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Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2012

Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2013

LaxPower MD3 Forum Poll #11
April 29, 2013

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.
1Cortland (15-0)W Oswego 15-5, W Potsdam 10-5360181
2Dickinson (15-0)W Muhlenberg 15-9, W F&M 12-103412
3RIT (14-2)W St. Lawrence 9-83213
4Stevenson (15-2)W Lycoming 26-53074
5Cabrini (12-3)W Immaculata 26-52745
6Middlebury (13-2)W Williams 15-14, W Amherst 19-92557
7Roanoke (13-3)2526
8Tufts (12-4)W Bowdoin 21-8, W Bates 14-102148t
9Salisbury (14-4)W Mary Wash. 20-82048t
10Washington & Lee (13-3)W Shenandoah 14-3, W Hampden-Sydney 11-1018710
11Washington College (12-3)W Swarthmore 16-518611
12Lynchburg (12-4)W Shenandoah 19-514914
13Stevens (12-3)W Hartwick 19-11, W Ithaca 11-412713
14Connecticut College (12-3)W Wesleyan 11-10, W Hamilton 8-610915
15Nazareth (12-4)W St. John Fisher 13-8, W Elmira 19-79518
16St. Lawrence (10-4)L RIT 8-98717
17Wesleyan (12-4)L Conn. C. 10-11, W Bowdoin 8-77716
18Plattsburgh (13-3)W Potsdam 15-9, W Geneseo 14-57219
19Denison (13-3)W Kenyon 8-2, L Ohio Wesleyan 9-106812
20Franklin & Marshall (10-5)W Gettysburg 12-11, L Dickinson 10-1222NR
Others receiving votes: Gettysburg (17), Hampden-Sydney (12), Ohio Wesleyan (11), York (7), Endicott (7), Ithaca (7), Eastern (4), Keene State (3), St. Mary's (3), Widener (2)

Number of voters: 18 (AO, Big Eyed Fish, corkscrew, D-III, Dehuntshigwa'es, Doxology, goalielax10, idealtin, laxdood22, LaxForNow, longstick33, minkhoo, nevadajoe, Richard, thatsmell, The Reason, valaxfan, Youngred)

Pollsters' Comments About Teams They Ranked

Cortland: #1. The top seed in the SUNYAC has all but wrapped up the number one overall seed in the NCAA tournament. (Big Eyed Fish) — #1. (D-III) — Will it be as simple as Cortland and Dickinson in the finals? Somehow I think not. Although Dickinson has been my dark horse all year, anyone of 10 teams could win it this year. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #1. (goalielax10) — #1. Still number one. Did not get tested at all this year from any SUNYAC teams. Makes me ask myself if they or Dickinson should be here. (idealtin) — #1. (laxdood22) — #1 Will they be able to get by Potsdam for the second time in one week? (LaxForNow) — #1. 15-0 and clearly the top team in the North. (longstick33) — #1. (minkhoo) — Poised and ready to take the #1 seed in the North. (nevadajoe) — #1. (Richard) — #1. Unsure how the layoff will affect them, as they have not played a top team in the past month. The Cabrini and RIT wins were now long ago. (thatsmell) — Undefeated makes them best in the North. (The Reason) — #1. Still rolling along. (valaxfan) — #1. (Youngred)

Dickinson: #2. Keeps rolling along. They really have their work cut out for them in the playoffs. (Big Eyed Fish) — Undefeated regular season. Centennial tourney goes through Carlisle and so does the South. (corkscrew) — #2. (D-III) — Great season. Can they finish the job? Strong goalie and defense say yes. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #2. (goalielax10) — #2. As stated above, got tested this year in their conference games but going to the NCAA dance no matter what. (idealtin) — #3. (laxdood22) — #2 Better play better than they did against F&M to stay up here. (LaxForNow) — #2. 15-0 and clearly top team in the South. (longstick33) — #2. (minkhoo) — Need to get through a tough tournament this week in order to capture the #1 seed in the South. (nevadajoe) — #2. (Richard) — #2. Considered bumping them up to #1 simply because they came out of the ever tough Centennial regular season unscathed. Stakes get significantly higher. Looking for focus from the Red Devils. (thatsmell) — Undefeated makes them best in the South. (The Reason) — #2. Beats a tough F&M squad this week. (valaxfan) — #2 - Staying strong and steady, a real contender for the NC. Must bear down for WAC. (Youngred)

