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Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2012

Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2013

LaxPower WD1 Forum Poll #3
February 25, 2013

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.
1Maryland (3-0)W Duke 15-633293
2Florida (6-0)W Stony Brook 16-9, W UC Davis 16-4, W Albany 17-733081
3North Carolina (3-1)W Northwestern 11-82985
4Syracuse (2-1)W Virginia 10-92834
5Northwestern (3-1)L UNC 8-11, W Vanderbilt 15-82822
6Duke (4-1)L Maryland 6-152446
7Virginia (2-1)W Richmond 13-7, L Syracuse 9-102387
8Loyola (1-1)W Penn State 13-112138
9Notre Dame (1-0)19110
10Penn State (1-1)W Bucknell 18-2, L Loyola 11-131609
11Georgetown (2-0)W Towson 13-1015614
12Dartmouth (1-0)W Oregon 8-712312
13Massachusetts (3-1)W New Hampshire 18-911415
14Stony Brook (1-1)L Florida 9-169216
15Ohio State (2-1)W Wm. & Mary 21-8, W Boston C. 15-86620t
16Johns Hopkins (3-0)W Mount St. Mary's 18-5, W Bucknell 19-46419
17Penn (0-1)L Drexel 8-116211
18Towson (0-2)L Georgetown 10-135413
19Louisville (3-0)W Old Dominion 21-347NR
20Princeton (1-0)W Villanova 10-54120t
Others receiving votes: Boston College (37), Navy (34), Stanford (32), Cornell (24), Drexel (15), Boston University (8), Oregon (8), Temple (7), James Madison (6), Harvard (5), Jacksonville (2), Denver (2)

Number of voters: 17 (Artemis3, D-Lax, DallasLaxDad, draw18, johnnyboy, LadyLaker, LAF1, Laxword, Lionwatcher, mytwokeepers, novaglax, Rafterjack, Seinfeld, slides2, socrlaxdad, Turtles Lax, UnderArmourOdor)

Pollsters' Comments About Teams They Ranked

Maryland: The Terps completely dominated Duke and are playing like the best team in the nation right now. Thye have made a believer out of me. (Artemis3) — Domination of Duke and Syracuse gives the Terps a legit claim to the top spot, but I'm settling with no. 2 for now. This is the problem with pre-season polls - I had the Gators ahead of the Terps before they played, and both have held serve convincingly, so I'm not flip-flopping them on my ballot. (DallasLaxDad) — The Terrapins continue to demonstrate their incredible depth and talent on attack, with multiple players able to stick the ball in the back of the cage at will. As long as Kasey Howard continues to come through, Maryland will control its own destiny. (draw18) — I want to give the top spot to the Terps, who now have wins over two top 10 teams ... but like a Terrapin, I'm going to take my time with that decision. (johnnyboy) — Beat Duke convincingly. Terps continue to impress with their consisitency. (LadyLaker) — Terps tearing it up. Jumping the Cats with the Cats' loss to the Heels. (Lionwatcher) — #1. Sandwiched between my top-ranked Northwestern and Florida in last week's poll, with NU's demise, I had to decide if dismantling Syracuse and Duke was more impressive than Florida's 6-0 record with a close win (5-3) over UNC. Hanging 19 goals on 'Cuse and 15 on Duke wins the argument. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 1. Earned it. Sequestering Juggernaut II. So far, T.L., even, perhaps ... maybe, awesome? Maryland/Baltimore City still not entirely off the hook as to A. Lincoln, however! (Rafterjack) — #1. Terps looking juggernautish. (slides2) — Terps are looking very strong, but the 6-0 Gators nudge them out for the top spot. (socrlaxdad) — #1. Almost through tough early games stretch ... light at the end of the tunnel? Hope it's not the 3:01 outta C'ville. (Turtles Lax) — The Dark Knight Rises - not TL but the Terps are rising up the poll with the Devils dispatched heavenly. (UnderArmourOdor)

