #9. (goalielax10) — #12. Neck and neck with the Bullets. (idealtin) — #6. In a hole early, dug out of it but couldn't find the net in the final minute and fell to G'Burg. (laxdood22) — #10. A tough one-goal loss to Gettysburg. They need Lisicky back to solidify the defense. The offense is putting up some nice goal totals. (longstick33) — #10. Despite getting outplayed for three quarters, Hornets nearly pull out a big win on the road. (minkhoo) — Tough road loss to a continually improving G'burg squad. (nevadajoe) — #7. (Richard) — #6. Tough loss to G-burg, but a solid resume otherwise, so far. (thatsmell) — Lost to Gettysburg! (The Reason) — Hornets take the Bullets on the chin. (valaxfan) — #12 - Surprised at the loss to G-burg. (Youngred)

Washington & Lee: #15. Does a nice job handling F&M and should be fine heading into their 3/27 game with Lynchburg. (Big Eyed Fish) — Loss to Washington College exposes Generals' lack of offense. (corkscrew) — #8. See Lynchburg comment. (D-III) — Another good win for the Generals against a tough F&M team. Offense starting to gel; D and Berenis may bend but don't break. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #7. (goalielax10) — #7. Tough loss to WAC, but a gritty show of gamesmanship vs. the Diplomats. (idealtin) — #14. One-goal game at the start of fourth vs. Wash, but couldn't hang at the end. 1-1 for the week. (laxdood22) — #11. A nice win over F&M. Pagglia is a nice player, and his presence this week surely helped the Generals. (longstick33) — #11. Good bounce-back for Generals after a tough start. (minkhoo) — Looks like they are back in their early-season form with a good win over F&M. (nevadajoe) — #8. (Richard) — #11. Resume appears to be pretty good so far. Should be in the mix in the ODAC. (thatsmell) — 5-1 is the reason they are still in the top 10! (The Reason) — Generals play a better 2nd half and continue to win. (valaxfan) — #9 - Less than inspiring vs. F&M. Fortunate to get a win. (Youngred)

Gettysburg: #10. Picks a really big win over Lynchburg. This team is better after a down year last season, but still not quite there though. (Big Eyed Fish) — Nice win over Lynchburg. (corkscrew) — #9. See Lynchburg comment. (D-III) — A little surprised the Bullets took down Lynchburg. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #12. (goalielax10) — #11. Bullets are starting to hit their stride. (idealtin) — #8. Jumps into my Top 10 with the Lynchburg win. (laxdood22) — #9. A great win over a tough Lynchburg team. Getting back on track after last week's loss. (longstick33) — #9. Bullets hang on for a good win over a tough Hornet squad. (minkhoo) — Good win over Lynchburg moves them up. (nevadajoe) — #10. (Richard) — #15. Bump up with a win over L'burg. (thatsmell) — Back where they belong! (The Reason) — Hornets take the Bullets on the chin. (valaxfan) — #11 - Almost blew a huge lead against the Hornets, but they are clearly headed in the right direction -- should come as no surprise. (Youngred)

Denison: #13. 3OT win over Haverford is not overly impressive, but a win is a win. (Big Eyed Fish) — Haverford almost beats Denison, but Denison holds on! (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #10. (goalielax10) — #14. Took 3OT to beat the Fords - giving this team the benefit of the doubt. (idealtin) — #12. Wild one in PA for the Big Red. (laxdood22) — #12. Got taken to 3OT by Haverford on the road. Ten penalties is something they are going to have to address. A better team will take advantage of those chances. (longstick33) — #13. Big Red slip by the Black Squirrels. (minkhoo) — It's hard to win in OT on the road, but this team pulled it off at Haverford. (nevadajoe) — #12. (Richard) — #16. #OT scare from Haverford keeps Denison in the top 20. (thatsmell) — Took three OTs to beat Haverford! (The Reason) — Close win. (valaxfan) — #14 - Very unimpressed by this team vs. Haverford. Perhaps the weakest Denison team I've seen in the last 6-7 years. (Youngred)

Cabrini: #12. Picks up a much needed win over Swarthmore. Plays Gettysburg and Cortland this week. Last chances to prove they are elite. (Big Eyed Fish) — Big game vs. Gettysburg coming up. (corkscrew) — #15. Cavs get a chance at redemption this week. (D-III) — #15. (goalielax10) — #16. Only problem here is that they play all the tough competition early, but that is what happens with certain conferences. (idealtin) — #11. Picks up a much needed win after dropping three in row. (laxdood22) — #8. They were a bit overrated in the beginning of the season. I think they are going to continue to drop as the season goes on. Their schedule does them no favors down the road. (longstick33) — #16. Cavaliers out-of-conference schedule ramps up this week. (minkhoo) — We shall see how this team measures up after the games vs. G'burg and Cortland. (nevadajoe) — #17. (Richard) — #9. (thatsmell) — #13 - G-burg on Wednesday is a must-win for the sake of credibility. Defense continues to be an issue. (Youngred)

