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Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2012

Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2013

LaxPower WD1 Forum Poll #7
March 25, 2013

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.
1Maryland (11-0)W Wm. & Mary 18-5, W James Madison 18-8334111
2Florida (13-0)W Stetson 22-1, W Ohio St. 13-732862
3North Carolina (9-1)W Cornell 11-10, W Boston C. 19-113043
4Northwestern (7-1)2884
5Syracuse (4-2)W UConn 18-72685
6Duke (9-1)W Virginia 13-72616
7Notre Dame (8-0)W Rutgers 9-6, W Villanova 14-22387
8Georgetown (7-2)W Cincinnati 21-3, W Louisville 14-112158
9Penn State (6-3)W Drexel 9-817810
10Virginia (5-5)W James Madison 10-3, L Duke 7-1315811
11Cornell (6-2)L UNC 10-11, L Penn 11-121509
12Stony Brook (8-2)W Iona 21-3, W Vermont 19-5, W Siena 18-513114
13Dartmouth (6-2)W Davidson 13-12, W Columbia 8-712513
14Navy (10-1)W George Washington 9-6, W Lafayette 15-811315
15Denver (9-1)W Vermont 13-8, W Holy Cross 16-810116
16Massachusetts (8-2)W Holy Cross 20-57918
17Johns Hopkins (6-3)W Towson 10-9, L Princeton 7-107612
18Stanford (4-2)6717
19Princeton (4-3)L Rutgers 10-12, W Johns Hopkins 10-73220
20tJames Madison (5-3)L Virginia 3-10, L Maryland 8-182919
20tLoyola (4-5)W Louisville 11-6, W Cincinnati 19-029NR
Others receiving votes: Louisville (20), UMBC (12), Connecticut (11), Rutgers (11), Penn (4), San Diego State (3), Temple (3), La Salle (1), Drexel (1)

Number of voters: 17 (Artemis3, D-Lax, DallasLaxDad, draw18, johnnyboy, LadyLaker, LAF1, Laxword, Lionwatcher, mytwokeepers, novaglax, Rafterjack, Seinfeld, slides2, socrlaxdad, Turtles Lax, UnderArmourOdor)

Pollsters' Comments About Teams They Ranked

Maryland: Completely dominant this week. Not sure who can beat these Terps. (Artemis3) — Finally switched the top two spots. Terps worthy of being No. 1. (D-Lax) — All week long, I have been amazed at the lacrosse community and felt so blessed that I was introduced to the game and the community when my baby girl first picked up a crosse nine years ago. Yes, I'm flipping again, and the Terps now earn my vote for the top spot. (DallasLaxDad) — As long as Alex Aust and Brooke Griffin continue to make waves offensively, the Terps will stay in the upper echelon. Kasey Howard is having a stellar year, and we can look forward to seeing Maryland continue to excel. (draw18) — #2. When, er, if Terps beat the Hokies to close their regular season, the state of Virginia will have contributed toward five Maryland wins. (johnnyboy) — #1 until some team proves me wrong. (LadyLaker) — Well, they beat Stony Brook. They must be good. Trip north this week should not be a problem. (Lionwatcher) — #1. When I talk about this Maryland team, it is a pleasure to talk about their excellence and not about the merits of stalling to keep the loss close. (mytwokeepers) — Business as usual. (novaglax) — My rank: 1. Sticking with Terps. May not see some here at the top, such as Maryland, lose a game until playoffs (if even then ...). Narrowest victories: Hofstra and SB, each by five. (Rafterjack) — #1. Terps put down W&M and JMU pretty much as they've done every one else. Not sure who can stop them. Big news: Kristen Lamon has missed a couple of shots, and her percentage has sunk to .808. (slides2) — The 11-0 Terps continue to roll ... expect Towson and Penn to fall to the Terrapins' "snap" this week. (socrlaxdad) — #1. Got past Bill and Mary and Jim Madison between tanning sessions. Cannot wait for classes to resume. (Turtles Lax) — TL told me now that he broke the tie Terps need to score more than the 8 against the Spawolves ... 18 seems to be the number that works this week ... twice. (UnderArmourOdor)