Florida: Dominant game for the Gators against Albany. Tough stretch on the horizon with Syracuse, Loyola, and Dartmouth will test them. (Artemis3) — Big test this weekend against the Orange will further help shape the Top 5 in The Poll That Counts. #1 for now. (D-Lax) — I love it once some games against the top teams have been played! The Gators have beaten the Tar Heels who have beaten the Wildcats, so this top spot falls to either Florida or the Terps. The win over Albany this week was convincing. I'm staying with Florida on top. (DallasLaxDad) — This team of destiny is staying true to its mission, thanks to the veteran play of Mikey Meagher, Ashley Bruns, Kitty Cullen and Brittany Dashiell. With Nora Barry and Shannon Gilroy adding talent with the experience of a full year at the collegiate level, Florida can only continue to get better. (draw18) — Is lacrosse now a winter sport - it is in Florida, as the Gators win their 6th game before March. Is still my top team going into Syracuse game. (johnnyboy) — Yeah, they beat Stony Brook, but they also let the Spallinaettes back in the game. This is not a good trend to continue if they want to see Memorial Day. (LadyLaker) — While the Terps may be the current best team, I had the Gators no. 1 last week, and I keep them there until they get squeezed. (Lionwatcher) — #2. Last week I had Florida #3 behind NU and MD, and they have now run their record to 6-0. So my question boiled down to is Florida at 6-0 with a win over UNC more impressive than MD with a monster win over Syracuse. Md gets #1 and the Gators get #2. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 3. Gators 6-0. Well done! Still some 'soft' sched. to me. BUT Mar., 2 (Saturday), Syracuse Orange in Orange Bowl (Miami). Not the show (down) was earlier expected but ... will further sort top players. Lower-rated Orange handled Gators in 2012. Coach? (Rafterjack) — #2. Easy wins over UC-Davis and Albany. Grudge match with Syracuse looms. (slides2) — Gators benefit (greatly) from the Tar Heels' good work. Those are the same Tar Heels the Gators beat in week 1. (socrlaxdad) — #2. Pounded UC Davis ... Albany, too. (Turtles Lax) — Oscar Edition (some movies that people saw too!) - Hunger Games - Gators were my pick to survive at #1, but the next two games will be big (East) tests to see how hungry they are to remain #1. (UnderArmourOdor)

North Carolina: Big early season test for the Heels and a big win. Heels have two goalies who can play and lots of toughness. (Artemis3) — Tar Heels took control over the Cats in Evanston-like conditions. (D-Lax) — The Tar Heels have rebounded very nicely from their close opening loss to the Gators and look like the third best squad in the country. For all the complaining about the field and the weather Friday, the field and weather were the same for NC as for NU. (DallasLaxDad) — Carolina has set the table for a strong season, taking on top teams early on not only to give themselves a test to open the campaign but also to lay the groundwork for what will be a grueling run. They have proven they are up to the task, thanks to solid play from all lines on the field. (draw18) — Win over NU should keep the Levy and Tar Heel doubters at bay ... at least for a week. Rise in my ranking. (johnnyboy) — Levy does it again -- shuts up her naysayers with beating the Cats. She definitely has their number; now she needs to get her team to keep it up. (LadyLaker) — Fetzer Field Face-Off Finishes Foes. Heels love to play the Cats tough. (Lionwatcher) — #3. I always look forward to the UNC vs. NU early season game as it is always a battle. Victory this year goes to the 'Heels and their youthful line-up seems to be finding its way. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 5. Took control at home. Over, "Get your team ready to play", but weren't, Cats! Good job! Did them one, POUNCED! May be new look here w/ Heels? Impressed me. Will, however, require a body of work. Riddle me this: What is a Tar Heel? (Rafterjack) — #3. Apparent drop-off after Maryland/Florida, but Heels get 3rd spot on basis of quality win over Northwestern. (slides2) — 'Heels looking very tough in knocking off the defending champs, but they've yet to leave the friendly confines of Fetzer Field. This week's trip to Philly should be interesting. (socrlaxdad) — #3. 'Heels have been looking for some offense all season. Not sure they found it against NU but sure found a win. Wow! Now packing for long planned move to B1G so they can beat up on NU regularly. (Turtles Lax) — Dredd - playing in a wet Fetzer. OK not a real one but my movie pick from last poll for the Heels was “Fetzer in Flames” only if it doesn’t rain! Lucky I put that caveat as the Heels slipped by the sodden stormtroopers. (UnderArmourOdor)

