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Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2013

Week-by-Week Poll Matrix for 2014

LaxPower WD1 Forum Poll #4
March 3, 2014

RankTeamPast Week (or Since Last Poll)Pts.1stPrev.
1North Carolina (6-0)W Notre Dame 19-9, W Penn 13-8378171
2Maryland (6-0)W Hofstra 14-3, W Duke 19-1035513
3Syracuse (6-0)W Boston C. 11-9, W Towson 12-735012
4Northwestern (3-0)W Marquette 20-53184
5Florida (5-1)W Stony Brook 14-12887
6Duke (3-2)L Maryland 10-192606
7Boston College (4-1)L Syracuse 9-11, W UConn 15-32459
8Virginia (2-3)W Penn State 12-1121611
9Towson (2-1)L Syracuse 7-1219310
10Penn State (2-2)W Duquesne 11-7, L Virginia 11-121878
11Massachusetts (5-0)W Boston U. 11-8, W Iona 19-617013
12tGeorgetown (2-1)W Princeton 17-1614515
12tJohns Hopkins (5-0)W Loyola 6-5, W American 17-5145NR
14Loyola (2-2)L Johns Hopkins 5-6, L James Madison 7-81375
15Notre Dame (3-2)L UNC 9-19, W Va. Tech 18-912414
16Penn (1-1)L UNC 8-1311718
17Navy (5-0)W Villanova 9-86519
18Stanford (2-1)L Vanderbilt 15-165912
19Stony Brook (3-2)W Drexel 16-6, L Florida 1-145616
20Louisville (4-1)W Denver 12-753NR
Others receiving votes: James Madison (34), Princeton (31), Denver (19), Yale (14), Vanderbilt (7), Albany (7), Harvard (6), San Diego State (5), Vermont (4), New Hampshire (1), Ohio State (1)

Number of voters: 19 (Artemis3, D-Lax, DallasLaxDad, johnnyboy, LadyLaker, LAF1, Laxword, Lionwatcher, LowD09, Lucky Laxer, mytwokeepers, novaglax, Palmtree, Rafterjack, Seinfeld, slides2, socrlaxdad, Turtles Lax, UnderArmourOdor)

Pollsters' Comments About Teams They Ranked

North Carolina: Scare from Penn, but pull away in the second half like a top team should. #1. (D-Lax) — The Tar Heels held serve again and stay on top. (DallasLaxDad) — #2. Penn gave UNC a better game than I anticipated, but Heels dug in. (johnnyboy) — #1. King Kong Kontinues its Konga Line thru the season. Victims silenced this week include the Irish and the Quakers. Now if UNC would silence the Kardashians, I would become a fan for life. (LadyLaker) — #1. Wins award for best ensemble. Attack, midfield, defense goalie all strong. (Lionwatcher) — #1 Faced adversity with Penn but still put them away. (LowD09) — #1. This may be my only, truly easy decision for this poll: vanilla or lemon, double-stuffed? I'll go with lemon and UNC as #1. (Lucky Laxer) — #1. Still undefeated. Still #1. (mytwokeepers) — #1. Staying number one - it is a win. (Palmtree) — #1. I applaud changes Heels made (so as) to emerge champions. YOU DID IT! See though, most recently Quakers kept pace. It is ... a LONG season when you're the champ! (Rafterjack) — #1. Heels breeze by Notre Dame; must work somewhat harder against Penn. Fab Four freshmen Bill, Hendrick, Holman, and Reed making big contributions. (slides2) — 6-0 'Heels continue to stomp on teams at Chapel Hill. This week they finally hit the road up to Charlottesville to face the enigmatic 'Hoos. (socrlaxdad) — #2. Only team in Top 5 of Poll TL to hold serve. (Turtles Lax) — #1. Almost Quaker Quake at Fetzer ... it had been 364:10 of game play since Carolina had to play from behind but last 20 minutes all Heel! (UnderArmourOdor)

Maryland: Big win over the Blue Devils--one week away from a Dome showdown with the Orange. #3. (D-Lax) — Expected the Terps to beat Duke, but I'm surprised at the thorough domination of the Devils. Maryland completes the ACC trifecta at the top of my ballot. (DallasLaxDad) — #3. Terps closer to number 2 in my mind than before after beating the devil out of Duke. (johnnyboy) — #3. Bedeviled those satanic BDs and made them into turtle soup. (LadyLaker) — #3. Rolling. Bill and Mary this week and the Dome on the horizon. If a turtle loses its shell is it, naked or homeless? (Lionwatcher) — #2 Moving up in my poll. Handling tough schedule with ease. (LowD09) — #2. Flipping Terps and Orange this week. The Duke job got my attention. Methinks TL complaineth too much about the affairs in Terpland. This snapper ain't ready for soup, yet! (Lucky Laxer) — #2. I could argue that the Terps are the top team, but I won't. Terps are #2. (mytwokeepers) — #2. Moves up with their beat-down of Duke. (Palmtree) — #2. Remain close to Heels awaiting any slip. Certainly their view is to reverse NCAA 3OT result, no? But these (Heels/Terps) my top two. Others show me flaws, so far. (Rafterjack) — #3. Terps not messing around, much to dismay of Hofstra and Duke. (slides2) — 6-0 Terps show their strength on the road ... average margin of victory still just under 10 goals/game. (socrlaxdad) — #1. Studly defense and awesome firepower compel this big and bold move up. (Turtles Lax) — #3. Terps have a good week shelling Hofstra before it is a snapping of the Blue Meanies in Durham. Still must see Luckyís faves before the Thunder Dome! (UnderArmourOdor)

