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Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2012

Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2013

LaxPower MD3 Forum Poll #8
April 8, 2013

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.
1Cortland (10-0)W WNEC 16-5, W Oneonta 13-6378171
2Dickinson (10-0)W Haverford 9-83502
3Tufts (8-2)W Babson 16-5, W Williams 12-7, W Middlebury 14-1333923
4Stevenson (11-1)W Salisbury 10-8, W Alvernia 24-03304
5RIT (9-2)W Geneseo 17-4, W Rensselaer 13-53075
6Salisbury (11-3)L Stevenson 8-10, W Mary Wash. 20-42666
7Stevens (8-2)W St. John Fisher 10-82578
8Washington College (9-1)W Muhlenberg 13-42349
9Cabrini (7-3)W Centenary 25-5, W Denison 13-822311
10Washington & Lee (10-2)W Bridgewater 27-121310
11Lynchburg (9-3)W Randolph 17-2, L Roanoke 8-92067
12Middlebury (8-2)W NEC 16-8, W Amherst 10-8, L Tufts 13-1418113
13Denison (8-2)W Oberlin 12-3, L Cabrini 8-1313312
14Connecticut College (7-2)W UMass Dartmouth 11-5, W Montclair 11-910516t
15Plattsburgh (9-3)L St. Lawrence 8-11, W Oswego 11-105619
16Ithaca (7-3)W Alfred 12-2, L Nazareth 8-154314
17Gettysburg (6-4)W Swarthmore 12-64216t
18Franklin & Marshall (7-3)W McDaniel 7-341NR
19Wesleyan (8-2)W Farmingdale 16-3, W Colby 13-1240NR
20Roanoke (8-3)W Shenandoah 22-5, W Lynchburg 9-836NR
Others receiving votes: Bowdoin (35), Widener (30), St. Lawrence (28), Mary Washington (23), Nazareth (18), York (18), Hampden-Sydney (15), St. John Fisher (13), Eastern (7), Western New England (6), Clarkson (6), Union (6), St. Mary's (4), Endicott (1)

Number of voters: 19 (AO, Big Eyed Fish, corkscrew, D-III, Dehuntshigwa'es, Doxology, goalielax10, idealtin, laxdood22, LaxForNow, longstick33, minkhoo, nevadajoe, Richard, thatsmell, The Reason, valaxfan, Xking, Youngred)

Pollsters' Comments About Teams They Ranked

Cortland: #1. (Big Eyed Fish) — #2. (D-III) — Dragons cruise to an undefeated regular season. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — Still top dog. (Doxology) — #1. (goalielax10) — #1. Winning at game's end when it counts. Mark of very good teams is that they show constant improvement, and the Red Dragons are doing that. (idealtin) — #1. Pair of wins this past week still rolling. (laxdood22) — #1. (LaxForNow) — #1. After dominating WNE, they let Oneonta hang around for a half before putting them away. (longstick33) — #1. Dragons just keep winning. (minkhoo) — Two really solid wins last week, and they seem to be getting better as the season rolls on. Should continue on with two more conference wins this week. (nevadajoe) — #1. (Richard) — #1. Good win over WNEC. (thatsmell) — They should stay undefeated until NCAAs. (The Reason) — #1. Easy week for No. 1 team. (valaxfan) — #1 - Should run the table with no problems. (Youngred)

Dickinson: #2. (Big Eyed Fish) — So many close wins. They won't last forever. (corkscrew) — #3. (D-III) — Three tough games remain: G'burg, WAC, F&M. If they can win those games, SOS could get them the #1 spot. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — A lot closer against Haverford than I would have thought; looking too far ahead to the Bullets? (Doxology) — #2. (goalielax10) — #2. Gotta win the 1-goal games ,and Red Devils have done that to the tune of still undefeated. (idealtin) — #5. Still a lot of big games left. (laxdood22) — #3. (LaxForNow) — #2. They keep on winning. Lots of close games lately and two huge Centennial match-ups next on the schedule. If they are going to slip up, it could be this week. (longstick33) — #2. Kings of the one-goal wins, so far. (minkhoo) — Does their close win over Haverford mean they are vulnerable with two really tough conference opponents coming up this week on the road? (nevadajoe) — #2. Recent performance is reminding me of last season. Where is that offense? (Richard) — #2. Sneaks by Haverford. Four one-goal wins against mediocre competition. Like so see this team start putting away lesser competition like it did earlier in the season. (thatsmell) — This week should tell all. (The Reason) — #3. Wins close one to continue top 5 spot. (valaxfan) — #2 - Not putting teams away is going to comeback and hurt the Red Devils if they're not careful. Statement game on Saturday with WAC, going out on a limb, but I say they cook the Geese in grand fashion. (Youngred)

