Pioneer Screensaver

(0) If you wish only to view the images below, click on the thumbnails to see them full size.  Read on if you wish to download the screensaver.

(1) Click on the download link:  Download screensaver

(2) Specify a directory (folder) where you want "pioneer.exe" to be stored.

(3) Wait as the file downloads (depends on your connection speed).

(4) Run pioneer.exe either by going to Windows Explorer and clicking on pioneer.exe in the directory you stored it or by going to the DOS prompt and the directory containing pioneer.exe and typing "pioneer".

(5) When the installation program then runs, simply follow the instructions it provides on the screen.

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Dr. Laurence Feldman, Executive Director
Dr. Robert Kroshefsky, Director of Men's Lacrosse
Dr. Daniel Larsen, Director of Women's Lacrosse
George Baldassare, Director of HS Boys' Lacrosse

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