Syracuse: Quality wins over BC and Towson. Now time to regroup for the Terps next Monday. #2. (D-Lax) — BC gave the Orange a bit more trouble than I expected, but Syracuse continued its winning ways to stay in the runner-up position. (DallasLaxDad) — #1. Almost dropped the 'Cuse to 2 but held out ... at least for another week since UNC showed some vulnerability too. (johnnyboy) — #2. Orange juicing their opponents and are 6-0. (LadyLaker) — #2. Margins shrink as opponent quality goes up but wins accumulate. Nothing before next poll except Terp prep. (Lionwatcher) — #3 Closer games than expected, but still winning. (LowD09) — #3. Taking down BC and Towson in another very solid week. The ACC is, as always, THE place to be for WLax fans and the Orange will be an integral part of that mix. (Lucky Laxer) — #3. Beating BC and Towson makes Syracuse my clear #3. (mytwokeepers) — #3. Too close with Towson so down from 2 to 3. (Palmtree) — #3. Margins (of victory) compressing. Omen? Just in time for Terps (10th), Gators (15th), Wildcats (23rd)! Oracle, say (I Ching): " one ('superior man') must adjust to time(s) promptly ... stubborn persistence lead to ( ... ) downfall." (Rafterjack) — #2. Head off challenges from BC and Towson. Kayla Treanor continues to shine. (slides2) — The Orange notch two close wins over BC and Towson. (socrlaxdad) — #3. Orange are beginning to get peeled ... get ready for just segments a bit down the road. Maybe just juice by season's end. Yes. (Turtles Lax) — #2. Both of my Top Two were 7-7 in the second half and like the Heels, the Orange squeezed the Tigers for a 100th win in the Armani Suit with orange tie. A week off before the Terps cometh to the Dome! (UnderArmourOdor)

Northwestern: Irish looming this week. #4. (D-Lax) — Loyola's pair of losses allows the Wildcats to move into the fourth position. (DallasLaxDad) — #4. Even NU deserves an easy week. (johnnyboy) — #4. Who'd bet NU would lose to Marquette? Not moi. (LadyLaker) — #4. Irish and Buckeyes this week will test the Cats' mettle. Wins for best director? (Lionwatcher) — #5 Defeated Marquette as they should. Nothing to see here, folks! (LowD09) — #4. NU's cruising but just not hitting on all cylinders yet. KAH still needs some time under the hood to get them playing up to their Ferrari reputation. (Lucky Laxer) — #4. I've said it before, I'll say it again ... voting Northwestern #4 seems so wrong, but it is correct. (mytwokeepers) — #4. Keeping at 4 - had an easy week and the weekend off. (Palmtree) — #5. Need more results. Coming up at Syracuse, 23rd. Computer rating: 18, today (Mar. 2). Trailing Yale, Albany, Notre Dame, UMass, S. Brook, Penn, G-Town, Tow., others! (Rafterjack) — #4. Forced indoors; Marquette not much of a challenge. (slides2) — 'Cats stay undefeated and remain in my top 4. (socrlaxdad) — #6. Nothing in their way 'til three weeks down the road. (Turtles Lax) — #4. What, moving from the ice planet of Hoth to an indoor facility? Slides, say it ainít so! What are we going to do with the herd of Tauntauns we planned to sell to fans to survive lakeside? (UnderArmourOdor)

