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Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2012

Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2013

LaxPower WD1 Forum Poll #12
April 29, 2013

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.
1Maryland (19-0)W Virginia 13-9, W UNC 12-8340171
2Florida (16-1)3222
3North Carolina (14-3)W Boston C. 16-6, L Maryland 8-122993
4Syracuse (14-3)W Loyola 19-9, W Georgetown 13-72835
5Northwestern (15-2)W Notre Dame 10-8, W Penn 15-82814
6Georgetown (12-4)W UConn 9-6, L Syracuse 7-132238
7Denver (16-1)W Oregon 14-62169
8Penn State (11-5)L Princeton 9-141976
9Duke (11-5)L Virginia 7-101967
10Stony Brook (14-2)W Binghamton 17-618610
11Navy (18-1)W Lafayette 9-8, W Holy Cross 14-414612
12Notre Dame (12-4)L Northwestern 8-10, W Marquette 14-514311
13Massachusetts (17-2)W George Washington 13-5, W Duquesne 14-711914
14Princeton (10-5)W Penn State 14-911816
15Loyola (10-7)L Syracuse 9-19, W UConn 13-79318
16Connecticut (13-3)L Georgetown 6-9, L Loyola 7-138213
17Virginia (9-9)W Duke 10-7, L Maryland 9-137620
18Penn (9-5)L Northwestern 8-156317
19Johns Hopkins (10-6)W Ohio St. 11-106219
20Stanford (11-5)L UC Davis 14-15, W California 14-134415
Others receiving votes: Boston College (30), Albany (16), Ohio State (13), Dartmouth (8), Cornell (7), Towson (4), James Madison (3)

Number of voters: 17 (Artemis3, D-Lax, DallasLaxDad, draw18, johnnyboy, LadyLaker, LAF1, Laxword, Lionwatcher, mytwokeepers, novaglax, Rafterjack, Seinfeld, slides2, socrlaxdad, Turtles Lax, UnderArmourOdor)

Pollsters' Comments About Teams They Ranked

Maryland: The Heroes in a Half Shell stay on top with their 5th straight ACC title. Howard was impressive and equally impressive was Schwarzmann's ability to neutralize UNC's Cannizzaro. Turtle Power! (Artemis3) — Still, the definitive #1. (D-Lax) — Don't have anything to say other than there's no doubt at all who belongs on top of the poll. (DallasLaxDad) — The Terps have dominated this season through solid play on both sides of the ball. Kasey Howard leads a stellar defensive unit that has made her look very good this year; Iliana Sanza's return to the defense will have MD in the final weekend. (draw18) — #1. Terps overcome Heels and the rain and a muddy field to lock up the top seed for the NCAA tournament. (johnnyboy) — Epic battle between the other states (schools that is), UVa and UNC, and takes the ACC. (LadyLaker) — Won the ACC. Are they all that? (Lionwatcher) — #1. Great ACC championship game; great tournament; still #1. No question about it. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 1. That's easy. Bravo to Terps! Undefeated is a BIG FAT DEAL! WAHOO! :-) (Rafterjack) — #1. ACC finals: plus Áa change, plus c'est la mÍme chose. (slides2) — OK, the Terps have done everything they could possibly do in the regular season ... undefeated, ACC regular season and tourney champs - so they'll get the NCAA #1 seed. (socrlaxdad) — #1. (Turtles Lax) — Turtles top of the best league after identical four-goal triumphs over the resurgent Hoos and the High (ranked) Heels, top of the poll, top of the world. (UnderArmourOdor)

Florida: No game this week, but the Gators get set for what could be a wild ALC tournament. (Artemis3) — And there's no doubt who's earned the pre-tournament no. 2. (DallasLaxDad) — Can the Gators complete their march to destiny? Many proclaimed this recruiting class would bring a couple titles to Gainesville. The way they have been playing, the cards could bring an NCAA title to go along with the ALC ones. (draw18) — #2. Gators got to watch others play ball during their week away from lax play. (johnnyboy) — Gators on spring break this week. (LadyLaker) — Took the week off to prepare for their trip to Baltimore. (Lionwatcher) — #2. Rested and still #2. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 2. Remain in disbelief, yet - that you lost to Penn State, Gators! Is why you're at least two - not better in any way, shape or form. (Rafterjack) — #2. Gators spend week working on tans and await outmatched opponents from rest of ALC. (slides2) — Gators earn the ALC #1 seed and will have to await first round winners to determine their semifinal opponent. (socrlaxdad) — #2. Still celebrating beat-down (eat-down?) of Purple Cats and they cannot wait to do it all over again ... only worse. Chomp, chomp. (Turtles Lax) — Still happily slithering through the wreckage of the Deathstar scattered in the swamp! (UnderArmourOdor)

