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Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2012

Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2013

LaxPower WD1 Forum Poll #10
April 15, 2013

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.
1Maryland (16-0)W Princeton 15-9, W Dartmouth 17-8340171
2North Carolina (12-2)W Jacks. 16-43142
3Northwestern (13-1)W Duke 12-4, W Stanford 12-83063
4Florida (15-1)W Vanderbilt 21-102974
5Syracuse (9-3)W Louisville 19-7, W Cincinnati 21-62645
6Notre Dame (11-1)L Loyola 13-14, W Georgetown 13-122306
7Penn State (9-4)W Lehigh 16-3, W Ohio St. 14-122249
8Georgetown (9-3)W Marquette 13-7, L Notre Dame 12-132087t
9Duke (9-4)L Northwestern 4-122067t
10Denver (13-1)18310
11Stony Brook (12-2)W UNH 16-616511
12Navy (14-1)W Colgate 12-615512
13Princeton (8-4)L Maryland 9-15, W Harvard 11-910515
14Massachusetts (13-2)W Temple 12-10, W Saint Joseph's 14-710414
15Stanford (8-4)W St. Mary's (CA) 20-6, L Northwestern 8-1210016
16Johns Hopkins (8-5)W Virginia 9-86019
17Loyola (7-6)W Notre Dame 14-13, W Marquette 17-250NR
18Virginia (7-8)L Johns Hopkins 8-94713
19Connecticut (11-1)W Cincinnati 15-2, W Louisville 12-114420
20Dartmouth (8-5)L Penn 7-8, L Maryland 8-173817
Others receiving votes: Boston College (32), Cornell (32), Penn (24), Rutgers (13), Ohio State (11), James Madison (7), Towson (5), Albany (2), Louisville (2), Jacksonville (1), UMBC (1)

Number of voters: 17 (Artemis3, D-Lax, DallasLaxDad, draw18, johnnyboy, LadyLaker, LAF1, Laxword, Lionwatcher, mytwokeepers, novaglax, Rafterjack, Seinfeld, slides2, socrlaxdad, Turtles Lax, UnderArmourOdor)

Pollsters' Comments About Teams They Ranked

Maryland: Alex Aust continues to get better and the Terps post two easy wins. Next up Va. Tech. (Artemis3) — The definitive #1. (D-Lax) — One regular season game left, then let the tournaments begin - and we find out if the Terps can maintain perfection. And dominance. Maryland's on top, again. (DallasLaxDad) — This Terp squad is a finely tuned machine with players who can score, defenders who can lock down opposing attack threats, and a goalie who gives that defense incredible confidence. Schwarzmann is the catalyst, but this team has firepower everywhere. (draw18) — #1. I hope some of my Maryland taxes I'm sending in today goes toward new seating at the Terp Lax and FH stadium ... something more deserving of a top-ranked team and their faithful fans. (johnnyboy) — Turtles shell the Tigers. (LadyLaker) — Gave the Ivy the "what for" this week and continue to dominate. Demolition Derby and Dance on the Card. (Lionwatcher) — #1. Still #1. (mytwokeepers) — The Terps keep on truckin'. (novaglax) — My rank: 1. My hat is off to the Maryland Terrapins! Bravo! Remain undefeated. (Rafterjack) — #1. Those Terps must know somethin', but they don't say nothin', they just keep rollin' along. (slides2) — Terps continue to roll ... beating all comers with only Va. Tech left between them and the ACC #1 seed. (socrlaxdad) — #1. (Turtles Lax) — Poison Ivy Week in College Park as it uses doses of Agent Orange and BigGreen Weed Control in its mowing down of the competition. (UnderArmourOdor)

North Carolina: Easy win for the Heels, Vandy up next. (Artemis3) — Not sure if I'm surprised at the Tar Heels' dominance of Jacksonville or not. Carolina must be itchin' for a rematch with the Terps in the ACC final - but they need to get by the Commodores first. NC still no. 2. (DallasLaxDad) — The Tar Heels have talented depth all over the field, and that is one reason why they are one of the top teams in the country. With Emily Garrity and Abbey Friend there to support Kara Cannizzaro in the attack, and a tough defense led by Lauren Maksym in the cage, UNC is going to go deep this year. (draw18) — #4. Heels have lots of time to prepare for the ACC tournament and have a chance to test it a bit vs. Vanderbilt this week. (johnnyboy) — Tar Heels drown the Dolphins, hold onto #2. (LadyLaker) — Jacksonville no Achilles for the Heels. Warm up against the Dores, then the Derby. (Lionwatcher) — #2. Jacksonville was no contest. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 3. (Rafterjack) — #2. Heels take Jacksonville to school. (slides2) — Heels are the best 2-loss team out there ... and will carry that into the ACC tourney as the #2 seed. (socrlaxdad) — #2. Whaled on the Dolphins. (Turtles Lax) — Heels return home and there is no Save the Dolphin campaign! (UnderArmourOdor)

