just a quiet melody

please piano man just one note
i dont need no harmony
just one note at a time
just a quiet melody

you see my frend has gone
and didnt even say good by
some how i just should have known
some how i should have seen

i cant began to count the times
all the times he stood in front of me
and gave all he could with every breath
diggin in hard and pushin 'em back

all the times i called to him
shouting to keep them out
he's a dodger i would scream
and he would hold his ground

when i close my eyes
and be rememberen all the games
i find it hard to see his face
his backside is what i mostly seen

his back was broad
arms hard and dark
scratches and stains
with trunks for legs ...

piano man i aint got no answer
to why he be deciden to leave
leavin behind the game he loved
and his frends that loved to play

so piano man just play one note
dont be playin no harmony
just a single note melody
that be all i need

play a note for every hit he made
a note for every slide
one for each check he threw
a note for them ground balls too

and now mister pianon man please
be puttin all them notes together
and be playin a quiet melody
a melody i be remeberen forever.
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