Florida: Solid win against a feisty Ohio State. (Artemis3) — The lacrosse world is a true community, supporting and uplifting its own, even as the sport has spread and grown, evidenced by the fact a team from Florida has a legit claim to the top spot. But, this week the Gators get my no. 2 vote. (DallasLaxDad) — The Gators continue to show depth throughout the field, and the addition of Sydney duPre is a welcome one for a team that is already stacked. She is fitting in well with Kayla Stollins and Sam Farrell, and, of course, playing in front of Mikey Meagher makes it much easier. (draw18) — #1. Another engaging week for my top-ranked Gators. (johnnyboy) — Still #2. Nice win over OSU. (LadyLaker) — Rocked the Buckeyes and rolled Stetson. Conference foes await. (Lionwatcher) — #2. Awfully good, but still in second place. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 2. Undefeated gets my attention. Is also, after all, Gators. (Rafterjack) — #2. Shannon Gilroy leads the way as Gators break open close game against Ohio State. (slides2) — The 13-0 Gators beat Ohio state and should run the ALC table heading up to the regular season finale with the Wildcats at Gainesville. Their staunch defense has yielded 10+ goals just once this season. (socrlaxdad) — #3. Wore the 'Hatters and surprisingly close vs. The Ohio State University, who would've won if they had a couple Aaron Craft's on the team. (Turtles Lax) — Mad Hatters and Black Buckeyes leave Dizney getting spring broken. (UnderArmourOdor)

North Carolina: The Heels survived Big Red and stay at #3. Duke, Virginia Tech, and Maryland loom. We'll see what these Tar Heels are made of. (Artemis3) — Remain at No. 3, despite a scare against Cornell and pulling off a big comeback in the last 5 minutes. Tar Heels are vulnerable. (D-Lax) — KQ RIP. The Tar Heels had a scare against a very good team in Red, but Carolina Blue prevailed in the end and the Heels keep their position at no. 3. (DallasLaxDad) — The Tar Heels have shown incredible resiliency, and Kara Cannizzaro and Emily Garrity have taken a lead on this team that will go deep into the season. Margaret Corzel is having a great spring and her play in the back is paying dividends. (draw18) — #3. UNC picks up ninth straight win. (johnnyboy) — Two good wins over BC and CU. (LadyLaker) — Big Red almost left the Tar Heels red-faced, but no. The triangle Darby up this week. Should be a doozy. (Lionwatcher) — #3. A hard-fought win over a very tough Cornell plus the show of offensive strength against BC retains the #3 slot for UNC. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 5. May be Carolina's year. But just here outside top four they remain for me. I need convincing before I move them higher. (Rafterjack) — #3. Tar Heels forced to gut one out over Cornell; BC more to their taste. (slides2) — 'Heels are on a 9-game winning streak and heading toward an April 6th showdown with the Terps for the ACC #1 seed. (socrlaxdad) — #2. Cornell costs 'Heels #2 spot ... Dorfmac thrilled. :-( (Turtles Lax) — Big Red had a chance but Eagles none, as Heels gear up for 10-mile road trip with the Devils in the details! (UnderArmourOdor)

Northwestern: No game. (Artemis3) — Big test against the Orange on Saturday. (D-Lax) — Live, Love, Lax. And, in the case of Northwestern this week, relax and take a break - at least from games. The Wildcats remain at no. 5 on my ballot. (DallasLaxDad) — Cats take a second to regroup and continue their assault on the season. Fitzgerald is leading the charge for this group, and as the young ones learn to play off her, NU has a long season ahead. (draw18) — #4. Wildcats being idle this week gives them 10 days to prepare for their game with Syracuse this week. Have a feeling they will be rested and ready. (johnnyboy) — Beat "Hahvahd". Break now -- all that collective brain power on one field was too energizing. (LadyLaker) — After surviving the hack-a-shac defense and passing the exams last week, took this week off for pencil and paper tests. All tough games from here on out. (Lionwatcher) — #4. Ranking NU in the fourth slot is easy, it is correct, and it seems to ignore herstory. To quote Meatloaf, "Two out of three ain't bad." (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 3. (Rafterjack) — #4. 'Cats take a break; busy week ahead with Ohio State and Syracuse. (slides2) — Wildcats are heading into the toughest part of their schedule ... 7 of their next 9 opponents are in the top 15, and the other two used to be. (socrlaxdad) — #5. B1G folks get 11-day spring break? Maryland cancels move thereto; too much time away from classes. (Turtles Lax) — The Deathstar remains moored lakeside as the hulls are strengthened after the Navy broadsides did such damage to morale. (UnderArmourOdor)