North Carolina: The bridesmaids of the ACC drop another heart-breaker to the Turtles. The bright spots were freshman goalie Ward, who made some fantastic stops to keep the game respectable and the no-quit fight in the Heels. They will need both if they want to contend for an NCAA title. (Artemis3) — Put up valiant effort to close against Terps in ACC final but couldn't match up. #3. (D-Lax) — The third time's the charm? What if the third time is the national championship game? Carolina is no. 3. (DallasLaxDad) — The Tar Heels continue to challenge their nemesis, and that challenge continues to make them better. This team is talented, UNC might be the best team not to win a title in the last four years. They still have time to change that title, however. (draw18) — #4. Home field, pouring rain and a muddy field had me thinking Heels might have the edge this time in their rematch with MD ... wrong again. (johnnyboy) — Got their heels tarred by the Terps. (LadyLaker) — Still there. Looking good on offensive and defensive. Sleeper? (Lionwatcher) — #3. Maryland defeated UNC and left no doubt that the Terps were the better team. Still the Heels are the third best team. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 5. Squeezed put, Carolina Blue. One of these years you have gotta knuckle down and find a way. I'm disappointed (my Alma Mater sending you a Chancellor!). (Rafterjack) — #3. Abbey Friend's efforts too little, too late as home field advantage comes to naught. (slides2) — Heels fall to the Terps for a second time ... but this one was the ACC final at their home field. Still, I expect a top 8 NCAA seeding for this team. (socrlaxdad) — #3. (Turtles Lax) — Heels have no trouble endangering the Eagles to a running clock but even trying to fill Fetzer Pool didnít make the title game go swimmingly! (UnderArmourOdor)

Syracuse: The Orange are ripening at the right time. Treanor puts up six goals against Georgetown en route to a regular season Big East title for Syracuse. (Artemis3) — Showing more consistency when it counts. Next up, final Big East tourney. #4. (D-Lax) — For the first time all season, the Orange aren't moving up or down on my ballot. No. 4. (DallasLaxDad) — The Orange have shown incredible resiliency, and sometimes a team just needs some intangibles to make a difference. Syracuse has made their mark by putting a potent offense out on the field. They cannot get away from what got them there. (draw18) — #3. Movin' on up to that deluxe ranking in TOPTM ... make Loyola and G'town look wheezy. (johnnyboy) — Beat the Hoyas. (LadyLaker) — No hitch in their giddy-up without the big horse. Too strong for the rest of the Big East. (Lionwatcher) — #5. Down goes Loyola; down goes Georgetown ... Syracuse is locked in at #5. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 4. He wants it so, so, so bad I have to allow for, 'walk-on-the-field' (and all that) factor(s). You better as well! But 19-9 over Loyola ... catches even a Yankee/Ivy eye. (Rafterjack) — #5. Big East competition looking more and more like a one-horse race. Kayla Treanor coming on strong in Michelle Tumolo's absence. (slides2) — Big East #1 seed will face UConn at Georgetown on Thursday. It's been six weeks since the Orange beat the Huskies in the Dome. I expect a closer game this time around, but still we should see the Orange in the conference final. (socrlaxdad) — #6. Big over Loyola. Big over Hoyas, too. (Turtles Lax) — Coach has a dominant southern swing in better suits than many in town for the WH Correspondents Dinner! (UnderArmourOdor)

