just men of steel

i be standin there and lookin down
seein at my feet an old magazine
i be piken it up and straiten the crease
and it had that picture of our teem

remember that teem you and me
we be the best back then
aint no one gonna beat us
we just be the men of steel

all our shots just goin in
our goalieman savin every thing
all our faceoffs we did win
our D man maken there bells ring

we were just so rough and tough
we were just so rough and tough now

now i be lookin at that picture
and all them faces i do see
we be so great as a teem
but now no body remembers me

all them names printed below
they just all be memories
the men of steel we once knew
are all boys grown and men they be

i just be standin holdin that picture
starin in to all them young faces
once tinken we were the best
once tinken no one would ever forget

but it be time to set this magazine down
maybe some day a man of steel come around
and maybe he be seein this picture to
and maybe he be rememberen me and you.
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