RIT: #3. Got a good scare from St. Lawrence on Saturday. (Big Eyed Fish) — Close win over St. Lawrence. (corkscrew) — #4. (D-III) — Another team that could win it all. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #3. (goalielax10) — #3. Got tested vs. the Larries on Saturday. Might not be a bad thing as they still came away with the win. All about the one-goal games. (idealtin) — #2. (laxdood22) — #3 Almost slipped up against St. Lawrence. (LaxForNow) — #3. Taken to the limit by a very good St. Lawrence team. Looking forward to the inevitable rematch next Sunday. (longstick33) — #3. (minkhoo) — Playing very well as they begin the conference tournament after a nice win vs. St. Lawrence. (nevadajoe) — #3. (Richard) — #4. Eked past the Larries. Still, this team is squarely in the hunt for the NC. (thatsmell) — Lost only to two ranked teams, both in OT. (The Reason) — #3. Close loss to St. Lawrence. (valaxfan) — #3 - My pick to be the last team standing in the North. (Youngred)

Stevenson: #4. Should have a relatively easy time until the NCAAs. (Big Eyed Fish) — MAC tourney is next. (corkscrew) — #3. (D-III) — Perhaps the team that matches up best with Dickinson out of the South. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #4. (goalielax10) — #4. Not only are the Mustangs scoring a lot of goals, they are also keeping opponents to low amounts. (idealtin) — #4. (laxdood22) — #4 Tough MAC tournament upcoming. (LaxForNow) — #4. Continuing on through the cakewalk that is the MAC Commonwealth. (longstick33) — #4. (minkhoo) — Breezing through the MAC until the NCAA seedings. (nevadajoe) — #4. (Richard) — #3. 26-5 over Lycoming? MAC=minor challenge for the Stangs. With such an easy road to an AQ, Steve has officially assumed a "Cabrini situation." Would like to see them schedule even more great out of conference games next year. (thatsmell) — Lost also to two ranked teams. (The Reason) — #4. Easy win, tourney next. (valaxfan) — #4. (Youngred)

Cabrini: #5. Wondering what side of the bracket they'll be on. (Big Eyed Fish) — Have not had a close game since early April. (corkscrew) — #12. (D-III) — They can put up points, but can their D carry the team deep into this year's tournament? (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #5. (goalielax10) — #6. Cavaliers are getting ready for a deep tourney run. (idealtin) — #5. (laxdood22) — #5 Playing for NCAA seeding spot. (LaxForNow) — #6. Continue to hang huge goal totals on bad teams. (longstick33) — #5. (minkhoo) — Tuning up for the NCAAs. (nevadajoe) — #5. (Richard) — #7. I like this team, but as always, at this time of year, I have to question if they will be ready for the tournament after a less than challenging conference slate. (thatsmell) — Lost to three ranked teams. (The Reason) — #5. Slam dunk into playoffs, but after that, we'll see. (valaxfan) — #5. (Youngred)

Middlebury: #6. A good Wesleyan is up next. (Big Eyed Fish) — #5. (D-III) — Good season. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #11. (goalielax10) — #5. Impressive run. Offense will get tested vs. a good Wesleyan defense. (idealtin) — #6. (laxdood22) — #10 Home field for the four teams in the NESCAC tournament. (LaxForNow) — #5. Earned the top seed in the NESCAC tourney and took care of business in the first round. The rematch with Wesleyan should be a good one. Jon Broome is continuing to impress as a freshman. (longstick33) — #6. (minkhoo) — I think they're the team with the best chance to take the NESCAC. (nevadajoe) — #6. (Richard) — #5. On a roll. Stay at #5. (thatsmell) — Chance to win the NESCAC; have not done it in a while. (The Reason) — Panthers looking good, so far, heading into May. (valaxfan) — #6. (Youngred)