Northwestern: Wins against Duke and Stanford have the storm troopers peaking at the right time. The center circle at Lakeside Field being re-named "Leonard Island." (Artemis3) — With the Gators, Irish, and Quakers coming up, Northwestern should be primed for the ALC and NCAA tourneys. The Wildcats stay at no. 4, pending Saturday's trip to sunny Florida. (DallasLaxDad) — The Wildcats continue to find ways to win games, and 2013 is no exception. With Taylor Thornton and Gabrielle Flibotte forming a tough 1-2 combo in the backfield, NU uses its defense to generate chances at the other end of the field. With the talent up front, that makes it tough. (draw18) — #2. Ranking the Cats 2nd and am anxious to see strategy employed by NU against the Gators next week. (johnnyboy) — Cats seeing white as they take down the Cardinal and the Blue Devils. (LadyLaker) — Made the Devils Blue and Stanford Red Faced (Cardinal Faced?). The usually high octane Cats are doing it on the defensive end this year in a big way, shutting people out for halves at a time. (Lionwatcher) — #3. Northwestern just keeps getting stronger. First they blast Duke off the field and then follow that with a strong win over Stanford. I debated moving them up to #2, but UNC did nothing to deserve getting moved down. So #3 remains the Wildcat's home this week. (mytwokeepers) — D-win over the Dookies. (novaglax) — My rank: 2. I keep shuffling the top four or five. Duke has fallen away, though, and now ND with a slight 'crack' ... never have believed in Penn State or SB and not sophisticated enough to KNOW G-Town, Loyola etc. But I can talk about SYR-A-CUSE. (Rafterjack) — #3. 'Cats totally dominant over Duke, much less so with Stanford. Which team will show up in the Swamp? (slides2) — Northwestern's most recent victims (Duke and Stanford) are good teams that gave the 'Cats little trouble. Their upcoming Gainesville/South Bend road trip might be a different story. (socrlaxdad) — #4. Duke's putrid effort and Stanford's sweet effort have same result. (Turtles Lax) — Deathstar returns to Lakeside Lair to vaporize the University of Duke Blue Devils (it is so much easier to use the five letter word!) and some team from the western District! (UnderArmourOdor)

Florida: Bruns explodes with 8 goals and the Commodores looked like sparrows. Gators and Cats on tap for next week. (Artemis3) — Saturday in the swamp we get the first glimpse at who's no. 3. It's Florida on this ballot right now. (DallasLaxDad) — The Gators are just so solid all over the field, with a number of players able to step up and play well in any game. As long as three of the potent attack are able to produce -- and with the likes of Bruns, Dashiell, Cullen and Weigand all able to score multiple goals, UF will wreak havoc. (draw18) — #3. Gators have to be happy they are not playing up north at lakeside Frigidaire Field. Picking Gators to build a lead then hold on to win by 1. (johnnyboy) — Beat the baby Vandys. (LadyLaker) — Tuned up on the Dores and just waiting to get the Cats in the Swamp, for the top seed in the ALC tournament. (Lionwatcher) — #4. A week off doesn't hurt the ranking. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 4. (Rafterjack) — #4. Gators punishing anyone within reach after loss two weeks ago. (slides2) — Gators hit Blackjack (21) at Vandy and now will host the 'Cats this Saturday with the ALC #1 seed up for grabs. (socrlaxdad) — #3. Predictable result versus truly awful Vandy. (Turtles Lax) — This week ďCommodoreĒ Quint went into the water as the USS Vanderbilt sunk, and it was Gators rather than sharks that did the carnage! (UnderArmourOdor)

