dont wanta run no more now

there be nothin like it you see
he be scoopin up that loose ball
or steppin in and cuttin off that pass
and when everyone be goin one way
he goin the other
and he be fast .... very fast

he be leavin that pack
leavin them all behind
for just them few seconds
before that long pole be closin in
he was runnin alone
free from everyone

he loved to run
to have the wind whippin through the helmit
to feel his legs be reachin out
and goin as fast as he can
he loved to do the runnin he said

so it be seemin really odd
that day he be cuttin off their pass
and startin down that wide open field
only to be slowin down now
and passin off that ball

i had to ask
i had to be knowin
something be wrong
an injury i thinkin
it could be the only thing

but when i asked
he only be sayin
there be nothin wrong
i just dont wanta run no more.
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