These are unofficial lists of early signers, commitments, recruits, and walk-ons. Because a player is listed does not necessarily mean that s/he has signed a letter of intent or otherwise made a formal commitment to attend. Some recruits who are committed to a school may not yet have been accepted for admission.

Recruits2012 Database
ID Div Name Hometown State HighSchool HS_St Position Status College
8011Vetter, ChrisDoylestownPACentral Bucks EastPAAttackETowson
8812Hurt, KevinRancho Sante FeCATorrey PinesCAAttackEColorado Mesa
7993Frey, JoshuaEphrataPAEphrataPAAttackRBridgewater
883JPratt, AbbottSan DiegoCARancho BernardoCAAttackREssex CC
8842Markey, GeorgeNeshanic StationNJImmaculataNJAttackEChestnut Hill
7963Wahl, TravisFarmingdaleNYFarmingdaleNYAttackRCortland
28853Hogan, PatricMount SinaiNYMount SinaiNYAttackRRPI
28621Collier, SheltonAtlantaGAWestminsterGAAttackRAir Force
28013Shrewsbury, WesleyTopsfieldMAMasconometMAAttackRBates
6572Bernstein, CodyKirklandWALake WashingtonWAAttackRDominican (CA)
11453Vanmeter, HeadleyLexingtonKYSayre SchoolKYAttackRBirmingham-Southern
6401Buckley, RyanStony BrookNYWard MelvilleNYAttackRMarquette
30283Andrews, TuckerNew LondonNHProctor AcademyNHAttackUPlymouth State
638UStern, GregoryRyeNYRyeNYAttackRRichmond
6371Hill, JayWilliamsburgVALafayetteVAAttackEVMI
6361Dennington, TrentColleyvilleTXColleyville/​Trinity-Pawling School NYAttackEQuinnipiac
11493Waybright, TaylorWest HartfordCTKingswood-OxfordCTAttackRWestern New England
1150UBurke, DannyEdinaMNEdinaMNAttackRSt. Thomas
27113Jennings, ChrisEdisonNJEdisonNJAttackUKean
11342Palmer, MattSuwaneeGANorth GwinnettGAAttackEPfeiffer
11301Little, DavidViennaVAWoodberry ForestVAAttackUSiena
11293Cunningham, ConnorJacksonNJJackson MemorialNJAttackRMontclair State
11101Bieda, ScottBridgewaterNJBridgewater-RaritanNJAttackERutgers
6551Rick, MitchellWatertownNYWatertownNYAttackEBinghamton
11152Cornetta, DaleDix HillsNYHalf Hollow Hills WestNYAttackELimestone
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Total records returned: 3400

Note: Click column headings to sort fields; a second click reverses the order.

Division: 1, 2, 3 = NCAA; U = MCLA/WDIA, other college club; J = Juco; P = P/G school

Status: E = early (fall) commitment, S = spring commitment, R = recruit, W = walk-on,
            U or blank = unknown, TR = transfer (check with schools to be certain)
            E and S are for NLI signers or other formal commitments in D1 and D2.

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