every thing was all rite

he was ready now
every thing was just rite
he be gettin up extra early
he checked every blade of grass
makin sure every line be strait
measured every thing twice

he cleaned every bleacher seat
wiped them all down
piked up every piece of trash
pulled out old gum stuck underneath

every thing was just rite

so proud he be of his field
couldnt read or rite much
but he could see his carpet of green
with them white lines and orange goals
and seein them kids play
would be makin his heart soar

and since this be a special game
and a special day for them kids
every thing was just rite

and he be carrin that flag out
it be the last thing he all ways do
fastenin it to them hooks
and raisen it high on the steel pole
he be walkin away very very proud
feelin good about his day

it wasnt long until he heard the laughin
and at first he aint be understandin
but when his boss be yellin and a pointin
he knew and understood reel well

with his face burnin flush so red
he ran back to that steel flag pole
lowerin the flag down as fast as he could
he be feelin every eye now watchin
as he be fixen it up side rite

that day he didnt hear them cheerin
and callin out their kids names
he didnt see the green field glowin
he didnt see them orange goals shinin
he didnt see the game

but the parents did cheer
and the kids played a great game
the refs blew them whistles
the coaches screemed
there be all that runin and slidin
checkin and shootin

and every thing was all rite
just like it all ways do.
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