Tufts: #3. (Big Eyed Fish) — #1. (D-III) — Clear-cut NESCAC favorite at this point. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — Great week for the Jumbos. (Doxology) — #3. (goalielax10) — #3. Got by a tough Panther squad. Loves transition lacrosse. (idealtin) — #2. Big win holding on late yesterday over Midd. (laxdood22) — #2. (LaxForNow) — #5. 3-0 this week. Undefeated as a full-strength team. (longstick33) — #3. Strong team with a full squad. (minkhoo) — Played tough in holding off a determined upset bid by Middlebury. Winning the close ones now bodes well for the tournament. (nevadajoe) — #3. (Richard) — #4. Nice win over a solid Midd team- playing well in the heart of NESCAC schedule. (thatsmell) — Another three wins in six days. (The Reason) — #2. Shows toughness with big win over Panthers. (valaxfan) — #3 - The train keeps rolling. (Youngred)

Stevenson: #4. (Big Eyed Fish) — #4. (D-III) — 4/9 Roanoke up next shouldn't be an issue for a #3 team. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — Solid week though a bit close with Lynchburg. (Doxology) — #4. (goalielax10) — #4. Since the Maroons beat Lynchburg, the game on the 6th should be a great one. (idealtin) — #3. If I counted correctly, five wins over Salisbury in their last 13 match-ups (regular/post-season). (laxdood22) — #4. (LaxForNow) — #3. Went to Salisbury and almost let a 5-goal lead slip away from them. Still only have the one loss on their record. (longstick33) — #4. Great win at Salisbury. (minkhoo) — Really good win over Salisbury. They travel to Roanoke mid-week to face that seemingly resurgent team. (nevadajoe) — #4.Hanging tough with some very good wins. Should have hammered Salisbury but instead let them back into the game. Need to finish a full 60 minutes. (Richard) — #3. A great week by any standards as the Steves knock off SU and Lynchburg. Should be battle tested come tourney time. (thatsmell) — Beat Salisbury, should roll into the NCAAs. (The Reason) — #4. Mustangs big comeback propels them over Gulls. (valaxfan) — #4 - Really interesting game with a resurgent Roanoke tomorrow. Should win out. (Youngred)

RIT: #5. (Big Eyed Fish) — #5. (D-III) — Still only two losses to Cortland and Stevenson, both by a goal and BOTH on the road. Nice place to be in the stretch rarely in the conversation to win it all but should be. Ithaca 4/10. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #5. (goalielax10) — #5. Closer score with RPI than I thought, but hey, that is what league play is all about. (idealtin) — #4. Rolling. Only two losses to top 5 teams. Things are going to be fun over the next month. (laxdood22) — #5. (LaxForNow) — #4. Beat up on Geneseo and RPI this week. Clearly the class of the Liberty. (longstick33) — #5. Just two OT losses to T5 teams. (minkhoo) — Two convincing wins last week. They need to be on their game at Ithaca on Wednesday or an upset could happen. (nevadajoe) — #5. (Richard) — #5. Brushed Geneseo and RPI aside. (thatsmell) — Only lost to teams above them. (The Reason) — #5. Two nice wins keeps them in top 5. (valaxfan) — #5 Prohibitive favorite in all their games the rest of the way. Face a desperate Ithaca on Wednesday. (Youngred)

Salisbury: #7. (Big Eyed Fish) — #6. (D-III) — Ar 11-3, they can't be any higher. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — Have rebounded after a rough start but got tripped up by the Mustangs. (Doxology) — #11. (goalielax10) — #6. WOTS this year should be interesting. Team is progressing the way great teams do. (idealtin) — #9. A lock for the post-season, but how are the going to get better between now and then vs. the top tier of D-III? They always seems to work everything out in April for a May run. (laxdood22) — #6. (LaxForNow) — #6. The Sea Gulls seem to be finding their groove on offense. After dropping a tough two-goal game to Stevenson, they absolutely destroyed 17th-ranked Mary Washington. (longstick33) — #7. Tough loss to Stevenson at home. (minkhoo) — Gulls seem to be getting their offense in sync as they head into the stretch. (nevadajoe) — #7.Got back into the Stevenson game, but the offense needs work. (Richard) — #9. Gulls showed some moxie coming back from huge deficit to Stevie only to lose in the last minutes. UMW gets the Gulls full attention and get pounded into submission. WOTS circled in red and highlighted on the Gull's calendar. (thatsmell) — No challenges until last game. (The Reason) — Lets down against Mustangs. (valaxfan) — #6 - Gulls will have something to say before it's over in the South. (Youngred)