Northwestern: Two good wins for the Cats. Seven goals on the week for Fitzgerald. Next up is the ALC tournament, which could be a good one. (Artemis3) — 10-8 over Notre Dame and 15-8 over Penn does not convince me that Florida 22, Northwestern 4 was a fluke. The Wildcats stay at no. 6 on my ballot. (DallasLaxDad) — The 'Cats are entering the post-season, which is usually their time of the year. Alyssa Leonard has had a monster year in the draw circle, and Gabrielle Flibotte has made her mark as one of the top defenders in the nation. (draw18) — #5. Wildcats recover from the fiasco in Florida by taking down the Irish and Penn. (johnnyboy) — Made (oat)meal out of the Quakers. (LadyLaker) — Recovered against the Golden Domers. Planning for the Gators? (Lionwatcher) — #4. Young, talented and number 4. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 3. Whilst we're slumping off toward Bethlehem ... cream starts rising. I move champs up a peg. (Rafterjack) — #4. 'Cats dust selves off and get back on feet after Florida debacle. (slides2) — 'Cats rebounded nicely from their thrashing at Florida by beating Notre Dame in South Bend and Penn at Lakeside. Still drop to my #5, as I move 'Cuse up one spot. (socrlaxdad) — #7. (Turtles Lax) — Did the Empire hire Yoda to lift the sunken Deathstar out of the swamp as Stormtroopers travel goal light to South Bend but feel some of the forgotten force on Senior Day against the Quakers who go peacefully! (UnderArmourOdor)

Georgetown: A loss to Syracuse and a win vs. UConn. Such is life in the Big East. Turnovers continue to cost the Hoyas. (Artemis3) — Need to get by Loyola in hopes of a rematch against Syracuse in the final Big-East-Tourney-As-We-Know-It. #6. (D-Lax) — I guess the Big East tourney will determine whether this no. 9 vote is in the ballpark. (DallasLaxDad) — The Hoyas have rallied behind Caroline Tarzian and Rosie Corcoran to charge into the upper echelon for this season. All year long GU has made a case for winning as a team, and they have done that incredibly well, thanks to great play by numerous athletes. (draw18) — #8. Not gonna penalize the Hoyas for loss to Syracuse. (johnnyboy) — Lost to Syracuse. (LadyLaker) — Where they belong? (Lionwatcher) — #8. I like Georgetown University. I like Georgetown's lacrosse team. I just ranked them eighth because no one else is better. Faint praise at best. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 8. (Rafterjack) — #6. 6 thru 20 looking more like 52 pickup, so your guess is as good as mine. I'll stick G'Town here for win over UConn and not looking awful in loss to Orange, but for no better reason. (slides2) — Big East #2 seed ... but also the tourney hosts. Playing Loyola in the first round. (socrlaxdad) — #9. Over UConn but routed by Da 'Cuse. (Turtles Lax) — Just a touch of Hoya paranoia late as Orange spoil Senior Day but home field jet noise advantage this week at the BE tourney! (UnderArmourOdor)

Denver: No, they don't have the strongest schedule, but they are good. Anyone who thinks the Pioneers can't do some NCAA tournament damage better hope they don't draw Denver in the first round. Next up MPSF tournament and USC. (Artemis3) — As I've been predicting all year, the Pioneers closed the deal on the regular season. Now comes the MPSF tournament, and they're going to close the deal there too. And then they'll be hosting tournament games west of the Mississippi. Denver has earned this no. 5 vote. (DallasLaxDad) — Denver just impresses with every game, and with the talent of players like Jill Remenapp, DU has a lot to offer. Denver has done well with keeping possession of the ball when they get it; Kara Secora makes a nice complement to Remenapp up top. (draw18) — #6. Pioneers right where they want to be as top seed in MPSF. (johnnyboy) — Sitting atop the MPSF as we head into playoffs. (LadyLaker) — Continuing to win. That's all. (Lionwatcher) — #6. Staying the course. Remains on top of the Mosh Pit. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 10. Great year, Pioneers! Congratulations. You're back! (Hope?). Be careful, my daughter lives in Eugene. (Rafterjack) — #8. Pioneers looking strong but must not look past MPSF tournament. (slides2) — 16-1 Pioneers will face Southern Cal to open the MPSF tourney at Oregon. (socrlaxdad) — #4. Subsisted with duck soup. With a bit of work may get home cooking in the NCAAs. (Turtles Lax) — Pioneers have the Ducks wing in for a 14th straight win but have to travel to the Ducks' pond for the MPSF wingding. (UnderArmourOdor)