Roanoke: #7. Winners of 10 in a row will still have their work cut out for them in the ODAC tournament. (Big Eyed Fish) — 13-3 regular season. Waiting to play in ODAC semifinals at home. (corkscrew) — #7. (D-III) — Four one-goal wins to their credit, but that's possibly just four possessions that could move those Ws to the L column. Playing with a lot of confidence at the moment. If they get to the tournament, how far can they go? (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #6. (goalielax10) — #7. On an impressive run since the beginning of March; have won the close ones and blown away some opponents also. (idealtin) — #8. (laxdood22) — #8 One of many teams still alive for a large ODAC tournament field. (LaxForNow) — #7. Bye week. (longstick33) — #7. (minkhoo) — Ready for the ODAC wars this week and need to fare well in order to make the dance. (nevadajoe) — #7. (Richard) — #6. The Noke swagger is back, bringing the nastiness on both sides of the ball. Looking forward to seeing the ODAC tournament. (thatsmell) — They lost early, but they haven't lost in April! (The Reason) — Wins ODAC regular season. Will they win the tourney? (valaxfan) — #7. (Youngred)

Tufts: #10. Time to reface the Camels. The Jumbos know there's almost no room for error anymore. Let's see if they play better because of it. (Big Eyed Fish) — 4-2 in April with losses to Wesleyan and Endicott. Conn College next with loser in big Pool C trouble. (corkscrew) — #6. (D-III) — 12-4 good but not an elite team. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #10. (goalielax10) — #8. Team on a tear. Most likely will play the Panthers in title game of NESCAC tourney. (idealtin) — #7. (laxdood22) — #6 Tough weekend in Canada coming up. (LaxForNow) — #11. Dominated Bowdoin in the regular season finale and then took over in the 2nd half against Bates in the 1st round of the NESCAC tournament. (longstick33) — #8. (minkhoo) — Will they play their best games here at the end of a tumultuous season? (nevadajoe) — #9. (Richard) — #10. (thatsmell) — The loss to Endicott hurt, but back on track. (The Reason) — I still think this team will be there for the Final Four. (valaxfan) — #12 - Saturday vs. Conn. Coll. it's win or forget the NCAA tournament. (Youngred)

Salisbury: #8. Should beat St. Mary's with relative ease for the Capital crown. (Big Eyed Fish) — #10. (D-III) — It's their time of year. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #14. (goalielax10) — #10. Gulls know how to win, all of D3 knows that. Now they have to put up or shut up. (idealtin) — #13. (laxdood22) — #7 In NCAA either as AQ or pool C. (LaxForNow) — #8. One more CAC game left and then we will get to see how far the Sea Gulls have come this season. (longstick33) — #10. (minkhoo) — CAC final vs. St. Mary's should be a great game. (nevadajoe) — #12. (Richard) — #11. Gulls should be punching their NCAA ticket this week against a team they handled with ease the first time around. (thatsmell) — They are still dangerous! (The Reason) — #9. (Youngred)

Washington & Lee: #12. It's really been nice to see W&L relevant again. The Generals will have a good opportunity to gain some momentum before the NCAAs. (Big Eyed Fish) — Big win over Hampden-Sydney on the road. ODAC quarterfinal match-up with Va. Wesleyan next. (corkscrew) — #8. (D-III) — 13-3 and having a very good season. Strong D and goalie in Berenis could make this a dangerous team if they get to the tournament. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #7. (goalielax10) — #11. Generals appear to be fading a little when they play the good teams. What I mean by that is they don't blow away the good teams, only the mediocre ones. (idealtin) — #14. (laxdood22) — #9 One of many teams still alive for a large ODAC tournament field. (LaxForNow) — #10. A nice win over HSC and the #3 seed in the ODAC tourney. (longstick33) — #12. (minkhoo) — It's all about the conference tournament now. (nevadajoe) — #8. (Richard) — #8. Beat a resurgent H-SC in a close one. Wondering if this team is running out of gas. (thatsmell) — Takes down H-SC, gets ready for ODAC. (valaxfan) — #8. (Youngred)

