i be here but where is the Swamit?

this be the game of all games now ....this be the game when the rightous shall be rulin again and coach yes i be out again and all and after losin every thing includin my lacrosse land to the Swamit and bein sent a way when the Swamit be trien to steel Dreem Teem at the Georgetown game and all so i be back but i aint seein no Swamit post no where!!! did the good Bob of the forum kick the Swamit out or did the Swamit buy the good Bob of the forum and now the Swamit even owns the forum? did miss Bimbit the inflatable doll finally pop or is Swamit still makin claims about its beauty? after missin all the postin and all this year i must admit i am just a bit confused and all.

Now i be comin back for one reason (well maybe three) and that be for Swamit huntin (and them other two reasons that i aint decided on yet)... but this i be noin that the Swamit goin pick the Princeton over the Brown so:

when that game be over
and the Princeton has done fall
the Swamit will be a postin
sixpackman be the best piker of them all
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