Syracuse: Dominant win vs. UConn. This team looks more settled now. (Artemis3) — Offense starts putting up numbers against UConn. On their way back for the big showdown against the Purple Cats at month's end? (D-Lax) — Crimson and Gold were everywhere. But Orange is coming back in favor with me as Syracuse tries to earn back the love that included my pre-season no. 1 vote. A very nice win over a very good Huskies team moves Syracuse up to no. 7. (DallasLaxDad) — The Orange are a solid team from top to bottom. They have their sea legs underneath them now and with the heavy front end of the schedule leading the way, SU can draw off those experiences in the future games. (draw18) — #5. Orange give Huskies a reality check. (johnnyboy) — Beat UConn. (LadyLaker) — Brought the Huskies to their senses. Warming up for the trip to the Lake. Don't sleep on the Eagles. (Lionwatcher) — #5. Rounding out the Top Five. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 4. Haven't shown much (were soooo heavily hyped preseason ...) and so few games, but somehow seems they likely will be there at the final four. (Rafterjack) — #5. Orange open Big East farewell tour by quickly showing UConn who's boss. (slides2) — The Orange are still the best two-loss team out there. (socrlaxdad) — #7. Dominated upstart UConn. (Turtles Lax) — No rust from the Orangeís extended break as Huskies are thin on scoring in the Dome. (UnderArmourOdor)

Duke: Nice ACC win for the Devils. Still not sure about this Duke squad though. (Artemis3) — Play 4 SHU. The Blue Devils earned a very special place in my heart last Sunday. A convincing win over Virginia is not enough, however, for Duke to climb above North Carolina, so Duke remains at no. 4. (DallasLaxDad) — The Blue Devils are showing they won't back down from a challenge, and this team can put goals on the board. Watch for them to make noise throughout the rest of the season, thanks to a potent and deep offense. (draw18) — #6. Game of the week versus UNC this week. (johnnyboy) — Blue Devils put away the Cavaliers. (LadyLaker) — Took care of the pesky northern neighbors rather cavalierly. Can they be the top Blue? (Lionwatcher) — #6. I was tempted to move the Blue Devils up a spot after their convincing win over UVa. I just couldn't justify moving the 'Cuse down a slot. (mytwokeepers) — Thought their game with UVa would be a bit closer. (novaglax) — My rank: 6. (Rafterjack) — #6. Devils look strong in second half at Hooville; yet another solid game from Kelsey Duryea in goal. (slides2) — Big showdown this week as the Dookies host the 'Heels in Durham. (socrlaxdad) — #4. Big week for every Duke sport. Fans happy. TL not so much. (Turtles Lax) — Devils go to Hooville and win in the second half. (UnderArmourOdor)

Notre Dame: Two wins vs. Rutgers and Villanova. The Irish are looking very good. (Artemis3) — #onelaxfamily. I'm just grateful the Fighting Irish didn't follow the lead of their basketball brothers and sisters and show up in neon. Notre Dame won two more and stay at no. 6. (DallasLaxDad) — #7. Irish are undefeated, in my top 10 ... but I still desperately am seeking validation. (johnnyboy) — Beat Rutgers. (LadyLaker) — Outlasted the surprisingly tough Scarlet Knights in a game with more fouls than fans in the stands. Ouch! (Lionwatcher) — #7. The funny thing about Notre Dame's 8-0 record is that I'm really not impressed. That being said, they can't be ignored. (mytwokeepers) — The Irish finally playing the D. (novaglax) — My rank: 7. Yes, no losses but ... by two over Stanford, Duquesne, one over Vandy, and three over Rutgers. Not e-nuff. (Rafterjack) — #7. D does job against Rutgers and Villanova no problem, but Irish Big East schedule is front-loaded with manageable opponents. (slides2) — Win over Rutgers was much closer than expected. (socrlaxdad) — #6. Still don't know how they're undefeated ... but they are. (Turtles Lax) — Irish start Big East with two wins, beating improving Scarlet Knights and over-matched Nova, but schedule gets tougher now! (UnderArmourOdor)