Western New England: #16. Western New England finds their offense against Salve Regina. Road games against Trinity and RIT this week will show us what they're made of. (Big Eyed Fish) — #13. Four straight difficult road games in the next 12 days. We'll know where this team belongs after that. (D-III) — #13. (goalielax10) — #10. Defense wins here. Some good ones next weekend in Rochester. (idealtin) — #13. Not a shocking one for the Golden Bears, rolling over Salve. (laxdood22) — #14. 1-0 this week. Took care of business against Salve Regina. (longstick33) — #12. Four tough games in a row coming for the Golden Bears. (minkhoo) — #13. (Richard) — #12. After a loss to Steve U, heal up with a win over Salve. (thatsmell) — They are still a top team in the North! (The Reason) — Four tough games in a row coming up. (valaxfan) — #8 - Here by default, probably way too high. (Youngred)

Trinity: #11. Slips back a little bit after a close win over Skidmore. I'm beginning to think I've had this team over-ranked. (Big Eyed Fish) — Escapes Skidmore. (corkscrew) — #16. (goalielax10) — #15. Opening season win. (laxdood22) — #17. Barely beat a down Skidmore team. (longstick33) — #15. Closer out of the gate than expected for the Bantams. (minkhoo) — #7. Skid by the Thoroughbreds in OT int heir first game of the season. (thatsmell) — NESCAC opening this week! (The Reason)

Union: #14. So there is some offense, or Oneonta's D is that bad. Probably the latter. Gets a win over Babson as well. (Big Eyed Fish) — #15. Rebounded against a decent Babson team. Should be an interesting contrast in styles when they meet Springfield. (D-III) — #17. (goalielax10) — #18. Laid an egg vs. Cortland. First game out of the box for sure. Better efforts vs. Oneonta and Babson. (idealtin) — #19. Solid win over Babson. (laxdood22) — #18. Hanging on. 2-0 this week against average teams. (longstick33) — #14. Dutchmen bounce back from tough opener. (minkhoo) — #14. (Richard) — #22. (thatsmell) — Better than they showed against Cortland! (The Reason) — Bounces back with wins. Has 3 of 4 telling games coming up. (valaxfan) — #15 - Decent win over Babson, I guess. Someone thinks Babson is an OK team around here. (Youngred)

Connecticut College: Good win over always tough Bowdoin. (AO) — #17. Conn. College picks up a great season opening victory against Bowdoin. Has a great chance to steal one from a short-handed Tufts squad. That would really put them in a good spot as far as NESCAC competition goes. (Big Eyed Fish) — #11. Not easy to travel to Maine and win - very impressive. Huge week, two home games. Should be favorite to win both and put themselves in the driver seat for the #1 seed in the NESCAC. (D-III) — #14. (goalielax10) — #13. Getting the benefit of a short Jumbo team; should be 2-0 after this week. (idealtin) — #21. (laxdood22) — #15. Nice win for the Camels. 1-0. (longstick33) — #17. Very strong win on the road for Camels. (minkhoo) — Good opener vs. Bowdoin. (nevadajoe) — #17. Get a nice win over Bowdoin. (thatsmell) — Big win against Bowdoin!!! (The Reason) — Starts season with BIG win. (valaxfan) — #17 - See Midd. (Youngred)

St. Lawrence: #19. Drops one to Nazareth out of conference. They'll have a tough one against Bowdoin this week. (Big Eyed Fish) — Loss to Nazareth is troubling for a team with such high expectations. (corkscrew) — #19. Handled by Nazareth. The Bowdoin game will be intense; two teams desperate for a win. (D-III) — #25. (goalielax10) — #21. (idealtin) — #20. Tough drop to Naz. Only 6-24 at the X, and goalies only mange two saves for the day, and 14 shots in 4th only netting three. (laxdood22) — #21. (longstick33) — #20. Larries lose a tough one. (minkhoo) — #19. (Richard) — #8. (thatsmell) — Meat of schedule coming up. (valaxfan) — #19 - Did not think they'd lose to Nazareth. If they're any good, we'll find out this week vs. Bowdoin and Midd. (Youngred)

Nazareth: #20. Has a great week with wins over Clarkson and St. Lawrence. The key for Nazareth will be to keep playing at a high level and be consistent. (Big Eyed Fish) — Solid win over St. Lawrence. (corkscrew) — #16. Inconsistent, but three solid wins outweighs the terrible loss to Geneseo for now. (D-III) — #23. (goalielax10) — #20. From what I saw on Sunday, this is a top 20 team for sure (probably higher). (idealtin) — #17. I think they have held strong in their first five. (laxdood22) — #19. Two big wins this week over good Liberty League teams. (longstick33) — #18. Two solid wins this week for the Flyers. (minkhoo) — #15. (Richard) — Beat St. Lawrence! (The Reason) — #18 - Good win vs. SLU but not really sure how good they are. (Youngred)

