the greatest lacrosse stick

when i be takin him to the store
we be lookin at all the gloves
and all the teem hats and shorts
but when we be gittin to the sticks
man i tell you his eyes did glow

he just be pointed at them all
callin each one by its own name
tellin me how good or bad they be
but it be this very special one
it be the greatest lacrosse stick of all

well we left that store
i be draggin that boy away
but what that boy not be knowin
i got the greatest lacrosse stick
and i be suprisen him tomorrow

there be nothin like it in the world
seein the joy all most shaken in him
when he be finden that stick this mornin
he held it like it be his best frend
grabbed a ball and be runin out the door

when he be comin back it be all most dark
the boy tellin me he shot shots like never before
they be goin hard and straight and true
he just be waiten for the practice tomorrow
and tonite the greatest lacrosse stick slept in his bed

i stayed and watched his practice today
when he got there he showed all the boys his stick
some be tryin it out but most just watch
them shots aint lookin much different to me
but i guess it dont matter what i see

days be turnin into weeks now
and the boys practices turn in to games
that new stick be scorin some goals
but last nite when i just be checkin
the greatest lacrosse stick be sleepin on the floor
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