Ivyman - The Thanks and the Given Storie

Ivyman -you mite or your mite not be rememberen but i be tellin you i be haven them 6 lacrosse players be stayin with me for the Thanks and the Given and all but firsr i got to be tellin you sumptin and that sumptin is about my house. now my house has a walkin in firepalce that my dad help me build and in front of that walkin in fireplace is a reel black bear rug my grandpa gave me and my windows have screens and them i put in. now that be what i need to tell you first and now i be talkin about the Thanks and the Given.

Well we pick up the boys and ten thousand tons of the dirty clothes and we,meaning Dreem Teem Momma and me cuse my frend cant go but we did use his van an all plus Dreem Teems car, and we get home and the frends son that i be adopten the ipso-de-facto and his frend go to my frends house and the other 6 lacrosse boys they come to my house. and ever one be sleepin late on the feastin day and we all go to my frends house for the diner and she fixen and Dreem Teem be fixen tons and tons of food and we just had the greatest time and every one help clean up the mess and we have even more good times and my frends wife loaded me up with lots of the left overs that aint been eatin yet and me the 6 lacrosse boys walk on back to my house.

Now it be a cold wet nite so i be fixen the fire in the walkin in fireplace a say good nite cus i got work tomorrow and i be leavin the 6 lacrosse boys alone. Well i be gettin ready to go to bed when i be hearin the yellin and stuff down stairs so i come down and i see the boys runin around the house chasen sumptin with the lacrosse sticks and i be seein the snack food goin all over the place and i see this poor squirell just runin for its life. now i be trien to stop all this and let the poor squirell calm down when one of the boys catches the squirell in his stick and yells to another boy to open the window.

Now this is why i told you about the screen and the walkin in fireplace and the bear rug my grandfather gave me. well that boy done tried to shoot that squirel out the window and it would have gone if the screen aint be in there but it was so the squirell just bounce back in and ran into the walkin in fireplace and caught on fire. the squirell then shot under the bear rug and that be catchen on the fire to. the smoke be goin every where and the smell be terrible and the squirell be very dead im afraid and them boys be lookin purty stupid.

Now i be tellin you this Ivyman, them boys ate everything in my house and maybe the neighborhood. i got none of the left overs that aint been eatin and i got none of my snacken food and i lost my bear rug that my grandfather gave me and my house smells like smoked garbage or sumptin and i got a dead squirell buried in my back yard. that be the given part. .

Well my frend and his wife be taken the boys back on the Saturday cus i have work so when i get home and go in to my kitchen there be this card on the table and it be from the 6 lacrosse boys and they be thankin me for the food and stuff an apolijizen for the fire and all and be riten that they be hopin i be makin it to all the games. and the one boy with the lozy dad be sayin that he be hopin Dreem Teem and me be makin it to ALL the games to.

Now i be sitten here lookin at my poor house and the mess they done made and i be holdin this card of the Thanks and i just be shaken my head and smilen a little guess i be goin to a lot of games and i guess i be learnin what the Thanks and Given be all about.
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