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Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2013

Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2014

LaxPower MD3 Forum Poll #12
May 5, 2014

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.
1RIT (18-0)W St. Lawrence 19-9, W Union 13-11320161
2Salisbury (18-1)W York 12-43022
3Stevenson (17-2)W Lycoming 24-5, W Albright 11-102713
4Denison (17-0)2554
5Washington College (15-1)W Gettysburg 20-7, W F&M 14-62526
6Cabrini (16-1)W Neumann 21-5, W Marywood 25-52505
7Tufts (16-2)W Williams 17-6, W Amherst 20-132337
8Cortland (15-3)W Oneonta 15-3, W Plattsburgh 11-102078
9Union (13-3)W Rensselaer 8-3, L RIT 11-132069
10Lynchburg (16-4)W Va. Wesleyan 22-7, W W&L 12-9, W HSC 21-1316011
11York (15-4)L Salisbury 4-1214010
12Ithaca (14-4)W Stevens 9-7, W St. John Fisher 10-613713
13Amherst (14-4)W Wesleyan 12-8, L Tufts 13-2011915
14Montclair State (16-1)W Stockton 18-7, W Kean 17-411314
15Springfield (14-3)W Clark 13-3, W Babson 12-610516
16Endicott (14-4)W Salve Regina 25-5, L WNE 8-137812
17Mary Washington (14-3)7017
18Wesleyan (12-5)L Amherst 8-125218
19Roanoke (12-5)L HSC 13-142719
20Franklin & Marshall (13-5)W Dickinson 11-9, L Washington College 6-1418NR
Others receiving votes: Ohio Wesleyan (14), Washington & Lee (12), Western New England (9), St. John Fisher (3), Eastern (3), Gettysburg (1), Williams (1), Frostburg State (1), Plattsburgh (1)

Number of voters: 16 (Big Eyed Fish, corkscrew, D-III, Doxology, goalielax10, idealtin, LaxForNow, longstick33, minkhoo, nevadajoe, Richard, Southwillrise, thatsmell, The Reason, valaxfan, zarching)

Pollsters' Comments About Teams They Ranked

RIT: #1. (Big Eyed Fish) — #1. RIT 17, Montclair St. 10; RIT 18, Amherst 15; Tufts 16, RIT 15. (D-III) — #1. (goalielax10) — Got one goal out of the way. Now they will try to get the national championship. (idealtin) — #1. The clear #1 seed in the North. (longstick33) — #1. Tigers finish regular season undefeated as Liberty champs. Top seed in North. 6-0 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — Can they lead the pack from beginning to end? My pick to represent the North and face either Salisbury or Cabrini in the finals. (nevadajoe) — #1. Ranked #1 in the preseason. No movement from that position at all. (Richard) — My pick to win title. (Southwillrise) — #1. Can they run the table? They should definitely be the rep from the North on Memorial Day weekend. (thatsmell) — #1. (The Reason) — #1. Wins Liberty. (valaxfan) — Narrow 13-11 win over Union may titillate post-season naysayers, but means little more than justification of Union's high ranking. End regular season as my #1. (zarching)

Salisbury: #2. (Big Eyed Fish) — #2. Salisbury 13, York 7; Salisbury 12, Denison 11 (OT); Salisbury 13, Stevenson 11; Tufts 12, Salisbury 11. (D-III) — #3. (goalielax10) — Played the typical Gull way in May, disposing of a very good York team. (idealtin) — #2. Locked up the top seed in the South with the win over York? (longstick33) — #2. Gulls with a single blemish, CAC champs, top in South. 7-0 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — Playing their best ball now. Efficient on offense and stifling on defense. Only a bad game where they beat themselves lies between them and the finals. (nevadajoe) — #2. Ranked #11 preseason. Have relied on an aggressive defense all season, while the offense, while not prolific, has been steady and improved enough over the season for this team to go deep into the tournament. (Richard) — Contender for sure; easily took care of York. (Southwillrise) — #2. CAC champs again and a rematch with York looming. (thatsmell) — #2. (The Reason) — #2. Wins CAC. (valaxfan) — I asked if 12 goals a game is enough to fuel run to the NC game. So, vs. Yprk, the Gulls score 12 in first three quarters ... then 0 in 4th. They playing mind games with me? (zarching)