Penn State: The loss to Princeton is hard to understand. PSU looked sluggish and undisciplined. They better right the ship quickly or their ALC tourney could be a short one. (Artemis3) — One step down to #7 after losing to an inconsistent, but re-emerging Princeton. (D-Lax) — Beat Florida and lost to Princeton? The Nittany Lions get unlucky 13. (DallasLaxDad) — The Nittany Lions have kept up their solid play all season, thanks to the arrival of Jenna Mosketti in Happy Valley. Kelly Lechner's work this season has been crucial for PSU, and with the Cyr sisters playing well, the season is far from being over. (draw18) — #7. Some teams just can't stand prosperity ... PSU apparently one of them with loss to Princeton. (johnnyboy) — Lions attack the Tigers on their own turf. PSU comes away with the win, fans eat at PJ's. Win-win! (LadyLaker) — A slip or real vulnerability? Tourney will tell. (Lionwatcher) — #9. Please explain ... PSU beat Florida by 5 and three weeks later lose to Princeton by 5 ... reminds me of one of my favorite ice creams ... Ben and Jerry's Jamaican Me Crazy. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 12. (Rafterjack) — #11. Nittany Lions look to have goalie problems at a crucial moment when they can least afford it. (slides2) — Lions stumble against the Tigers but should bounce back when they open their ALC tourney against Vandy. (socrlaxdad) — #12. Lost to Princeton big. Again. :-( (Turtles Lax) — Bad time for We Are ... to start struggling and take a tumble to the smart big Cats of the Ivy. (UnderArmourOdor)

Duke: The Devils return home blue. Too many turnovers, loads of fouls and an inability to win the draw led to an early ACC exit. (Artemis3) — Lost to Virginia? I'm really not sure the Blue Devils deserve this good a vote. (DallasLaxDad) — The Blue Devils were shocked a bit with an early weekend for them, but this has to make them hungry and recognize that they can't take a break in ay game. The talent on this team, from Kelsey Duryea in the back to a trio of scorers up front, can keep Duke relevant. They have to seize the moment. (draw18) — #11. Blue Devils probably hoping they do not have to play another ACC team any time soon. (johnnyboy) — UVa cavalierly tosses the Devils out of the ACC tourney. (LadyLaker) — Spit the bit against the Hoos? Fraud or slip? (Lionwatcher) — #11. Duke just lost to UVa. Sorry ... that drops the Blue Devils out of the Top 10. I'm tempted to drop them out of the Top 20, but by Mosh Pit rules, any loss is OK since no one is any good. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 6. Yes, some losses. But remain in my 'elite' top tier (which ends here). Good season, Blue Devils. But you as well have to go the next step, like your mate, Carolina. (Rafterjack) — #9. Blue Devils always seem to go pffft in ACC tournament. (slides2) — Upset by Virginia in the ACC quarterfinals, the Dookies should still head to the NCAA tourney. They should also expect a road game to open. (socrlaxdad) — #17. Down goes Duke! (Turtles Lax) — Duke University Blue Devils do well against Buckeyes but find out Hoos wonít go quietly. Should find a leash against the Terriers. (UnderArmourOdor)

Stony Brook: Easy win vs. Binghampton. (Artemis3) — The Seawolves close out my top 10. (DallasLaxDad) — The Seawolves have energized lacrosse on the Island, and their passion for the game is evident in the way they play. This team is not sneaking up on anyone any longer -- but with their talent, they can be as brash as they want. (draw18) — #9. At least the Seawolves are consistent. (johnnyboy) — Beat Binghamton. (LadyLaker) — Blah, blah, blah. Larry? (Lionwatcher) — #7. Second best in the Mosh Pit. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 9. No longer sure who/what Larry is ... but you know how to pick. So ... congratulations! Your man has done a stellar job and you, sir, NEED to further inform us uninformed as to what to expect next. I'm waiting. (Rafterjack) — #7. Seawolves on a whim. Must still get past conference tourney, where they slipped up last year. (slides2) — Eco-friendly recycling of my last three week's comments - "The Seawolves are 14-2 ... and are the cream of the America East crop." They'll host Vermont in the conference tourney semifinals. (socrlaxdad) — Seawolves feast on Bearcats ... why do I always think Binghampton Bobcats ... is it for the Stutz car or the Asian tree-cats? Anyway, they donít like Seawolves. (UnderArmourOdor)