Florida: Showing signs of revival, pour it on Stony Brook at Seawolves' home turf. #5. (D-Lax) — Big bite out of the fictional sea creatures from Long Island drive the Gators up to no. 7. (DallasLaxDad) — #6. Are Gators re-finding themselves, or is Stony Brook facing a new 2014 reality? I'll give UF the credit. (johnnyboy) — #5. Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom renamed Snooze Kingdom after this complete and total Gator chomping of the Seawolves. Nothing epic about this Animal Planet meeting. (LadyLaker) — #6. Go to Long Island and bada bing the Seawolves. Watch out for wounded Greyhounds this week. (Lionwatcher) — #12 Gators have bounced back better than I thought; still canít kick that opening blow-out, though. (LowD09) — #5. Florida's building some serious momentum culminating at the expense Spallina and Co. 14-1? Really? Got my attention and moved them up to #5. (Lucky Laxer) — #9. Florida is the Rodney Dangerfield of my Top 10. The first game of the season they get pounded by UNC then proceed to win five straight. Still all I think about is how much they lost from last year. Guess what, #9. (mytwokeepers) — #5. Demonstrative win over SBU. (Palmtree) — #4. Easily handle S.B. in Florida. Yet, though to let R.J. know who they are this annum. Maybe/might be ... out-shined (word?), by NEW women's mentor at Eli? (Rafterjack) — #5. Young Gators starting to kick into gear. (slides2) — Gators' win streak not threatened as they hold Stony Brook to one goal. At Loyola this Tuesday could be a very interesting game. (socrlaxdad) — #7. Beat Seawolves senseless. Chomp, chomp? (Turtles Lax) — #5. Gators second roadie goes very well as they put the death-roll on the Seawolves! Now head to Charm City for a dog fight on Charles St. (UnderArmourOdor)

Duke: Big loss to Maryland; stay in Top 10 due to a barrage of weekend upsets. #7. (D-Lax) — Can't put too much stock in losses to Northwestern and the Terps, although the thorough domination at the draw and on shots against Maryland was a surprise. Duke falls to No. 8. (DallasLaxDad) — #7. Still thinking there is a top 10 team here but dropping Blue Devils a notch or two. (johnnyboy) — #6. Devils in Terrapin Soup? A 19-10 loss puts them in a hot pot! (LadyLaker) — #5. Two-game schneid, but I do not drop the Devils. However, they must win this week or bye bye birdie. (Lionwatcher) — #6 Tough loss at Maryland, but SOS setting them up well for late-season ACC action. (LowD09) — #7. Losses to NU and MD notwithstanding, I believe Duke's best lacrosse is still ahead. Really, from 7-20 this week, the choices are about as clear as the view of the snow white-out over the Severn River. (Lucky Laxer) — #6. The Dookies got spanked by the Terps and have a one-goal loss to NU. Since I don't think anyone is better than them, they get #6. (mytwokeepers) — #8. Need to beat Georgetown. (Palmtree) — #7. Not calling out to Rafter are Blue Devils. Kind of 'eh', so far, Pard. (Rafterjack) — #7. No match for Maryland. Still, I don't see who else can step up to this spot. (slides2) — Dookies lose at Maryland to open their ACC play ... next up are the Hoyas in Durham. (socrlaxdad) — #12. Inability to score goals in bunches hurt vs. Terps, who have no such disability. (Turtles Lax) — #6. "And you can't give a team like Maryland 40 shots. They're going to score a lot of goals." KK said. Enough said on the almost 50% rate! (UnderArmourOdor)

Boston College: BC is the real deal. #6. (D-Lax) — Wins over the Irish and Buckeyes, close game in a loss to the No. 2 Orange - the Eagles are the fifth ACC squad in the top 9 of my ballot. (DallasLaxDad) — #5. Eagles gave "Cuse all they could handle except last few minutes ... may even gain in my rankings given other upsets. (johnnyboy) — #7. Still not sure I believe in this team, but their performance thus far has caught my eagle eye. (LadyLaker) — #8. Challenged Cuse. Best new artist? (Lionwatcher) — #4 Eagles are disrupting the ACC with eyes on the prize. (LowD09) — #6. BC moves up three with their beat-down of UConn and giving the Orange some heartburn. Offense is carrying them: both a strength and a weakness. (Lucky Laxer) — #5. Even with the loss to Syracuse, BC is #5 ... their only loss is to my #3. Since I liked ND, OSU and UConn when they won those games, I still have positive vibes about BC. (mytwokeepers) — #9. Not much coming up. (Palmtree) — #10. Getting serious finally are Eagles (in the ACC) - I have them above Cavaliers. A first. (Rafterjack) — #6. Slots 6-10 looking more and more like an uninhabitable zone. Let's try BC at No. 6: they gave Syracuse a run for their money and then crushed UConn. (slides2) — The Eagles gave the Orange a scare ... in Beantown (right, lionwatcher?). This week they take a Left Coast swing. (socrlaxdad) — #4. Startling lack of offense heretofore now showing signs of life; impressive defense ... so far. (Turtles Lax) — #11. Eagles drop a 10-goal run on Connecticut. (UnderArmourOdor)