Stevenson: #5. (Big Eyed Fish) — Barely beat Albright - may be area for concern in NCAA. (corkscrew) — #4. Stevenson 15, Otterbein 6; Stevenson 13, Cabrini 12 (OT); Stevenson 13, WAC 12 (OT); Salisbury 13, Stevenson 11. (D-III) — #4. (goalielax10) — Nothing but upside for the Stangs. (idealtin) — #3. Squeaked out a win over Albright to win the MAC Commonwealth. (longstick33) — #3. Defending champs sweated a bit more than expected to win the MAC Commonwealth. Legitimate shot at a repeat. 5-2 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — You can't count out the defending champs. They simply find ways to win close games. And that's what being successful in May is all about. (nevadajoe) — #3. Ranked #5 preseason. Had lost a great number of points from the previous year, yet they managed to win with pressuring opponents from up top and pressure defense. They won lots of close games with a target on their backs. (Richard) — Closer than expected vs. Albright. (Southwillrise) — #6. I like this team, but thanks to screwy geographic based seedings, they have an incredibly tough path. If they repeat, they undoubtedly earned it. (thatsmell) — #3. (The Reason) — #4. (valaxfan) — One-goal win over ... Albright??? Considered dropping from #3 to #4, except #4 Cabrini's big, 20+ goal win was over Marywood. (zarching)

Denison: #3. (Big Eyed Fish) — Pressure of undefeated season weighs heavy and will not last long in NCAA. (corkscrew) — #8. Denison 18, Centre 6; Denison 14, Adrian 5; Salisbury 12, Denison 11 (OT). (D-III) — #2. (goalielax10) — Ran the table; let's see how far they can go. (idealtin) — #4. Idle. (longstick33) — #7. Big Red come in undefeated and with a chip on their shoulder. Could go far. 1-0 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — Might surprise but will look back on a stellar season no matter what. (nevadajoe) — #4. #15 preseason. Undefeated season. (Richard) — Waiting for tourney. Are they battle tested? (Southwillrise) — #7. Given a gift of a draw by the Selection Committee. Can they make the most of it? Stars are aligning. This would be the Big Red's year to make noise. (thatsmell) — #7. (The Reason) — #5. (valaxfan) — Didn't play this week ... and surprise, surprise, they remain undefeated! Some wiseguy would say that this, in fact, mirrors their season. (zarching)

Washington College: #4. (Big Eyed Fish) — Great season; need to play better out-of-conference teams next year. (corkscrew) — #3. WAC 14, Eastern 7; WAC 11, Lynchburg 9; Stevenson 13, WAC 12 (OT). (D-III) — #6. (goalielax10) — WAC is playing some impressive lacrosse right now. Pretty scary team if you ask me. (idealtin) — #6. Undefeated run through the Centennial. They will be a tough out in the NCAAs. (longstick33) — #6. Centennial champ Shoremen are the real deal. 1-1 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — They should go deep into the tourney and might even pull off an upset or two. Looking more confident as they season has progressed. (nevadajoe) — #7. #9 preseason. Solid all season. (Richard) — Great season for Sho'men. (Southwillrise) — #5. Wow, not a lot of love for the CC champs from the committee. Getting hot and playing good ball, but received a tough path in the NCAAs. (thatsmell) — #5. (The Reason) — #3. Beats F&M. Could make a run this year in NCAAs. Good team. (valaxfan) — My #5. Nice season ... they did what the schedule asked of them. Now time to prove if they really have it! (zarching)

