i used to be riten ...

like most of the forum folks
but good wine and woman (Dreem Teem)
and the spell chekin thing brakin
and there you be havin it ......
thanks - your piken frend - sixpackman.

roses be red
them vilolets be blue
if i could rite like sixpack
now just what would i do ?

would i hide in a hole
afraid to come out
no smile on my face
just a big pout ?

would i think of that swamit
them big words are its tool
would i be not riten nothin
fearin that i look like a fool ?

would i be a fraid to look dumb
with what Hollymolly do know
would i just sit on my thumbs
feelin low
and low ?

or would i cast off them chains
and stand up reel tall
and rite all them lax poems
and just have me a ball ?

should i ignore all them critics
and push that swamit aside
and just know what i be doin
i let my old heart decide?????
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