Navy: Two wins for the Mids. ALCs up next. (Artemis3) — Wins league title; will be back in the NCAA tourney. #12. (D-Lax) — Navy currently has the no. 7 RPI. That, plus an 18-1 record (with the loss by only 3 to NU), is enough for me to put the Mids at no. 7. (DallasLaxDad) — Jasmine DePompeo spearheads a tough attack for the Mids; this team has three 50-goal scorers that can make it tough for defenses. Loren Gennari is having another great season; her ability to control the draw has put Navy in the thick of the hunt. (draw18) — #18. USNA takes Patriot regular season and tournament, but I worry about their recent string of one-goal wins over unranked teams, namely Lafayette, American, and Jacksonville. (johnnyboy) — Navy cruises through PL tourney. (LadyLaker) — Steaming toward more troubling waters where they need to show what they are made of. (Lionwatcher) — #10. I love Cindy Timchal. It has to be the reason that I have moved Navy up to the tenth slot when even with an 18-1 record, they have no win over a team ranked in the Top 20. Scheduling genius or a recipe for NCAA disaster? (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 13. My grandfather, Frank Breyer ... one of two men who established this team for midshipmen! Ahoy! (Rafterjack) — #14. Mids survive scare from Lafayette but blow out Holy Cross to take Patriot. (slides2) — Mids are (surprise!) the Patriot champs again. (socrlaxdad) — #8. Spotted Leopards 8 and barely got by but rebounded vs. Crusaders. (Turtles Lax) — Mids continue to live dangerously getting a test from the Leopards on their way to a Pat League title with a second 10-goal margin on the Crusaders. (UnderArmourOdor)

Notre Dame: An up and down week for the Irish, but they stay put in my poll. (Artemis3) — Three-game losing streak drops the Irish to no. 17. (DallasLaxDad) — The Irish started the season with a long run as an undefeated team, but now they find themselves outside the Big East tournament. Not playing a tournament game before the NCAA tournament could be good as in they can rest -- or it can deny them tournament experience. (draw18) — #12. Irish get next weekend off after missing Big East tournament ... in the long run that may turn out to be a blessing in disguise in preparation for NCAA. (johnnyboy) — Beat Marquette. (LadyLaker) — Not even a bronze dome? What is the color for fifth? (Lionwatcher) — #14. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 7. Commences the middle. (Rafterjack) — #13. Irish make Northwestern work but still come up short. (slides2) — Irish give the Wildcats a minor scare ... and then crush Marquette. But the bigger news is they are not playing in the Big East Tourney - edged out by the Huskies thanks to their head-to-loss at UConn a week ago. Irish have only two road losses this season. (socrlaxdad) — #18. Four Ls as predicted. Not in conference tournament yet likely in NCAAs. (Turtles Lax) — Well, TLís ďKiss the Blarney Stone 4 out of 5Ē Dagger comes true as the Irish limp in beating Marquette and do not make the BE tourney! (UnderArmourOdor)

Massachusetts: Two wins for the Minutewomen. (Artemis3) — Fourteen-game winning streak and the A10 regular season and tournament champions earn my no. 8 vote. Looking at the alternatives, no one else merits this spot more than the Minutewomen, except maybe Georgetown. (DallasLaxDad) — The Minutewomen have the talent to make waves in their games. The Kelsey x2 combination in the midfield, combined with yet another phenomenal season by Katie Ferris, has brought UMass back to the NCAA tournament. (draw18) — #13. UMass is in the NCAA and don't have to be stigmatized by a play-in game. (johnnyboy) — Beat GW and Duquesne. (LadyLaker) — Wins in local tourney, but the real tourney starts, and they will need to show up. (Lionwatcher) — #19. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 18. (Rafterjack) — #17. Minutewomen take A-10 by storm, so what else is new? (slides2) — A-10 champs now await their NCAA fate. (socrlaxdad) — #5. 14 straight ... remarkable. Impressed by O and D. (Turtles Lax) — Minutemen sweep A-10! (UnderArmourOdor)