Stevens: #6. (Big Eyed Fish) — #8. (D-III) — Could be higher both loses to top 4 teams. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #8. (goalielax10) — #8. Fisher had a great game plan vs. the Ducks; they just didn't execute it for four quarters. Solid offensively. (idealtin) — #6. Solid win over SJF. (laxdood22) — #9. (LaxForNow) — #7. Only loss is to #1 and #4. They need a win over a top-ranked team to take it to the next level, but they just don't have one left on their schedule. (longstick33) — #6. Best in the E8. (minkhoo) — Now 2-0 in conference with a tough schedule ahead. (nevadajoe) — #8. (Richard) — #10. Would have ranked higher, but lack of quality wins leaves doubt. (thatsmell) — Should remain in top 10 till the tournament. (The Reason) — Wins easily. (valaxfan) — #7. (Youngred)

Washington College: #8. (Big Eyed Fish) — Big games coming up. Blowout loss to F&M is concerning. (corkscrew) — #7. (D-III) — With only 1 loss, they have to be ahead of those with 3. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #6. (goalielax10) — #10. Big games coming up for the Sho'men, and they could move higher or lower depending on the outcome. (idealtin) — #11. Back in the win column. Good race in store. (laxdood22) — #11. (LaxForNow) — #8. Bounced back after their first loss. Dickinson game next Sat. is a huge match-up for Centennial Conf. seeding and their Pool C resume. (longstick33) — #8. Four tough games coming up. (minkhoo) — Nice win last week. Need to really be focused on their two games coming up this week. (nevadajoe) — #10. The upcoming four games are tough ones. Go three and one, and I'm convinced that the Shoremen are back. (Richard) — #6. Continue to win as Centennial schedule really ramps up. Doesn't necessarily pass my eye test as the #6 team in the nation, but it's hard to argue with their results or the mojo rising on the shore! (thatsmell) — Three of last five games could be trouble. (The Reason) — Takes down the M's. (valaxfan) — #10 - Showdown with Dickinson on Saturday. (Youngred)

Cabrini: #9. (Big Eyed Fish) — #12. (D-III) — 7-3 playing well. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — Convincing win over the Big Red. (Doxology) — #10. (goalielax10) — #7. Moves up the most in my poll after taking care of Denison in a pretty easy way. (idealtin) — #7. Heavy schedule early, paying off late. (laxdood22) — #7. (LaxForNow) — #10. Nice win over Denison, and they won a game against previously unbeaten Centenary. (longstick33) — #10. Now heading into the easier CSAC portion of the schedule. (minkhoo) — Good win against the last challenge they will have until the tournament. Should we worry that they will lose their edge playing the conference foes over their next five games? (nevadajoe) — #9.Tough as nails team. Nobody wants to see these guys at any time. This might be too low a ranking. (Richard) — #11. (thatsmell) — No challenges the rest of the way. (The Reason) — Takes down Denison. (valaxfan) — #9 - Buried Denison in their last tough game. They definitely ramped up their out-of-conference schedule; no one can complain about that. (Youngred)

Washington & Lee: #12. (Big Eyed Fish) — #9. (D-III) — Moving up as others stumble ... ODAC is a 3-way horse race for now. 4/20 with Roanoke for home field advantage in ODAC championship play. Have beaten the #6, 12, 19 and 17 teams. Berenis and the D are the key. Strong pool C resume to date if not the AQ. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — Like Lynchburg, are they about to come back down? Two tests remain on their schedule and losses to either could really hurt them. (Doxology) — #7. (goalielax10) — #11. Have to beat the Maroons to keep good ranking. (idealtin) — #13. Good ODAC game on Saturday. A W&L win really jams things atop that conference. (laxdood22) — #10. (LaxForNow) — #9. 2-0 this week. (longstick33) — #11. Exam break. (minkhoo) — Still right there in the hunt for the ODAC title. (nevadajoe) — #6. (Richard) — #7. Not the sexy pick in the ODAC between the flashy Hornets and the young (late surging?) Maroons, but the Gennies are a well rounded team. Strong in all areas. No glaring weaknesses. Will be a tough out come NCAA time. (thatsmell) — Could be most improved team this year! (The Reason) — Generals off for exam week. (valaxfan) — #8 - Suddenly they have Roanoke to worry about. ODAC is up for grabs. (Youngred)