Cabrini: #6. (Big Eyed Fish) — Same question every year: Are they ready for a deep run after winning in their abysmal conference? (corkscrew) — #6. Cabrini 16, Mary Washington 11; Stevenson 13, Cabrini 12 (OT). (D-III) — #5. (goalielax10) — Out to prove something; time to go. (idealtin) — #5. Cruised through the CSAC. Looking forward to seeing the Cavs play some real competition. (longstick33) — #4. CSAC champ Cavaliers look to show that this team is as good as their record. 2-1 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — I always worry about that soft conference schedule right before the tournament, although they have dispatched those teams decisively with a great offense. (nevadajoe) — #5. #4 preseason. Made it to #2 and stayed in the top five all season. (Richard) — Can they perform in tourney? (Southwillrise) — #3. Selection committee gets it wrong thanks to geographic seedings. UMW and potentially Stevenson right out of the gate? Cavs will be tested early and often if they want to make Memorial Day weekend. (thatsmell) — #6. (The Reason) — For what it's worth, my #4. Not too demanding a schedule this year- so, for the post-peason run ... does that mean they're RESTED and GROOMED, or UNTESTED and DOOMED? (zarching)

Tufts: #8. (Big Eyed Fish) — Impressive offense down the stretch. (corkscrew) — #5. Tufts 25, Emmanuel 2; Tufts 20, Endicott 15; Tufts 14, Cortland 12; Tufts 16, RIT 15; Tufts 12, Salisbury 11. (D-III) — #8. (goalielax10) — If their defense steps up, this team will win the North. (idealtin) — #8. NESCAC champs. Got revenge on Williams for that regular season loss. (longstick33) — #5. NESCAC champ Jumbos score in bunches and could appear on Memorial Day weekend in Baltimore. 5-1 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — Another of those teams that just seem to peak at the right time every year. And it looks like their defense has gotten a little stingier. (nevadajoe) — #6. #6 preseason. Heavy on offense. Only two losses were when the o didn't show up. (Richard) — Are they King of the North? (Southwillrise) — #8. Should do well in the North bracket. No overly scary potential match-ups. (thatsmell) — #4. (The Reason) — Wins conference. (valaxfan) — Move up from #8 to my #7. (zarching)

Cortland: #7. (Big Eyed Fish) — #10. Cortland 11, Keuka 5; Cortland 13, Springfield 7; Tufts 14, Cortland 12. (D-III) — #7. (goalielax10) — Tournament tested and will be a tough out. (idealtin) — #7. Just barely squeaked by Plattsburgh. (longstick33) — #9. SUNY champ Dragons in unusual (for them) underdog position. 2-3 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — Squeaked by Plattsburgh once again to take the AQ. Might be just a bit behind the top teams in the country this year. (nevadajoe) — #9. #2 preseason. Fell back a touch on D this season, while the offense has been inconsistent. (Richard) — Squeak by Plattsburgh. (Southwillrise) — #9. Can the Dragons breath fire at the right time? (thatsmell) — #9. (The Reason) — End with 11-10 win over Platttsburgh. My sister was born in Plattsburgh (Army brat). Has nothing to do with lacrosse, just wasting time deciding whether to swap rankings with Tufts. I believe I will! Cortland drops from #7 to #8. Tufts #8 to #7. (zarching)

Union: #10. (Big Eyed Fish) — #7. Union 20, NEC 2; Amherst 11, Union 10 (OT). (D-III) — #11. (goalielax10) — Impressive comeback vs. the Tigers; should hold their own in the tourney. (idealtin) — #9. Only lost to two teams, Cortland and RIT. They are good but just not upper tier. (longstick33) — #8. Dutchmen can beat anybody and would love a third shot at the Tigers. 1-3 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — Tough schedule and some tough games have gotten them tournament ready. Look for them to make some noise. (nevadajoe) — #8. N/R preseason. I considered this team at the start of the season but felt there wasn't enough offense. There was an upgrade on O from the previous season, which helped mightily. (Richard) — Well deserved Pool C. (Southwillrise) — #3. My "1B" of the North. If anyone can beat RIT, it will be Union. (thatsmell) — #8. (The Reason) — Strong finish vs. RIT, moves them up from #10 to my #9. (zarching)