Princeton: Nice win over Penn State. Still not sure what to make of these Tigers, but the Ivy League tournament championship is within their grasp. (Artemis3) — The win over Penn State is enough to move the Tigers right behind Penn, to no. 16. (DallasLaxDad) — It's never a bad thing for a team's confidence to beat an upper-level team, and Princeton's doing that can only bolster their drive for an Ivy title and an NCAA bid. Erin McMunn is showing off her offensive skills, and Mary-Kate Silvilli is adding quality minutes for the Tigers. (draw18) — #10. Tigers get best win of the year and some good mojo going into the Ivy tournament. (johnnyboy) — Tigers lose to Lions in their own lair. OH MY! (LadyLaker) — Tigers tame the Lions and seem to be hitting on all cylinders. Need to be Ivy tourney tough. (Lionwatcher) — #18. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 14. Big, big win over N. Lions. Their current SPECIFIC rival, Quakers ... lose to Northwestern. Is masked, some. Folks expected that and was within realm of expectations. Save shots: 28/16 (NU/Penn). Big Red, Green, spoilers? (Rafterjack) — #10. Tigers make statement against Penn State. (slides2) — Tigers finishing strong but will likely have to win the Ivy tourney to seal an NCAA bid. (socrlaxdad) — #10. Rather easily over PSU who has never beaten Tigers ... ever ... still. (Turtles Lax) — Tigers roar late with win over Nittany Lions. Will this send them pouncing down in Philly? (UnderArmourOdor)

Loyola: Trounced by the Orange but a good win vs. a very good UConn. Big East tournament should be very interesting and unless the Hounds can win it, they will be watching the NCAAs from the stands. (Artemis3) — Despite the loss to Syracuse, Loyola seems to be putting it together late in the season, so I'm bringing them up to no. 12. (DallasLaxDad) — The Greyhounds have made huge strides from the opening weekend, thanks to a quick maturation job by the squad. The rookies are no longer rookies; now it's the postseason and they just need to be the talent they are. LC has benefited greatly from Katrina Geiger and Maddy Lesher. (draw18) — #14. Loyola looked befuddled and bemused versus the Orange but rebound to beat UConn. (johnnyboy) — Hounds over the Huskies. (LadyLaker) — Reappearing in the top 20 with the win over the Huskies. (Lionwatcher) — #12. Beating Rutgers and Connecticut maintains the Hounds' Mosh Pit credibility. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 19. Tide washed over these folks this season, some (even MUCH). Maybe it recently AWAKENED this perennial contender? YOU tell me. (Rafterjack) — #12. Hounds don't stand chance against Syracuse but assert talent against UConn. (slides2) — 'Hounds beat UConn to claim the Big East #3 seed and will face Georgetown on Thursday. They probably need to beat the Hoyas to claim an NCAA ticket. (socrlaxdad) — #14. Drubbed by Da 'Cuse but regained a bit of respect with large win over UConn. (Turtles Lax) — Orange come to Charm City and the Hounds are left behind but get back on track for Senior Day against the upstart Huskies. (UnderArmourOdor)

Connecticut: Two losses for the Huskies is not the way to finish up the regular season, but this is a tough team, and they will not go down easy in the Big East tourney. (Artemis3) — Lose to Loyola but qualify for their first ever Big East tourney. #19. (D-Lax) — The bloom's a little bit off the rose, but the Huskies are still a very good team, have qualified for the Big East tournament, and have all but locked up an NCAA bid. No. 14. (DallasLaxDad) — The Huskies had a rough go on the scoreboard, but the experience they gained against two perennial powers will only bode well in the tournaments (Big East and NCAA). Lauren Kahn deserves a ton of credit for spearheading the rise of the Husky program. (draw18) — #17. You want the truth ... you can't handle the truth ... so says the Hoyas and the Hounds. (johnnyboy) — Baby, Baby, oh Baby. Not sure I am a "Belieber". Lost two statement games this week. (LadyLaker) — Starting to show some kinks in the armor. Big East tournament will be interesting. (Lionwatcher) — #13. (mytwokeepers) — #16. Reality sets in on trip south. (slides2) — UConn loses two on the Big East road but still claims the #4 seed and will face Syracuse on Thursday at Georgetown. I see a very solid 13-4 record but no NCAA bid in the Huskies' future. (socrlaxdad) — #11. Could they have had a worse weekend? Nope. (Turtles Lax) — Southern swing goes the polar opposite of Orange as they drop the two road games to the Hoyas and Hounds, but they are in the BE tourney and the Irish arenít! (UnderArmourOdor)