Syracuse: A dominant performance for the Orange. Tumolo still searching for consistency. (Artemis3) — Syracuse offense is finally emerging and showing consistency. #5. (D-Lax) — Two more wins move Syracuse up to the sixth spot, right behind the Irish, pending Friday's jig in the dome. (DallasLaxDad) — The Orange have a talented attack that gives opponents fits on a regular basis. Led by Tumolo and supported by Murray and Treanor, Syracuse will outscore the opposition. How far they go this season will depend on their defense. (draw18) — #5. Are we starting to see some of the true offensive potential of this Syracuse team? Maybe they were pacing themselves? (johnnyboy) — Twinsies with UConn - beat Louisville and Cincy. (LadyLaker) — Showing off in the Big East, but they have a bunch of tough games down the stretch with the Big Red and the Irish visiting and then on the road with the Hounds and the Hoyas to close out the season. (Lionwatcher) — #5. 'Cuse keeps on rolling. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 5. Still believe here in Norwalk, Coach Gait will contest for at least one of top four spots, eventually. He can't otherwise get decent night's sleep down there in 'Rock-A-Mount' (say it fast). Also coach has portions of many playoff fields he has yet to (illegally) walk on. (Rafterjack) — #5. Orange take advantage of lesser Big East squads. (slides2) — Busy week ahead for the Orange as Cornell, Notre Dame, and Marquette all visit the Dome. Why wait until the weather's nice to play your home games inside? (socrlaxdad) — #10. (Turtles Lax) — 40 goals are reigned on the Cards and Cats as the Diospadreís team rolls thru BE! (UnderArmourOdor)

Notre Dame: Two tough games and a split weekend for the Irish. Big East tourney could be very interesting. (Artemis3) — Knocked off by Loyola but hung in there against Georgetown. Friday's game vs. the Orange, with follow-up Sunday vs. Huskies, will be telling. #7 for now. (D-Lax) — After the OT loss to Loyola, I thought I'd be moving the Irish way down. But then they beat the Hoyas. With that, the only team that maybe should move ahead of ND is Syracuse. I'll go with the better record now, with Friday's tilt to settle that for next week's ballot. (DallasLaxDad) — The Irish are reaping the benefits of a great season by Ellie Hilling, and with Barbara Sullivan having an All-American season in front of her, ND is poised to go far. The Irish also have a number of scoring threats that are producing, keeping ND in the discussion. (draw18) — #6. In my opinion, the win over Georgetown is a bigger plus for the Irish than the disappointing loss to Loyola. (johnnyboy) — Lost to Loyola but beat G-town. (LadyLaker) — Spit the bit against the Hounds but held on against the Hoyas. Reward: travel to the Dome for the Orange. Undefeated til now, 3-3 to finish the season? (Lionwatcher) — #8. Over time loss to Loyola followed by a one-goal win over Georgetown. (mytwokeepers) — Loyola took down the Irish. Seriously. This year is crazeeeee! (novaglax) — My rank: 7. Played someone (one of the Middling Group ... and then played the second one). Now in RJ's M.G., which means pretty great but second tier, which now could extend 40 ranks down (yes, 40-some of them). (Rafterjack) — #6. Irish gain more credibility going 1-1 against Loyola/Georgetown than they had going undefeated against the rest of their schedule. (slides2) — Irish suffer first loss of the season at the hands (sticks?) of Loyola at South Bend ... but a nice rebound beating the Hoyas means they slip one spot to my #7. (socrlaxdad) — #9. TL's prophecy holding serve. Irish heading south ... and that's not geographically. But amazingly over Hoyas. (Turtles Lax) — Luck of the Irish ends on Thirteen ... Goals enough against G-town but not against unranked Hounds ... three more Ls coming according to the Seer TL! (UnderArmourOdor)

Penn State: Tough win against a Buckeye team that never quits. Not PSU's best outing, but it's a good win. (Artemis3) — The Nittany Lions rebounded well from the bad loss to Northwestern and stay at no. 13. (DallasLaxDad) — The Nittany Lions are led by a talented group of underclassmen who are playing like true veterans and a host of veterans who are great leaders. Add in some talented rookies like Jenna Mosketti, and PSU is around for a while. (draw18) — #7. Good win for the Nittanies as PSU vs. OSU always seem to be a hard fought game every year. (johnnyboy) — Beat Buckeyes and Lehigh. (LadyLaker) — Toughed it out against a tough Buckeye squad. Thinking they win out for the 3-seed at the ALC love fest. (Lionwatcher) — #10. (mytwokeepers) — I'm starting to believe in the Lions. (novaglax) — My rank: 13. (Rafterjack) — #7. Lions rebound from bad night in Evanston with easy win over Lehigh (which hardly counts) and a tough win over Ohio State (which does). (slides2) — A close home win over THE Ohio State University might not normally warrant a move up the polls, but losses by teams in close proximity have given the Nittany Lions exactly that move - up to #6. (socrlaxdad) — #7. (Turtles Lax) — We Are ... Ground Mountain Hawks but move up by beating the Buckeyes! (UnderArmourOdor)