Virginia: Can't keep Penn State in and Virginia out after the Hoos' one goal win at Klockner. The Hoos settle at 15. (DallasLaxDad) — #13. If anyone comments that UVa is the best 2-3 team in the country like they did so many times last week at 1-3, I think I'll just ... just ... heck, I don't know what I'll do. Nice win over the Nittanies though. (johnnyboy) — #10. Made the gals from Happy Valley very unhappy this weekend. (LadyLaker) — #9. Now the best 2-3 team. Top dogs up next. (Lionwatcher) — #7 Alright, they proved me wrong on my 1-5 prediction; Unfortunately, their schedule isnít getting any easier. (LowD09) — #10. Colgan's 12 saves, 8 in the second half, aided by 4-6 in FPS were the cornerstones for the Hoos' right turn on Redemption Road! A week to prep for UNC's visit is HUGE. Don QuixHOOte's the pre-game speaker! (Lucky Laxer) — #10. If someone can explain UVa to me, please do. Lucky Laxer probably would like to hear the explanation as well. The Cavs round out the Top 10 at #10. (mytwokeepers) — #6. Did not see game but again it is a W. (Palmtree) — #11. These folks in Charlottesville refuse to meet ANYONE'S expectations, especially pollsters! Rah! (Rafterjack) — #8. Yes, Virginia, there really is a Virginia, even at 2-3. (slides2) — 'Hoos finally beat a ranked opponent ... and next the 'Heels are heading to Charlottesville. (socrlaxdad) — #9. 1-3 start not good and had to beat Penn State. So they did. Another surprising result. (Turtles Lax) — #8. 4th Ranked team is the trick for the Hoos as they dodge the 0-5 curse against Top 10 Teams. Next up some team from Tobacco Road - some easier scheduling??? (UnderArmourOdor)

Towson: Hang with the 'Cuse for a half, mainly due to an incredible GK, but stifled by speed and stick skills. #11. (D-Lax) — Beat Georgetown, lost to Syracuse. No. 10 sounds about right. (DallasLaxDad) — #8. I'll give the Tigers some props for making a game of it with the 'Cuse. (johnnyboy) — #9. Tigers' ability to make the Orange see Red keeps them in my top 10 despite the loss. They are gathering all kryptonite in Maryland to prepare for Hopkins. (LadyLaker) — #12. Tigers have impressed early with tough defense. Also up for best new artist. A couple of interesting tests this week with Blue Jays and the Cardinal. (Lionwatcher) — #9 The Tigersí mighty belief in themselves is their biggest asset. (LowD09) — #12. Next installment of the CoC series at Hop Wed. This promises to be one of the best in recent memory (at least "my" memory). I'm hearing mid-week road trip! (Lucky Laxer) — #7. I debated whether Towson should go in at #6 or #7, but history won out, and I gave the #6 nod to Duke. At #7 Towson has moved strongly into my Top 10. I just wish I had a strong Top 10. (mytwokeepers) — #10. Hung in there with Syracuse - let's see how they handle Hopkins. (Palmtree) — #13. (Rafterjack) — #11. Tigers can't stay with Syracuse, but good effort. (slides2) — Tigers gave the Orange a fight "under the Dome" - but they still slip out of the top 20. (socrlaxdad) — #8. Tigers played tough. (Turtles Lax) — #7. Has Cuse at 7-7 in the Dome and Coach Lamonica wins the halftime dance competition ( > 03.02.14 WLAX vs. Towson > 5th row photo #5) but game gets away! (UnderArmourOdor)

Penn State: #9. 'Nittanies have some things to work on, but I'll keep the faith for another week. (johnnyboy) — #11. Wahoo was that? That was UVa stealing that game from you! (LadyLaker) — #10. Lions loss to Cavaliers drop them behind best 2-3 team. Need to keep the Greyhounds down to stay top 10. (Lionwatcher) — #8 EPIC shooting problem (36%). Must fix, or it will kill their season. (LowD09) — #11. The PSU trip home Sat. was all the time they can afford to lament what could have been. Resurgent JMU Wed. and then the Domesticated Pet Bowl with Loyola Sat. to finally end the Cat vs. Dog argument. A trip to the vet's or the Dance may be on the line. (Lucky Laxer) — #14. Penn State drops to #14, but this may be an over-reaction to their loss to UVa. (mytwokeepers) — A bad loss to the Hoos. (novaglax) — #7. Close. (Palmtree) — #9. A storied coach! Getting it done, yet maybe might do what Carolina did: top off with a cherry (AND ensure winning top spot)! Import a whippersnapper! Is new miracle drug for what-ails-you women's lacrosse programs? (Rafterjack) — #9. Almost pull out a win at Virginia. (slides2) — Last week I asked, "will the Lions come roaring into March with road wins at UVa and JMU?" So far the answer is "no" - and with JMU coming off a win over Loyola, the Lions better be careful. (socrlaxdad) — #11. Really needed to beat Virginia. TL noted in poll #2 the battle between PSU and UMd 'may (will?) determine the fate of both squads.' Seems it has ... and that's unfortunate for the Nittany Lions. (Turtles Lax) — #9. Lions switch spots with Hoos after a game that had to be entertaining with 23 goals and 28 saves! (UnderArmourOdor)