Roanoke: Fragile T-20 status crashed after 15-5 loss to Dickinson. (AO) — #21. Get's crushed by an outstanding Dickinson squad. They'll have a week to get ready for Salisbury. (Big Eyed Fish) — Handled by Dickinson. Maroons must find identity quickly. (corkscrew) — #24. (goalielax10) — #18. Really tough start to the season for Noke. (laxdood22) — They should get through the next two games before being tested by Salisbury. They need to find some consistency by the time the ODAC gets going. (nevadajoe) — NR. A young team in Salem. But I still expect them to make life difficult in the ODAC. (thatsmell)

Bowdoin: #23. Tough way to start the season, but this is a good team that should bounce back. (Big Eyed Fish) — Tough beginning for new coach. (corkscrew) — #17. Bad home loss to start the season, and they are not playing their traditionally tough out-of-conference schedule, so the room for error is gone. (D-III) — #21. (goalielax10) — #23. (laxdood22) — #16. 0-1 tough loss to Conn College. (longstick33) — #22. (minkhoo) — #18. (Richard) — Too many penalties! (The Reason) — #22- Obviously, I don't know anything about the NESCAC. (Youngred)

Wesleyan: My T-20 dark horse. (AO) — #22. Playing strong with two opening wins and should be tough as usual in the NESCAC. (Big Eyed Fish) — #20. They didn't face world beaters but have to be feeling good at 2-0 in the NESCAC. (D-III) — #18. (goalielax10) — #19. 2-0 even if it is against the weakest of the NESCAC teams. A nice start to the season. (idealtin) — #16. (Richard) — #18. Off to a 2-0 start. (thatsmell) — A very productive weekend! (The Reason)

Middlebury: #18. Not a lot to love on Saturday, but the Panthers traditionally struggle in the opener against Bates, so benefit of the doubt for now. (D-III) — #15. Probably a little high here, but beating Bates in Lewiston accounts for something. (idealtin) — #21. (minkhoo) — #16 - Will take a few games to get a feel for the NESCAC for sure. (Youngred)

Hampden-Sydney: #20. (goalielax10) — They have had a solid start to the season. (nevadajoe)

Springfield: Nothing in results yet to validate a T-20 vote. (AO) — #25. Idle, but faces Middlebury and Union this week. (Big Eyed Fish) — #16. Idle. (laxdood22)

Geneseo: Win over Nazareth keeps them alive. (corkscrew) — #25. (laxdood22)

York: Let's see what they have for Salisbury on Wednesday. (nevadajoe) — #20. Expected a larger margin against R-MC, but still 4-1, entering contest against Salisbury. A young team to watch. (thatsmell)

Plattsburgh: #19. (goalielax10) — #20. 4-0 against average competition. (longstick33) — #19. Great start for the Cardinals. (minkhoo) — #23. (Richard)

Mary Washington: #21. Off to another nice start in Fredericksburg. Seem to have put the early loss behind them and playing some good ball right now. (thatsmell)

Ithaca: #17. Solid out of the gate; has a few easy ones to start. (idealtin) — #22. (laxdood22) — #23. (minkhoo) — #21. (Richard) — #21 - Really shouldn't lose until they play Cortland. (Youngred)

Colby: #18. Into the top 20, they're one of a handful of team's that are going to be fringe top 20 teams. (Big Eyed Fish)

Eastern: #22. (longstick33) — Let's see how they fare against the Bullets this week. (nevadajoe) — #22. (Richard) — #24 - This program has made great strides. Huge litmus test on Friday vs. G-burg. One could say it's the biggest game in this program's history. (Youngred)

Ursinus: #25. (minkhoo) — #19. Competition will ramp up soon, but is it a surprise that Coach Steel has Ursinus off to a 3-0 start? (thatsmell) — #25 - Beaten no one, but they're 3-0, so why not. (Youngred)

Ohio Wesleyan: #22. (goalielax10) — #23. (longstick33) — Played great defense and almost edged by Salisbury. (nevadajoe)

Franklin & Marshall: NR. 2-2 but appear to be a scrappy team that could play spoiler in the Centennial. (thatsmell) — #20 - They're probably feeling like they let one get away vs. the Generals. (Youngred)

Clarkson: #24. (laxdood22) — #20. (Richard) — #23 - No idea how good this team is. (Youngred)

Other Teams Pollsters Considered (and comments, if any)

. Keene State: #24. Is playing good lacrosse to start the season and will likely take the Little East. (Big Eyed Fish)

. Haverford: #24. (longstick33)

. Whittier: #25. (longstick33)

. Montclair State: #24. (minkhoo) — #25. (Richard)

. Christopher Newport: Up-and-coming program with some early season success. (nevadajoe)

. Widener:

. Babson: #24. (Richard)

. St. Mary's: NR. Meh. Laid a dud at Mulhlenberg. Salisbury may be "down" by standards, but everyone else in the CAC is up. Have some work to do if they want to be competitive in conference. (thatsmell)

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