Georgetown: This Hoya squad is very talented and finally putting it all together on the field. (Artemis3) — One Lax to Live. Georgetown moves up a spot to no. 8 with a close but effective win over the ranked Louisville Cardinals. (DallasLaxDad) — This is a great example of a team coming together and making noise through a collective effort. The team is very strong and any number of players can step up to help the Hoyas make their opponents lose focus on any one person. (draw18) — #8. Hoyas win in spite of only 2 saves in Louisville game ... how does that happen? Giving Hoyas a high ranking but won't pick them against any team that can clear the ball and get shots off. (johnnyboy) — Beat Cincy and L-ville. Rebouding Hounds may give the Hoyas a real test. (LadyLaker) — Hoyas survive here but not so much in march madness. They beat number 1 seeded Louisville. (Lionwatcher) — #8. My personal debate with a team similar to the Hoyas is, "Are they good, or do I think they should be good?" Georgetown, I am afraid I think they are better than they really are. I think they belong in the eighth spot. Is that clear? (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 8. (Rafterjack) — #8. Rout Cincy and outlast Louisville with Caroline Tarzian coming up big. (slides2) — Hoyas opened their Big East play with wins over Cincy and Louisville ... now they take a week off. Whew! (socrlaxdad) — #12. Beat the hapless 'Nati senseless. Back on track, but a real dogfight looms just ahead. (Turtles Lax) — Hoyas bounce back from Heels loss with BE wins over B-Cats and Cards with the L-ville game tougher than forecast. Long break to ready for trip down Cold Spring Lane. (UnderArmourOdor)

Penn State: Two great one-goal wins for PSU. They are tough and disciplined. I wouldn't want to face them come tournament time. (Artemis3) — The Nittany Lions escaped the snare of the Dragon. Good enough to remain at no. 12. (DallasLaxDad) — This team has talent all over the field, and Katie Guy is having such a tremendous season in the backfield. With the strong play of Kelly Lechner and a potent sophomore class, the Nittany Lions are still going strong. (draw18) — #12. Good win over Drexel as Nittanies prepare to host Florida this week. (johnnyboy) — Beat Drexel. (LadyLaker) — Had Dragons breathing down their necks but avoided the fire. Going from the heat into the fire this week with the swamp people coming north. (Lionwatcher) — #11. Beat up Vandy and edged Drexel ... "The Two Faces of Penn State?" (mytwokeepers) — You win. They lose. You move up. (novaglax) — #12. Last ditch goal by Mackenzie Cyr gets Lions past scrappy Drexel. (slides2) — Lions win a close one at Drexel ... maybe too close. With Florida this week and Northwestern next, I look for them to head out of the top 10. (socrlaxdad) — #10. Slayed the Dragons but lose a bit of ground.. (Turtles Lax) — We Are ... struggle against Drexel doesnít bode well when the Gators come calling or a trip to meet the stormtroopers, who will have recovered from their keelhauling. (UnderArmourOdor)