Washington College: #16. They'll have the tough task taking on Dickinson this week. (Big Eyed Fish) — Loss to Gettysburg still troubling. Face Dickinson in CC playoffs. A loss here has Shoremen sweating out Pool C. (corkscrew) — #9. (D-III) — As Cord goes, so goes WAC. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #8. (goalielax10) — #9. Great to see WAC back. Centennial has a rough road this year with teams playing better than they have during previous years. (idealtin) — #12. (laxdood22) — #12 4th seed in a tough Centennial tournament. (LaxForNow) — #9. Bounced back with a win over Swarthmore. Big rematch with Dickinson on the horizon. (longstick33) — #9. (minkhoo) — Look for them to be tough against Dickinson. (nevadajoe) — #10. (Richard) — #9. Due to loss record in Centennial, WAC must now open as the #4 seed against #1 Dickinson. If they can survive they go to either G'burg or F&M. (thatsmell) — The loss to Gettysburg hurt! (The Reason) — #10. (Youngred)

Lynchburg: #21: Would like to rank L-burg a bit higher, but the swings back and forth on wins/losses the past few weeks hurt, especially to H-S. (AO) — #11. Typical Lynchburg year. They'll be out by the quarterfinals. (Big Eyed Fish) — Number 2 seed in ODAC tourney. (corkscrew) — #11. (D-III) — Heating up in the ODAC, the Hornets will be buzzing. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #9. (goalielax10) — #18. Hornets are in a similar situation as Wesleyan and need AQ to advance. (idealtin) — #11. (laxdood22) — #11 One of many teams still alive for a large ODAC tournament field. (LaxForNow) — #12. Win over Shenandoah. Earned tie-breaker over W&L for the #2 seed in the ODAC tourney and the bye that comes with it. (longstick33) — #11. (minkhoo) — #11. (Richard) — #13. Are the Hornets running out of juice? Perhaps one of the most overlooked teams in the South right now. Will still be a tough out if they can somehow break into the NCAA tournament. Remember, three of four LC losses were by just one goal. (thatsmell) — Finishes 2nd in ODAC regular season. (valaxfan) — #14 - May need to make the ODAC finals to ensure a berth in the NCAAs. (Youngred)

Stevens: #17. Not a single top 20 win. But still dangerous. (Big Eyed Fish) — Dominated Ithaca in big conference win. (corkscrew) — #19. (D-III) — #12. (goalielax10) — #14. Ducks have righted the ship, and defense held a good Bomber team to 4 goals! Stevens wants nothing more than a rematch with Nazareth to show that their loss to them was a fluke. (idealtin) — #10. (laxdood22) — #14 Get to play Ithaca again. (LaxForNow) — #14. Bounced back with two E8 wins this week. (longstick33) — #13. (minkhoo) — Solid win against Ithaca and look to repeat that performance this week. (nevadajoe) — #17. (Richard) — #15. Close losses, but no wins to really hang their hat on. (thatsmell) — Closing with wins. (valaxfan) — #17. (Youngred)

Connecticut College: #12: Joined at the hip with Wesleyan. (AO) — #9. We'll see if they can beat Tufts for a second time. Not the same Tufts squad though. (Big Eyed Fish) — King of the 1-goal games has Tufts next in major Pool C match-up. (corkscrew) — #16. (D-III) — #13. (goalielax10) — #12. I don't know if the Camels have enough in the tank to take care of the Panthers or the Jumbos. (idealtin) — #15. (laxdood22) — #21 Get to see entire Tufts squad on Saturday. Tufts gets to go against freshman goalie for entire game. (LaxForNow) — #17. Beat Hamilton in the rematch. It should be interesting to see them play Tufts at full strength and not in monsoon-like conditions. Bobby Bleistein is a difference-maker for them. (longstick33) — #15. (minkhoo) — Look to be playing well as the conference finals approach. (nevadajoe) — #15. (Richard) — #19. (thatsmell) — Can they beat the real team this time?! (The Reason) — #11. (Youngred)