Syracuse: A close game with Virginia. The Orange look a little shaky right now but have played well enough to stay in the Top 5. (Artemis3) — The Orange pull off first win against the Hoos in 9 years. #3. (D-Lax) — Winning a close game over the Hoos is nice, but I'm again wondering if this no. 6 ranking is too high. However, the Orange beat Virginia which beat Loyola which beat Penn State - so 6 looks about right. But, Syracuse is not playing to the level I expected from my pre-season no. 1. (DallasLaxDad) — Michelle Tumolo is a quality player, and with the attack power around her, the Cuse will put up points. With Alyssa Constantino and Kelsey Richardson combining to make stops in the cage, the Orange will be very much a part of championship discussions. (draw18) — Orange pull out the W but slow starts will doom them in the long run. (johnnyboy) — Beat UVa. Orange vs. Orange but only one Orange wins. (LadyLaker) — Orange not dominating like I thought. Sort of without pulp. Need to regroup. (Lionwatcher) — #5. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 4. Expectations of Syracuse now more appropriate. Were in stratosphere earlier. Settle, coach, settle. Settle pollsters. (Rafterjack) — #4. Gary Gait finally gets a win against the Hoos. (slides2) — Orange bounce back from their only loss by edging the 'Hoos in the Dome. Next up for 'Cuse is the new #1 Gators - in Miami. Is this a final 4 preview in early March? (socrlaxdad) — #4. Trouble in Da 'Cuse? Maybe. (Turtles Lax) — Gangster Squad – the Godfather ... GF finally resists an arresting loss to the Hoos in the Dome. (UnderArmourOdor)

Northwestern: Cats suffer a tough loss at a messy Fetzer Field. It's very early, and they will rebound as usual later in the season, but they will have to address turnover and scoring issues first. (Artemis3) — Trip to Chapel Hill results being dominated most of the game. Coach Amonte cannot come up with an answer this time. #5. (D-Lax) — Were the Wildcats able to fully reload from last year's graduation? No. 5. (DallasLaxDad) — The Wildcats are the hunted yet again, no question. They have the talent to stand up to the pressure, and they will continue to get better as the season progresses. As Fitzgerald takes command of this offense, the team will respond. (draw18) — Taylor Thornton may be the best lacrosse player in every game she plays this year, but she is not the best scorer. One reason why the Cats will have losses like the one to UNC this season. (johnnyboy) — The invincibility shield is showing some cracks. I still believe KAH's Cats will be around for Memorial Day weekend. (LadyLaker) — Rebound after ruing the rainy ruin. Cats are the best at learning from the tough lessons of a loss. (Lionwatcher) — #4. Until they lose ... oh yeah ... the Wildcats lose to UNC and drop from #1 to #4. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 2. Caught off-guard by Carolina. Yes, fog, wet, soggy night ... but if U the Champ (seven of eight times, is it?) you need to be ready. Likely will right ship - a long season. This particular coach been there before. (Rafterjack) — #5. Object lesson: you can't spot a 7-1 lead to the home team at Fetzer, no matter who you are. Take frustrations out on Vandy. (slides2) — 'Cats fall to the 'Heels at Chapel Hill ... and they fall from the top of my poll. Hard to believe that this early in the season 3 of my top 5 already have a loss. (socrlaxdad) — #5. Shocking defeat at the hands (feet?) of the 'Heels. Wreckage of purple UFO located in ditch just off Franklin Street. Coach K believes B1G is spying on him. NU immediately files injunction to block Carolina move to B1G. (Turtles Lax) — Battleship - just like the movie the Death Star didn’t fair too well in the wet taking on water that slowed the Empire’s conquests for at least this week. (UnderArmourOdor)

