best game

most would be sayin
the day he made 32 saves
that was his best game
or that 4 over the time game
stoppin shot after shot
that was his best game

or the time he did a kick save
and layin on his back
reachin up and savin the rebound shot

but that was all small time stuff

it was his first startin game
every one had ben talkin
how great he gonna be

he had waited and worked
practiced a million times
it all be meanin the world to him

so now the first startin game
and he couldnt save a shot
roll it or throw it
slow or hard
it be goin in

so the coach be pullin him out

i watched has he be walkin away
and kneelin behind the teem bench
kneelin all alone with his helmet off
i knew he be crien
i knew how bad he hurt

but it just be a moment
he be standin back up
joinin his teem
and with all his heart
cheerin that new goalie

now them years gone by
lots of games
lots of wins and loses
great saves and all that stuff
throphies and medals

but never a greater heart
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