aint nothin to be said

it was a great game now
we be battelin all day long
we score one and they do to
it was a great game now

but time be runin out
and they just gone ahead
mite just be ten seconds left
and the ball be at our end

but the D man makes a check
and takes the ball away
two long passes latter
i be on a break away

i just be standin on the crease
given him a fake or two
and be goin off side low now
when the goalieman makes his move

he stops my shot cold
and i hear that final horn
i just be standin there
noin aint nothin i can do

i be tinken of all the great plays
and how hard my teem did play
and when my turn did come
i be lettin everyone down

i feel them tears in my eyes
standin out in this field
standin here all alone now
all i want to do is hide

i watch the coachman walk to me
around me he be puttin his arm
and he just hold me reel tite
maybe just for a second or two

aint no words that he be sayin
aint nothin that he could say
but sumptin in the holdin
i be remember in to this day
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