Duke: The Blue Devils were outmatched and outplayed by a scary-good Terps squad. (Artemis3) — The Devils look better to me at this point than do the Wildcats. No. 4. (DallasLaxDad) — The Blue Devils have a number of quality players, and one of the nation’s top recruiting classes is yet again a key for Duke. With Kelsey Duryea providing quality minutes in goal, the Duke offense can generate points for her at the other end of the field. (draw18) — Duke plays even with the Terps ... for first 15 minutes of second half ... outclassed before and after. (johnnyboy) — Lost to the Terps by a-terp-lot. (LadyLaker) — Tough loss to the Terps, who appear to be the top of the class in the ACC, although it may be a close race all year. (Lionwatcher) — #8. Hammered by the Terps, I still think they are a solid team. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 6. Steady progress for Blue Devils interrupted by Terps (Juggernaut II). Record still keeps them near top, 4-1. (Rafterjack) — #8. Good, young team, but no match for Terps. (slides2) — Duke falls too easily at College Park ... their only road game thus far. Should get back in the win column this week against visiting Vandy. (socrlaxdad) — #7. B1G not soon enough say Duke faithful. (Turtles Lax) — Zero Duke Thirty – it just seemed this mission into enemy terp-itory was a disaster from the get-go. (UnderArmourOdor)

Virginia: The Hoos look good. If they get rid of their turnovers, they will continue to rise. (Artemis3) — The Hoos beat Loyola, which beat Penn State; Towson and Penn have fallen off my ballot; BC lost to Ohio State, which lost to Louisville - so, no. 8 sounds about right for Virginia. (DallasLaxDad) — The Cavaliers have shown they are not going to back down from anyone. If Kim Kolarik is on, they can be in those games. A well-balanced attack gives Virginia a number of options on attack, and that depth will make it tough for their opponents. (draw18) — Kudos to the Hoos for taking the game to Syracuse ... may not always win but can usually count on UVa to play hard and make the other team play hard too. (johnnyboy) — Lost to Syracuse but kept it close. Wahoo-what-is-that-about? (LadyLaker) — Not sure if the close loss to the Orange says more about the Hoos or Syracuse. Time will tell, as it always does. (Lionwatcher) — #6. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 7. (Rafterjack) — #6. Give Syracuse almost all they can handle. Hoos better than anticipated. (slides2) — 'Cavs lose on the road to the Orange ... yet I moved them up a notch in the poll. The #2 Terps visit Klöckner Stadium this Friday - wish I could be there. (socrlaxdad) — #8. Predicted O would not be up to the task vs. Orange. But it almost was. (Turtles Lax) — Argo - the Hoos couldn’t slip out of the Dome with the win after a marvelous first half ... but I fear losing by a goal to the pre-season #1 will probably knock them out of the Top 10. (UnderArmourOdor)

Loyola: Nice win for the Hounds. They still look sloppy and seem to have second half issues. Another solid outing for the freshman goalie. (Artemis3) — One-goal loss to Virginia, two-goal win over the Nittany Lions - no. 11 sounds about right. (DallasLaxDad) — The Greyhounds are showing they can compete at a multitude of levels, thanks to a balanced scoring attack that will wreak havoc on defenses. At the other end of the field, Molly Wolf is playing well in her debut. (draw18) — Good win over the Nittanies. Am most impressed with Molly Wolfe's debut in the goal vs. two top caliber teams. (johnnyboy) — Beat the Lions, not by much, but it's a win. Keep it up, Hounds. (LadyLaker) — Hounds sound and rebound. Hounds should be in the hunt all year. (Lionwatcher) — #7. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 8. Match-up with JHU on Wednesday. (Rafterjack) — #7. Get tremendous game from Taryn VanThof in middle of field to edge Penn State. (slides2) — 'Hounds rebound with a nice win over the Nittany Lions. Next up is the "Battle of Charles Street," when the undefeated Blue Jays head to Ridley. (socrlaxdad) — #6. JA7's guarantee that it will now take more than 10 goals to beat the 'Hounds held true. Would not require a leap of faith were it to hold true all season. (Turtles Lax) — The Grey – Hounds and their Wolf in goal beat the Nittany Lions to stay in the pack of teams in the second 5. (UnderArmourOdor)

Notre Dame: The Irish are still unbeaten, so they rise to no. 7. (DallasLaxDad) — The Irish have a potent attack and a solid defense, two good hallmarks for a quality season. The Big East will be tough sledding all season long, but don’t be surprised if ND makes waves across the board. (draw18) — Idle. Looking forward to OSU. (johnnyboy) — Pass this week. (LadyLaker) — Nothing ventured, nothing gained this week. (Lionwatcher) — #13. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 12. Win at Stanford in opener. Ohio State Wednesday at home will sort these two for me. (Rafterjack) — #9. Idle this week. Host Ohio State next. (slides2) — Irish took a week off ... maybe working on their Pope ballots? They host the Buckeyes mid-week. (socrlaxdad) — #22. Too early to tell but still debut in #22 slot. (Turtles Lax) — The Hobbit – Irish have a quest to beat the Buckeyes this week to stay in Top 10. (UnderArmourOdor)

