These are unofficial lists of early signers, commitments, recruits, and walk-ons. Because a player is listed does not necessarily mean that s/he has signed a letter of intent or otherwise made a formal commitment to attend. Some recruits who are committed to a school may not yet have been accepted for admission.

Recruits2013 Database
ID Div Name Hometown State HighSchool HS_St Position Status College
3931Guild, HenrySudburyMALincoln-SudburyMAMidfieldRYale
2791Delaney, DanSudburyMALincoln-SudburyMAMidfieldEFairfield
5601Giorgio, ChrisSudburyMALincoln-SudburyMAMidfieldRFairfield
11241Tocci, PaulSudburyMALincoln-Sudbury/​Army PrepMADefenseEArmy
17223Hyatt, AustinNew LenoxILLincoln-Way CentralILMidfieldRBeloit
16862Renick, MikeLindenhurstNYLindenhurstNYMidfieldENYIT
30983Alazaraki, DanLindenhurstNYLindenhurstNYAttackRFarmingdale State
13012Morhardt, JoeLindenhurstNYLindenhurstNYDefenseENYIT
27942Hartley, KevinLindenhurstNYLindenhurstNYDefenseSLynn
16362D'Angelo, AndrewLindenhurstNYLindenhurstNYDefenseEPost
28663Granata, JosephLindenhurstNYLindenhurst/​ASANYAttack/​MidfieldTRStevenson
19202Sarmiento, LucasLindenhurstNYLindenhurst/​Suffolk CCNYMidfieldUMercy
17452Whitcomb, RyderLittletonMALittletonMAGoalieRFranklin Pierce
2130PBassett, CameronLittletonMALittletonMADefenseUBridgton Academy
16722LeClair, RyanLittletonMALittletonMAMidfield/​FORFranklin Pierce
8362Madonna, DominickLiverpoolNYLiverpoolNYGoalieEMerrimack
8332DePasquale, DanielLivingstonNJLivingstonNJDefense/​LSMRChestnut Hill
14933Solter, TylerLivingstonNJLivingstonNJDefense/​LSMRWidener
25142Bishopp, DerekLivoniaNYLivoniaNYMidfield/​FORAlfred
28503Cascia, GlennLockportNYLockportNYDefenseRPotsdam
28682Brown, RashadLockportNYLockport/​Genesee CC/​Mars Hill NYMidfield/​FOTRLake Erie
20553Gersh, ChrisPepperellMALondonderryNHGoalieRNorwich
30503Hart, RobLondonderryNHLondonderryNHattackRKenne State
1883UFjeldsted, AaronAlpineUTLone PeakUTAttackRBrigham Young
19211Brown, JakeLong BeachNYLong BeachNYDefense/​LSMSArmy
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Total records returned: 3537

Note: Click column headings to sort fields; a second click reverses the order.

Division: 1, 2, 3 = NCAA; U = MCLA/WDIA, other college club; J = Juco; P = P/G school

Status: E = early (fall) commitment, S = spring commitment, R = recruit, W = walk-on,
            U or blank = unknown, TR = transfer (check with schools to be certain)
            E and S are for NLI signers or other formal commitments in D1 and D2.

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