feelin the end now

now we be sitten at the table
i guess a dozen of us there be
we be chattin and a drinken
enjoy in each others company

the time be a passin
the food it be so so fine
no better folks to be sharin
to end our trip in time

we spoke the words of lacrosse
and how the boys did play
we laughed about last season
we wondered where we be in May

i felt her touch upon my arm
and looked into her eyes
she be trien real hard now
not to let a tear fall by

she said to me she felt the endin
he been playin lax since he be five
i told her there be the future
and i be tellin her other lies

i told her sum day these boys be married
and grand kids would make her glad
but it was the end that she be feelin
so i said no more and held her hand

cuse it be the end now
and that be what we noin
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