Penn State: No. 13. (DallasLaxDad) — The Nittany Lions are showing quality play not only from their talented sophomores like Tatum Coffey and Mackenzie Cyr, but also from a number of players who will keep defenses guessing while holding their own. (draw18) — PSU and Loyola appeared to be rather evenly matched ... but "good game" gets you a polite handshake at the end of the game and a drop in my rankings. (johnnyboy) — PSU is on the right track even with the 1-goal loss to Loyola. (LadyLaker) — Could not chase down the Hounds. May be the strongest team in a number of years in Happy Valley. (Lionwatcher) — #11. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 10. Loss to Loyola unsettled me. Will watch closely. (Rafterjack) — #11. Give Loyola a hard fight. (slides2) — Lions lose at Loyola and fall to 1-1. Their March schedule is probably as tough as anybody's this spring. They could be 3-7 (and well out of the poll) by April Fool's Day. (socrlaxdad) — #18. Match vs. Loyola suggests a rather long year is ahead. (Turtles Lax) — Silver Linings Playbook – it is still early for the Lions but that is the only silver lining. (UnderArmourOdor)

Georgetown: The win over Towson and an unbeaten record are enough for me to have the Hoyas debut on my ballot at no. 9. (DallasLaxDad) — The Hoyas are a young team, but they are talented. Caroline Tarzian will be counted on for a number of touches, and Kelyn Freedman has already shown that her presence on the field is crucial for GU. Sophia Thomas continues to add steady and reliable minutes and do the little things well. (draw18) — Guess I have to give GT some ranking props with wins over Delaware and Towson, but I am still skeptical of their ability to keep the opponent off the scoreboard. (johnnyboy) — Winning when they are supposed to, but winning. Nice game against the Tigers says to me that the Hoyas may be a force to be reckoned with this year. (Lionwatcher) — #10. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 15. Two wins a good start. (Rafterjack) — #10. Hoyas off to good start with Caroline Tarzian leading the way. (slides2) — 2-0 Hoyas host Princeton this week - their second top 20 visitor in this young season. (socrlaxdad) — #11. Caught Tigers by the tail and a somewhat surprising victory. (Turtles Lax) — Lincoln – Hoyas D would not set the Towson scorers free. It was an emancipating win in DC. (UnderArmourOdor)

Dartmouth: OT win over the Ducks is good enough for no. 17. (DallasLaxDad) — The Big Green duck an upset loss by taking Oregon in OT. (johnnyboy) — Beat Oregon. Still unsure about the BG staying power. (LadyLaker) — Green hold off the Ducks. Not sure who that says more about. (Lionwatcher) — #17. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 11. Win at Oregon. Production at attack, where Coach Patton felt least strength for Green preseason (Ducks beat up on Cincinnati today). Wednesday, New Hampshire in Hanover - snow forecast. Good job, Dartmouth! (Rafterjack) — #12. Green barely squeak by Oregon in OT. (slides2) — The Big Green ekes out an OT win at Oregon. (socrlaxdad) — #15. Narrowly over The Mighty Ducks of Eugene. (Turtles Lax) — Flight - rafterman was worried about the long flight to the left coast, and the Green were almost thrown for a loop but ducked a big crash in the poll. (UnderArmourOdor)

Massachusetts: #15 this week, but need to step up their SOS. If you want to be in the Top 10, you need to play the Big Girls. (D-Lax) — The Minutewomen have rebounded nicely from their opening loss to Northwestern and rise to no. 12. (DallasLaxDad) — Katie Ferris is a quality player, and she elevates the play of those around her. UMass has been a solid team for a number of years now, and this season is no different. With saves being made in the cage, the Minutewomen are a strong force. (draw18) — UMass starts racking up the Ws. (johnnyboy) — A win but still waiting for a quality win. (LadyLaker) — After getting taken to the shed by the Cats, doing the wood-shedding now. Only a couple of challenges on the schedule from here on out. I have one word for you: SOS. (Lionwatcher) — #9. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 9. Their match with Terriers (Wednesday at BU) will help me get a better handle on Minutewomen this season. (Rafterjack) — #13. Minutewomen roll over UNH. BU tougher test next. (slides2) — UMass is now on a 3-game win streak. (socrlaxdad) — #12. Key match vs. Boston this week will likely tell all there is to know about both squads. (Turtles Lax) — The Cabin in the Woods – horror show for New Hampshire at home as they are doubled up by the Minutemen. (UnderArmourOdor)

