hand to hand

we all just be sitten down
be joken a bit after the dinner
the boy and his mom
and me

she said he had grown
so tall and so strong
from being so small
just a short time ago

she reached across the table
and taking each of our hands
she pressed them together
the palm to the palm

"look" she be sayin
"his hand be bigger then yours"
and it was a bit bigger
we all could see

but it wasnt the seein now
it was the feeling that got to me
feelin his strength in each finger tip
how hard and rough his hand be

and was it only me that see
that my hand now be lookin
like my dads hands once
be lookin like to me?

i turned to his mom
wondered how she be just the same
and as she pulled our hands apart
she smiled and held on to me.
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