Massachusetts: Undefeated, but please bring on The Big Girls. #15. (D-Lax) — After the top 4, I doubt there will be much agreement. I'm moving the Minutewomen up to no. 5 in recognition of their having cruised to a 5-0 start. (DallasLaxDad) — #10. UMass continues to roll. (johnnyboy) — #13. I-ona surprised over the decisive win over Iona. (LadyLaker) — #18. No losses. Should they be higher? SOS impedes our knowledge for now. (Lionwatcher) — #20. UMass still winning, so I guess Iíll move them up. (LowD09) — #13. So their opponents are a cumulative 6-15, yet UMass is undefeated, should they be ranked? IMO, after this past week, yes. (Lucky Laxer) — #8. UMass is 5-0 and playing well. Anyone else wish they had a stronger schedule to get a better handle on this team? Slot them in at #8. (mytwokeepers) — SOS is an issue. But they keep winning. (novaglax) — #14. A lot like Navy with some easy opponents coming up. (Palmtree) — #15. (Rafterjack) — #12. Pass test with BU. (slides2) — The Minutewomen could be 9-1 heading into April and their Atlantic 10 schedule. (socrlaxdad) — #5. 5-0 earned this very lofty position ... deservedly so. And that '0' is still gonna be there at the end of the regular season. Anyone wanna bet? (Turtles Lax) — #10. Minutewomen break into Top 10 with five wins, beating two win-less squads this week. Opponentís total record is 5-15. Still, win over Dores looks better this week. (UnderArmourOdor)

Georgetown: Being taken to OT by Princeton makes me wonder if the Hoyas are really a top-12 squad - but, for now, that's where I've got them. (DallasLaxDad) — #16. Hoyas having 3rd year looking for answers in the cage. (johnnyboy) — #14. Hoyas snare the Tigers. (LadyLaker) — #15. Hoyas hopes high. Cardinal and Blue BeDevil Hoyas this week. (Lionwatcher) — #15 Great win over Princeton. And now, a gauntlet before Big East competition. (LowD09) — #20. I'm begrudgingly giving them my 20 with the squeaker over Princeton. I'm not a fan. There are just too many teams with so little to offer I could have at least five #20s this week. GT gets sole possession of this ignominious honor, this week. (Lucky Laxer) — #18. An overtime win over Princeton does not impress me. #18. (mytwokeepers) — #12. So close but this week. It is the W and a spot above the Tigers. (Palmtree) — #17. (Rafterjack) — #15. Retrieve some mojo after OT win against Princeton. (slides2) — Hoyas squeak by Princeton in OT, but since there are now so many one-loss teams they move up two spots in my poll. (socrlaxdad) — #21. Not sure they belong but running outta teams to pick behind them. (Turtles Lax) — #12. Hoyas hang on in Princeton to bounce back in OT to go 1-1 in their Tiger Darby after losing to the Tigers from Towson. (UnderArmourOdor)

Johns Hopkins: Coach Tucker has her team running through their schedule and meet up with Towson this week. #14. (D-Lax) — The Blue Jays will debut on a bunch of ballots this week. Wednesday's win over a top-5 Loyola, coupled with a 5-0 start, moves Johns Hopkins to no. 6 on my ballot. (DallasLaxDad) — #11. Thinking JHU might break into other pollsters' rankings this week with win over Loyola. (johnnyboy) — #16. The (wo)men of Steele are busting out of the phone booth with their blue capes on. (LadyLaker) — #20. Blue Jays join the party after a bit of an absence. Tough test from Towson this week. (Lionwatcher) — #10 I see you, Blue Jays! (LowD09) — #8. Unprecedented move: Hop goes from unranked to #8. I'm not sure if I'm reading too much into the Loyola win or just had way too low expectations for them. Let this serve as my apology. Now don't let me down! This is the perfect week to allow this. (Lucky Laxer) — #11. At 5-0 including a win over Loyola, the Blue Jays face Towson this week with an opportunity to take sole possession of the Charles Street Cup. #11 with a bullet! (mytwokeepers) — #18. I am excited for Wed. match-up with Towson. (Palmtree) — #6. Keep winning do the Jays. A first in my recollection. But I am not a Charles Street regular. Towson Wednesday, then, if sweep, perhaps, to Gators and NU games (early April), I reconsider? (Rafterjack) — #10. Have to heed the Jays, who pull off defensive gem against Loyola and then thrash American. (slides2) — The 5-0 Blue Jays are the biggest movers in my poll this week ... up from #21 to #11. (socrlaxdad) — #14. Most shocking 5-0 in the history of lacrosse ... including the boys' version of the sport. (Turtles Lax) — #13. The Hop jumps into the Top 20 now at 5-0. (UnderArmourOdor)