Lynchburg: #9. (Big Eyed Fish) — Came through in ODAC tourney. Would have liked to see a rematch with Roanoke. (corkscrew) — #9. Lynchburg 15, Sewanee 7; WAC 11, Lynchburg 9. (D-III) — #10. (goalielax10) — Hornets are right where I expected them to be. (idealtin) — #14. ODAC champions. (longstick33) — #10. ODAC champ Hornets can play with anyone. 2-3 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — Nice run through the ODAC tournament. They will be a challenge for some teams coming up in the NCAA tournament. (nevadajoe) — #15. #17 preseason. (Richard) — ODAC champs. (Southwillrise) — #10. (thatsmell) — #13. (The Reason) — Wins ODAC. (valaxfan) — My #15. (zarching)

York: #15. (Big Eyed Fish) — #13. York 14, Susquehanna 4; Salisbury 13, York 7. (D-III) — #13. (goalielax10) — Fantastic season. Hope they can make it past second round. Word for the inexperienced: There is no tomorrow - have to play balls out the whole game. (idealtin) — #12. Made it to the CAC championship. Dominated by Salisbury. (longstick33) — #11. Runner-up in the tough CAC gets a Pool C. 2-4 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — Made a good run in the CAC and should be a tough opponent in the tournament. (nevadajoe) — #10. #19 preseason. Good season for the up and comers. Should get another chance at Salisbury in the sandbox. (Richard) — Pool C. Congrats on great season! (Southwillrise) — #13. I think the Spartans got a lesson on how tough it is to beat Salisbury when an AQ is on the line. If they win round one of the NCAAs, they can use those lessons learned in the rematch. (thatsmell) — #10. (The Reason) — Only two goals in first three quarters in CAC tourney final vs. Salisbury??? Please ... enough already about all the CAC teams closing the gap with Salisbury. If anything, Gulls took small step back offensively. (zarching)

Ithaca: #11. (Big Eyed Fish) — Finally back in the NCAA tournament. (corkscrew) — #14. Montclair St. 11, Ithaca 10 (OT). (D-III) — #12. (goalielax10) — Bombers showed their moxie, and I expect some wins in the tourney. (idealtin) — #11. The best team in a down E8. (longstick33) — #13. E8 champs back in the NCAA for the first time since 2008. 0-3 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — Nice job in turning around from the Stevens loss to beat them and St. John Fisher to take the AQ. (nevadajoe) — #14. #13 preseason. Good season for the Bombers. (Richard) — E8 champs. (Southwillrise) — #12. Get Montclair St. in what could be one of the best games of the tournament. (thatsmell) — #12. (The Reason) — Seemed to end season with a pair of low-scoring wins. Was my #9 ... have to drop to #10, in part a reflection of weak this finish, BUT even more as a reward for Union's strong finale. (zarching)

Amherst: #12. (Big Eyed Fish) — #11. Amherst 14, Colorado College 9; Amherst 11, Union 10 (OT); RIT 18, Amherst 15. (D-III) — #16. (goalielax10) — Watched a bit of game vs. Tufts - pretty stout team. (idealtin) — #13. A nice run to the NESCAC championship. Could they make a run through the NCAAs? (longstick33) — #12. Runner-up in the tough NESCAC grabs a Pool C. 2-2 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — Second best team in the toughest conference in the nation. (nevadajoe) — #13. N/R preseason. (Richard) — Congrats to the Jeffs. (Southwillrise) — #15. (thatsmell) — #11. (The Reason) — Strong finish to season ... including defeat of Wesleyan, leaves no doubt they deserve spot in top 20. (zarching)