Georgetown: Four saves isn't going to cut it. Fouled 39 times by the Irish, the Hoyas head home bruised. (Artemis3) — The Hoyas complete a Big East trifecta from 5 through 7. The one-goal loss to Notre Dame only drops them below Syracuse. (DallasLaxDad) — The Hoyas are a team that is getting success by playing as a great unit. There is no question that this is Sophia Thomas' team, but the roster is full of a number of players who make this team great. Consistency and synergy keep the Hoyas in the thick of the race. (draw18) — #9. If Hoyas get improved goal play, they will be a dangerous team in the NCAA tournament ... nonetheless, they do an amazing job of limiting the number of their opponents shots. (johnnyboy) — Lost to Notre Dame. (LadyLaker) — How do I have the Hoyas above Duke? Well, they lost to the Irish by only 1 and the Duke loss is in the rear view mirror. But do I really believe? (Lionwatcher) — #9. One-goal loss to Notre Dame leaves GT one slot behind the Golden Domers. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 8. Best we Ivy Leaguers, say, have seen from this G-Town program in a while, right? I like it enough to bring them to your attention here at #8. (Rafterjack) — #8. Hoyas not terribly convincing in win over Marquette and lose tight one to Note Dame. Still a team to be reckoned with. (slides2) — Coach Fried's Big East nightmares start with a loss to the Irish in South Bend. More road action this week with the Hoyas at Rutgers and 'Nova. (socrlaxdad) — #8. Ever classy Coach Fried stepped off the gas pedal vs. Marquette but should have whupped ND. (Turtles Lax) — South Bend brings back a one-goal case of Hoya Paranoia! (UnderArmourOdor)

Duke: Blanked in the first half and doubling up on fouls is not a recipe for success at Lakeside Field. Duke has some work to do before the ACC tournament. (Artemis3) — This three-game losing streak does not bode well for the Devils - and that was a bad, bad loss to the Wildcats. Did Duke field a full team in the first half? But Duke hangs on to the top 10 - barely - however, they'd better get feline revenge this week and right the ship or a big fall is coming. (DallasLaxDad) — The Blue Devils continue to get quality players to Durham, and together they have produced a number of wins. With Maddy Acton and Taylor Trimble working with Kelsey Duryea to give great depth to a young Duke squad, the Blue Devils are around for a while. (draw18) — #8. Looking more and more like the Blue Devils peaked during their game versus UNC because it has been downhill from there. Maybe upcoming games vs. Davidson and OSU can help them get their mojo back. (johnnyboy) — Lost to NU. (LadyLaker) — Dropped the Devils a bit on the way they lost to the Cats. Dominated by the defensive Cats. 0-3? Need to regain the Mo. (Lionwatcher) — #13. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 6. For me, Duke and below not at all in the premier, top tier. (Rafterjack) — #9. Devils now on a three-game schneid and they looked out of their depth at Lakeside Field. (slides2) — A three-game losing streak has the Dookies slipping to the edge of the top 10. Not a good trend with the ACC tourney around the corner. (socrlaxdad) — #12. Demolished by the Death Star. (Turtles Lax) — Have to drop the University of Duke Blue Devils two spots as they lost to the Empire far worse than the Hoos five days earlier and like the N-Lions two days before that ... fair is fair! (UnderArmourOdor)

Denver: No game. (Artemis3) — And I can't ignore a 13-1 record. Denver moves up to no. 9. (DallasLaxDad) — The Denver Pioneers might be overlooked in the national media, but they cannot be overlooked in any talk about the national scene. With Jill Remenapp leading this team up front and the hard work by Kiki Boone in the midfield, DU is making waves. This team has produced and will continue to get wins. (draw18) — #10. Giving the Pioneers credit for their 13-1 record but comes with my expectations for wins over Oregon, St. Mary's and Cal. (johnnyboy) — Off this week. Bears loom large as two of the MPSF "unbeatens" meet in Be-zerk-ley this week. (LadyLaker) — Currently on a Rocky Mountain High with that aberrational loss to the Blue Hens a distant memory. Needs to hold serve throughout the end of the season and the MPSF and likely hosting a dance party. (Lionwatcher) — #6. Does the Best in the West, with an early season loss to a mediocre Delaware team deserve to move higher in the polls then last week's #9? Does anyone in the prior week's #6-8 deserve to stay there? Nope! Up to #6, the Top of the Mosh pit. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 12. (Rafterjack) — #12. Idle this week. Big game coming up at Berkeley. (slides2) — Pioneers keep beating the teams they are supposed to beat ... so I'll keep putting them where they're supposed to be - at #17. (socrlaxdad) — #5. 13-1. Yes, they are. (Turtles Lax) — Pioneers knew that the late spring snow was coming and take a 12-day respite to dig out! (UnderArmourOdor)