Virginia: The loss to Maryland was expected, but the win vs. Duke is a bright spot in a rather lackluster season. (Artemis3) — Upsets Duke, but loses to eventual ACC champ Terps by 4. #13. (D-Lax) — The Hoos pulled a rabbit out of the hat and now probably have earned an at-large bid. With that, they get the last spot on my ballot. (DallasLaxDad) — Kudos to the Cavaliers for their play over the weekend; the seniors took command of this squad and did what they needed to do to come out with a .500 season. Leadership like that, combined with the talent that is there, can make big plays happen. (draw18) — #15. Hoos respond to must-win game by vanquishing Duke and play reasonably close to top-ranked MD. (johnnyboy) — Back in my top 20 for beating the Blue Devils in the ACC. (LadyLaker) — Looked good against Duke when their backs were up against the wall. One and done? (Lionwatcher) — Can the Hoos do this for a season as they did against Duke? (novaglax) — My rank: 15. (Rafterjack) — #19. Must reconsider Hoos after big win over Duke and respectable showing against Terps. (slides2) — 'Hoos upset Duke in ACC quarters, but I don't believe that's enough to earn an NCAA bid. (socrlaxdad) — #16. "Last gasp" found an air pocket. But then nipped by the snapping Turtles. Should play on in post-season ... truly. And some team(s) will be sad the 'Hoos are "in." (Turtles Lax) — Make two charges, one to stay alive and one for pride that falls short but the same as a top 5 team so a good week for the Hoos! Best to play well late! (UnderArmourOdor)

Penn: I'm still struggling to look past the opening game loss to Drexel, but the Quakers are up to 15 on my ballot. (DallasLaxDad) — Quakers need to make some noise in the Ivy tournament or risk being left out of the NCAA tournament. (johnnyboy) — Lost to NU. (LadyLaker) — Ivy tournament will be key. (Lionwatcher) — #17. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 11. Prove it, Penn. So how will Ivy's fare? We wondered. This is a pesky, sticky ... cloying, won't easily go-away club ... ESPECIALLY at their (REAL ... IMHO) home (Franklin F.) for tourney. In NCAA tourney, I see Ivy's solidly upper middle. (Rafterjack) — #15. Bi-annual trip to Evanston no more enjoyable than usual. (slides2) — Quakers played tough against the Wildcats but came up short. They'll host Cornell in the Ivy semis on Friday. (socrlaxdad) — #22. (Turtles Lax) — After fun trip to feel some of the Purple Wrath the Quakes will host the Ivy League tourney! (UnderArmourOdor)

Johns Hopkins: A hard fought win vs. OSU is the one bright spot on the Jays campus this week. The Lady Jays will host the ALC tournament next week. (Artemis3) — No. 19. (DallasLaxDad) — The Blue Jays continue to demonstrate a deep roster. Whether it is Taylor D'Amore or Dene DiMartino making the big plays in attack, or Octavia Williams or Cosette Larash making the big defensive play, JHU is very much a part of any discussion. (draw18) — #16. Blue Jays getting used to playing in one-goal games this week getting a W over OSU. (johnnyboy) — Beat the Buckeyes. (LadyLaker) — Held serve against the Buckeyes. (Lionwatcher) — #20. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 16. (Rafterjack) — #18. Jays hang on to beat Ohio State and now host same in first round of ALC tourney. (slides2) — Edged Ohio State at Columbus in ALC finale ... and now will host the conference tourney facing those same Buckeyes at Homewood on Thursday. (socrlaxdad) — First game of away and home series with Buckeyes go to the Hop by one! (UnderArmourOdor)

Stanford: The loss to UC Davis is confusing but a nice rebound vs. Cal. The Cardinal could be on the outside looking in unless they can claim the MPSF. (Artemis3) — Stanford falls off my ballot with the loss to UC Davis. (DallasLaxDad) — Loss to UC Davis doesn't hurt the Cardinal for MPSF seeding but does help keep Stanford outside my top 20. (johnnyboy) — Must be seeing RED after losing in OT to UC Davis and then barely beating Cal by 1. They see the Bears again this week. Biggest drop in my poll. (LadyLaker) — Too much partying on Senior Day? Almost lost to the Bears as well. Have they done enough? (Lionwatcher) — #16. (mytwokeepers) — #21. Loss to UC-Davis puts Cardinal out of top 20, and they would have to win the MPSF for any possible NCAA bid. (slides2) — Upset loss at UC Davis drops the Cardinal out of my top 20. (socrlaxdad) — #20. L to UC Davis! UC Davis? (Turtles Lax) — CardIndianTrees stay in the TOPTM Top 20 is ended by UC Davis and donít make much of a rebound edging the Golden Bears, who Ginger Miles may coax to a rematch win this week! (UnderArmourOdor)