Montclair State: #18. (Big Eyed Fish) — Ranked on early wins over teams that were bounced out of the poll. This should not continue to happen. (corkscrew) — #15. Montclair St. 11, Ithaca 10; RIT 17, Montclair St. 10. (D-III) — #9. (goalielax10) — Weak schedule will be exposed come tourney time. (idealtin) — #10. Just one loss. Is this the year they win a tourney game? (longstick33) — #14. Skyline champs with a single blemish. 0-0 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — Decisively wins the Skyline with just that loss to Stevens the only blemish on a super year. Might be a factor in the early rounds. (nevadajoe) — #11. #20 preseason. Good season here also. They are good enough to move on vs. Ithaca. (Richard) — Easily dispatch Kean for AQ. (Southwillrise) — #11. Will get to see if they were overrated all year right out of the gates with what should be a great game with Ithaca. (thatsmell) — #15. (The Reason) — Schedule, schmedule! One-loss regular season ... and a closing 10-game win streak. My #11. (zarching)

Springfield: #13. (Big Eyed Fish) — #12. Springfield 9, Western New England 8 (OT); Cortland 13, Springfield 7. (D-III) — #15. (goalielax10) — Team I saw play back in February is there at the end. (idealtin) — #17. Just three losses and a team that can make some noise in the tourney. (longstick33) — #15. NEWMAC champs again. 2-2 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — On a roll and might surprise some in the tournament. (nevadajoe) — #12. N/R preseason. (Richard) — More questions than answers. (Southwillrise) — #14. (thatsmell) — #14. (The Reason) — Three-loss season merits inclusion as one of D-III's top 15. (zarching)

Endicott: #14. (Big Eyed Fish) — Snuck into the playoffs with few big wins. (corkscrew) — #16. Endicott 15, Keene St. 9; Tufts 20, Endicott 15. (D-III) — #14. (goalielax10) — Surprised at the upset vs. Golden Bears. (idealtin) — #15. That loss to WNE is going to stay with these guys for awhile. Not one quality win on their schedule. (longstick33) — #18. Power Gulls grab a Pool C despite a big upset in Commonwealth finals. 1-4 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — Tough way to end the season. (nevadajoe) — #16. N/R preseason. (Richard) — Beaten by WNE in CCC final; still a solid squad. (Southwillrise) — #19. (thatsmell) — #17. (The Reason) — End season with 4th loss (to W. New England). Drop out of top 15. (zarching)

Mary Washington: #17. (Big Eyed Fish) — Good luck in first NCAA tourney. (corkscrew) — #18. Cabrini 16, Mary Washington 11. (D-III) — #21. (goalielax10) — #18. Just three losses but a very unimpressive schedule. (longstick33) — #16. Eagles are another tough team from the CAC in the NCAA. 0-3 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — They were very competitive in their three losses to the top two CAC teams. (nevadajoe) — #18. N/R preseason. (Richard) — Earned their bid. (Southwillrise) — #16. Made the dance, now get to tango with Cabrini. Can the Eagles slow the Cavs? Tall order, but not impossible. (thatsmell) — #16. (The Reason) — Made believers of many doubters, including myself. BRAVO! (zarching)

Wesleyan: #16. (Big Eyed Fish) — #17. (D-III) — #17. (goalielax10) — Cardinals had a nice season. (idealtin) — #19. The third best NESCAC team. (longstick33) — #17. Best team not in the NCAAs? 1-3 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — Couldn't get it done at the end of the season. (nevadajoe) — #17. #16 preseason. (Richard) — #21 Nice season for Wesleyan. Won lots of games against good competition but no Marquee wins. (thatsmell) — #19. (The Reason) — Second loss this season to Amherst drops them 4 spots in poll, but still in top 20. (zarching)

