gift given

nothin more that i like watchin now
is the game of lacrosse

a quick move from behind the crease
the feed up top
crankin up and firen that shot

my god what a great save!

and piken up that stopped shot
rite in front of the crease
doin one fake and two
just gettin off that shot
before gettin buried in the dirt

you aint sure if he made the goal
cus there be dust and dirt
but when you see the long pole runin
you be noin the game still rolin

watchin the long pole crussin
throwin a dodge and headin up the field
nothin more then i like doin now
then watchin a game of lacrosse

and the gift them young men have
so fast and quick
a gift they never walked from
instead gift they be workin hard on

a gift they be nurishin
a special gift they took full use of
becomin the players that they be
the great players we get to see

but what about time latter
as time be takin its gift away
them once so fast now be slow
a gift you had now goes

but where that gift be goin?
does it leave the old player
and be floatin through the air
to fall upon sum child out there?

i be thinkin it does
i be thinkin the gift is given
handed down from old to young
with out a word be spoken
as quiet as a gentle wind.
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