Virginia: The up-and-down season continues for the Hoos. A beat-down of the Dukes and a beat-down by Duke. Shrug. (Artemis3) — I have absolutely no idea where to put Virginia. At times, I think the Hoos are top 10; other times I don't think they should be ranked. So, I'll split the difference and put them at 15. (DallasLaxDad) — The Cavaliers are showing some promise; these tough games that they are playing will provide help down the stretch. A gelling defense is providing a strong support system as the front lines are elevated by the play of Casey Bocklet. (draw18) — #13. Beat the Dukes but lost to Duke. (johnnyboy) — Bedeviled by the B. Devils! (LadyLaker) — Took care of business this week. Midweek tune up before heading to Beantown for a date with the birds. (Lionwatcher) — #12. I thought the 'Hoos game with Duke was going to be closer, but the loss was expected. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 9. (Rafterjack) — #10. Hoos cross Blue Ridge to put kabosh on JMU, but come home and fade in second half against Duke. (slides2) — Cavs stay at .500 with a win over JMU and a loss to Duke. 'Hoos 0-3 in the ACC? Virgina - that's hoo! (socrlaxdad) — #22. Signs of life but then reverted to form. (Turtles Lax) — Hoos have good luck with new keeper against Dukes but are only in it for a half against the Dukies as they fade at home. Need to do better than 2-5 against Top 20 teams. (UnderArmourOdor)

Cornell: Two tough one-goal losses, yes. But the Big Red are playing some great lacrosse. (Artemis3) — Two losses this week. But, a truly quality loss to UNC ... up by three with five to go and lose by one. What a heartbreak. #11. (D-Lax) — And I close my top 10 again acknowledging my amazement at the support the lacrosse community gives to its own. Today's loss to Penn just shows me that the Ivy League is going to mess up my ballot again this year. But, the Big Red showed on Wednesday that they are a top 10 squad. (DallasLaxDad) — Cornell demonstrates toughness and resiliency and the ability to score in bunches. As long as they continue to work together and make plays for each other, the Big Red can play spoiler. This week will only fuel the fire to keep up the strong start of the season. (draw18) — #10. Big Red have to be hating one-goal losses today. (johnnyboy) — Two heart-breakers this week. Get your achy breaky hearts in rehab and rebound! (LadyLaker) — Was the loss to Penn a temporary slip-up, Penn finally hitting its stride, or something else all together? They get a pass on the other loss from me. (Lionwatcher) — #10. Last in the Top Ten, but two losses make me think, "what am I doing?" (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 11. Narrow loss to Quakers. However, continue impressive play- come backs. Toppe a force, looks. Clearly Penn women were PREPARED and after scalps. But Big Red women regrouped and fought back to tie only to not have enough in OT. (Rafterjack) — #9. Tough week for Big Red as they are just nipped by UNC rally and then stage massive rally of their own, only to lose in OT to Penn. Still, this team belongs in the Top Ten. (slides2) — Road losses at UNC and Penn send Cornell down to #20. (socrlaxdad) — #13. As Sir Charles Barkley described the Big Red's week: "It was turrible." (Turtles Lax) — You would expect Big Red to move up with mid-week scare of Heels but squander places with bad loss to forgotten Quakers! (UnderArmourOdor)

Stony Brook: We'll call this the "lighter" side of SBU's schedule. Two wins but not much in the way of competition. (Artemis3) — The Seawolves sure generate a lot of opinionated commentary. Here's what I see - a team that is unbeaten when playing anyone other than the top two teams in the land. No. 11. (DallasLaxDad) — Stony Brook has shown depth and talent all over the field. Michelle Rubino is doing a phenomenal job of being a great glue for this squad; with the talent around her, SB can make lots of waves. (draw18) — #11. Stony Brook padding the offensive stats these days ... but don't advance in my rankings. (johnnyboy) — Team keeps winning. Forumites keep complaining. (Lionwatcher) — #16. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 10. (Rafterjack) — #14. Seawolves feast on lesser competition. (slides2) — The 8-2 Seawolves have only lost to the Terps and the Gators ... that's pretty impressive. (socrlaxdad) — #24. "Beating up" lesser foes doesn't impress this pollster. (Turtles Lax) — Spawolves feast on Vermont and Siena ... move up as others donít convince. (UnderArmourOdor)