Stony Brook: Easy win for the Seawolves. (Artemis3) — The Seawolves stay at no. 12. (DallasLaxDad) — Demmianne Cook is having an All-American season, and combined with the talent of Claire Petersen and Janine Hiller, Stony Brook is a part of the national discussion. The Seawolves are making a statement in every game, and they will continue to roll on. (draw18) — #11. SBU needs to beat BU then beat BU to go undefeated in American East play. Did I stutter? (johnnyboy) — Winning, rising in the polls and thumbing their noses at SOS. At least they did not take a drop 2 yards back from where they should have. (Lionwatcher) — #7. Follows Denver towards the top of the Mosh Pit. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 9. Large margins (of victory) do affect my vote - like over Vermont, New Hamp., Albany ... not such bad clubs. But 16-9 still rears her tell-tale head. Maybe I decide next week large margins mean bullying? (Rafterjack) — #11. Seawolves look to run table through regular season. (slides2) — Eco-friendly recycling of my last two week's comments - "The Seawolves are 12-2 ... and look to be the cream of the America East crop." (socrlaxdad) — Seawolves eat fish and dogs and now have a taste for cat ... doesnít LGL wish it is all types of Wildcat! (UnderArmourOdor)

Navy: Seven points for DePompeo, and the Mids await Jacksonville. (Artemis3) — Can't ignore a 14-1 record, with the blemish a close, 3-goal loss to Northwestern. The Mids are no. 8. (DallasLaxDad) — Jasmine DePompeo has shown that she is a dangerous threat in the attack, and now she has the accolades to back up that claim. This squad can put numbers on the board and can hold their own defensively. What might hurt them is their schedule. (draw18) — #13. Looking forward to Navy vs. Jacksonville ... I think this is an even match-up and could go either way. (johnnyboy) — Dispatched Colgate post-haste. (LadyLaker) — I should be giving the Navy more love. A three-goal loss to the Natty Champs is nothing to sneeze at. It is something the Blue Devils couldn't do. A statement is needed while dancing in their dress whites. (Lionwatcher) — #11. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 11. (Rafterjack) — #10. Cruising through Patriot League schedule, but I refuse to rank Mids higher than this. (slides2) — Mids keep winning ... 14-1 with eight straight. Final regular season match-up at American on Sunday will determine the Patriot League's #1 seed. (socrlaxdad) — #6. Polished off Colgate. (Turtles Lax) — Mids wins again 14-1 and have all hands on deck for Dolphin watch! (UnderArmourOdor)

Princeton: Loss to Maryland and a rebound win vs. Harvard. (Artemis3) — With an Ivy League spot sewn up, the Tigers square off against Penn on Wednesday for what looks to be regular season bragging rights. Princeton tops the Ivies on my ballot, at no. 17. (DallasLaxDad) — The Princeton Tigers continue to do well with a great team effort. Erin McMunn leads the attack unit while Caroline Rehfuss and Liz Bannatine organize a nice, tough defense. With Sarah Lloyd and Colleen Smith providing quality minutes, Princeton is poised to do well. (draw18) — #12. Tigers chances for post season play hinge on Ivy League play and they are making the most of it, but Penn and Dartmouth remain as hurdles. (johnnyboy) — Lost to Terps. (LadyLaker) — Tigers are the top of the class in the Ivy, at least right now. Bigger question is how good is the Ivy this year. Do they dance too, and does anyone get past the first round? (Lionwatcher) — #15. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 10. This is a good Princeton team ... like Bulldogs in NCAA (ice hockey) championship, can rise to the hour when nationally showcased! (Rafterjack) — #14. Duly beaten by Maryland like everyone else; must work hard to beat Harvard. (slides2) — 8-4 Tigers bounce back from loss at Maryland with in win over Hah-varhd. Road games at co-Ivy #1 Penn and Dartmouth this week will show us how this group really stacks up. (socrlaxdad) — Visit to TLís arena goes poorly but take down Harvard to set up big game at Franklin Field! (UnderArmourOdor)