Lynchburg: Loss to Roanoke hurts. (AO) — #11. (Big Eyed Fish) — #11. (D-III) — 3rd loss moves them down, especially to an unranked team. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — In spite of beating Salisbury and playing Stevenson tough, they have been welcomed back to Earth. (Doxology) — #9. (goalielax10) — #12. Hornets always start year off great and seem to fizzle towards end. (idealtin) — #8. If Roanoke continues to roll off wins, that loss doesn't look so bad. HS is still on the docket as well. (laxdood22) — #8. (LaxForNow) — #11. The loss to Roanoke could be cause for concern. It takes them out of the top spot in the ODAC. (longstick33) — #9. No longer lead horse in the ODAC? (minkhoo) — Does their third loss mean they have to win the AQ to get invited to the tournament? (nevadajoe) — #12. I might have dropped the Hornets too much here. They have some very good wins so far, but I'm not sure what the Roanoke loss means yet. (Richard) — #8. The young Maroons snuck up on the Hornets in the ever-interesting ODAC. Conference tourney should be a battle. (thatsmell) — Surprising loss to Noke sends Hornets down the poll. (valaxfan) — #12 - Very disappointing loss to the Maroons. Four-team race in the ODAC. (Youngred)

Middlebury: #10. (Big Eyed Fish) — #10. (D-III) — 8-2 likely Pool C if not AQ. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #12. (goalielax10) — #9. Couldn't hang for the whole game with Tufts. Lack of ride in first half resulted in easy goals for Tufts, perhaps because the Jumbos love the transition game. (idealtin) — #12. Great comeback fell short in the end in a busy weekend for the Panthers. They are back, that's for sure. (laxdood22) — #12. (LaxForNow) — #12. One goal away from a perfect week. The loss to Tufts on Sunday is just their second blemish. They will be there in May. (longstick33) — #12. Perhaps losing a bit of momentum. (minkhoo) — Gave Tufts all they could handle and seemed to just run out of time. (nevadajoe) — #11.Tough loss at Tufts. Should finish regular season with four straight. (Richard) — #12. Solid team. Not necessarily elite, but solid. (thatsmell) — Great game against Tufts; almost won it. (valaxfan) — #11 - SHOULD win out. (Youngred)

Denison: #15. (Big Eyed Fish) — Loss to Cabrini and no big wins drops Big Red. (corkscrew) — #18. (D-III) — Two losses to top 20 teams, not a win within the top 20. They must win the AQ or there is no post-season this year. No more free rides. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — Still a very good team, but will goalie questions catch up to them? (Doxology) — #15. (goalielax10) — #17. Loss to Cabrini is probably because they don't see much good competition more than they are not good. (idealtin) — #10. Cabrini controlled that game. Few good ones left for the Big Red. (laxdood22) — #16. (LaxForNow) — #13. The loss to Cabrini proves that they are not quite top 10 or elite just yet. (longstick33) — NR. Best win against St. Mary's. (minkhoo) — Loss to Cabrini should be their last of the season, as they now go about capturing the North Coast AQ. (nevadajoe) — #13. Weak schedule and loss to Cabrini moves the Big Red down a couple of spots. (Richard) — #13. Solid, but not extraordinary team. (thatsmell) — Easy end of the season. (The Reason) — Losses and falls. (valaxfan) — #19 - Not a strong team by Denison's standards. Easily handled by Cabrini. (Youngred)

Connecticut College: #13. (Big Eyed Fish) — #15. (D-III) — #13. (goalielax10) — #13. Camels haven't lost in a while but have yet to play the 'hard' part of their schedule either. (idealtin) — #14. Couple out of conference wins. Only one loss in the conference. (laxdood22) — #18. Knocked off previously unbeaten UMass-Dartmouth. (longstick33) — #14. Not quite sure where to put the Camels; best win was against a depleted Tufts squad. (minkhoo) — Great win over Montclair State. (nevadajoe) — #17. (Richard) — #14. (thatsmell) — Could host NESCAC tournament!! (The Reason) — #14 - In the driver's seat in the NESCAC. (Youngred)