Dartmouth: A shaky 8-7 win against Columbia. This team seems to play up to the good teams and lose focus where wins should come easy. (Artemis3) — Out of default at #13. Barely getting by against teams well out of the top 35. (D-Lax) — Two wins this week. The Big Green secure a spot at no. 13. (DallasLaxDad) — #14. Dartmouth seem to be playing down to their competition. Expect more from them. (johnnyboy) — Dartmouth seems to be saving the goals for the rest of the season, I guess, with a couple of one-goal wins. Not sure what to think about these guys. (Lionwatcher) — #9. A pair of one-goal victories over less than stellar opponents is fine. It just doesn't impress this pollster. Have I mentioned that outside the Top Six, I feel less than convinced about any one? (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 16. I'm no Fearless Fosdick, but two back-to-back one-goal victories over lower-ranked teams (4-12 combined record) didn't cut it with the Green for me this week. Are they in trouble? Tewaaraton early watch goalie Giovanniello hasn't caught fire. (Rafterjack) — #13. Green barely beat Columbia. Don't know whether that is a sign of their lack of punch or that Columbia is no longer a doormat. (slides2) — A pair of 1-goal road wins keeps the Big Green at my #11 ... barely. (socrlaxdad) — #14. Oh, dear; barely past Davidson and Columbia. (Turtles Lax) — Big Red stumbles, but rafterman canít feel confident after one-goal wins over Big South Davidson Wildcats and Escape from New York City against Columbia. (UnderArmourOdor)

Navy: Another win for the Mids. Upcoming games vs: UC Davis, Longwood and Holy Cross should bring three relatively easy wins. (Artemis3) — The Mids never give up the ship - and still found time to Play 4 SHU. Two more wins, and Navy moves up to no. 9. (DallasLaxDad) — There is so much talent on the Mids, and they have great leadership at top and throughout the squad itself. A talented offense, with a poised and disciplined defense is leading to wins after wins, and the Patriot League has long taken notice. (draw18) — #9. Middies destroy lesser competition. Having suboptimal competition allows Navy to cruise but gives subs more PT. Having second thoughts about carrying Navy so high in my rankings. (johnnyboy) — Navy should see clear sailing through the rest of their schedule. Perhaps Colgate could give them a test, but I anticipate fair winds and following seas for the rest of their schedule. (LadyLaker) — I am afraid that if I do not rank Navy up here, they will put a beat-down on me. (Lionwatcher) — My rank: 14. I wasn't comfortable with their UNH and George Washington wins by only one in OT (UNH) and three (GW). But narrow loss to NU, their only defeat, keeps them somewhat buoyant here. (Rafterjack) — #11. Mids resume cruise through Patriot League by downing Lafayette. (slides2) — The 10-1 Mids could be 16-1 when they head into the Patriot tourney in a month's time. (socrlaxdad) — #9. Too centric and kinda stodgy offense. (Turtles Lax) — Mids continue to rise as others falter against lesser foes, as they dispatch their opponents GW and Lafayette. (UnderArmourOdor)

Denver: Don't look now, but the Pios have only lost one game. Next week brings SD State, USC and Stanford. If they can get through that stretch. (Artemis3) — The farther we get from the hiccup at Delaware, the more an aberration it appears. Denver moves to no. 14. (DallasLaxDad) — Denver has come on strong throughout the season, and they have shown the ability to play tough in each and every game. The West can still be won, and Denver seems to be headed in the right direction. (draw18) — #15. I'm so tired of the extended winter, finding myself envious of Pioneers road trip to Southern California this week. (johnnyboy) — In true Pioneer spirit, they are quietly winning their way through their schedule. They make the biggest move in my weekly poll. (LadyLaker) — Loss to Delaware is a question mark. (Lionwatcher) — #13. For the second week running, the Pioneers are "Movin' on up!" Still, their loss to Delaware keeps me from going overboard. (mytwokeepers) — #16. Successful New England swing with wins over Vermont and Holy Cross. (slides2) — 9-1 Pioneers are on a 7-game win streak heading into the bulk of their MPSF schedule. (socrlaxdad) — #8. Strong in the snow ... on both "coasts." (Turtles Lax) — Pioneers get out of Denver before big snow, but East Coast two-game swing results in freezing out Catamounts and Crusaders from victories. (UnderArmourOdor)