Loyola: Looks like the Greyhounds are entering another up-and-down season. Need some consistency. #18. (D-Lax) — I can't come up with a reason to include Loyola ahead of the Dukes, so Loyola falls off my ballot this week. (DallasLaxDad) — #12. Greyhounds must have been reading their own headlines before meeting JHU and JMU. (johnnyboy) — #8. Hounded this week by Hop and JMU, and they are free-falling in my poll. (LadyLaker) — #13. I am confused. Are the Hounds the Roller Coast Kids go 2014? (Lionwatcher) — #13 Whatís going on? This team is under-performing so much it hurts. (LowD09) — #9. Anybody get their license plate numbers? The Hounds get smacked twice with two more semis bearing down this week from Florida and We ARE. Will they end up as road kill or Top Dog? Talk about a BIG week! (Lucky Laxer) — #13. Are injuries an excuse or the reality? Loyola drops to #13. (mytwokeepers) — What a disastrous week for the Hounds. Time to see what character they have. (novaglax) — #11. I gave them a pass for Hopkins loss without Payton, but how the wheels fell off at JMU, I don't know. (Palmtree) — #12. Mystery (to me) their downfall. But, say ... is Charles Street like Crimea? (Rafterjack) — #14. Plop plop, fizz fizz. (slides2) — The 'Hounds had a BAD week ... losing at Hopkins and at JMU. Fortunately (?) they return home this week to host the Gators before traveling to "Happy Valley." (socrlaxdad) — #18. Incomprehensible loss to the Hop, but absence of key middies played a major role. Had to regroup quickly or be confined to the dog house until next year. DID NOT. WOW. (Turtles Lax) — #14. Hounds take a pounding, losing Charles Street fight, and then their trip into the Shenandoah Valley goes as well as other northern invasions when they hit a Stonewall in the second half. (UnderArmourOdor)

Notre Dame: Lost to BC and the Tar Heels; beat Stony Brook and Virginia Tech. No. 14 sounds about right. (DallasLaxDad) — #15. At least the Irish are beating the lesser teams on their schedule and BC loss doesn't look as large now. (johnnyboy) — #15. Irish gotta get away from the Green stuff -- they are up and down more than a drunk leprechaun! (LadyLaker) — #11. We are going to be introduced to the real Irish this week. Contenders or pretenders? (Lionwatcher) — #17 Talented freshmen and sophomores donít have the time or luxury of playing like underclassmen. Irish needs leadership if theyíre going to get past upcoming Louisville, Northwestern, and Maryland. (LowD09) — #14. At 3-2, Halfpenny's getting more than her 2-cents worth of grief from the Hoi Polloi. That exchange rate seems to be rather Bitcoin-esque; n'est-ce pas? (Lucky Laxer) — #17. Expectations are the pits. I expected ND to to very good this year. Shame on me. #17. (mytwokeepers) — #20. This might be Louisville's spot next week. (Palmtree) — #16. (Rafterjack) — #17. Irish totally out of their depth at UNC; Virginia Tech more their speed. (slides2) — The 3-2 Irish (1-1 last week) have to travel to Lakeside before hosting a hot Louisville team. Another 1-1 week would probably be welcome. (socrlaxdad) — #17. Irish beat up the Hokies, and I predict they will continue their win one-lose one season! Just call me NUstradamus! (UnderArmourOdor)

Penn: Penn team of old? Defense holds UNC, but they can't pull off the biggest knockout of the season. #16. (D-Lax) — #14. Reasonably good showing against UNC giving the Heels their best competition of the year. (johnnyboy) — #18. (LadyLaker) — #7. Played the Heels harder than anyone so far. Best supporting? (Lionwatcher) — #11 I surely underestimated this team. Impressive against UNC. Moviní on up! (LowD09) — #23. (Lucky Laxer) — #16. Hung in there with UNC so movin' on up. (Palmtree) — #8. Kept even with Carolina for at least a half (6-6). Tough D, always. Impressed me. Matched pair with Tigers in Ivy? (Rafterjack) — #13. Quakers hang tough with UNC, at least for a while. (slides2) — Losing by 5 at UNC ... not too bad. The Quakers should sweep this week against Rutgers and Harvard. (socrlaxdad) — #15. (Turtles Lax) — #18. Quakers lose at a sunny Fetzer Field ... solid D! (UnderArmourOdor)

Navy: Navy needs to beef up their schedule. Enough said. #21. (D-Lax) — I believe in ranking teams that win games. The Mids win games. Five wins to start the season move Navy up to no. 11. (DallasLaxDad) — #17. Squeaker over Villanova but still undefeated. (johnnyboy) — #19. Barely beat Nova. But I give the Mids props for playing a team not in the Big South. (LadyLaker) — #21. If I put UMass in, I've got to put Navy in; right? 5-0, with their opponents' records at 5-14 ... IDK, this is a tough week ... They get the #1 spot on my Not Top 20! (Lucky Laxer) — #19. Lots of wins. (Palmtree) — #20. (Rafterjack) — #18. Narrow win over Villanova not exactly confidence inspiring. (slides2) — Mids move to 5-0, and I'm hesitant to rank them this high, but undefeated has to mean something. (socrlaxdad) — #13. 5-0 is, after all, 5-0 no matter whom you're playing. And not many teams are 'pick a number' and 0. (Turtles Lax) — #15. Mids also get to 5-0 this week (opponents record 5-13) with one-goal win over the Snow Cats, who LGL declares are making gains. (UnderArmourOdor)