Stony Brook: Showed some fight against Florida - no. 15. (DallasLaxDad) — The Seawolves continue to show not only improvement but also strength at all levels, all over the field. As Petersen and Cook go, so does the team. Stony Brook won't sneak up on people, but they don't have to any longer. (draw18) — Seawolves made score respectable by game's end against the Gators, but it wasn't that close and is demonstrative of the gap between the top ranked teams and the lesser ranked teams. (johnnyboy) — Yeah, I know, crazy huh! But they stormed back against the Gators. Demonstrated what a team needs to get through the D1 season. Watch out for 'em. (LadyLaker) — Neither the early loss to the top, nor the win against the relative bottom says much. (Lionwatcher) — #14. (mytwokeepers) — #19. Hammered early by Florida before fighting back, but too little too late. (slides2) — Still hard to read the Seawolves ... a win at Bucknell and a loss at Florida is a pretty wide caliper for measuring a team. (socrlaxdad) — #20. As expected, thump-down by Gators renders Larry inconsolable. Taking week off to regroup before battling mighty Central Connecticut. (Turtles Lax) — The Dictator – Spawolves lose to #1 Gators but stand by to overrun Central CT. (UnderArmourOdor)

Ohio State: When the Buckeyes are clicking and on, this is a very dangerous team. The rookies will get better throughout the season, and Tori DeScenza and Tayler Kuzma provide a solid start in the backfield. OSU can play a significant role in the conference and nationally. (draw18) — OSU gains some redemption from Louisville loss by easily handling the BC Eagles. (johnnyboy) — Righted the ship after the early loss to the Cardinals. (Lionwatcher) — My rank: 13. Two wins get things underway, despite early loss to Louisville. Especially strong over BC. (Rafterjack) — #20. Buckeyes bounce back against BC. (slides2) — Buckeyes knock off BC ... and get to stay in the top 20. (socrlaxdad) — #17. Defense prevailed in battle of former teammates now HCs. (Turtles Lax) — Taken 2 – Bucks get back in the mix taking two wins beating both Bill and Mary and BC handily. (UnderArmourOdor)

Johns Hopkins: The Blue Jays are 3-0 - but their opponents have yet to win a game. No. 19. (DallasLaxDad) — Taylor D’Amore is a special talent, and she is surrounded by players who only add to the level Hopkins has displayed. With Sammy Cermack coming into her own, and Sarah Taylor serving as a viable scoring threat, the Blue Jays are flying high. This is a team that will have a say in the national scene. (draw18) — Blue Jays racking up Ws prior to getting into the tough part of their schedule. (johnnyboy) — Big test vs. Loyola this week. Let's see what the Blue Jays are made of! (LadyLaker) — Nice start to the season by the Blue Jays although against inferior opponents. We will see when the real games start. (Lionwatcher) — #16. (mytwokeepers) — #16. Jays are 3-0, but things get much harder with Loyola, Northwestern, and Georgetown up next. (slides2) — 'Jays are undefeated ... but none of their opponents thus far have notched a single win. A visit up the street to Loyola mid-week should prove to be a barn-burner. (socrlaxdad) — #16. Untested to date. Very large contest with Loyola just ahead. (Turtles Lax) — Looper - The Hop keeps winning but the next short trip up the street will tell a lot. (UnderArmourOdor)