Plattsburgh: #23. (Big Eyed Fish) — #14. (D-III) — 9-3 solid season. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #15. I think St. Lawrence is a solid team, but they need to win games like that to prove true separation from the bottom fifth of the top 20. (laxdood22) — #15. Lost a penalty-filled midweek game with SLU. Came back with a tough SUNYAC win without their starting goalie, who was suspended for the game. (longstick33) — #20. Good wins against Conn College and Clarkson keep them in T20. (minkhoo) — Like teams that can take the OT pressure and win games that way. (nevadajoe) — #16. Hanging tough. (Richard) — #18. Part of the muddled middle. (thatsmell) — #22 - Seems to be losing some momentum. (Youngred)

Ithaca: #20. (Big Eyed Fish) — Bad loss to Nazareth bombs the Bombers. (corkscrew) — Just as good as any other 7-3 team. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #24. (goalielax10) — #19. Took it hard vs. Golden Flyers. Long should have pulled his keeper sooner and result might have been different. (idealtin) — #18. Disappearing act in the second half vs. Nazareth. (laxdood22) — #13. (LaxForNow) — #16. Another team I can't quite figure out. Played teams tough, but best win is against Oswego. (minkhoo) — Surprising 7-goal loss to Nazareth. (nevadajoe) — #23. (Richard) — #16. Tough loss to Nazareth, with RIT coming to town. It's sink or swim time for the Bombers. (thatsmell) — #25 - Bad loss to Nazareth. Need to pull a rabbit out of their hat Wednesday vs. RIT. (Youngred)

Gettysburg: #18. (Big Eyed Fish) — #15. (LaxForNow) — #24. (longstick33) — #17. Maybe overrated here. We will know for sure over next four games. Best win against Lynchburg. (minkhoo) — Next game might make or break their season. (nevadajoe) — #22. (Richard) — #23. Inconsistency has plagued the Bullets (and about 20 other teams) this season. But still good enough to play Centennial/NCAA spoiler. (thatsmell)

Franklin & Marshall: #17. (Big Eyed Fish) — #16. (D-III) — F&M needs the AQ. Don't see that happening but can spoil a lot of other teams' seasons. When playing well not a team you want to face. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #22. (goalielax10) — #16. Dips keep on getting the Ws. Next two they 'should' win, then three tough ones. (idealtin) — #22. (laxdood22) — #19. (LaxForNow) — #19. Only losses are to top 20 teams and have a top 10 win over WAC. (longstick33) — #18. Four straight and great win against WAC. (minkhoo) — Handled McDaniel and look ahead to finishing strong in the conference. (nevadajoe) — #19. (Richard) — #20. Ascending? Dips have run off four good wins in a row and are starting to come into focus as a legitimate player in the tough Centennial. Slowly building a decent resume. (thatsmell) — #13 - A team on the rise in a big way. (Youngred)

Wesleyan: #14. (Big Eyed Fish) — Quietly winning. (corkscrew) — #19. (D-III) — #20. Big swing coming up. (laxdood22) — #14. Winners of four in a row. Bowdoin on Saturday is an enormous game for them. (longstick33) — NR. Has beaten one team with winning record. (minkhoo) — #15. (Youngred)

Roanoke: #25. (Big Eyed Fish) — Big win on the road over Lynchburg. (corkscrew) — #17. (D-III) — Great win over the Hornets though a showdown with the Mustangs looms large. (Doxology) — #25. (goalielax10) — #24. (laxdood22) — #20. (LaxForNow) — #21. Tuesday's game with Stevenson will show if they deserve to be ranked. (longstick33) — #13. Maroons now playing well and on top of the ODAC standings. Great win at Lynchburg. (minkhoo) — Just when you are ready to write them off, they play like a Top 10 team. (nevadajoe) — #21. Back into the thick of ODAC talk. Pilat has coached them up. Stevenson this week at home should be a good one. (Richard) — #25. Ascending? Nice win over Lynchburg. Late season surge for young Maroons? Do they have enough to play ODAC/NCAA spoiler? (thatsmell) — #18 - Temporarily back. Tomorrow vs. Stevenson is a very intriguing game. (Youngred)

Bowdoin: #19. (Big Eyed Fish) — 6-3 - all that is keeping them here is the Middlebury win. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #15. Tough loss to Trinity right at end of game. (idealtin) — #16. Bad in conference loss. (laxdood22) — #19. Stumbles against Amherst and Trinity raise questions. (minkhoo) — #14. Trinity loss leaves you shaking your head. Bowdoin is better than that. (Richard) — #15. Tough loss to Trinity. But they are part of the muddled middle. (thatsmell) — #21 - Can't really explain losing to Trinity. (Youngred)