Stanford: Vandy has Stanford's number, OT. #20. (D-Lax) — Loss to the Dores drops the Cardinal off my ballot. (DallasLaxDad) — #19. Somehow I missed Cardinal loss to the Commodores until just now ... tough week for the MPSF. (johnnyboy) — #12. The Cardinal not feeling dandy after losing to Vandy. (LadyLaker) — #17. Harvard win looks better than it did before. Vandy loss looks bad right now, but maybe the Dores have finally gotten things together. This week will help define both Towson and Cardinal. (Lionwatcher) — #19 Brutal OT loss to Vandy. (LowD09) — #18. The Cardinal's implosion at Vandy was the worst MPSF reality check YTD. (Lucky Laxer) — #16. Tough overtime loss to Vanderbilt. #16. (mytwokeepers) — Just when I thought Vandy wouldn't beat any top 20, they pull this off. (novaglax) — #17. Tough loss in OT. (Palmtree) — My rank: 22. Only takes the game seriously when East comes to play early each season, it seems. Ducks at least reach out to rest of America and will go anywhere for a game! (Rafterjack) — #19. Blow 14-9 lead to Vandy and lose in OT. Maybe not such a gaudy year for the MPSF. (slides2) — I try to keep one western team in the top 20 (if warranted) - despite losing to Vandy, the Cardinal just hang on. (socrlaxdad) — #24. IndianTreeCards canít navigate a 5-goal lead past the Commodores and sink out of the Top 20! (UnderArmourOdor)

Stony Brook: Play the Big Girls and Boom! #22. (D-Lax) — Fell off my ballot last week with the loss to the Irish. Way, way off my ballot now, after one goal performance against the Gators. (DallasLaxDad) — #18. Maybe Seawolves just had a really bad day? (johnnyboy) — #20. Biggest fall in my poll. Nothing to like about their performance against Florida. (LadyLaker) — #14. Irish loss spoke of hope. Gator loss speaks of despair. Afraid we will not know more for a month or more. (Lionwatcher) — #20. Fading fast form my radar screen. Still check in at #20, but this week's Rutgers game is key to recovery. (mytwokeepers) — #14. (Rafterjack) — #20. Smacked down by Florida. Schedule looks like clear sailing maybe until Albany. (slides2) — Seawolves only notch one goal losing to the Gators at home. The good news for them is that's the last ranked opponent on the schedule. (socrlaxdad) — #21. Iíll go with LGLís evaluation as he wasnít pleased by a Gator chomping. (UnderArmourOdor)

Louisville: Movin' On Up to #13. (D-Lax) — Perhaps we should have given the Cardinals more credit for their play in an opening season loss to Duke. Four wins since then earn Louisville the no. 19 spot on my ballot. (DallasLaxDad) — #20. Was liking the Cardinals a little before ... giving them my 20 spot now after win over Denver. (johnnyboy) — #17. Beat Denver so they're out of my top 20 and Louisville is in. (LadyLaker) — #19. Controversy off-season wins in season. Welcome to the top 20. (Lionwatcher) — #14 Hate to say I told you so! This team is legit. Rank those Cards! (LowD09) — #15. Louisville was not a pleasant host for DU but I'm moving them up 5 spots, regardless. No hard feelings; I'm above that ... Yeah, right. (Lucky Laxer) — #16. Knock off Denver and enter Top 20. (slides2) — The 4-1 Cardinals knock off Denver en route to their first appearance in my poll. (socrlaxdad) — #10. On a hot streak ... a very hot streak. (Turtles Lax) — #20. Gets into Top 20 with win over visiting Mile Highers. Big test at Buckeyes and Irish this week. (UnderArmourOdor)

James Madison: Big upset win over Loyola with only loss this season to Florida. #17. (D-Lax) — Beat Loyola; so, all things being equal, the Dukes are on my ballot at no. 18. Loyola falls off. (DallasLaxDad) — #21. Honorable mention after upsetting Loyola. (johnnyboy) — #16. The Dukes KO'd Loyola to jump into my 20. We'll see if they stay there. PSU's coming down 81 on Wed. I'm pretty sure they're not buying that "Virginia is for Lovers" stuff any more, and I'm equally sure JMU will do nothing to dissuade that. (Lucky Laxer) — #12. James Madison leaps to my #12 strictly because I had to put them ahead of Loyola ... honestly, there is no other reason. (mytwokeepers) — #24. Must be doing something right. (slides2) — The 3-1 Dukes knocked off then #6 Loyola ... can they do the same to the Nittany Lions? (socrlaxdad) — #17. Winning some squeakers and seemingly getting better. (Turtles Lax) — #16. Dukes ambush Dawgs out in the Valley to get into Top 20. (UnderArmourOdor)