Boston College: The Eagles just might be the third best team in the ACC. No. 18. (DallasLaxDad) — The Eagles took a huge step forward in the ACC with their season, and they have to believe it's not over. They have to be more efficient in taking care of the ball, and if they can limit those problems, BC can play with anyone out there. (draw18) — #20. Loss to UNC aside, Eagles playing just good enough to win ... feel like BC peaked with their wins over UVa and Duke. (johnnyboy) — #15. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 17. (Rafterjack) — #25. Pretty much as expected: beat Hokies but no match for Heels. (slides2) — #13. Eagles clawed Duke and made the Devils blue before getting stepped on by 'Heels. (Turtles Lax) — Eagles donít impress as ACC 3rd seed getting swacked by Heels after edging Hokies. (UnderArmourOdor)

Albany: The Great Danes will get consideration for my ballot next week. (DallasLaxDad) — My rank: 20. (Rafterjack) — Great Danes have won five straight and should end up facing Stony Brook in the America East final. (socrlaxdad) — #15. Keep barking, Dawgs. (Turtles Lax)

Ohio State: The Buckeyes have been just a couple goals away from a very different season. Jackie Cifarelli's season has been very solid, and Kelsea Ayres has made a huge impact on this team. Throw in great seasons by the Facchinas and you have the makings of a solid program. (draw18)

Dartmouth: A win vs. Harvard puts Dartmouth on the right track with the Ivies coming. (Artemis3) — Big Green need to find 3 goals to reverse their loss to Princeton as they face the Tigers to open the Ivy tournament. (johnnyboy) — Green has shot. Can perform along Connecticut River in New Hampshire/at home ... seems. Can you get that to travel, coach? Fun always travels well! (Rafterjack) — #20. Green tune up for Ivy tourney with win over Harvard. (slides2) — Harvard tune up goes well as rafterman awaits Big Green redux vs. Tigers. (UnderArmourOdor)

Cornell: Big Red looking to avenge 1-goal loss to Penn. (johnnyboy) — #22. Win shootout with BU and Penn must be wary. (slides2) — Big Red open the Ivy tournament against Penn at Penn - tough way to try and keep a season going. (socrlaxdad) — Big Red win an 18-17 barn burner against the Terriers, next up the Quakers at home. (UnderArmourOdor)

Towson: No games this week for Tigers as they prepare to host Colonial tourney. (johnnyboy) — #23. Tigers gain top seed for CAA tussle. (slides2) — Tigers will face Drexel to open the CAA tourney. (socrlaxdad) — #19. (Turtles Lax) — Tigers have long time to prepare for the back to back Drexel games as they host the CAA tourney. (UnderArmourOdor)

James Madison: #19. JMU puts down their Dukes during an idle week. (johnnyboy) — Rafter traveled south. Gates to field padlocked. Grass length still a conjecture ... JMU, you likely a tourney choice. (Rafterjack) — Dukes grab the CAA #2 seed and will likely face Towson in the conference final with an NCAA bid on the line. (socrlaxdad) — #21. 11-5 and awaiting what will be a fun conference tourney. (Turtles Lax) — Dukes only CAA loss is to Towson, so they hope for a tourney rematch. (UnderArmourOdor)

Other Teams Pollsters Considered (and comments, if any)

. Louisville: #24. Blow out Rutgers and beat Villanova to claim top of bottom portion of Big East. (slides2)

. Rutgers: #25. Wow. Lost 6 outta 7 to end season. Did they quit? Yes, they did!!! Only mentioned herein to inquire "why" they QUIT. No other team to fit the #25 spot, either. (Turtles Lax)

. High Point: Panthers finished strong winning 8 of their last 10 and taking the inaugural Big South Conference championship. (socrlaxdad)

. Jacksonville: #23. Potent O. (Turtles Lax)

. Monmouth: #24. Eleven straight. (Turtles Lax)

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