just waiten on the callin

did i be missen your call?
i be hopin i didnt
that answerin machine aint workin
i just be outside for a minute

i all ready know the score
and i know you didnt win
but i still just be waiten
to hear your voice again

i feelin bad i aint at your game
but sum times i cant afford to go
sum times i just cant get a way
but i think these things you know

today i be lookin at the clock
just when your game be a startin
and i be tinken of you all that time
and i wish that i be there watchin

i be picturin you before the game
how you all ways pace about
and when they call the startin lineup
how all your fans do shout

i be picturin all these things
i can even see the sun a shinen
i can see the goals and grassy field
i can see that lax ball flyin

i can hear the fans be cheerin
when your teem scorin that goal
and when the other teem be scorin
i can hear them sad sad moans

but now when you be a losin
i know what you be goin through
but i think i be hurtin worst
noin i cant be there with you

now i missed all them things
and the game i aint be seein
nothin i can do to change this
all i can do is the waiten

and hope that you be callin.
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