it be mom a callin

it be the worst practicin i ever and ever have
the cold be biten and the wind bitter
water be runnin from my eyes
i couldnt make a save no matter
how hard i do try
it be my senior year and all
and i worked so hard for so long
but the freshman kid was reel good
and i could see it all a comin
no matter how hard i do try

leavin the practice that day
all hope be gone for startin
it be another year of cheerin
it be the last year of waiten
to ever get a chance to play

i be in my room layin on the bed
with all them sad thoughts
be runnin through my head
so i be jumpin when that phone rings
and it be mom a callin

she be talkin of all the home things
about my sisters marrin plans
and what that little brother did
about sum frends that asked of me
talkin about dad swearin at the snow
sayin this was it were goin be movin

she said she be comin up next week
dad could be makin the trip too
she be askin about the things i need
about bringin sum home made treats
askin about any thing i need

and when she be sayin the good bye
and hangin down that phone
i be thinkin she never asked
about how the lax be goin

mom never said a word of lax
she only be talkin about
all them other things
that be reel important to me

and that be helpin alot
when mom never said a word.
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