Nazareth: #15. It's odd to look at their schedule and see that their closest E-8 game was to Alfred. This team really handled the E-8 and can score with anybody. It's really a matter of whether their D shows up. They haven't lost in a month. (Big Eyed Fish) — #14. (D-III) — #15. (goalielax10) — #13. Up next is the E8 tournament, and the Golden Flyers are locked and ready. Do not sleep on the team, as they have absolutely nothing to lose and will play with a determination that Nazareth hasn't seen before from this team. (idealtin) — #16. (laxdood22) — #13 Top seed in Empire 8. (LaxForNow) — #19. Won the highly anticipated match-up between E8 opponents that are right up the road from each other and then dominated conference bottom-feeder Elmira. (longstick33) — #14. (minkhoo) — #16. (Richard) — #14. (thatsmell) — Having a good year. (valaxfan) — #15. (Youngred)

St. Lawrence: #14. Already looking forward to the rematch in the Liberty League finals. (Big Eyed Fish) — Almost got the big win vs. RIT. Conference tourney is going to be big. (corkscrew) — #13. (D-III) — #20. (goalielax10) — #15. Larries played the Tigers to a one-goal loss. You know what one or ten, it does not matter. Still a loss. But exposed some of RIT's weaknesses. (idealtin) — #19. (laxdood22) — #16 Almost got RIT. (LaxForNow) — #15. Came up just short against RIT in Rochester. It was their first loss in over a month. (longstick33) — #16. (minkhoo) — Want to get that rematch with RIT. (nevadajoe) — #13. (Richard) — #16. (thatsmell) — #13. (Youngred)

Wesleyan: #13: My original dark horse from Day 1. (AO) — #13. Wesleyan will try to avenge a earlier one-goal loss to Middlebury this week. (Big Eyed Fish) — #17. (D-III) — #21. (goalielax10) — #17. Cardinals realize they probably need the AQ to make the NCAA tourney, and they will play like there is no tomorrow. (idealtin) — #18. (laxdood22) — #22 Play someone out of conference. (LaxForNow) — #13. 1-1 this week. Eight 1-goal games this year in which their record is 5-3. I get the feeling they might be running out of steam. (longstick33) — #17. (minkhoo) — Seem to fare well in those tight NESCAC games so might be there to vie for the conference title. (nevadajoe) — #18. (Richard) — #12. (thatsmell) — NESCAC semifinal could be a game to watch! (The Reason) — #16. (Youngred)

Plattsburgh: #19. Should crush Brockport, and they'll be at their best for Cortland on Saturday. (Big Eyed Fish) — #15. (D-III) — #18. (goalielax10) — #16. Plattsburgh is still in the hunt for the AQ, and a lot of teams cannot say that. Couple more games to play. (idealtin) — #17. (laxdood22) — #15 Probably need to beat Cortland to get to NCAA. (LaxForNow) — #16. Beating up on all the SUNYAC teams not named Cortland. A very nice season so far. (longstick33) — #18. (minkhoo) — #14. (Richard) — #20. (thatsmell) — #18. (Youngred)

Denison: #16: I've been guilty of praying to false gods with these guys. (AO) — #18. Another team without a top 20 win. Are these guys even going to be in the NCAAs? (Big Eyed Fish) — Loss to OWU drops Big Red down and ends their season. Welcome to the wonderful world of Pool C, where your out-of-conference games need to improve. (corkscrew) — #18. (D-III) — OWU just ended their season. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #23. (goalielax10) — #9. (laxdood22) — #24 Guess I had them overrated at 16. (LaxForNow) — #18. Loss to OWU in the NCAC championship ends their season. I don't see any scenario where they sneak into the postseason. Their resume is just not impressive. (longstick33) — NR. (minkhoo) — Tough loss to OWU and now have to wait to see how the other major conferences determine their AQs this week to see if they can get a Pool B bid. (nevadajoe) — #21. (Richard) — #18. Another good year, but the season appears to be over for the Big Red as they lose to an underrated OWU squad. (thatsmell) — Shocking loss pulls Big Red down. (valaxfan) — #21. (Youngred)