Widener: #20. (D-III) — Blue collar group played Dickinson and Salisbury tough. Program on the rise. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #22. (idealtin) — #21. (laxdood22) — #14. (LaxForNow) — #15. Have played good teams tough. Best win against Gettysburg. (minkhoo) — The only threat to upsetting Stevenson for the conference AQ. (nevadajoe) — #20. (Richard) — #21. Does this team have enough to play NCAA spoiler and knock off the Mustangs in the MAC Commonwealth? We shall see. (thatsmell) — #16 - This team deserves some respect. (Youngred)

St. Lawrence: #13. (D-III) — #17. (goalielax10) — #20. Larries are starting to get warmed up both literally and figuratively. (idealtin) — #23. (laxdood22) — #16. Five wins in a row including a tough 11-8 win over 16th ranked Plattsburgh. (longstick33) — #15. Quietly putting together a good season. (Richard) — #24 - 5 in a row. (Youngred)

Mary Washington: Salisbury sayonara's Mary Washington from T-20 with a 20-4 thrashing. (AO) — Exposed by the Gulls. (corkscrew) — Still a good team remains in this position for now as teams 10-20 jockey for position. These teams can beat any of the others it seems on any given day. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #17. (LaxForNow) — #17. They are going to want to forget the Salisbury game. With York and St. Mary's on schedule this week, it is a make or break week for the Eagles. (longstick33) — #17. Ouch. Appeared to have caught the Gulls at a bad time. Part of the muddled middle. (thatsmell)

Nazareth: #24. (Big Eyed Fish) — Good win over Ithaca. Up and down team. (corkscrew) — #16. (goalielax10) — #18. Moves into my top 20 for two reasons: one, the way they handled Ithaca and two, the SOS the Golden Flyers play is very solid and it gets them ready for end of season runs. (idealtin) — #17. Putting up a lot of goals in their last few games great win over Ithaca. (laxdood22) — Nice solid win over Ithaca. (nevadajoe) — #22. Another one of these muddled middle teams that appear to be one or two adjustments away from being a very good team. Keep an eye on this team come conference tourney time. (thatsmell) — Just destroys Ithaca. (valaxfan) — #23 - Convincing win vs. Ithaca. (Youngred)

York: Lose to Ursinus, out of top 20. (corkscrew) — #21. (goalielax10) — #18. (LaxForNow) — #22. A loss to Ursinus away from being #20. (longstick33) — NR. Derailed by Ursinus. (minkhoo) — Really like this team better and better each week. (nevadajoe) — #19. Nice season so far. Inconsistent performance puts them in the muddled middle. (thatsmell)

Hampden-Sydney: #21. (Big Eyed Fish) — #14. (goalielax10) — #14. Quietly moving up on the food chain. (idealtin) — NR. One bad loss for the Tigers. (minkhoo) — #20 - Quietly winning vs. no one in particular. This week's game with Roanoke is huge for both. ODAC hanging in the balance. Might be the most interesting conference race. (Youngred)

St. John Fisher: #16. (Big Eyed Fish) — #19. (goalielax10) — #21. Very good defensive team that has enough horses on offense to compete with all takers. (idealtin) — #19. Almost pulled it off vs. Stevens. (laxdood22) — #23. Hung with Stevens. In the few games I have seen, they continue to get better. (longstick33) — #17. (Youngred)

Eastern: #20. A lock for Pool B. (longstick33) — A lock to get an at-large bid to the tournament. (nevadajoe) — #25. (Richard)

Western New England:

Clarkson: #22. (Big Eyed Fish) — #18. (goalielax10) — #25. (laxdood22) — #18. See SLU. Big game this week. (Richard)


St. Mary's: #23. (goalielax10) — #24. Ascending? Have run off 6 wins in a row since up and down start. Big CAC match-up against UMW looming. (thatsmell)

Endicott: #20. (goalielax10)

Other Teams Pollsters Considered (and comments, if any)

. Bates: Young with a good future, tough out. (Dehuntshigwa'es)

. Muhlenberg:

. Kean: #25. 10 wins in a row. (longstick33)

. Ursinus: NR. Bouncing back and a dangerous team. (minkhoo)

. Keene State: #24. (Richard)

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