now i know i be tellin you before
a lot about Tommy Moore
but now it be about Billy Ray
that i got some things to say

Billy Ray was fat
aint no denyin that
and just to make the teem
was a crazy foolish dream

but that didnt stop Billy Ray
from doin the trien out that day

since Billy wasnt very fast
finishin all ways in the last
he figured if he was goin play
goalieman would be the way

and every one had to admit
Billy Ray gave every bit
doin any thing a kid could do
to make his dreem come true

just makin the teem
was Billy Rays dreem
sweating and tryin and crien
takin them shots till he be dien

but Billy Ray never do no duckin
so as the coach be doin the cuttin
Billy Ray must be havin sum luckin
cus there be no Billy Ray cuttin

and why Billy Ray would stay
even if he wont ever play
the Coach say he be darn
if he cut a kid that tried that hard

it be really odd
some folks would say
how Tommy Moore and Billy Ray
for sum unkonw reason
became best frends that season

one be makin lots of great plays
one cheered but on the bench he stays
one be liven all the fame and glory
the other could only tell his story

and so it was ...

Billy Ray would never played no more
and i all ready told you about Tommy Moore
what a great player he would be

but that aint what i really came to say
you see they be frends even to this day
Tommy Moore and fat old me.
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