Penn: The loss to Drexel is enough for me to drop the Quakers off my ballot. (DallasLaxDad) — Penn will continue to be solid with great players like Maddie Poplawski controlling the midfield. The rest of the league has been putting pressure on them, and with the rest of Philly raring to go at the Quakers, the City of Brotherly Love will experience fierce battles. (draw18) — Quakers have some work to do after dropping their first game to the Drexel Dragons and drop in my rankings. (johnnyboy) — Lost to Drexel. They are in my top 20, but barely. (LadyLaker) — #12. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 14. Do not have negative expectations of Quakers. Dangerous to do so IMHO. Yes, weren't ready, like NU, perhaps, but will rebound. (Rafterjack) — #22. Not much of a weekend for the Ivy League. Quakers will have to win their way back into Top 20. (slides2) — Quakers lose to their next-door neighbor Dragons ... was it the weather or early season jitters? (socrlaxdad) — #24. Miserable offense continues to offend. (Turtles Lax) — Les Miserables - the Revolting Quakers can’t hold the barricades in Franklin Field and sing a sad song against now new crosstown rival. (UnderArmourOdor)

Towson: Can't keep the 0-2 Tigers on my ballot. (DallasLaxDad) — Sorry, Tigers. Taking you out of my top 20. May be a little early, but I'm getting a jump on things, because you are 0-2 already and have a brutally tough schedule ahead in March. (johnnyboy) — Tigers stand toe to toe with the Hoyas and the Heels. Now they need to get the W. (Lionwatcher) — #15. An 0-2 start is the result of a rigorous schedule well played. Still the Tigers get my respect. (mytwokeepers) — #15. Tigers are 0-2 against two top teams. Let's see how they fare against local competition this upcoming week. (slides2) — Tigers fall to 0-2 with a loss at Georgetown ... and next up this week are local rivals UMBC and Loyola. I think they'll be lucky to split those two. (socrlaxdad) — #19. Disappointing loss costs Tigers. (Turtles Lax) — Life of Pi – Tigers need a lifeboat after their long 34-minute scoring drought. (UnderArmourOdor)

Louisville: Moving Louisville up ten spots to no. 10 may seem like a gift to the Cardinals, but they are unbeaten at this early stage and knocked off The Ohio State University. (DallasLaxDad) — OK ... it's early, but I'm impressed, and the Cardinals now have the attention of their Big East opponents and me. Canadian freshman Kaylin Morissette adding new-found scoring. (johnnyboy) — 3 up and 3 down. I am impressed with these Cardinals. (Lionwatcher) — #20. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 18. Three and zero start gets me a vote up onto this list, especially defeating big O.S. University, no? Denver Saturday in Colorado. (Rafterjack) — #18. Cardinals re-emerge after off year. (slides2) — 3-0 Cardinals are looking to make big noise in the Big East. Their first road trip sends them to Denver this week. (socrlaxdad) — #9. After having had the Ohio State win seriously upgraded, the Cards make major move UP in TOPTM. (Turtles Lax) — Expendables 2 – beat the Monarchs by 18 goals some to spare. (UnderArmourOdor)

Princeton: The Tigers show great promise in their returners, especially the sophomores who now have a full year under their belts. The Ivy League is going to be a dogfight, but it might be the cats that come out on top. (draw18) — Tigers start season with with a W over Villanova. Too early to know if that is at all meaningful to me. (johnnyboy) — After Vanilla No Fun, the real season starts with the Hoyas. (Lionwatcher) — #24. Win over Villanova as expected, but no real test. (slides2) — Tigers open with an expected win over 'Nova ... visiting Georgetown will be more of a test. (socrlaxdad)

Boston College: BC is not going to be intimidated by anyone, and that same tenacity, with Covie Stanwick at the lead, is going to carry them far. With a young staff at the helm, this tenacity plus youthful enthusiasm will play dividends down the stretch. (draw18) — I was thinking pretty highly of the Eagles, but OSU made me take off the rose colored glasses and opened my buckeyes. (johnnyboy) — 8 for 22 in shooting? I can't put a team in my top 20 that shoots 8 for 22. (LadyLaker) — Eagles get a lesson after the early strong start. A breather before traveling to the Windy City. (Lionwatcher) — Eagles lost at the Ohio State U. That keeps them just on the outside of the top 20 ... looking in. (socrlaxdad) — #21. Terrible loss to Buckeyes. Horrific performance re: draws contributed mightily. (Turtles Lax) — Skyfall – it all goes wrong as Eagles play Chicken Little in Ohio. (UnderArmourOdor)