Massachusetts: 12-10 win vs. Temple. Not a great showing but a win is a win. (Artemis3) — Woot, Woot. Great record, but still need to play the big girls. #16. (D-Lax) — Looking forward to Saturday's game against Duquesne for the A10 regular season championship. UMass remains at 14. (DallasLaxDad) — #14. Only one more weekend and two games against the Bonnies and the Dukes stand between UMass and another undefeated A10 season. (johnnyboy) — Not wowing, but winning. Best of the A-10 but not exactly the Amherst Annihilators. (Lionwatcher) — #16. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 16. (Rafterjack) — #15. Stay on top of Atlantic 10, but it hasn't been easy. (slides2) — Minutewomen own a 10-game win streak ... and likely the A-10 #1 seed. (socrlaxdad) — #13. Predict close Ws are gonna catch up with Minutepeople. (Turtles Lax) — Minutemen ring up a Philly A-10 double! (UnderArmourOdor)

Stanford: A win and a loss for the Cardinal but a good effort at Lakeside Field. (Artemis3) — Been wondering if Stanford belongs at 15. They do, and they showed it despite the loss to Northwestern. (DallasLaxDad) — The Cardinal are having another strong season thanks to the 1-2 combo of Rachel Ozer and Kyle Fraser up top. With Lyndsey Munoz able to hold her own in the cage, Stanford can still be a part of the national discussion thanks to a mature defense. (draw18) — Just outside of my top 20 unless they can take MPSF tournament in a couple weeks. (johnnyboy) — Lost to NU. Played 'em for a half ... like so many other teams ... but it's a game of two halves. When you're playing NU, the 2nd is usually painful. (LadyLaker) — Respectable first half against the Cats, but succumb to the killer Lakeside kids. Very likely the 2nd team from the West dancing this year. (Lionwatcher) — #12. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 14. Not the best in the West. (Rafterjack) — #17. Rout St. Mary's (expected) and put up a tough fight against Northwestern (not expected). (slides2) — Losing by 4 at Northwestern shouldn't hurt too much ... and for the Cardinal it means dropping one spot in my poll. (socrlaxdad) — #15. (Turtles Lax) — CardIndianTrees do better at the Empireís windy home base than Duki ... - University of Duke Blue Devils and We Are ...! (UnderArmourOdor)

Johns Hopkins: Huge game from Larash vs. UVa wins it for the Jays. UMBC, PSU and OSU await. (Artemis3) — I don't know how surprising the Blue Jays' victory over Virginia is, but it's good enough to move Johns Hopkins back on my ballot, at no. 20. (DallasLaxDad) — The Blue Jays have shown they can play with teams, and with the talent of a Taylor D'Amore, the Hop can do just that. A solid squad with a group of players that can produce together, JHU just needs to get results with consistency. (draw18) — #19. Letting the Blue Jays re-ascend to my top 20 with road win over UVa. (johnnyboy) — Beat a struggling Wahoo team. (LadyLaker) — Ignoring the aberrational loss at American. Balance of work says the Blue Jays are real, although some real tests (the States-Ohio and Penn) on the horizon. (Lionwatcher) — #18. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 17. (Rafterjack) — #20. Big win at Hooville. (slides2) — Jays move up two spots with a big win at Charlottesville. (socrlaxdad) — Hop on top of the Hoos! (UnderArmourOdor)