Massachusetts: Easy win against Holy Cross keeps them in the Top 20. Richmond, GW and Temple on the horizon. (Artemis3) — UMass at 17. (DallasLaxDad) — #17. See last season's comments. (johnnyboy) — Tough to tell how good UMass is, but two wins are two wins. (Lionwatcher) — #18. Easy win over Holy Cross. (slides2) — The Minutewomen are winning the games they should win ... and holding everyone - except the Wildcats - under 10 goals per game. (socrlaxdad) — #11. Big time O. Big time D. (Turtles Lax) — UMass crushes Holy Cross before starting their A-10 sked! (UnderArmourOdor)

Johns Hopkins: A head scratching loss to Princeton. The Jays might have become too comfortable after the Loyola win. Need to re-focus. (Artemis3) — What appeared to be a more consistent season than years past, appears not. #17. (D-Lax) — The loss to a Princeton squad I don't have ranked knocks the Blue Jays off my ballot. (DallasLaxDad) — Dene DiMartino is having a breakthrough season, and her ability to meld with Sarah Taylor and Taylor D'Amore is making the Blue Jays a tough opponent. Hopkins will continue to get better throughout the season. (draw18) — #18. Hop has a chance to pick up two Ws this week after losing one to Princeton. (johnnyboy) — Was the loss a temporary slip-up, Princeton finally hitting its stride, or something else all together? (Lionwatcher) — #18. (mytwokeepers) — #17. Squeak by Towson, but let win slip away at Princeton. (slides2) — Blue Jays just squeak by Towson and then lose at Princeton ... seems a pretty good week to be a Tiger. (socrlaxdad) — #21. Bad loss to woeful Tigers makes Jays blue. (Turtles Lax) — Princeton loss drops The Hop! (UnderArmourOdor)

Stanford: No game. (Artemis3) — Long break for the Cardinal makes it tough to keep Stanford in the poll. But, no. 18 for now. (DallasLaxDad) — #16. (johnnyboy) — I think the Cardinal should be ranked. This week will help tell me if I am right. (Lionwatcher) — #14. Second best in the West. (mytwokeepers) — #15. Cardinal take two weeks off, perhaps reading long Russian novels or crocheting a rug, but no lacrosse. (slides2) — IndianTreeCards will finally coming East again after long break for furious end of season scheduling! (UnderArmourOdor)

Princeton: Nice win against Hopkins. Columbia, Cornell, and Yale up next. Still not sure about these Tigers yet. (Artemis3) — The Tigers are roaring forward with a nice, potent attack that can strike from a number of angles. With their discipline and sticking to a game plan, Princeton can wreak havoc on a number of teams. (draw18) — Tigers get first good win over JHU. (johnnyboy) — Let's go to the Hop (OK, I know it was in NJ). Win moves the Tigers back into the Top 20 for me. (Lionwatcher) — My rank: 15. Starting to gain a little momentum are the Tigers. Who knows where that might take them. Have biggest games in Ivy coming up: Cornell Saturday and in two weeks, Penn, Dartmouth. Loss at UVa I perhaps envisioned but needed better at Scarlet Knights. (Rafterjack) — #25. Lose at Rutgers, but stage 6-goal run to steam by JHU. (slides2) — Are the Tigers are finally starting to warm up? They notched their first win over a ranked opponent by beating Hopkins. (socrlaxdad) — Tigers donít bounce back from Hoos loss, losing to Scarlet Knights that would have dropped them out of top 20 but shock the Hop! (UnderArmourOdor)

James Madison: Two losses this week, albeit to ACC powers, knocks the Dukes just off my ballot. (DallasLaxDad) — The Dukes are roaring back, combining veteran leadership from Casey Ancarrow with a host of younger talent that has played well together. Despite a tough week, this type of competition will only make them stronger in the long run. (draw18) — #17. (mytwokeepers) — #22. Dukes will contend in CAA but cannot run with the ACC top dogs. (slides2) — The Dukes lose two straight to ACC powerhouses Virginia and Maryland. That costs them only one spot in my rankings. (socrlaxdad) — #23. May need tall grass for max efficiency. (Turtles Lax) — Dukes lose at home without grass to the Hoos and travel to lose again without grass in front of TL! (UnderArmourOdor)