Navy: 4-0 and up to 14. (DallasLaxDad) — Thought High Point would give USNA a closer game, but Navy made it look easy. Good win over a competitive team. (johnnyboy) — Yeah, they have huge lopsided wins, but in typical Navy fashion we are still waiting for a quality opponent. (LadyLaker) — #14. Middies now 4-0, including revenge against High Point. (slides2) — 4-0 Mids have an average margin of victory of 12 goals. (socrlaxdad) — #10. Truth be told, the Middies' impressive win over High Point is the surprise of the week. Not the W per se, rather the margin of victory. Be careful, doubters. (Turtles Lax) — Avengers – Mids beat High Point worse than the Gators did. (UnderArmourOdor)

Stanford: The Cardinal showed that they are not going to have another season like last year. This is a nice team that has depth and talent, a great combination. Stanford should hold pace out West, and with their opener behind them, they can shoot higher. (draw18) — Felt I had to pick at least one team from the MPSF ... liking their start above all others. (johnnyboy) — Beat Harvard. I believe. (LadyLaker) — #19. Beating Harvard was an eye-opener for me. (mytwokeepers) — #17. Cardinal have to command some respect after making life hard for Notre Dame and knocking off Harvard. (slides2) — #25. Denver no good here. Giving Stanford a shot. (Turtles Lax)

Cornell: The Big Red didn't look as strong as I expected in a win over Canisius. Harvard visits Ithaca this weekend. (socrlaxdad) — #23. Cannot think of anyone else to fill poll. (Turtles Lax)

Drexel: Drexel pulls off one of the major upsets of the week over Penn. Moves into the Top 25 at #22. (D-Lax) — 3-0 and a win over Penn - the Dragons deserve kudos, the spotlight, and this no. 18 vote! (DallasLaxDad) — Good win over Penn plus 3-0 start put Dragons on my watch list. (johnnyboy) — My rank: 20. Great work. keep it up, Dragons. Three and zero ... with victory over Penn. See Louisville, Mar. 17. Could both win out 'til that date. (Rafterjack) — #21. Epic win over neighborhood rival Penn. (slides2) — 3-0 start for the Dragons ... plus they knocked off their next door neighbors - the defending Ivy League Champs. (socrlaxdad) — #14. Dragon Ladys mystify Quakers ;-) One of the most shocking outcomes this week. Seriously, Penn, why such an aversion to offense? This is NOT meant to be funny! (Turtles Lax)

Boston University: #13. It's not that cold in Beantown ... play a game! :-) (Turtles Lax)

Oregon: Close loss in OT against the Big Green. #16. (D-Lax) — #18. (mytwokeepers) — #23. Ducks take Dartmouth to the limit. (slides2)

Temple: A quiet 3-0 but no one gives a hoot ... but me. (johnnyboy)

James Madison: I had the Dukes at 16 in my pre-season poll, they held serve in their opener against Cal - so, they stay at 16. (DallasLaxDad)

Harvard: In their opener out West, the Crimson were outdrawn, outshot, and outhustled on ground balls - and, their reward is falling off my ballot to the ranks of the unranked. (DallasLaxDad) — Harvard will navigate through a tough schedule in the Ivy League, and games against strong out-of-conference opponents will prepare them for a grueling stretch in the conference. With Alexis Nicolia adding a great scoring punch to Micaela Cyr and Danielle Tetreault, the Crimson are a force. (draw18) — My rank: 21. Opener at Palo Alto. Late score here was 8-6, Cardinal. But 'stats' fouled up at tracker site. Rafter may have to drop lower two Ivy's as such as Louisville, Drexel, Denver impressing. Yes, I do think so. (Rafterjack)

Jacksonville: Can't fault the Dolphins for their strength of schedule. A 3-2 record earns the last spot on my ballot. (DallasLaxDad)

Denver: Loss to Delaware drops the Pioneers off my ballot. (DallasLaxDad)

Other Teams Pollsters Considered (and comments, if any)

. Albany: Thoroughly dominated by Florida - the Great Danes are off my ballot at least til they play UMass on March 8. (DallasLaxDad) — #25. Nowhere close to Florida, as opposed to tight game last year. (slides2)

. Rutgers:

. Hofstra:

. Virginia Tech:

. Lafayette: Leopards off to a 3-0 start ... certainly worth a mention. (socrlaxdad)

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