Princeton: #22. Can't rank the Tigers in my top 20 with a 1-2 record. (johnnyboy) — #21. (LadyLaker) — #16. Tigers show bottom 20 potential. (Lionwatcher) — #16 Tough break in DC, but I like the fight in this team. (LowD09) — #24. (Lucky Laxer) — #13. Tough OT loss. (Palmtree) — #18. (Rafterjack) — #21. Beat Rutgers for first time in three years, but OT loss to Georgetown leaves Tigers 1-2. (slides2) — Overtime loss to Georgetown drops the Tigers two spots. (socrlaxdad) — #19. Tigers have a good Knight versus Rutgers but lose in overtime to the Hoyas at Sherrerd Field ... I think they would have won at Class of 1952, just saying! (UnderArmourOdor)

Denver: The Pioneer fall off my ballot by losing to the Cardinals. (DallasLaxDad) — #22. (LadyLaker) — #18 Itís hard to win in Louisville, Kentucky. (LowD09) — #17. Denver won the coin toss for the highest West Coast rank this week. Falling five spots from last week thanks to Louisville. (Lucky Laxer) — Louisville ... didn't see that one coming. (novaglax) — #22. Fall to Louisville and fall out of Top 20. (slides2) — Pioneers lose at Louisville ... dropping precipitously. (socrlaxdad) — #19. (Turtles Lax) — #23. Pioneers lose their way in Louisville and out of the Top 20. (UnderArmourOdor)

Yale: Yale, all of a sudden, is making the Ivy look more interesting. #25. (D-Lax) — Convincing win over Dartmouth says the Bulldogs are a legit Ivy contender this year. Yale lands at lucky 13. (DallasLaxDad) — #23. I'll put Yale in my also considered list ... been a while since we could say something positive about the Bulldogs. (johnnyboy) — #19. Yet another first-timer to my poll, Yale may just be the cream of the Ivies: this week. The conference may rival the ACC for cannibalism this year. (Lucky Laxer) — #19. Hey ... Yale is 3-0 with a win over Dartmouth. Love it! #19. (mytwokeepers) — My rank: 25. Welcome, Bulldogs! BIG win over Dartmouth. Think coach Anne Phillips may have been lying in wait for such as Green. Signal (noteworthy) victory. Yale, one of two endowed programs in Ivy, I believe. (Rafterjack) — 3-0 Yale is making an early Ivy move. (socrlaxdad) — #20. (Turtles Lax) — #25. Eli at 3-0 get a nod for knocking out the Big Green. ďI thought Yale deserved to win this game,Ē head coach Amy Patton said as did a great rafterman write-up! (UnderArmourOdor)

Vanderbilt: The Dores earned the last spot on my ballot in overtime against the Cardinal. (DallasLaxDad) — #15. Nice win overtime win at Stanford. #15. (mytwokeepers) — #22. Beat three bad teams and lost to two really good ones. Not sure what that means. (Turtles Lax) — #22. Dores get a mention for their OT win on the Left Coast. (UnderArmourOdor)

Albany: Great Danes make their first appearance in the Poll That Really Counts. #23. (D-Lax) — Looking to the Dartmouth match for clues whether the Great Danes really belong in the rankings; but, right now I can't find anyone who deserves no. 16 more than Albany. (DallasLaxDad) — #19. (Rafterjack) — #23. Danes 3-0 against nobody in particular. Let's see what they do against Dartmouth. (slides2) — 3-0 Great Danes making some noise. (socrlaxdad) — #25. Big dogs starting to bark with key match versus Dartmouth looming just ahead. (Turtles Lax)

Harvard: #15. Good win over Cornell. (Palmtree) — #23. (Turtles Lax)

San Diego State: #16. Victory over Cal was NOT a surprise. Neither was win over St. Mary's. All four wins on the road, too. (Turtles Lax)

Vermont: The Catamounts are likely to sport an unblemished record for another couple weeks, so here's to no. 17. (DallasLaxDad) — #24. (Turtles Lax)

New Hampshire:

Ohio State: #23 Unacceptable loss to Canisius. Redemption opportunities on the way with Louisville and NU at home. (LowD09)

Other Teams Pollsters Considered (and comments, if any)

. Oregon: I debuted the Ducks on my ballot last week. Oops. (DallasLaxDad)

. William & Mary: #22. My Beloved notches their first W in the Fratzke era! Pierce's and Peanut Shoppe for all! (Lucky Laxer)

. Connecticut: My rank: 24. Maybe. (Rafterjack)

. Dartmouth:

. Jacksonville:

. Hofstra:

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