Franklin & Marshall: #20. They'll reface Gettysburg in a intriguing Centennial tournament. (Big Eyed Fish) — Nice win over the Bullets then a loss to Dickinson. (corkscrew) — Very good team in what's maybe the best conference this year. Well coached and have been a tough out most the year. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — #22. (goalielax10) — #18 Can they get by Gettysburg again? (LaxForNow) — #19. (minkhoo) — #19. (Richard) — #21. Beats G'burg last week by one. Can they do it again? They will likely have to if they want to keep NCAA hopes alive. (thatsmell) — #19 - Re-match with G'burg will be an interesting game. F&M is playing some good lacrosse at the right time. (Youngred)

Gettysburg: #22. Just never know what your gonna get from this Bullets squad. (Big Eyed Fish) — Roller-coaster regular season ends at Franklin & Marshall. (corkscrew) — #19 Rematch with Franklin & Marshall coming up. (LaxForNow) — NR. (minkhoo) — Have to avenge the loss to F&M this week to keep any chance of making the NCAA tournament by winning the Centennial. (nevadajoe) — #24. (Richard) — #25. "The thing that wouldn't leave!" Bullets keep hanging around. Get F&M to keep faint NCAA hopes alive. (thatsmell) — #24. (Youngred)

Hampden-Sydney: Tough loss to Lynchburg. Will this end their momentum going into ODAC tourney? (corkscrew) — Played well against a tough W&L team. (Dehuntshigwa'es) — NR. (minkhoo) — Can make some noise in the ODAC tournament. (nevadajoe) — #25. (Richard) — #20. (Youngred)

Ohio Wesleyan: #17. (goalielax10) — #19. Bishops win when it counts; congrats to them. Time to get ready for the tourney. (idealtin) — #20. (minkhoo) — Great win over Denison to capture the AQ. (nevadajoe) — #23. Nice win over Denison. Been just outside the top 20 all year. But now NCAA bound with the first ever NCAC AQ. (thatsmell)

York: #25. A good season for York most likely came to a close with the loss to St. Mary's. (Big Eyed Fish) — #23. (LaxForNow) — NR. (minkhoo) — Disappointing end to their season. (nevadajoe) — #17. Best season in program history. Good team, but a loss to St. Mary's in the CAC semis might be where the season ends for the Spartans. At-large bid looks tough. (thatsmell) — #23. (Youngred)

Endicott: #23. It'll probably be down to the wire between these guys and WNEC to see who goes to the NCAAs. (Big Eyed Fish) — #16. (goalielax10) — #20. With a player like Sam on your team you will always be in a game. (idealtin) — #20. (laxdood22)

Ithaca: #21. (idealtin) — #17 Get to travel to Stevens again. (LaxForNow) — NR. (minkhoo) — #24. Lost round 1. Get another crack at Stevens on Wednesday. (thatsmell)

Eastern: #20. Keep winning. Eight in a row now. (longstick33) — #22. (Richard) — Why not? Everyone else has lost too; they deserve a chance. (valaxfan) — #25. (Youngred)

Keene State: #21. Winners of 7 in a row and most likely to win Little East. (Big Eyed Fish) — 13-2 record. Might be time to play some better out-of-conference games next year? (corkscrew) — #19. (goalielax10) — #20. (Richard)

St. Mary's: Good win over York in conference tournament. Sea Gulls next with trip to NCAAs on the line. (corkscrew) — #20. (D-III) — Could they pull off a big upset this week? (nevadajoe) — #22. Up and down team with some decent wins. Avenge a one-goal regular season loss to York by knocking them out in similar fashion in the CAC semis. Need to harness that focus if they want to get into the NCAAs. (thatsmell) — #22. (Youngred)

Widener: #20 Need to beat Stevenson to get to NCAA tournament. (LaxForNow) — Great year! (The Reason)

Other Teams Pollsters Considered (and comments, if any)

. Montclair State: #24. And they're in. (Big Eyed Fish) — Congrats on taking the Skyline AQ. (nevadajoe) — #23. (Richard)

. Bates:

. Albright: #24. (goalielax10)

. Castleton: #25. (goalielax10)

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