Loyola: Two solid wins for the Hounds. Can they keep this going? (Artemis3) — Loyola looked this week like they have put their game together. The win over an over-matched Cincinnati was impressive, and the Greyhounds looked like a top 20 team in all phases. On that basis, I'm moving Loyola back on my ballot, at no. 19. (DallasLaxDad) — 19-0 over Cincy. Is this an Easter Resurrection? (LadyLaker) — #15. I suspect Loyola is getting ready to put it all together. (mytwokeepers) — #19. Hounds get badly needed win over Louisville and beat up on hapless Cincinnati. (slides2) — Glad I had the 'Hounds ranked above Louisville last week, because they proved themselves to be the better team ... but guess who is the the only Big East team with an overall losing record at this point? That's right - Loyola (4-5). (socrlaxdad) — #19. Going waaaay out on a limb for these 'Hounds. (Turtles Lax) — Hounds flush the Cards and blank the Bearcats to get back to knocking on the door of the Top 20. (UnderArmourOdor)

Louisville: Louisville has to be below Loyola, given the result this week. The Cardinals close out my ballot. (DallasLaxDad) — So many of the Cards are having strong seasons, making Louisville tough to play. This is a team that has to get used to being the hunted; as the team matures and the veterans can pass that wisdom on, UofL will be a tough, tough game. (draw18) — Cardinals recorded one of the worst clear percentages I have seen in a game vs. G'town. (johnnyboy) — #21. Tough trip East, with losses at Loyola and Georgetown. (slides2) — Cardinals fall to Loyola and Georgetown and out of my top 20. (socrlaxdad) — #16. Who had a worse week than The 'Ville? Oh, Cincy. (Turtles Lax) — Cards have chance to make statements versus Hounds and Hoyas and fold in both! (UnderArmourOdor)

UMBC: Loss to Towson is a blemish I do not understand, but the rest looks good. (Lionwatcher) — #23. Pull off big rally and win OT thriller over BU. (slides2) — #17. Dogfight looms for these dawgs, too. (Turtles Lax)

Connecticut: The loss to Syracuse was a bit too decisive for my liking, but I still believe the Huskies are a top 20 team based on their play so far. No. 16 this week. (DallasLaxDad) — #19. Huskies had the pulp beat out of them last week. (johnnyboy) — #19. Its fun seeing UConn at 6-1 after years of mediocrity. (mytwokeepers) — #25. Oh, boy; beat-down by Da Cuse. (Turtles Lax) — Huskies dogged by Orange have to bounce back against the visiting Ducks. (UnderArmourOdor)

Rutgers: Still on my watch list. (DallasLaxDad) — #20. Need to find some more offense. (johnnyboy) — My rank: 19. Good to have Rutgers back up on the board after hiatus. Stayed fairly even with Irish in South Bend. (Rafterjack) — #24. Busy week as Scarlet Knights knock off Princeton, lose at ND, beat Marquette. (slides2) — #15. Coulda made a real statement this week. Didn't. (Turtles Lax) — Scarlet Knights beat P Tigers and play Irish tough and then clip the Golden Eagles for a good week. (UnderArmourOdor)

Penn: #20. Back in the Top Twenty by beating Cornell. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 20. Seem to be picking themselves up after really disastrous start. May emerge strongly in Ivy. Were up 8-1 early over Cornell. (Rafterjack) — #20. Have to reconsider Quakers when they survive Cornell rally and win in OT after edging Vanderbilt in OT earlier in the week. (slides2)

San Diego State: #18. Very likely the second "best of the West." (Turtles Lax)


La Salle: #20. Probably too high. (Turtles Lax)

Drexel: Close but no cigar vs. PSU. (johnnyboy) — Have to give the Dragons a mention after identical 8-9 losses to L-Ville Cards and Nittany Lions. (UnderArmourOdor)

Other Teams Pollsters Considered (and comments, if any)

. JMU: Two losses drop the Dukes out of the top 20. (Artemis3)

. Boston University:

. Albany: On my watch list. (johnnyboy)

. Jacksonville: Just off my ballot this week. (DallasLaxDad)

. Towson:

. Hofstra:

. Ohio State:

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