Recruiting Guide – IV: General Recruiting Process Overview
By Bill Allen,

Perhaps the best single summary we have found for men or women is The College Athletic Recruiting Process (available as a PDF file) put together and presented by Janine Tucker, the head women’s lacrosse coach at Johns Hopkins University. This should be required reading for every prospect and their parents. Coach Tucker is updating this guide; we'll post it here when it's ready. In simple bullet-point form, her guide covers:

1. Roles in the Recruiting process
    • Student/Athlete
    • Parent
    • High School/Club Coach
    • High School Guidance Counselor
    • College Coach
    • NCAA and It’s Clearinghouse
2. An Action Plan for College Bound Lacrosse Players
3. Basic information to include in a sport resume and/or cover letter
4. Key Do’s & Don’ts
5. Key Questions
    • For the coaches
    • For their players
6. What you need to know about the recruiting process
7. Official Visits
8. Suggested Time Line
    • Freshman & Sophomore years
    • Junior year
    • Junior-Senior summer
    • Senior year
9. Recruiting Reality Check

More required reading can be found at, US Lacrosse’s recruiting web site, especially their A High School Athlete's Recruiting Guide for College Lacrosse. This guide has 29 informative sections covering:
    • Master the Recruiting Process
    • 12 Pitfalls to Avoid
    • How to Improve Your Profile
    • Essential Action Steps to Take
    • Articles

A more detailed timeline can be found on’s College Recruiting Timeline for Lacrosse.

For lacrosse parents, is a valuable resource. It contains very good tips and information but also a number of useful resources, including lists of videotaping and editing services, sample cover letters and sports resumes, plus club and tournament databases.

Chuck Jaffe, editor of the New England Lacrosse Journal, has written State of the Game: Hazards of Commitment, an excellent article offering perspective on the commitment and recruiting process. Chuck is also a long-time youth and high school coach and official, and he currently runs BullsEye Lacrosse.

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