Loyola: HUGE win for the Hounds in South Bend ... and a huge weekend for the Aussies! Marlee Patton tallies 7 points and the Aussies finally don the green jacket. (Artemis3) — Test the Irish and win in OT. Back into the top 20. (D-Lax) — The OT win over the Irish is enough to move the Greyhounds back on my ballot, at no. 18. (DallasLaxDad) — The Greyhounds have come together in a huge way from the start of the season, and the younger players who have had to step up have done just that. Marlee Paton is one of the leaders on this team, and the attackers around her are keeping Loyola among the national elite. (draw18) — Hounds have been waiting all year for a really good win and for Marlee Paton to emerge from the shadows ... got both against Notre Dame. (johnnyboy) — Who is this Loyola team that disappears amid losses and then suddenly snatches a win from one of its brethren?!!?!? (LadyLaker) — Hounds finally waking up? (Lionwatcher) — #20. Big win over Notre Dame puts the Greyhounds back in the conversation ... at #20. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 19. I had to back out to the barn to find this buried name ... Glad to do so. (Rafterjack) — #13. Marlee Paton revival forces one to reconsider Hounds. (slides2) — 'Hounds knock off the Irish in South Bend and gain 3 poll spots. Road trip to 'Nova and Rutgers should put them right in the thick of the Big East title chase. (socrlaxdad) — #16. 'Hounds hitting their stride? (Turtles Lax) — Canít pull the upset of visiting Hoyas and now head to South Bend for another BE showdown. (UnderArmourOdor)

Virginia: A good day in the net for the Hoos GK spoiled by a better day in net for the Jays GK. Mix of turnovers, shoddy defense, and inconsistent offense define this UVa team. Va. Tech comes to town next week. (Artemis3) — All the losses are to ranked teams, but the last two are to teams barely hanging on to the top-20; and, with a losing record, I just can't include Virginia in my top-20. The good news in Hooville is their RPI is high enough that the Cavaliers still have an outside chance of dancing in May. (DallasLaxDad) — The Cavaliers can have an impact on the national scene, but they need the leadership and the results to make that happen. The defense continues to keep the Hoos in the games, but they need to build on this and have it translate at the other end. (draw18) — This late in the season I can't reward teams with .500 record or worse in my top 20 - see also Towson, Loyola, OSU. (johnnyboy) — Wahoo is this? UVa out of my top 20. Are pigs flying? (LadyLaker) — Dropping like my bank account as I finish my tax return (ouch!!!). Need to lick their wounds, recover, and get ready for the ACC demolition derby. (Lionwatcher) — Wow, whats up in Hoo-ville? (novaglax) — My rank: 15. Cavaliers this season are 7-8. From 15 to 25, I'm looking more at strength of schedule than record or poll results. (Rafterjack) — #23. Hoos' season slipping away. (slides2) — Cavs drop another home game ... this time to Hopkins. At 7-8 with the Hokies coming to town this is a season on the brink. (socrlaxdad) — Hoos disappoint at home! (UnderArmourOdor)

Connecticut: Only loss is to Syracuse and curiosity looms for Notre Dame this weekend. #19. (D-Lax) — I'm telling y'all, the Huskies are a very good team not getting the kudos they deserve. UConn stays at no. 11 on this ballot. With Notre Dame, Georgetown, and Loyola on tap the next couple weeks, they get to earn their spot in the Big East and NCAA tourneys. (DallasLaxDad) — #15. Huskies eke out another one-goal victory. May take criticism for their schedule but deserve credit for coming out on top 11 times. (johnnyboy) — Twinsies with Syracuse beating Louisville and Cincy. (LadyLaker) — I have the Scarlet Knights at 20 but a good argument could be made for UConn. Kudos to Katie Woods for the resurgence. (Lionwatcher) — #17. (mytwokeepers) — #18. OK, I'm convinced. UConn deserves recognition after close win over Louisville. (slides2) — Huskies are 11-1 and 4-1 in the Big East ... but with Notre Dame, Georgetown, and Loyola left on their schedule, no one should get too excited just yet. (socrlaxdad) — #11. 11-1. 'Nuff said. (Turtles Lax) — Wins over BE foes Bearcats and Cards get them in the TOPTMís polls last spot! (UnderArmourOdor)

Dartmouth: Ugly weekend for the Big Green. They best right the ship soon. (Artemis3) — Lose to Penn, blown out by Maryland--off to the basement. #25. (D-Lax) — I can't find a spot on my ballot for Cornell, and the Big Green lost to the Big Red - so Dartmouth is off also. (DallasLaxDad) — #20. Good, solid team. Will make you beat them but rather vanilla on offense and seem to lack quick strike ability. Don't see Gang Green taking the Ivy but will make things interesting. (johnnyboy) — Big Green loses to even bigger Quakers. (LadyLaker) — I am not sure that the Green is 20 worthy, but I am getting tired and can't think of anyone else. (Lionwatcher) — What was I thinking ... Big Green over those Terps. Seriously. (novaglax) — #21. Tough week for Green after near miss against Penn and walloping by Maryland. (slides2) — Losses to Penn and Maryland send the Big Green tumbling to #19. (socrlaxdad) — Didnít expect much from trip to CP but losing to unranked Penn is colorless. (UnderArmourOdor)

