keepin the stats

i be readin that box score
and 14 saves it be given
i be tinken it need to say more
about the way that boy be playin

it forgot to be sayin about the times
when all the practice be done
and all the kids gone home
to that wall the boy be goin

it forgot to say about the times
before the sun be risen
in the darkness of the street
the miles the boy did run

i didnt see no mention now
in the black and white
of riten about the thousand times
that rope skippen into the nite

nor i aint seein no stats
for playin with broken fingers
for arms bleedin from the checkin
and legs bruised from the shoot in

and i aint seen nothin no where
for standin all alone in the goal
and look in at the scoreboard
where every error they keep count

so 14 saves they be sayin
and i guess that be just rite
14 shots that boy be savin
14 times they aint be scorin

i be wunderin about them shots
where they high or low
did they ripem really hard
or where they reel slow

but it was 14 saves they be sayin
and that be all i know
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