Roanoke: #19. (Big Eyed Fish) — Impressive defense and goalie, very young on offense. Still managed an 8-1 record in the ODAC and a defeat of Lynchburg and a near upset of Stevenson. (corkscrew) — #19. (D-III) — #18. (goalielax10) — Pilat is the consummate coach. (idealtin) — #16. It happens almost every year. The Maroons lose a game they should win at the worst time. (longstick33) — Ignominious end to a rocky season that started badly, got much better, and then just fell off the cliff. (nevadajoe) — #21. #7 preseason. A young team that was overrated early. Just shy of making the dance. (Richard)

Franklin & Marshall: #20. (Big Eyed Fish) — Very good year but schedule not strong enough because Centennial teams did not have a good year other than WC. (corkscrew) — #20. (D-III) — #23. (goalielax10) — Dips are back; season like this goes far. (idealtin) — #22. (longstick33) — #20. Not quite good enough resume for Pool C. 0-4 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — Great year for the Diplomats. (nevadajoe) — Come up short. Good season. (Southwillrise) — #18. Bubble burst, but still a nice season for the Dips. (thatsmell)

Ohio Wesleyan: #19. All four losses to Top 10 teams but not enough to get in the NCAAs. 2-4 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — If they can just figure out how to beat Denison! (nevadajoe) — Their four losses all to top 20 teams. Solid season and a solid top 20 selection. (zarching)

Washington & Lee: #23. (Big Eyed Fish) — Up and down season ends with another loss to Hornets in ODAC. (corkscrew) — #22. (goalielax10) — #23. (longstick33) — Could be dangerous in the next few weeks. (nevadajoe) — Lose in ODAC. (Southwillrise)

Western New England: #20. (goalielax10) — Take down the Gulls for CCC AQ, a great rebound from a dreadful start. (Southwillrise) — #17. (thatsmell) — #18. (The Reason)

St. John Fisher: #22. (Big Eyed Fish) — Fisher proved they could play with all the very good teams this year. Congrats to the Cardinals on a very good season. (idealtin) — #25. (longstick33) — NR. Winners of 8 straight until falling in E8 finals. 0-4 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — #19. N/R preseason. (Richard)

Eastern: #19. (goalielax10) — #20. Best Pool B team. (longstick33) — NR. Eagles grab a Pool B. 2-0 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — #23. (thatsmell)

Gettysburg: Is it time to make a change to get the Bullets back on the national stage? (nevadajoe)

Williams: #20. (The Reason)

Frostburg State: Young team that had a breakout season and could be a Top 20 team next year. (nevadajoe) — #20. Nice season for the Bobcats. Won lots of games against good competition but no Marquee wins. (thatsmell)

Plattsburgh: #21. (Big Eyed Fish) — #21. (longstick33) — #20. N/R preseason. Two 11-10 losses to Cortland. (Richard)

Other Teams Pollsters Considered (and comments, if any)

. Rensselaer: #24. (Big Eyed Fish) — NR. Engineers only have losses to Top 20 teams. 1-5 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — #22. N/R preseason. (Richard)

. Keuka: #25. (Big Eyed Fish) — Undefeated and now onto NCAA. (corkscrew) — #25. (goalielax10) — NR. The Storm is (are?) undefeated and headed to the tourney. 1-0 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — #23. N/R preseason. Undefeated. Two wins vs. Morrisville were best wins though. (Richard)

. Dickinson: Tough year for the Red Devils, but still made a late push. (corkscrew)

. Adrian: NR - Adrian 10, Aurora 9 (3OT); Denison 14, Adrian 5. (D-III)

. Colorado College: #24. (goalielax10)

. St. Lawrence:

. Hampden-Sydney: #24. (longstick33) — #25. Got hot in the ODACs. Nice way to end the season for the Tigers. (thatsmell)

. Aurora: NR. Midwest champs have won 15 straight. 0-0 vs. tourney teams. (minkhoo) — #24. #24 preseason. (Richard)

. Bowdoin:

. Centre: #25. N/R preseason. (Richard)

. Kean:

. Keene State: #22. (thatsmell)

. Susquehanna: #24. (thatsmell)

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