Boston College: No. 3 in the ACC standings is good enough for no. 19 on my ballot. (DallasLaxDad) — While Covie Stanwick and Mikaela Rix have led this team all year long, the addition of rookies like Sarah Mannelly and Kara Magley make the Eagles a tough out. The big wins generated by BC have given this young squad confidence, and they will parlay that into wins. (draw18) — #16. Upset of Duke last week and three Ws over non-conference New England competition get Eagles back into the conversation. (johnnyboy) — #14. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 18. (Rafterjack) — #19. Three-game tour through New England is rigorous but successful. (slides2) — #17. (Turtles Lax) — On a five-game winning streak but OT against 4-9 NH raises questions. (UnderArmourOdor)

Cornell: Shaky game for the Big Red. They better get it together in time for the Ivy League tournament. (Artemis3) — The Big Red is off my ballot again. Fourth place in the Ivy League just doesn't impress me. (DallasLaxDad) — The Big Red have forged a solid season thanks to a great job of coming together as a team. With Caroline Salisbury leading the team in the attack, Cornell can make things tough for their opponents. They need to get the confidence back from the start of the season, and that will produce wins. (draw18) — Beating Brown keeps them in my Top 20. (LadyLaker) — Big Red beat the Green so I keep them one up. No clue really. (Lionwatcher) — Can still, as can Brown, make tourney (Ivy and thus NCAA) but need Crimson, Brown/Cornell, Princeton help (at least). Stranger things have happened (with three Ivy losses to date). (Rafterjack) — #22. Regain consciousness (barely) by getting by Brown. (slides2) — Two-goal Brown win doesnít bode well for a trip to the Carrier Dome! (UnderArmourOdor)

Penn: Penn's not back on my ballot, at least yet. But, I thought I'd give them a mention in advance of Wednesday's game against Princeton for the Ivy League regular season championship. (DallasLaxDad) — #17. Penn and Princeton vying for top spot of the Ivy ... new lyrics to an old tune. (johnnyboy) — Browers' Quakers make biggest leap in my poll. (LadyLaker) — My rank: 20. They're better ... sorry ... than Big Red. Ivy League still isn't fully sorted. Tigers in (Hanover) town Saturday after being in (Philly cheeses' steak) town midweek (how'd I do?). (Rafterjack) — #16. Quakers starting to look more like the team we expected. (slides2) — Quakers now tied with Princeton atop the Ivy League with a big win over the Big Green. (socrlaxdad) — On an Ivy League heater but has the Tigers inbound! (UnderArmourOdor)

Rutgers: Princeton and Penn look to be the best of the Ivy League - and Rutgers has beaten them both. The Scarlett Knights move up to no. 16. They probably won't qualify for the Big East tournament but look to be on track to go dancing in the NCAAs. (DallasLaxDad) — I have the Scarlet Knights at 20, but a good argument could be made for UConn. (Lionwatcher) — #14. (Turtles Lax) — Knights have chance to make a move up with Hoyas and Hounds visiting! (UnderArmourOdor)

Ohio State: The Buckeyes have turned the corner and are competing with regularity. Katie Chase and the Facchina sisters spearhead a potent attack, and Heather Gravinese and Tayler Kuzma pair up to marshal a tough defense. (draw18) — #25. Not quite there Buckeyes make strong effort at Penn State, but fall short. (slides2)

James Madison: #18. Dukes emerge from the shadows to vie for Colonial title ... chances improve with win over Drexel. (johnnyboy)

Towson: #19. (mytwokeepers) — #18. (Turtles Lax) — Tigers on a six-game run with five of those in the Colonial but Hofstra and Drexel this week! (UnderArmourOdor)

Albany: #19. (Turtles Lax)

Louisville: Loss to UConn drop Cardinals from my top 20 with little chance to return, IMO. (johnnyboy) — #24. Cards get hard dose of reality on trip east. (slides2)

Jacksonville: The Dolphins have moved on and off my ballot more than once - now off. (DallasLaxDad) — Jville hopes rest on achieving a victory over Navy. (johnnyboy) — #20. (Turtles Lax)


Other Teams Pollsters Considered (and comments, if any)

. California: Still unbeaten in the MPSF. Next two weeks are the Bears' toughest. Gotta love a team that rises from the dead to make some noise. (LadyLaker)

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