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Academic year player begins at the college (or PG school) below:
    2015-2016 – to play in college in spring 2016 (usually a HS SENIOR in spring 2015)
    2016-2017 – to play in college in spring 2017 (usually a HS JUNIOR in spring 2015)
    2017-2018 – to play in college in spring 2018 (usually a HS SOPH. in spring 2015)

Nature of submission (as far as you know):
    New submission – player is not already listed or submitted for the year selected above.
    Updated submission – player is already listed or submitted for the year selected above.
    Oops!  I need to correct or update a submission that I just made.

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Status of recruit (do NOT confuse with Early Decision or Early Action):
    Signed or verbally committed to sign a Nat'l. Letter of Intent, fall (Division I/II only)
    National Letter of Intent or other formal commitment, spring (Division I/II only)
    Recruited by school (any division)
    Transfer from
    Walk-on (plans to try out for team)
    Unknown (use if in doubt)

College (or PG school) recruit will attend
(If unknown or the player is undecided, please do not submit this form.)

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    College coach, assistant coach, or SID
    HS coach, assistant coach, or school official
    I am the player
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